Best & Taylor News Hour For 10-18-2019 – The Other Thing & This


Tonight On Night Shadows – 10-18-2019 – 7:00 PM CT

Shadow Banning, Music Overrides, The Night Comes and Paranormal Activity


Well, if you post anything here that the deep state does not like, they override your show with music – but at least it was, I was told, classical – anyhow I am not going to be descriptive anymore – so just tune in and find out what mysteries and news we will be speaking of here…so to be general, well, lots of odd stuff going on all over the globe, lots of UFO activity as we march towards the arrival – and Israel’s time of trouble.


Cancelled For Lack of Response


Best & Taylor New Update For 10-16-2019 – Russia, Russia, Russia For Real

Tonight (10-16-2019) On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Russia Injects Herself In Syria, No Fly Zones & Turkey’s Turkey Shoot


Well folks, prophecy said that sooner or later Turkey would fall under the Russian umbrella and with the Turkey “INVASION” of Syria and Putin telling Turkey to pull back (fat chance of that), it appears that a very real Russia, Russia, Russia interference is now taking place in Syria, with Russian military forces taking over the American base abandoned by Trump in his pull back of American forces – and once again, Russia has taken full advantage of the situation and it going to be the “protector” of the Kurds, a big plus for Putin in this game of Middle East chess. Russian dominance of the enemies of Israel is growing stronger every day, with the Gog-Magog Ezekiel 38/39 coalitions coming into full view – and of course as we descend into deep solar minimum, more earthquakes are appearing on the West Coast, New Madrid. Then we have the Trump coup in full force as America is about to lose her Constitution and so it goes…








Best & Taylor Flash Update – War In The Middle East

Tonight (10-13-2019) On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Turkey On One Side, Syria, Kurds & Russia On the Other – FLASH POINT?


As we broadcast on Friday, it appears that all-out war is now being waged by Turkey upon Syria, and Syria has joined with the Kurds and now Russia to stop this invasion – Putin warned Turkey to cease but Turkey has said NO and so the fight in on. What is interesting about all of this is that prophecy says that Turkey will go to the side of Russia in the Ezekiel 38/39 war and prophecies (extra-biblical) have said that when Russia hits Turkey that the final wars have begun. The real question is if Trump already talked with Putin and knew that Russia would then enter the fray and take over where we withdrew. Strange things in California and strange weather all over the world…







Best & Taylor News Hour For 10-11-2019 – This, That & Other Things

Tonight on Night Shadows 10-11-2019 – 7:00 PM CT

California Test Beds, Fires & Blackouts, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iran & Daniel


California appears to be a New World Order test state as power has been cut to over 2 million people according to the latest news, all claimed because of high winds when there are no winds – and yet, with no power and no winds, 5 major fires all broke out at the same time – and then the state claims that all short wave radios should not be used and what kind of “insanity” is this? Demonic intelligence is what it really is, but why? Is this going to be gigantic CULLING operation? Is this a United Nations land grab per their Agenda 21/30/50 wild-lands project? Is this a method of total darkness so people can be rounded up and killed and no one can radio out and give warning? Then we have the Israel, Iran, Syria & Turkey mess to start a world war, and of course the Trump coup continues by Deep State and on and on it goes WITHIN THE PRISON MATRIX and more…







Best & Taylor News Update For 10-9-2019 – Trigger Event?

 Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT




Psalm Two appears to be coming to a head, and the APEX of the NWO attempt to overthrow America is NOW. There is little question that the Kings and Rulers of the world have decided NOW or NEVER and have pulled out the stops to destroy our Constitution and with that our entire legal system. The so-called “fight” between the DEEP STATE and Trump appears to be following the “rules for radicals” blueprint – I have always wondered why people do not ask some very basic questions concerning Trump and Deep State – and why the REAL DANGERS to American’s freedoms are now being addressed at all – like FEMA CAMPS, NDAA, HOMELAND “SECURITY”, JADE HELM, RUSSIAN & CHINA TROOPS WITHIN AMERICA, and all the rest – why has Trump not ever told us about THOSE DANGERS? Why MAGA ON RED CAPS? Do you know what MAGA means? Do you know what the color RED means? Do you know why DEEP SATE CHOSE DONALD TRUMP to be inserted as President? Why are you not wondering why only CRUMBS of reform are being made, while the main underpinnings of a communist overthrow and imprisonment of all who would rebel are being activated? Psalm Two exempts NO LEADER, NO AUTHORITY, but rather INCLUDES THEM ALL? Get ready – it all in the PLAYBOOK!





Best & Taylor News Hour For 10-6-2019 – Ruler Against Ruler & Then Violence

Tonight On Night Shadows 10-6-2019 @ 7:00 PM CT

Communist Coup Goes High Gear – Minnesota Target – False Flags & More…


The Deep State Communists have elected to go all out in their final attempt to overthrow the United States and it appears they are going for broke as Hillary says we need to shred the Constitution if necessary to rid the country of Trump and of course, all of his supporters. “Rules For Radicals” script is being followed to the letter – and the Make America Great Again and the RED MAGA HATS have a hidden meaning that exposes the TRUE AGENDA and the SCAM ALL OF THIS REALLY IS – the Psalm Two War is nearing its APEX and the killing fields of the Deep State will go into high gear – reports of UN military convoys have been reported for over several years now – and military convoys of the Interstate highways as well – Trump headed for Minneapolis for big MAGA rally at TARGET Center. Minneapolis is deep in hatred for Trump. HEADS UP as prophecies seem to point to start of HOT REVOLUTION starting there and more…














Saudi Arabia, Iran, Missiles, Troops Dead, New Movie, Communists Want Revolution



According to news coming out of Israel and no-where else, Saudi Arabia was attack by Iran or its proxies and many troops were killed. This appears to me to be the start of Daniel 8, which will rapidly engulf the USA and others forces as each side moves to protect their interests in the energy wars now developing. Then we have a new movie released on the same day as the Sanhedrin sacrificed a goat in the return to law and law keeping and the rise of the ANTICHRIST system. The new movie was about the killing of the patriots and the Christians by the leftist communists – time to lock and load and make it very expensive for those who go out to do the killing and more…









Best & Taylor News Update For 9-27-2019 – This & That

Tonight On Night Shadows 9-27-2019 7:00 PM CT

Communists Go For Broke, Bible Codes, America Down, Middle East War UFO’s & Rapture


Trump hate continues, but many do not realize that Trump was chosen to polarize the American people according to “Rules for Radicals” and so the playbook of a communist coup continues unabated and largely UNKNOWN to the sleeping American. Then we have Bible codes and prophecies that are being fulfilled right under the American noses, but because of apostasy, they are totally unaware of how close we all are to the final END GAME of the Lord. News concerning Israel and war with Iran still being talked about as troop and military equipment build-ups for the region continue and more…



Best & Taylor News Update For 9-25-2019 – Communist Coup Accelerates

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump Coup, America Down, Middle East Unrest, Feast Of Trumpets & More…


The communist coup to bring down America has now undergone major acceleration as the final moves to “get Trump” move into high gear, with communist Hillary Clinton  saying that Trump has “betrayed his country”, and so it goes as Satan is now moving in for the final phase of mankind’s destruction. It is totally amazing that the American people do nothing while they are being prepped for destruction by Deep State! Middle East problems continue to grow worse while Israel fulfills prophecy of being in political turmoil. The time of Jacob’s Trouble has to be very close indeed, and earth changes continue unabated and more…


You have no idea how dangerous the Matrix really is!!












Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-20-2019 – This & That & BEWARE 9-23 – SPECIAL REPORT

Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-20-2019 – This & That & 9-23

Bible Codes, Enigmas, Paranormal, UFO, Israel/USA war, 9-23  and more…


As we close in on 9-23-2019, it appears that the war rumbles in the Middle East are getting louder and is confirmed in the Torah Codes of Barry Roffman as well. Then of course we have HATE TRUMP, because Trump is the polarization man of “Rules for Radicals”, in which you divide and conquer, and that concept is well underway. Israel appears to be getting ready for some major military excursions into Syria, Iran and Iraq, and the military movements of the USA may well be for the third gulf war. Then we have a book written some time ago that seemed to know the WAR PLANS to bring the world into WORLD WAR THREE of the RICH MEN. Earth changes abound and more on the MATRIX and getting out of it for the time is short…