Best & Taylor Intel Update For 12-30-2019 – This And The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-30-2019 – 7:00 PM CT

Gun Confiscation, War, Trial Balloons Or The Real Thing?


The UN Global Deep State overthrow of America seems to have gone into high gear with the communists gun control efforts going into high gear – red flag laws, medical records, antigun laws and the elite plans for depopulation via stealth war using biological means, and also open warfare – and then we have what appears to be a global elite war scam in the Middle East as Iran, Russia and China are conduction “exercises” in the Gulf at the same time it appears the USA ad Israel are going to war against Iran – is it accidental or a planned war? Remember Psalm Two and the Kings and rulers of the whole Earth gather together to rid the world of God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and more…







Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-27-2019 – Matrix Mayhem Increases



Trump, Deep State, Coup, Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, China, Earth Changes, UFO’s, Arrival

If 2019 was not active enough for you, wait for 2020, remember that hindsight is always 2020 and we will learn a lot more in 2020 as to the timeline and events unfold. The communist coup in Washington and elsewhere are gaining speed as the Deep State insurrection continues unabated. While the masses of the people await the round-up of those committing sedition or treason, their wait may be very long indeed, as Deep State will pardon, in one way or another, their own operatives. 2019 was a huge year for UFO sightings around the world and we think the arrival will be the disclosure itself. Remember the Bible tells us that an arrival is now soon to come; the apex of the strong delusion, the arrival of the fallen ones! Then we have major earthquake event precursors already and more…







Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year and we wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters for it is you who have enabled this tiny, tiny ministry to have the huge impact that REAL TRUTH always has upon a godless world that is now obviously spinning out of control. It has always amazed us that Deep State is so concerned over our mini-ministry that they have for years attempted to censor the message of the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

Without all of you, we would have been unable to continue. THANKS TO ALL, heads up, your redemption draws nigh!!



Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-20-2019 – Bad Tidings & Babylon’s End


Tonight On Night Shadows – 12-20-2019 7:00 PM CT

Impeachment Madness, Gun Grabs continue, 2nd Amendment, UN invasion & more


Psalm Two states in no uncertain terms that world leaders and the rich men gather themselves together with the end result of removing the very concept of God from the American people. They wish to destroy the “bands” that bind them, to remove the ethical and moral restraints so they can murder at whim to set up their communist/socialist New World Order. It seems also a bit odd that now three states and spreading fast to others are these 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties as the communist infiltrators into state and county governments are now moving rapidly to prohibit guns and remove them altogether, part of the United Nations invasion plans to destroy America aka Babylon The Great. We know from prophecy in Daniel that the United Nations will soon rule over the world, and does already in the background, as Agenda 21/30/50 are being slowly introduced and we have almost all of the 45 points of a communist takeover of America now complete and more…



The Impeachment




The room was filled with tension as the communist democrats moved with all haste to destroy the nation and the constitution and get rid of any leaders the insurgency considered a threat to their world agenda plans.  They kept citing the constitution as they were busy destroying it and they were aided and abetted by many deep state Republicans as well as the scripted hearings took place to fool the American people.

The speaker at the podium had just finished his argument that the President was guilty of all charges and needed to be removed. He left the podium and suddenly a figure appeared glowing with bright white light. Everyone in the room was frozen in place and could not move. The entire room was transfixed. The sounds of total silence filled the room.

The figure at the podium began to speak. It was a soft gentle voice but penetrated deep into everyone’s mind – in fact there was nothing like it ever seen before. All of this was being televised around the nation and the world. News spread like wildfire all over the world.

“I am, that I Am” He began

“I am Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End…”

You could hear a pin drop. There was not a sound in that room.

“I gave you blessing after blessing, I poured out goodness and plenty upon you and blessed your nation because you acknowledged your Creator and the One True God. Over the years you have turned your back upon me slowly but surely. You murder the innocent babies and you call it “choice.” You rob the poor to enrich yourselves. You take advantage of your people and have practiced deception for years and years. You hide your intent to bring in your global government and install your world king. You have done abominable things to me and to my people. You have declared a war against me. You have declared a silent war against your own people. You have used your media for propaganda instead of truth. You love lies and hate the truth. You have infiltrated your education centers with your agents to teach total abominations. You have infiltrated your courts with judges that are activists of deception and ruin. Wrong judgment proceeds from their mouths. Your tables here are full of vomit. There is nothing within you now worthy of continuance.

You have invaded and overturned many nations. They are now going to rise up and destroy you and you will not be able to put it off. From the north countries the flaming arrows you call missiles will come upon you and your cities shall be smoldering ruins. Your defenses will not work. I will bring you destruction from afar, from the uttermost reaches of heaven. My judgment upon you and upon this world shall stand and none shall change it.

You have allowed all manner of religions, philosophies into your land in the name of tolerance. Instead of truth you embrace lies and deceptions. You practice abomination after abomination and likewise encourage it in your attempts to eradicate the concept of SIN. There is now nothing you will not do in this name of tolerance. You promote all manner of total fifth and perversion and call it good. What is a lie you now promote as truth. What is truth you now say is a lie. Your destruction comes. It will come at a time you least expect it. It will come as a snare.

You have strayed far afield and what you do in secret is a stench in my nostrils and a smoke in my nose. I hate your religious rituals. Repent.  I have given this nation many warnings and yet there is not even a hint of true repentance. I have warned you repeatedly by my prophets and you mock and persecute all of them. I have sent storm upon storm upon you to wake you up. To no avail.

The people of this nation has been led astray by many false teachers, preaches and so-called prophets. They have turned to their idols and have embraced fables. They have become mad upon their idols and I have now surrounded this nation by mortal enemies and have  filled you with them. They are going to rise up within and invade you from without. They strip you, and take away everything you have. They will move soon, and I will not come to your aid. I will laugh at your destruction.

You place your hands upon my Holy Book without knowledge, swearing an oath upon it, and do just the opposite. You have taken my Words in your mouth and have perverted what is said. It is time now for your judgment and it is swiftly coming. You will not repent. You do not even know what it is. I would have healed you, I would have taken you under my wings and protected you, but you would not. Soon I will shake this nation to its very core. My mercy endures but my patience with you is now gone.

You have mocked my salvation, and even those who claim to be my people have likewise drifted far afield. They have crossed the line and there is no turning back.  Judgment is now coming upon their heads as well. I am going to destroy you now. Your end is close at hand. I will show no mercy, because you have shown no mercy. The blood of the innocent men, woman, children and babies is on your hands, and I will require of you recompense. You shall repay every last farthing. You shall repay to the uttermost and for all eternity. I will not be mocked. He who ears to hear, let him hear. He who has eyes to see, let him see..”.

The figure vanished before their eyes. The room was quiet. Then one of the communists shouted “This was a trick, this was theater, this was done by someone by holographic projection. It’s all a lie, a deception. What you just saw was a delusion created by some religious nutjob. We have to do something about these people!!” The rest agreed. The impeachment went through. The revolution they so desired began. The nation fell from within because of sedition and treason that went totally unpunished and from without as the nation was invaded from without.

 And so it was. Christians and all who believed in the Bill of Rights, the constitution and all things good eventually lost the fight. The communist United Nations insurgency continued. It was well planned. The good were encircled. It was a slaughter of all good.  The Words of the being of light that appeared in the United States Congress all came to pass.

And so it went, and so the judgments fell. And America, the greatest of all the nations ever seen on planet Earth became history never to be remembered again. And soon after, all the nations of the world were utterly destroyed as the four horsemen of Revelation rode through the world.

It was not that humanity has not been warned. It was because no one heeded the warnings. And so corruption and all forms of evil flourished and good became evil and evil became good. Treason was rewarded and honesty and integrity were punished and destroyed.

And the Creator took His people whom He had evacuated from Earth to a place beyond all human imagination, a place beyond any human heart could envision and there they abode for ever and ever.

And there was a new heaven and a new earth…












Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-13-2019 – Friday The 13th & Other Pointers

Tonight on Night Shadows 12-13-2019 7:00 PM CT

Impeach or Kill, Deep State Coup, Earth Changes, Radiation, Frequency


12-12-12-12-12 was an obvious pointer for those watching the heavens to prepare themselves for the coming trouble, and it is obvious the impeachment vote of the committee was delayed for Friday the 13th, something of course deep state knows how to do – along with all of this, rumbles of a revolution in VA are now surfacing, all of which means this is all a stage play, theater for the unknowing masses. The impeach Trump began before he was in office meaning of course this has nothing to do with anything but a HATE TRUMP operation, part of Rules For Radicals TRIGGER MAN who would divide the nation and then topple it – all part of the communist play book. America must go down before the New World Order can rise – ad the communists have now weaponized impeachment to destroy anyone who might be a threat to the New World Order – and if none of this works, “KIll Bill” will be brought into play as the only option left. Meanwhile earth changes, radiation spikes and solar anomalies continue along with trouble the world over, especially the Middle East and more…









Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-11-2019 – 12-12, Full Moons & The Midnight Cry

Tonight On Night Shadows – 12-11-2019 – 7:00 PM CT

American Chaos, Judgment, 12-12-12, Full Moons & Spiritual Darkness



We are now approaching what appears to be the final communist/deep state coup attempt and a very specific SIGN IN THE HEAVENS warning Americans that they are about to enter a LONG DARK NIGHT as the full moon waxes to its fullest at exactly 12:12 AM on 12-12-12. The numbers surrounding this KEY SIGN IN THE HEAVENS are astounding in and of themselves – because the number 12 means complete, governmental perfection, a signature of Israel – something is considered complete on 12-12-12 at 12:12 AM – what is it? The full moon is called the LONG NIGHTS MOON – also COLD MOON – exactly 10 days before the beginning of the festival of “lights” and exactly 4 days later we have a solar eclipse RING OF FIRE – all to exact not to have major meaning for the world, for Israel and for the Christian – we are being told something, but what? Is 12-12-12 the Midnight Cry?








Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-6-2019 – Everything & This…

Tonight On Night Shadows – 12-6-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Coup, Deep State, Clinton, Earth Changes, Paranormal, Sightings, Israel and More…


 So here we are on December 6, 2019 and the communist Dem’s have decided to go for broke, and proving the only thing they care about it raw naked power, and if the American people remain as silent as they been, deep state will prevail and America will fall with a thud – exactly as planned by the “Illuminated Ones”, the rich men, the rulers and leaders of Psalm Two – all part of the plan, all part of this sham operation upon the people of the entire world. Rules for Radicals placed Trump as the trigger man, the pivot man, the division man for the final take-down of America, and this plan has gone astoundingly well! Ruler against ruler, exactly as Rules For Radicals wanted. Soon revolution of a sorts, or “invasion”, all to bring about total martial law and as the Protocols stated, once we take freedoms away they will never be given back and so it goes…Meanwhile Earth changes continue unabated, and paranormal sightings gain speed…














Best & Taylor Intel Update For 12-4-2019 – This and That…

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-4-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Coup, Communists, Deep State, Ruler Against Ruler, Babylon Down


She represents you – why cannot you understand you are a prisoner?

So here we go again, we must get rid of Trump in any way possible, and if these hearings do not work, or the Senate refuses to approve, then more drastic measures must be taken, as Trump MUST GO, NO MATTER WHAT, and if we have to make up evidence, we will, so the plans of the New World Order march on, sham that it is, and the American people are basically silent, meaning of course most of them do not care now, but will when the 3AM knock on the door comes their way. It is what it is, a most likely only 2-3% of the people are aware that all of this was prophecy written 2500 years ago, coming to pass right under our noses and more…