Obama claims he has the right to kill anyone he wants if he determines they might be an “enemy of the state”. And don’t forget that America is now classified as a WAR ZONE, which means any American could be so classified and simply killed with extreme prejudice because some official does not like them.  Do people really understand what all of this means? How that all of this stuff is being laid down to get rid of all those who believe in God, The Bible, Prophecy, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, motherhood and apple pie? But you’re OK if you believe in perversions, killing the unborn, etc. So Bible prophecy is right on – good is evil, evil is good and we can’t have much further to go – what with the arrival soon.

Of course all of this is total lawlessness, but I doubt anyone will challenge it because most of the agencies all also lawless and gutless. So then why should any young man or woman go fight for their country when their country is no longer theirs but belongs to a bunch of criminals? Good question. Maybe No-Eyes was right – it seems so anyhow from here. Doofuss has a word about the Super Bowl and what was really going on!!