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Just wanted you to know that the reason I have not done any Night Shadows Radio programs with Larry is I am totally out of pocket until next Wednesday because of helping people move a lot of stuff for a deadline everyone has to meet.

So I appreciate all your support, and will be back on line next week. Stay cool in this heat wave, heads up, your redemption draws every closer and we all need to focus on that and that alone. Cheers!!








Best & Taylor Intel Update 6-20-2019 – USA/Iran War?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Iran shoots down USA Drone, How Will Trump Respond and more…


Time is running out for humanity – even for the vast majority of Christians who think they are going to Heaven but are not – just as Jesus said. A DELUSION OF A SALVATION THAT DOES NOT EXIST. Get “Frequency” and find out the REAL TRUTH.

It is said that Iran shot down a large US drone over international waters and was a severe “provocation” of Iran. Trump give Iran a way out by saying that it must likely was a mistake, and that some rogue unit was responsible, it was not an official act of the Iranian leadership. This give Iran a way out, but will they take it? Other reports say that Iran said they did it as a warning to America. Russia has told the US to back-off and has repeatedly warned America-Babylon to stop trying to provoke a war with Iran, for it would have grave “consequences”. Russia and China most likely have defense treaties with Iran that might bring Gog of Magog down to the mountains of Israel. The timing of all of this, along with a great increase in UFO sightings, Earth Changes all point to the Tribulation Period.

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Best & Taylor News Hour For 6-14-2019 – War & False Flags

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Deep State Needs a War, Arrival Signs, UFO Activity Increases, Paranormal & Star People


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Always look to see who benefits when you see something like the two oil tankers being taken out by what appears to be guided missiles according to the owner of one of the tankers – and of course Deep State wants their war with Iran, one of the target states shown to Wesley Clark, former NATO Commander. Then we have more and more sightings of UFO’s the world over, and more movies coming out like Captive State, in which “aliens” rule over the Earth, and that is what Stan Deyo found when he went back into the ancient language to find out exactly what Daniel meant in his prophecy for the latter days. With the military now releasing UFO contact operations, the Acclimation Project is going ahead for the final delusion. Native American prophecy has long stated that the STAR NATION PEOPLE would return, are they the “ancient aliens” who will return to take over ruler-ship of Earth?  Earth changes abound, Jupiter’s Red Spot vanishing, yet another sign? And more…



Patti and I wanted to let everyone know that Blog Talk Radio is once again blocking the ability to listen or download the last radio show (6-7-2019), and we also got reports from people saying they could not listen either – that the show went off air right away as I got into the UFO/Arrival information.

Blog Talk is evidently being controlled by DEEP STATE and if we speak of something Global Deep States does not want you to now about they simply block you, shadow ban you or cut you out altogether – and the American people were already the most censored people on the planet having no clue they only get fake news of the MSM.

Deep State people are doing exactly what Jesus Christ said they would do, and if they cannot understand that they themselves are fulfilling a 2000 year old prophecy and are on the wrong side, well, they deserve the eternal hell-file they will get. Stupid is as stupid does, and GLOBAL DEEP STATE MUST BE VERY STUPID.



Best & Taylor News Hour For 6-7-2019 – The Arrival & Disclosure

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

UFO’s, Acclimation Project, Blue Beam, Strong Delusions, Resets & More…



The disclosure of military UFO encounters is a long-awaited move that tells us the ARRIVAL is not far off, and the apex of the STRONG DELUSION is about to be unleashed around the world. Humanity has opted to embrace the lie of evolution and that the “gods” will soon return to help mankind.  The lie of evolution and the “ascent” to godhood status is so powerful that humanity will embrace it so they can travel the universe and join the intergalactic community, often portrayed in acclimation movies like Star Trek, Star Gate and others. Israel is the time clock for Earth, and UFO flaps occur as the spiritual warfare over Israel intensifies, telling us that Israel is about to enter her time of trouble. The world is primed for the arrival and will embrace these “entities” just as Revelation 12 & 13 say they will. Meanwhile, the Trump coup continues, Deep State wants WW3, America is being overrun with “aliens” and earth changes continue unabated and more…





Best & Taylor Intel Update For 6-5-2019 – Beware “D” Day

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Rebellion In D.C., Dark Days Ahead, “The Event” & Obama In The Wings


The Washington Two Party Snake Is Now Showing Its True Color

Most people, it seems, do not really believe that we live in a frequency matrix, that humanity is in total lockdown, and this matrix has an overlord, and under him are his controllers. Believe it or not, the OVERLORD also has an OVERLORD THAT WE CALL “THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS”. Jesus Christ is His name, and every knee shall eventually bow to Him and acknowledge His Kingship. For now, rebellion is in the air as Psalm Two plays out before our eyes, exactly as written 2500 years ago. What we are watching is the implosion of America, her very last days before she is taken out. Confusion and rebellion in Washington, the communists are now hell bent to bring us down, and apparent insanity reigns, even as threats of a nuclear “event” are growing stronger. The Christian Church grows ever more apostate; ever learning but unable to come to a knowledge of the truth and so it goes…


Ignore The Truth At Your Own Peril

Here is the link to purchase “Frequency” and find out the truth about the Matrix and the rank deception you live in!! The real truth is not what you think it is – PROVEN BY SCRIPTURE ALONE!