Prayer Support Needed For Successful Open Heart Surgery For Cindy


On December 15th, Cindy will be going in top Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota  for open heart surgery. We are asking for a prayer chain because this particular surgery can be very dangerous, although giant strides have been made in recent years for successful outcomes.

We could also use some financial support as well for not all of this is covered because of Obama care. We wish to thank all of those who have in the many years past, responded when we asked for support for others who needed help – but now I am  in the same predicament as they were. In our 30+ years of ministry, I have never asked for medical financial support for myself or Cindy, only for others who really needed help.

I wish to thank all of you for your support and prayers through these many years –

I will be not blogging until after the Christmas holidays as recovery for this type of operation, although quite short, does take a few days.

Patti will put updates on web site, and may post here as well.

If you wish to help out – go to and hit the donate buttons – just put Cindy and I will know what it is for. Thank you again for all your support during the many years of my research ministry and I hope it has blessed many with knowledge and understanding of what the Bible actually does say.