No Fly Zones, Electoral Confusion, Shootings, The World Zoo Is Going Nuts!

Evil Is At the Door, Ordo Ab Chao Here, War Close And The Band Plays On



Congress passes a no fly zone for Syria, another step towards WAR, Libya Falls into line with Bible prophecy, Electoral recount not what it seems, and shootings for gun control; Obama said a number of times he is not leaving office in coded words, Russia’s Putin moving missiles into position for coming war with NATO. Missing Nuke stuff from Iran, and all on time for the Omega Code, as 2017 (which Israel in now in), is proving to be a WORLD PIVOT POINT and everything is about to change. America is GOING DOWN, and there is no way to stop it! It is Trump vs. global socialism if he is for real, and the BEAST SYSTEM RISING BEFORE US is socialism, and much more…




Trump & Media, A House Divided Cannot Stand & War Buildup Continues – UPDATE


Fake News is Major Media, Obama To Come After Alternative Media, Truth Suppressed, Is Trump Backing Off Promises?


Trump is under heavy attack after he dressed them down for being told they are all liars at a meeting, but watch what Trump actually does from now on. Does he rescind NDAA 2016? Does he DECREASE the move towards a police state?  Does he close down FEMA Camps or is he going to use them for Illegals and others? Many rumors floating around about no wall now, but inside documents say one of the first things he will do is DO THE WALL and start the “round-up” of them all? Putin moves against Obama as threat of  war seems to be growing rapidly. Is the world being played like a fiddle as the rich men make their final moves? The “Arrival” appears to be being played up in major media now – are we getting close and more…

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Global Intel Update – Has Chaos Now Begun?


BBC SAYS RUSSIA SINKS AMERICAN WARSHIP -DAMAGES OTHERS – totally unverified FAKE NEWS? Cop Killings Increase. Electors Face Death Threats, UN Moving Troops Into Syria, Resurrection Radiation, The Trump-Cyrus Connection


The toppling of the American way of life has begun, with people like Soros and Clinton stirring up trouble and chaos. The Masonic motto is Ordo Ab Chao and it appears the final phase of the confusion mentioned in the bots will lead to terror attacks in many major cities. BBC reports Russia attacks Navy Ships, sinks one, great loss of life, unable to verify, could be FAKE NEWS, but to what end?

The Bible’s Isaiah says that it begins in the cities as the rich men attempt to bring America down. Cop killings are increasing, and now death threats to our electors too the electoral college are happening demanding they change their votes to Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile the UN is slowly building of their troops in Syria, and the UN is an enemy of Israel. Signs, signs, everywhere SIGNS THAT THE END IS FAST APPROACHING…




Fake News interesting and shows how major media can manipulate the masses of the Earth with “wag the dog” type of fake reporting, but what is portrayed could well take place and cause WWIII!






Bible Codes, Wild Cards, Trump’s Future, War in Mystery, Get Ready For Weird


Bible Code Surprise, Wild Cards by Design, Or? Third Temple Comes Into View, Chaos, False Flag and more…

Something Is Not Right Here…

They say nothing happens of consequence unless it was designed that way by the elite powers- and insiders are saying that Trump was selected to win in 2013 by Mystery but is it true? If so, then Trump, the name of the Joker Card, has all been staged for the American people, but for what end?  That does not mean that the Lord is not behind Trump for both can be true, as the Lord has a plan for America’s demise, and do not forget Jade Helm, FEMA Camps (Hillary’s Joy Camps), and the possibility of an OVERTHROW of the USA via economics, false flags, electoral change, or a surprise of some kind, such as a FAKE ARRIVAL?  The New World Order, if Trump is for real, will attempt every means possible to stop him from ever taking office. That event would cause total chaos in America, the final card FOR THE TAKE-OVER, Ordo Ab Chao goes real!!! A second war of the Harvest Moon may be all too real – tune in tonight!!!



Bible Codes, Trump, Soros, Earth Wobble and More…


UPDATE – New Bible Codes, Earth Wobble, South Pole Mystery and More


As Trump begins to select his transition team, rumors of attempts to stop him cold emerge into the open as Soros commits treason by paying people to rise up and commit violence across America and against America, as act of treason. Chicago may be a FALSE FLAG in an attempt to get Obama to declare an emergency and stop Trump from taking the White House.



Confirmations of the Sanhedrin requesting the THIRD TEMPLE be rebuilt )may first be Tabernacle of David), appear as the world moves into Daniel’s Lost Week of Years. We are moving rapidly from GRACE to LAW KEEPING.


Russian buildup continues as Bible Codes indicate the Daniel 8 war of Iran comes into view. The importance of the Third Temple cannot be overstated but the pattern of prophecy indicates a major war will occur first and then the Temple will be rebuilt. Earth Wobble increasing. Much more on the plate on this Best-Taylor Update. Tonight at 7:00 PM CT.

Defcon One is soon going to be a reality. LEARN THE REAL TRUTH.




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The goal of the New World Order is to bring America down – and no one can stop it – beware!!!




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Delusions Of Recovery? – Is America Is Going Down?


Is Trump  The Last Trump?  Is He Judgment In Disguise?


The conservatives in America, the SILENT ONES, decided to not be so silent in this presidential election thinking that A MAN can solve the problems in America which have become so entrenched, and so systemic that it would be difficult for the Creator Himself to unravel it. However, the Creator of all of this says very clearly He has no intention of helping us out, but rather is going to allow the American people to commit mass suicide if that is what they choose to do. Then of course, we have the Russian military buildup that appears more and more foreboding but that is not in the news either. So here we are, on the cusp of total economic collapse by various methods and means, in fighting and most likely an internal revolution of leader against leader. All of our enemies know this and will pounce when the time is right. BEWARE, things are going to come suddenly upon us. ARE YOU READY?





5777 & Donald Trump, The Third Temple and The Chaos Begins

The Trump Enigma, Chaos, NWO, UFO’s,The Arrival, Trump, Putin & Israel’s Third Temple




We are at the crossroads, with the year 5777 and five being the number for GRACE, and SEVEN BEING COMPLETE. There are major signs coming in 5777, and Donald Trump, THE LAST TRUMP, takes office (in theory), January 2017, a NEW BEGINNING. Already the Sanhedrin has asked TRUMP and PUTIN to allow the THIRD TEMPLE to be built. It is not all coincidence, but rather the perfection of timing. During what is known as the CHURCH AGE, or AGE OF GRACE, as outlined in Revelation 2 & 3, appears to be OVER and the DOOR IS SHUT. The elite are pulling out all the plugs to keep Trump out of the White House. People who claim that the Lord has told them Trump will take office insist it is from the Lord, a “thus saith the Lord”. Others say that Trump will not ever be allowed to take office, and that also said “thus saith the Lord”, so obviously one of them in NOT from the Lord. UPDATE with Stewart and Larry with a special guest who saw and photographed a UFO landing!!!





It’s all coming together. HEADS UP!!



Something Is Happening Here, But What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear…

Who really is Donald Trump? There is no doubt that the hand of the Lord was upon “The Donald” and that he may well be a Cyrus, the great  King who came and set God’s people free of the Babylonians so they could go back and restore Jerusalem and rebuild their temple. Of that there appears little doubt.

This has grave ramifications for the apostate Christians of today – and instead of cheering because of a worldly “turning around of America” it appears to be instead a DEADLY WARNING to His people to REPENT IN TRUTH, come out of this world totally, and get ready for trouble is coming this way.


Jewish Rabbis are saying out loud that Trump is connected to Messiah and thus feel that Trump is INDEED THE LAST TRUMP before the RETURN.  According to the time lines discovered in the Omega Code, they may be right. He may well be here to bring in Israel for her RISE TO POWER in the DECEPTION. The Bible codes all agree.

Remember that this deception also includes the RISE OF A FAKE “MILLENNIAL ISRAEL” an Israel without the true Messiah, but a FAKE MESSIAH, and it will come with many lying signs and wonders. It includes a third temple and a return to sacrificial rituals and worship. IT WILL FOOL THE WORLD.

It may well include an arrival and also that they must and will raise up either a temple or David’s Tent and re-institute all the sacrificial worship system of ancient Israel, because they have rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah. They are well on the way to that already!

The Sanhedrin is now set up and in operation. The move back to “natural law” and the Seven Norhide Laws is also well entrenched. The solution to those who refuse these natural laws is beheading.

Donald Trump is closely connected to this, according to the Bible Codes, and is connected to the rise of Tribulation Israel and the times of Jacob’s Trouble. He most likely has no clue as to real role he is playing even now.

So based upon the concept of THE LAST TRUMP, and based upon the concept that America never repented after 9-11-2001, and in fact as grown ever more apostate and in more rebellion, and based upon the fact that Trump was declared the next President on 11-9 (9-11 in reverse), the Lord is warning His people THE END IS HERE, and the return for His people is NIGH AT HAND. It all fits with the timelines for Israel.

Another 9-11 may have hit us right between the eyes but only a few are seeing it for what it could be. A deception laid down by God Himself will not be seen by the huge majority.

Those that put Trump into power are ecstatic, thinking “we have turned this mess around, Trump will save us”. Not so, only the Lord could heal what is wrong with America, it is far too deep and systemic. But where is the Lord in all of this? He is not to be seen, not to be heard, as the apostate Church it is said 88% voted for Trump, thinking he will turn America around. A man. THE MAN. “THE DONALD WILL SAVE US AND AMERICA, he will drain the swamp, fix everything”. Maybe, maybe not…

But do not ever forget that a GREAT DECEPTION, A STRONG DELUSION, IS TO COME, and part of that is THE ARRIVAL, the apex of the evolution conspiracy. Also is the rider on the white horse.

It is also interesting to note that Donald Trump is surrounded by the NUMBER 7. Seven in the Bible is a most interesting number. The number seven means “Completeness”, or “Perfection” and implies “Spiritual” and we all know that the end-times are filled with “spiritual deception”. 70 years is a generation. Seventy years from 1947-48 is 2017-2018.

Trump was born 700 days before Israel became a nation. He is 70 years old, the length of time for a GENERATION, according to most bible scholars. He will be sworn in on a day in which he is 70 years old, 7 months and 7 days! The year is 5777.

But that is not all – Donald is the CEO of a huge company. He is a trafficker. As CEO he gives orders and expects those orders will be faithfully carried out, no questions asked. Remember that a corporation is the closest thing we have to communism, or Marxism/socialism. Everything belongs to the “company store” including the souls of men and women.

When you go to work for “the company”, they own you. They own your desk, phone, and everything you use with rare exception. You are a worker bee. You do as told or you get fired “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”. Corporations are cruel and heartless. Their allegiance is only to the bottom line, called “profit”. The New World Order boys and girls are heartless and totally cruel as well, and they relish in the suffering of others. They only have an AGENDA. Nothing else matters. NOTHING.

Donald grew up in this corporate atmosphere and knows how all of it works. His friends are RICH MEN. He will carry all of this over to the White House if he ever gets there. Donald is used too  giving orders and not be questioned. This will also carry over to how he will run the country.

That means he will be a dictator most likely. He said he was going to hit the ground running and has an agenda of many items he wants done NOW. We have a congress, we have a Supreme Court, and the Executive is supposed to work with a balance of power. Things just don’t get done quickly, and for good reason usually.

Donald is not used to that concept at all. He gives orders, they are carried out. Not to say he does not consult others first, but the decision will be his. As he said, “I build cheaper, faster and I am always ahead of schedule.”

Now let’s carry that concept over to the White House. Already resistance to Donald’s “wall” is showing up in the leadership of Congress. So will many other items on his list. So then, Donald made many promises, which he may find out very quickly he cannot carry out because the NEW WORLD ORDER has infiltrated the very core of all branches of government.

So if Trump wants to get things really DONE, he has to IGNORE the House and Senate and plow through them, and there are only a few ways he can accomplish that – MARTIAL LAW, or EXECUTIVE ORDERS. Congress can stop any executive order within 30 days, but they cannot stop MARTIAL LAW. Under martial law there is no congress, no Supreme Court and no recourse for 180 days.

The same goes for Obama. If Trump is not ever going to see the White House, Obama has to pull something soon to prevent Trump from taking office. IT COULD HAPPEN. And it would be a big surprise. Nothing should surprise you anymore.

Inasmuch as the CIA and NSA and other agencies in the intelligence area were all working towards a total surveillance state, and also working very hard to bring in the New World Order, one has to ask why did they suddenly turn upon Hillary? Was Trump their man as the Simpson’s TV show told us 16 years ago? Is this all a SET UP? Is this some hideous and horrific deception of the elite?

Trump won by 279 votes and that adds up to 18 or 6+6+6 on 11-9 or a 911. Trump used the 666 hand sign many times during the run up to the election. He also used many other Masonic hand signals as well. Why? Could it be that a forced recount could swing the election back to Hillary who won the popular vote? Google had a 666 on their front page doodle on 11-9. Why?

Is Obama their man or Trump? Or is Trump a monkey wrench being thrown into the Babylonian machine to stop it? Questions, all these questions…

Remember always that the Lord uses very evil people to punish His own people, and then turns upon the evil ones and destroys them. Is that what we are watching?

The Donald must become a dictatorship to bring about all that he promised. There is only ONE WAY he can actually do it, and that is what worries those who feel something is really wrong here and what it is ain’t exactly clear.

The final question – is it possible that Donald Trump is our CYRUS who will do battle with the Babylonians who control the world, and delay the execution of the Christians?  Will he be THE RISE OF A NEW HITLER for America at the same time he is Cyrus?

Watch what Trump does if he gets into the White House. He never mentioned FEMA CAMPS, or the cancellation of emergency executive orders that will be used for the round up of “dissenting” Americans from his agenda. He did in fact mention several times the use of biometric ID’s, a mark of a surveillance state. After all, how do you round up all of these “illegals” unless you ID them, and if you ID them, you would have to ID everyone else as well. So watch what Trump does, and watch closely what happens next. Time always tells the story for those who know what to watch for.

Something strange is going on. The Lord is into strange things. The Donald may be exactly who he says he is – but if so, the globalists will pull out all the stops to stop him cold in his tracks. BEWARE.

Go back and read your history as to how Hitler came to power and what he did once in power. Remember that Hitler rose up to “destroy Babylon” and their power base. He rose up as a rider on a white horse. Are we looking at a total repeat? Don’t laugh, the parallels are all there right in front of you. Remember the ANTICHRIST SYSTEM is THE FOURTH REICH OF THE RICH. It is rising right now…


Keep your eyes wide open, for something is NOT RIGHT here. But what it is ain’t exactly clear…





The Last Trump Has Just Been Heard – The Deception Rises



Was the Joker Playing His Card For Hillary, Trump  or The American People?



As I woke up this morning I had a great unease as to last night’s win for Donald Trump – that there is more to this than meets the eye; that the Lord has a plan, and it is not what the American people think it might be. I remembered how the Lord warned that a GREAT DECEPTION was coming, not only upon America but the whole world. I also remembered that the Lord said He would reveal all that was hidden, and Trump has in fact delivered on that promise, and with great fortitude and great courage stayed the course, through thick and thin, bearing up under horrific assaults hurled at him from day one by the global cartel and their minions, now exposed to everyone to see and hear.  Let’s give credit where credit is due, and Trump deserves that credit more than anyone in the political arena today – but then…we would have healed America, but she would not be healed…so if she will not be healed, there is a deception here somewhere, a delusion, a real strong delusion coming. On 9-11 some years back, the American people did not repent, they do not know how…yet if anyone, a man can solve the problems of the world, let it be said that is impossible without the Messiah, I mean the REAL ONE. Delay? Remember Susan Boyle? I had a dream. America was a dream – beware, it is far from over and the nightmare of the BEAST is not over.  UPDATE from Stewart & Larry tonight at 7.




Susan Boyle on 4-11-2009 with a five year countdown to 2014 a year when the NWO began in earnest – did TRUMP delay the execution of judgment?

7-4-2014 9-21-14 AM


Crossroads For America, Truth, Justice and the American Way or Martial Law UN Dictatorship?


CME’s, Election Jitters, Hillary Free and Is the Fix In? UPDATE



Do enough Americans care to change the evil matrix they are in, or are they too dumbed down, to lazy or to indifferent to care? One would think that with all of the exposure that there would be a hue and cry over the FBI’s latest “Free Hillary No Matter What” operations but not much being said, really. CME to hit us on Election Day, interesting timing. Troop movements now getting serious, something really is on the way. 5777 is a key year for the world, get ready for ANYTHING, and don’t be surprised NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. America could have been healed but prophecy says she will not be. Indifference, apostasy, hatred, is the American soft mental underbelly being exposed to the entire world? There’s something going on here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear…and MUCH MORE!!