Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-6-2019 – Everything & This…

Tonight On Night Shadows – 12-6-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Coup, Deep State, Clinton, Earth Changes, Paranormal, Sightings, Israel and More…


 So here we are on December 6, 2019 and the communist Dem’s have decided to go for broke, and proving the only thing they care about it raw naked power, and if the American people remain as silent as they been, deep state will prevail and America will fall with a thud – exactly as planned by the “Illuminated Ones”, the rich men, the rulers and leaders of Psalm Two – all part of the plan, all part of this sham operation upon the people of the entire world. Rules for Radicals placed Trump as the trigger man, the pivot man, the division man for the final take-down of America, and this plan has gone astoundingly well! Ruler against ruler, exactly as Rules For Radicals wanted. Soon revolution of a sorts, or “invasion”, all to bring about total martial law and as the Protocols stated, once we take freedoms away they will never be given back and so it goes…Meanwhile Earth changes continue unabated, and paranormal sightings gain speed…














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  1. I have such a hard time with blog talk lately. Thankfully I am able to listen on Dorothy’s YouTube (thankful and glad she posts it so quickly), but who knows how much longer that will me possible. I appreciate the info and insight you and Larry provide. Y’all are irreplaceable and I hope that you’ll be able to keep sharing truth to us who crave it most. I support Nightshadows because your message never changes., your Intel often blows me away, and because of cyour unwavering commitment to THE TRUTH. The few dollars I pay each month is nothing compared to what I receive in return. Thank you for being a light in this dark world! I thank The Lord for leading me to your ministry. I have been searching for “something” for as long as I can remember without knowing exactly what it is. I knew something was wrong and I questioned my salvation for soooooo long…I FINALLY cried out to God to show me the truth. Why didn’t i think to go to Him first? I searched online for years and it never ‘clicked’ until HE made it happen. HE brought me to you in the most unusual way… The WAY. Wow… there’s so much I never knew that I never knew. Unlike all the times before, I finally understood not just what (WHO) I’m looking for and Why it’s absolutely necessary, but also How to find it and the place Where God will lead me so that I can meet Jesus experientially. He uses your words, (books, blogs, radio shows, and documentaries) to guide me on the search. I am grateful beyond expression that the Lord called you to shepherd those sheep who, like me, want to know the highest truth are striving to find it.


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  3. This came to me during the show: Jesus was the original “trigger man, pivot man” that they used to stir up the hate, and divide, the people. They falsely, and hatefully, vilified and attacked “the man.”

    And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified. (Matt 27:23)

    Not equating Trump with Christ, of course; just pointing out that this tactic was originated against Jesus Christ and can be used against anyone by the haters, and so it is. Nothing new under the sun.

    Thank you for the show…God bless you all!

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