Best & Taylor Urgent Intel Update For 3-11-2020 – USA Lockdown Coming?

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-11-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump, CDC, WHO, Lockdowns, Martial Law & The End Game Is Here



The perfect storm, carefully planned by the elite of the world (Psalm Two), reveal the vast intelligence of Satan and his minions – who else would have come up with a plan that checks off every box of the elite – that is, pandemic, lockdown of the masses, excuse to take those “infected” the FEMA camps that are under total lockdown so no one knows what is happening to those inside, collapse of the economy and forcing people into a totally digital system with a MARK to verify you have been “vaccinated”, the elimination of the elderly and the weak or infirmed, it gets rid of Trump in theory, then crazy creepy Joe gets elected, elects Obama or Hillary as VP and away we go to the races!! Bible codes now showing Satan’s hand in all of this, and possible fallen angels (aliens) who helped to engineer a virus or nanobot that can be hidden in chemtrails, but blamed on “ground release by person to person contact and much more…