Doofuss Dingle 12 and Interesting material from Keith

“Per your last post on lightgate blogger.  thought you might be interested in this i found a while back.   Bnei brak is a “Bəne βəraq) is a city located on Israel’s central Mediterranean coastal plain, just east of Tel Aviv, in the Dan metropolitan region and Tel Aviv District. Bnei Brak is a center of Orthodox Judaism.”

Its area has the highest concentrated area of orthodox Jews, by a lot.

 Joshua 19:40-41  And the seventh lot came out for the tribe of the children of Dan according to their families.  41 And the coast of their inheritance was ……….    Joshua 19:45  And Jehud, and Beneberak, and Gathrimmon,

beinai baraq,    sons or children or son of lightning.

notice the city flag below and coat of arms.  The words on them in essence say,  city, or cities which is sometimes DISTRICTS of Beni Baraq.  Notice the shield is green and yellow, arguably for DAn.   There are also nine rises on the shield or pedestals, Dan.  The Sun rising sure looks alot like the sun in the Obama flag.  Take a look and the mountains.  These are clearly the mountains of blessing and curse in Deuteronomy.

Deuteronomy 27:12-13  These shall stand upon mount Gerizim to bless the people, when ye are come over Jordan; Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, and Joseph, and Benjamin:  13 And these shall stand upon mount Ebal to curse; Reuben, Gad, and Asher, and Zebulun, Dan, and Naphtali. 

Blessing higher, curse lower  Dan stood upon Ebel, or “EYE-ball“.  Which is the pronunciation, which is said to mean smooth mountain, from the “eye” idea, of bald or smooth.  Ebal is on the north side , |   gerizim on the south.    the hill to the left on the flag / coat of arms is ebal.

“The twin peaks of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal stand above the Shomron Valley. They may be twins, but they are not identical twins. Mount Ebal is the taller of the twins. Its barren slopes are strewn with gray rocks. This desolate mountain represents the curses that, G-d forbid, could befall the Bnai Yisroel if they do not keep the mitzvos of the Torah. Mount Gerizim, on the other side, has beautiful tree covered slopes and represents the blessings that would come to the Jewish People for following in the ways of the Torah.”

I hadn’t thought about this connection though obvious before either.  The O in Obama’s signature, looks like an Ouroboros, or the  snake in a circle devouring its own tail.  This is of coarse the other or outer  symbol of the Illuminati.   This is the reason those who are i believe are  the paid opposition of him, call him   “O”.   Because as John McCain said, he is “THAT ONE”,   And Operah,   “The ONE”.   Beck  the “messiah”, the anointed one.  Limbaugh, i believe Levin,   Shawn Hannity, Michael Savage, have all called him the Anointed “ONE”,

yes in Jest or mocking , but are they playing their role?     Nonetheless.   If they are paid opposition, which they seem to be.  No real solutions, just a mouth, playing the role of the failing democracy.     Then he is the fiery flying serpent,

Isaiah 14:29  for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.

or the occults phoenix.  He will bring america to ashes, which if he is that one, will be also himself, in hopes of bringing in the new world order, the age of Atlantis.

In media, most of those opposed to that one, are playing the role of an opposing “clan”, most of which are Jewish, Scot or Irish.   All probably of Dan as well as he.   The clans of Dan all fight and brawl, but when it comes to their people, they gather together and sing  “O Danny Boy”.

They all use the language though of masonry.  Especially beck,   “natures God,  principals,  the great or grand architect.”   We may be watching the masonic rite  “k#))#ng of the k#ng” play out on a even grander scale then that of kennedy.  And in about nine months is the 50th anniversary of that day?   And January was the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the killing of the innocent..  10 months to the day.

Watching the one, as he acts out , seemingly out of control.  He is the epitome of audacity.  The famous masonic line “audacity of audacities”  audacity of hope?.

bush sr. spoke of the hope of a new world order   Clinton spoke and made a bridge to it.   bush  Jr. invoked the power of the ancients to bring about the hope of what they dreamed of in ancient times, the new atlantis.  and now the one comes along with his “audacity of hope”   And now he is being beyond anything we can recognize in modern history as audacious.   Mao, Hitler, Stalin?   they wouldn’t have dared attempt this in america.    But the land is now bare of the pillars of wisdom, so audacity sweeps over the land.   one clan against another , all part of the plan, positioning themselves.     The one is Caesar, playing the people against the senate.   How did it work out for caesar.?   The senate is getting angry, even his supporters.     We are watching the worst Greek tragedy in history unfold before our very eyes.    all the worlds a stage.”

Interesting to say the least. Goes along with other material – something is really in the wind here, or just another warning from the Lord that things are getting real close indeed.






Why is President Obama going to Israel exactly SIX DAYS before Passover? It is interesting that the real Prince of Peace came to the Passover SIX DAYS early, and told Peter and John to go find a man with a PITCHER OF WATER and then go up to the HIGHEST ROOM (3RD FLOOR) to make the PASSOVER FEAST ROOM READY. Now if one understands the importance of the COSMIC SIGNS, we are being told that the man with the pitcher of water is Aquarius and the highest FLOOR is the THIRD HEAVEN.  As Jesus Christ is OUR PASSOVER, it stands to reason that if Obama is pretending to be the world’s PASSOVER, that he would do the same thing, would he not? Is it  also telling us when Christ will return for His Bride? Now the Mayan’s claimed that the NEW AGE began 12-21-2012 at 11:11 UT. Were they telling us that the real beginning of the Age of Aquarius began then? That the descent down through a very specific point in the Milky Way ecliptic was in fact a NEW BEGINNING? AN AGE CHANGE? Or perhaps, the BEGINNING OF THE END?

And that brings us to the question of why the world’s PRINCE OF PEACE, Obama, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize when he did nothing whatever to earn it. That was in OSLO, by the way.  Was the Prince of This World announcing HIS MAN through his minions that Obama was to be ordained as the PRINCE OF PEACE? As the great peacemaker? And that it was the Oslo Peace Accords that Rabin signed that got him killed at Rabin Square, now called the Sacred Scare by some? If we connect the dots to a very strange inauguration in which Obama placed his hands on two Bibles, one that belonged to Lincoln, and the other to Martin Luther King, both black men, and both assassinated around Easter time. Are we being told something here, or are we just reading something into this THAT IS NOT THERE?

Do you remember how Obama mimicked Lincoln by riding the train from Illinois to Washington? How much of what he did was taken from Lincoln? And did you catch the obvious signs that Lincoln presided over a CIVIL WAR, but held the nation together? And do not forget that Lincoln set aside a number of Constitutional safeguards and placed many dissenters in prison for no reason other than that they did not agree with him? Is that why Homeland Security is purchasing 2 billion rounds of ammo? Are we going to see another civil war and uprising? Is that why we have all of these FEMA camps and coffins? Are we watching a STAGED REPLAY FROM THE PAST?

And then we have the newly released movie Lincoln, and at the end of the movie Lincoln says he wants to go to Jerusalem. He wants to bring peace to all nations? Are we being told something here?

And then we have the Illuminati playing cards that portray two cards of a black man who is being pelted by paint blobs and one shows a HEAD WOUND. The second card shows a man outlined in LIGHT, that is being portrayed as someone who has survived the head-wound and has resurrected himself to lead the world. And in both of these cards, in the background, are pyramids, and there is a pyramid in Rabin’s Square as well. It is also interesting to say the least, don’t you think?


And then we have Obama being presented the highest award by Israel to a man who the leaders of Israel KNOW has betrayed them in the past. Does that make any sense whatever? Now Obama says he is going over there to KICK-START the peace talks (Oslo Accords), and get that restarted. Peace accords from the peace maker? He will be speaking, it is said, at Rabin Square 18 years after Rabin was murdered in cold blood on November 4th, 1995. That’s a 666 and when you tie it all together, it makes one wonder if we are not seeing the stage being set for a fake assassination and resurrection? Anything is possible these days what with Hollywood illusions and who are the masters of deception.  And that reminds me of a dream a friend of mine had, in which he was overseas, did not know here, and the President had been assassinated.  Does all of this tie together somehow?

All of you must remember all of the signs and placards of Obama portraying him as the MESSIAH, the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. How the crowds all adored him and many fainted.  Now remember that the false messiah is a so-called “man of peace” and in the name of peace wages war against all those who he finds as his  “enemies”. Is that why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? After all, the Messiah brings peace does He not? Then His mimic would likewise be a  ‘man of peace”. Now also remember that Obama is head of the Democratic (Communist) Party, and has the logo of a donkey. So when Obama goes to Jerusalem, he will be riding upon a donkey, another mimic of our Lord.

There is a whole lot more about this as well. For example the LOGO for the Obama trip to Jerusalem, the first time ever that we have a LOGO MADE for such a trip. And on that logo in Hebrew it says in the best translations A COVENANT OF PEOPLES. Some claim ALLIANCE OF NATIONS. But the real wording seems to mimic Daniel’s remark about a COVENANT WITH MANY. A PEACE COVENANT WITH MANY. That brings us right back to OSLO and 1993 with Bill Clinton presiding over the famous handshake of the PLO and Israel. 1993 to 2013 is exactly 20 years, and 20 is the number of EXPECTATIONS. What are we then to expect? A COVENANT WITH MANY THAT BRINGS A FAKE PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST? Could it be? Is it possible that we will be seeing the long-awaited DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK TO BEGIN?

And the Logo also shows the Obama Flag (not American Flag), and the Israeli STAR OF DAVID, the star of PAN, you know SATAN. That then ties us to a NEW COMET, called PANSTARR. Panstarr is a most interesting comet in that it will be at its closest on March 10th, exactly 1.109 AU, or another 911. We could also call it LUCIFER”S STAR, THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR. And then we have Comet ISON, that just came by Jupiter, the KING OF PLANETS, and it suddenly flared up as Obama was sworn in for his second term. And by the way, Lincoln was assassinated on Good Friday not long after he was sworn in for his SECOND TERM.


Seems odd that Comet I SON, YOU KNOW ‘I am the Son”, or we could say THE ONE, or as Senator McCain said of Obama THAT ONE, will come to its closest approach on November 29th, 2013. November 29th 1947 was when the UN issued the division of Palestine for the Nation of Israel. Then on November 29th, 2012, the UN declared that Israel’s bitterest enemy the PLO was now a recognized STATE. And in that meeting, EVERYONE OF THE LEADERS, AND ALL THOSE PRESENT who spoke  USED THE PHRASE “PEACE AND SECURITY”. And Obama said in one of his speeches about all of this used the term “PEACE AND SECURITY”. And so did the Pope.  Are we being told something here? Is it possible that all of these are just coincidences? So then what does November 29th, 2013 hold for all of us? Is sudden destruction just around the corner?

And not only has the Pope called for a NEW WORLD ORDER run out of the United Nations, he has also declared publicly that THERE IS NO SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, there are no such things as END OF DAYS. That is the height of APOSTASY, and a public declaration of APOSTASY. He is not the only one, it is spreading rapidly throughout the Church. “Where is the promise of His coming?”. These people are willfully ignorant and defy many passages of Scripture to declare that the Lord IS  coming back to fulfill his RETURN COVENANT. So much here it defies coincidence. And do you remember when Obama signed a “Covenant with Israel” on the 9th of Av, 2012? And the 9th of AV is a very, very bad day for Israel.

And then speaking about the Pope, and his resignation on February 11, 2013 to be effective February 28th, 2013, we need to understand why the Lord struck  ST.PETER’S Basilica, in ROME  on the same day TWICE. It has to do with the prophecies of the Popes. Has the Lord Himself NAMED THE NEXT POPE? According to the prophecies,  the next and final Pope is called “Peter the Roman”. I believe that no matter who they install as the final Pope, that the Lord has already named him Peter the Roman. The lightning stuck St. Peter’s Basilica in ROME. Hence PETER THE ROMAN. We are nearing something of momentous importance to the Christians and the world.


Remember that much of prophecy is fulfilled COVERTLY, but at the same time, RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN. But it is seen and understood only by those who are really watching, and remember that Jesus told us all to WATCH. If you are really watching, then the Lord will place in your path those other brothers and sisters in the Lord who have expertise in these areas who will warn you, inform you. Most of this has come from a brother in the Lord who lives in Canada. He is making a video about all of this and when he has in done, I will post it. I take no credit for the above. But I do know that all that is being pointed out is more than just a series of coincidences. Like I said at the beginning, there is something going on here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear!! YET.



Why would DHS be using civilian target posters for training their officers? If this had happened 20 years ago the outrage would have been sufficient to have disbanded DHS and probably tried those responsible for treason – but not now because treason is in and true patriotism is out.   However, these target posters for rifle and handgun training shows us the real plans of FEMA, DHS and the New World Order – and that is, they are not going to come for your guns, they are coming to kill you, plain and simple. These posters are an outrage, but it does also show just how far our so-called American companies will go to make a buck.

Please also notice what these posters say – “NO HESITATION”. That means you shoot to kill with no questions asked – and this is one more proof of how late the hour really is. Now that the cat is out of the bag, people need to know that they have every right to defend themselves, because the Bill of Rights was given by God, not man, and not government.  Therefore only God can take it away. So no matter what laws are passed, and no matter how belligerent the government may get,  their so-called laws and edicts mean nothing, and are not worth the paper they are written on. How stupid and how insane our government has become but  also how dangerous. If the American people do not rise up and impeach these traitors, then serious mayhem will begin and civilian American blood will flow. The real terrorists are now those of the New World Order. They will stop at nothing to obtain their goal, and they do not care how many they have to murder in cold blood to obtain it. These posters say it all as to what FEMA and DHS are all about. It has nothing to do with safeguarding the American people, but it has everything to do with governments own security because they are afraid of you. That is why they want the guns;  there is no other reason. They can kill you far easier if you are unarmed and they know it. BE WARNED, IT IS NOW HERE. Are you listening? Are you willing to go silently to your grave or do you have the guts to fight back when they knock on your door? You have to decide







Religions appear to be mankind’s effort to bring God down to our level, a sort of effort so we can grasp and understand the Creator of it all. But what if all of these efforts are VANITY, that is, basically useless in this thing we call Salvation. The real true religion, found in the Good Book, called the Holy Bible, and the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, appear to have been left out in the cold, because even the Christians refuse to believe or do what Jesus Christ commanded them to do. They only believe, but refuse to search Him out, even though Jesus Himself said to seek, ask, knock and strive to enter into the Strait Gate. I notice not many comments on our posting of Erin’s testimony.  People better believe it, this is what I have been telling people and warning people about for years and years. It is true – and modern Christianity is a fake. It will take millions upon millions of people into eternal ruin, all because they refused the plain and simply statements of the Lord.

Doofuss 10 is posted here for his comments.




As I promised, the interview with the young woman that met Jesus Christ face to face as I did is now up on our website –

It is my hope and prayer that everyone listen very carefully to what she says and especially how she says it – her humbleness, her purity of  purpose, her total and complete all-consuming desire to find the REAL TRUTH behind life. This encounter with Jesus Christ is an absolute MUST if one is to be truly BORN FROM ABOVE.  I HAVE BEEN PREACHING THIS TRUTH FOR MULTITUDES OF YEARS, ONLY TO FIND IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY REJECTED BY MOST BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY CANNOT FREE THEMSELVES FROM THE FALSE INSTANT SALVATION OF MODERN PREACHERS, TEACHERS, FAKE EVANGELISTS AND PROPHETIC SCHOLARS. They are very deceived and are leading millions upon millions of Christians astray.  Their so-called salvation  statements are pure baloney and you see it on all of their websites. Say this simple prayer and you are written in the Lambs Book of  Life. It is a lie and a deception of the GRAVEST TYPE.

THERE IS ONLY ONE ENCOUNTER WITH THE LORD THAT SAVES A SOUL – COMING TO THE LIGHT OF DIVINE AGAPE LOVE, TO SEE, TO LOOK INTO AND TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS. “Except two be agreed, they cannot walk together”. Dreams, visions and all of that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUE SALVATION. It is not that they are not authentic encounters, but it does not SOLVE THE ISSUE BETWEEN FALLEN MAN AND HIS CREATOR. There is only ONE CONDEMNATION, AND IT IS THAT DIVINE AGAPE CAME INTO THE WORLD AND MANKIND HATED THE LIGHT OF CHRIST, REFUSED TO COME TO THE LIGHT OF CHRIST AND BE JUDGED BY IT. It you cannot testify that you have stood before the Lord and been judged guilty and have been shown WHO and WHAT Jesus Christ really is, that is He has come to you, called you by name, and revealed Himself to you, then you need to drop everything you are doing and seek out the Lord POST HASTE LESS YOU DIE IN YOUR SINS.

These “experts” so-called, have not a clue as to what real salvation is, and what it means. They are lost souls and now have little time to actually repent a Biblical repentance and will most likely be taken where Peter says they will go. You do not want to be among them. They are liars and have refused the truth. Many of them are Satanic counterfeits and have been sent into the Body of Christ and are wilfully attempting to destroy the Church from within. Others are just totally blind to the actual and real truth, but the end result is the same – they are lost for all time.

As this young lady will tell you, the Bible is NOT FOOLING YOU when it says that FEW, VERY FEW will be saved. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO HER EVERY PURE WORD, AND HEED WHAT SHE IS TELLING YOU FOR THERE IS ALMOST NO TIME LEFT. With the resignation of the Pope, and the installation of the last and final Pope called Peter the Roman, it is one more confirmation that indeed the END IS NOW UPON US, and the ARRIVAL is close at hand to fool the entire world. The GATES OF HELL ARE OPENING WIDER AND WIDER.


Go to and I have place it right at the top. It is Borderlands 661.




Long ago, when I published several full-sized newspapers, called the SCANNER and THE BEACON, I came under attack because a local church that I did not even go to objected and said I had no right to print any such thing without their approval. They claimed they had that right because they were the Church and I had to submit EVERYTHING I WROTE to their unregenerate viewpoints and also their utter hatred for real prophecy and the real truth of salvation. One member of that Church told me to not to speak to ANYONE about my encounter with Christ, the REVELATION of Christ because people would think I was crazy.  I refused, of course. I am not a part of this apostate unbelieving and in total rebellion so-called Christian Church. I am not a religious person, never was and never will be. I came to Christ outside the camp. Everyone must come to Christ OUTSIDE the camp and I have remained OUTSIDE THE CAMP.

Now then, I believe totally that when someone writes in and tells me to REMOVE Doofuss from our blog, website and everywhere else, and sites Scripture that really does not apply at all to back up their claims that Doofuss really was under attack.  Maybe you think that word is too strong. But is it really? They are attacking THE CONCEPT and asking for removal. They attacked with Scripture, claiming that was their authority for me to remove Doofuss. That was the bottom line of those comments, made in sincerity no doubt.  It is one thing to voice an opinion, but quite another to use Scripture to REPROVE SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EVEN APPLY. I notice that other Scripture that counters what was suggested was not included. I suppose that means I cannot publish my novel DANNY DOOGLE AND THE LORD’S OF MARS, either because it is a fiction satire novel.  People need to really study out their Scripture. for it is full of sarcastic remarks and also humor. I have run into this before when people simply do not like the approach taken to make a point.

I fail to see at all how a 7 or 8 minute bit of humor and serious news could get people to claim it should never be seen because it is not SERIOUS, NOT GRAVE, NOT SINCERE. and that it corrupts the Word of God.   The Scripture used to justify all of that was in fact directed at our ministry because I am Doofuss Dingle. Later it was said that rebuke should be taken and I need to examine myself:

“The opinions of Farris & Jerome did NOT say that your work, your truth, your seriousness, your ministry, etc. was not noticed & appreciated! So your defense re: your years of seriousness & giving out the truth was not necessary after these two comments. Comments & opinions are all they are, not attacks.”

(Actually they did say that, because Doofuss is a small part of our ministry here. One thing to comment quite another to cite Scripture to rebuke and reprove, and quite another yet to say the rebuke was needed and should be received. All over these 7-8 minute clips posted on MY WEBSITE, MY BLOG, and MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL at MY EXPENSE AND FOR EVERYONE ELSE’S EDIFICATION AND INSTRUCTION as to what is going on in this world of darkness. I fully realize that some people have no sense of humor at all, and cannot laugh at themselves or the world at large. I have run into that on many radio shows from Art Bell to hundreds of others. I was totally condemned when I went on the Art Bell show. “No real Christian could ever go on that show, don’t you now he is a Mason?” On and on it went. Seems to me Paul went up to Mars Hill to engage the New Agers of his day. I suppose that was all wrong too?   Perhaps Doofus IS GOING to MARS HILL? Anyone ever thought of that?)

You have displayed this defensive behavior before in the past when someone didn’t seem to agree w/ you…something to think about. And if you never get attacked, although you were not attacked by Farris or Jerome, then that would indeed be a problem. Each one of us has others who do not agree w/ us, that’s just the way life is.

(I have never ever asked ANYONE to agree with me, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. I have told people since we began not to believe or agree with anything we post or say, but to check it out against the Scripture. – you take my bluntness to mean anger or defense. I don’t have to defend myself or Doofuss to anyone.  I simply do not agree that these short clips have anything to do with the  Scripture quoted to rebuke or reprove the ministry or Doofuss Dingle.  Many people now act like they are Elders rebuking anything they simply do not understand or do not agree with when they are not Elders at all.)

Remember, everybody is at different places in Christ & at different places in their lives of recovery & understanding & that includes you, Stewart… (Never said otherwise).

On and on it appears to go, and where it stops nobody knows.  And this:

“You ask people to comment. they comment, they commented. They did not condemn, they did not use foul language. they did not curse. They just simply thought this was not the correct way, in their opinion to go about this. On their parts there was not false doctrine, false teaching, confusion, envy, rage, malicious behavior, false witness. One could even say, not even any fervor. In fact, i would attest, that the contempt came from those who were quick to conclude. Attack , attack.

(Yes they did condemn it with Scripture. The Scripture used tells me that Doofuss is corrupted, not the truth at all. That I, who puts Doofuss up are way out of line Spiritually and need to be reproved for doing it. Show me where I have not used the truth? Show me where Doofuss has corrupted the Scripture? Is it that you do not like his rolling eyes? His smile? His obviously foolish look?  It was clearly stated by that Scripture that Doofuss was to be removed because it was not Biblical and had no place in this ministry, and therefore was condemned. It was not an opinion, it was a reproof and a rebuke, just as the comment below is also a rebuke to all who did not agree with that Scripture:

So i would ask, where is the patience? Where is the temperance?
Titus 2:2 That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.”

Obviously the point has been totally missed as to why DOOFUSS is up there in the first place. As I said, comments are welcome,which is why I approve them and post them,  no matter what they say – but that was more than comment. That was more than opinion, it was the use of Scripture to tell me to REMOVE DOOFUSS ALTOGETHER because God says so right here in the Bible. I was corrupting the Bible and the Truth through Doofuss.  I guess I am just in the flesh these days, with no patience, no charity, and cannot laugh because I am to be totally sober and grave at all times. Never going to happen. If that attitude of JOY IN THE LORD offends, then it is best to leave and not be offended. That reminds me of all of these poor folks under the YOKE OF THE LAW, who dare not violate ANY CONCEPT OF THE LAW. They never smile, they never laugh, they are so somber and so serious. The YOKE THEY CARRY has destroyed their lives. Is not that why Jesus said come to me, all you who are heavy burdened? For what, for why? To REMOVE THE YOKE, to bring LIFE AND JOY, AND LAUGHTER.  When I met the Lord I felt a great burden lift off of me. It is all real, it is all true. Last time I checked it out, Jesus Christ gives the regenerated one TOTAL AND COMPLETE FREEDOM. I am not to have JOY? I am not to poke fun at the world? I am not to laugh and use satire like Doofuss Dingle  to point out the utter foolishness of fallen mankind? Have I no right to post Doofuss Dingle comments because some say or think they violate Scripture? Heaven forbid!!

I hold no grudge against anyone – I am not angry, I simply totally disagree and think this is a  wrong use Scripture. I am pointing out this wrong us of Scripture. Here is the post that I responded to and the caps used to make their point that that Doofuss is totally wrong. Doofuss should not be there, Doofuss needs to go, all over 7-8 minute clips that go out into the world.

“I agree with you Farris.

“2 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, GRAVE, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience…7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, GRAVITY, SINCERITY…” (Titus 2)

“For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and GODLY SINCERITY, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward.” (2 Cor. 1:12)

“…let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; Neither filthiness, nor FOOLISH TALKING, NOR JESTING, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.” (Eph. 5:4)

When the next major prophetic event happens, such as the Isaiah 17 war, a hugely significant event as that will be with much death and destruction in both Israel and surrounding countries, I don’t see the Spirit of Truth reaching his people in a powerful manner thru a Doofuss Dingle cartoon character. I’ve never thought that speaking truth was about getting ‘results’ or entertaining people…there’s plenty of that out in the world as it is. Looks like all the virgins have begun to sleep…until the midnight cry comes that is.

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” (1 Pet. 4:7)

You know, it is as though we do not have other areas of outreach whatsoever, that Doofuss is all there is. Got news for you. We may be small, but we have had a great outreach. We may have a very tiny platform, but the Lord has, time and again, used His Power to bring our Salvation Gospel to people in a supernatural way. Why would He do that if we are so insincere, corrupted or just “entertaining” people?

Evidently not only is it wrong to post Doofuss Dingle, there is no Spirit of Truth  in anything he says, even though it is filled with the real SPIRIT OF TRUTH just said in a different manner. One cannot laugh, one cannot Jest, one cannot use foolish talk EVER.  Lastly, I have been told not to deal with the so-called Church anymore, but rather to witness to those on the highways and by-ways, those that are to be bidden to come to the wedding.  The Church as it is called is a LOST CHURCH. They have heard the Gospel all to often, and rejected it. Not my problem. I leave them behind. I am going to Mars Hill, WITH DOOFUSS DINGLE!! If it makes even one person think, one person begin to question, one person to begin to seek out the real truth, then it has accomplished ON MARS HILL that which it was to accomplish.



I have received two posts attacking Doofuss Dingles approach to the world as stupid and not at all Biblical. Here they are, and below my reply. I would really like your opinions concerning this post. I seems to me that what is going on in the world has people in a state of fear – and cannot stand any sort of light hearted look at a lost and dying world.

Farris permalink

February 9, 2013 8:42 am

Stewart, I have followed you and Larry Taylor now for 2 years. You have provided info many times that I hadn’t heard elsewhere. But your new persona, Doofus, is extremely silly?! It makes your transmissions, especially referring to the rest of us as “boys and girls,” far less serious, than the actual content! Please continue to share the info you collect, but do so as an adult…okay??? Doofus is a stupid form of communicating your ideas with us!!!

And then this:

Jerome Gerbasi permalink

February 9, 2013 10:17 pm

I agree with you Farris.

“2 But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, GRAVE, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience…7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, GRAVITY, SINCERITY…” (Titus 2)

“For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and GODLY SINCERITY, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward.” (2 Cor. 1:12)

“…let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints; Neither filthiness, nor FOOLISH TALKING, NOR JESTING, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.” (Eph. 5:4)

When the next major prophetic event happens, such as the Isaiah 17 war, a hugely significant event as that will be with much death and destruction in both Israel and surrounding countries, I don’t see the Spirit of Truth reaching his people in a powerful manner thru a Doofuss Dingle cartoon character. I’ve never thought that speaking truth was about getting ‘results’ or entertaining people…there’s plenty of that out in the world as it is. Looks like all the virgins have begun to sleep…until the midnight cry comes that is.

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” (1 Pet. 4:7)

I guess I don’t measure up. I never will either. Here is my reply:

I have a problem here – we do very serous work on both Global Report and Borderlands, and by the way, we have posted very serious stuff on this blog as well, as well as multitudes of video documentaries, many articles, books etc. Then we I post some humor, I get jumped on. By the way when you are getting information for free, you should not complain, you hit the delete button and don’t come back. It is that simple.

Are you saying I am not sincere?. I have told you people the truth with GRAVITY and SINCERELY for so many years I cannot remember. I hear people pick everything apart with their so-called “godly wisdom”. You people act like I have never warned you in a most serious way – yes millions of people are going to die, and the vast majority without Christ. But if you read carefully, the Lord does want all people to come to repentance, but is not going to shed many tears for those who refuse. In His eyes, they are His enemies, and refused His Son. Doofuss brings serious issues to light in a way that most people seem to appreciate.

MULTITUDES, yes, MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS are going to stand before the Lord utterly rejected. But they stand there OF THEIR OWN ACCORD, OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. They had a choice, they rejected it. They think the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are some sort of heretical teaching. They hate the concept. So be it, I can’t do anything about it. Jesus said what He said. When Jesus actually and truly comes into the heart, the inner heart, it brings GREAT JOY, LAUGHTER, AND THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT ON THIS EARTH AND NEVER WILL BE.

By the way, another young lady met Jesus Christ face to face and her testimony is very authentic in every way, but I know many will attempt to pick it all apart – and in fact it has already happened to her just as it did to me. I interviewed her just today and we had a a most serious but jovial discussion about her encounter and revelation of Divine Agape. I’m putting it on Borderlands for all to hear. I am posting it on our web site and the blog FOR FREE. We will refund the money for the week to those who subscribe to Borderlands.

We spoke of her search for the truth from a little girl, and how the Lord told her, while she was in Church, that she should leave that Church and she was told to find Stewart Best because he knew the way and knew the truth. So she did. This was total confirmation for me and this ministry. It is authentic. It is real. It is like the man who died and was told by Jesus to return, that Dark/Light was the truth, and He needed to finish up the work and get saved.  Or the guy up in Alaska who was told by the Lord to stop at a gas station/restaurant, which he did not do. Down the road a bit, the Lord told Him to turn around and go back. He did, but has no idea why. So he goes into the diner there and begins to speak to a man next to him. After a few words, he is handed OUR CATALOG, and was told he needed to see it. He knew then why the Lord had told him to stop.  I suppose then that DARK/LIGHT is not GRAVE ENOUGH, or has enough GRAVITY, or is not SINCERE. We are hated by almost everyone.

If people do not like my method of ministry, they can leave it. When I look around at this dying world, I have two choices – laugh at it or cry. I do both, Often. But the Lord has never removed my sense of humor, in fact He has enriched it greatly – and He has never told me in any way, shape or manner not to reach out to some  people in this manner. You act like Doofuss is all I do – I have already touched many people with Doofuss, and I will continue to do so until He tells me not to.  Are you saying that Doofuss is not speaking about very serious issues here? That he has not issued many serious warnings? That those warnings are not GRAVE ENOUGH?

I get accused even in interviews of being to jovial when speaking of serious issues. I get “I’m serious” from others. Well, so am I –  I met the Lord, I have His joy, I have His Spirit, and I cannot wait for His return and leave this world and all of those in rebellion behind. They asked for what they got. They have mocked me for years, are in total rebellion and refuse Him who speaks from Heaven. I can only point people in the right direction. I can’t do anything else. If Doofus reaches even ONE PERSON, AND MAKES THAT PERSON THINK, and that person searches out the Lord, then all the debate means nothing, does it!

And the use of words in CAPS like GRAVE, GRAVITY, SINCERELY seem to indicate that I have not done that all of these multitudes of years. Show me where Doofuss has not issued the same GRAVE WARNINGS but done so with a bit of humor – you folks take life way to seriously, so seriously that it becomes a block, a  stumbling stone in your way. Everything is picked apart, word by word. It becomes a Satanic diversion – the Gospel is SIMPLE. Difficult but very simple.  You think I don’t know what it is to have everything destroyed? Everything brought down to the pit? To know your a hell-bound sinner? To know  your dead? To know you are going to hell? there is nothing you can do about it? To know the heavy hand of the Lord ripping your gut out? Well, I did! And though it all, I kept my sense of humor, and was able to laugh at myself and the world. Otherwise I would have downed in my own self-pity. Poor little me. Poor little ol Stewee. All weep and cry for little me.  Doofuss is to give people serious stuff with a laugh.

Jesus was murdered OUTSIDE THE CAMP. His truly saved people all came to Him OUTSIDE THE CAMP.  They left Christianity and the joke that it has become. They departed this world, they searched Him out with all GRAVITY and SINCERITY. I have not met one truly saved individual that does not have a good laugh and a good sense of humor. Now the fakes out there, if you will look it up in the Bible, are SERIOUSLY DRIVEN. The Lord DRIVES THEM.They are more than GRAVE and have no clue about what. They cannot laugh, they are just TOO SERIOUS.  Look it up for yourself. The FAKES KNOW NOT THE LOVE, THE JOY AND THE LAUGHTER OF BEING TAKEN OUT OF THIS DARK OVER SERIOUS WORLD.  I want no part of it. If I can’t laugh at it, then there is nothing left. AS DOOFUSS WOULD SAY, LIGHTEN UP, CHILL OUT, DRINK SOME DENIAL TEA, YOU’LL FEEL BETTER.