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Best & Taylor News Update – 1-17-2018

January 17, 2018


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Abbas Threats, Israel, Kim, Turkey, Norway, War Drums & More…


Military Generals warn Kim’s olive branch to South Korea may well be a trap, while Trump sends B-1 and B-52 bombers over to Guam in case of hostilities break out. Meanwhile North Korea is busy getting ready for both a missile launch and atomic tests. Turkey threatens invasion of Syria, Israel prepares for all-out war on three fronts. Then we have a military buildup in Norway and a warning of the BIG WAR just ahead. Meanwhile, the left cannot believe that Trump is in such great health while they call on his impeachment as Trumps war against the Deep State continues ahead. Then we have a large meteorite explode over Michigan causing a 2.0 earthquake and more…




Best & Taylor Flash Update – 1-15-2018

January 15, 2018

Norway Troop Buildup, Russian Warnings, The Arrival and War


Humanity, they say, forgets the past in 57 years, and must repeat the lessons all over again – but inasmuch as we know we are in the last of the last days, this time the lessons will be different, and the end of it all is basically termination of the human race for a fresh start. More treason uncovered as the deep state investigations continue, and the counter-coup likewise heats up as we face a possible government shutdown, something Trump actually said he would like to see happen. Earth changes abound and more trouble coming our way. Chaos increasing…




Best & Taylor Intel Update – For 1-12-2018

January 12, 2018


Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Assassinations, Putin, Bibi, Israel, Deep State, Sun Disease and More…




With a new report due to come out on the 15th revealing far more about the Deep State and the Obama/Hillary attempts to overthrow the government in their communist coup attempt, the chances of an assassination attempt upon Trump are growing with each day. No matter what Trump does or says he is wrong and evil, a mentally deranged idiot who needs to be impeached. A report out says that Putin warned Trump of an attempt upon his life, and you may remember the 9-11 Navy operations and the investigations as to who was involved in this INSIDE 9-11 ATTACK. Then we have our troubled Sun and why tons of food is being stored UNDERGROUND in a huge nationwide tunnel and city system for the elite while you and I stay on the surface for the KILL SHOT CME operations and more…



Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-10-2018

January 10, 2018


Deep Solar Minimum, Spreading USA Drought, Trump Counter Coup and More…


The Sun is rapidly descending into its minimum, and experts are saying it may go into a extra deep minimum that will cause a mini-ice age with major changes in both climate and weather. This has huge ramifications for agriculture and famine in the United States, as the Northern States would have much colder summers and short growing seasons. Coupled with the growing drought in major food production areas, it appears the prophecies of Jeremiah may now be coming to pass. 2017 was a year of disasters, and 2018 may be far worse. The Trump counter coup appears to be well underway and much more…



Best & Taylor Flash Update For 1-5-2018

January 5, 2018


Kim, Nukes, Missile, Trump, Deep State, Israel, Iran & More


Still under the weather, so to speak, but will attempt a short update on the world news as things continue to edge towards war. 2018 starts out with a very unusual weather bomb, most likely another judgment that no one wants to admit to. Kim offers olive branch only to gain more time to finish his missile program and make it more dangerous than ever. He has no intention of stopping his missile or nuclear program. Trump will sooner or later have to deal with Kim and it looks like sooner than later. The coup and counter coups are still going strong and much more… Larry will be most of the speaking as I have a very bad voice and cough!!


Best & Taylor Update – 2018 – Year Of Hope, Year of Trouble?

December 27, 2017

Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CT

Coup and Counter Coup, Kimmy Missiles, Antifa & More…


As we close 2017 and look back, we find prophetic fulfillment and a move to Daniel’s 70th Week and the Lord going back to Israel for the time of Jacob’s Trouble. In the meantime, the Deep State appears to be going for broke in their attempt to take down Trump via any means necessary. At the same time, Trump appears to be going after Deep State via a new Executive Order that allow him to freeze all bank accounts. It is said thousands of sealed indictments are going out all over the world. The Executive Order is an EMERGENCY DECLARATION! Kimmy says he will launch a new missile and more…





Merry Christmas & Wishes For A Prosperous New Year!!

December 24, 2017

The Mystery Of the Number 24 & Why Christ’s Blood Purchase Is Real


In our blog talk radio show Friday 12-22-2017, we had a discussion of a discovery claimed by several scientists that the blood of Christ, found on the Shroud of Turin was not human. Human blood contains 46 chromosomes, 23Y and 23X from the mother and father. The number 23 means DEATH, telling us humanity is a fallen creature and is dead spiritually, born into a world of THE LIVING DEAD.

There were several places on the shroud and these were said to be enough to get a good sample and scientific tests said the blood tested showed 23Y and only 1X for a total of 24.  That is “alien” or “not of this world” blood.

Because Christ was born of a woman and His Father was God the Father, then it appears that the Virgin Birth contained the 23Y chromosomes from Mary but only ONE was required from God the Father to fertilize the egg thus the number 24, hence proving the Divinity of Christ. The number 24 in Scripture concerns the PRIESTHOOD, along with the 12 elders from the Old Testament and 23 elders from the New Testament, which John saw in Chapter Four of Revelation.

It also interesting that Christmas Eve is on 24th of December and Christmas day is the 25th. Twenty Five means “Forgiveness Of Sins.  Further, the number 1 means unity, and that is why Jesus said “I and my Father are One”.  Perhaps the ONE had more meaning that we ever understood before.

If we carry this concept further, we know that THE CONCEPTION of Christ was most likely on the 24th or 25 of December, and that Christ was born in September. We now know that at the moment of conception that a FLASH OF LIGHT appears, recorded several times and made the MSM news outlets.

It is at the moment of conception that the egg and sperm meet in normal human breeding, thus some form of energy flash appears and life begins. It is also known that the normal human gestation period goes through SEVEN CYCLES, and they correspond to the SEVEN JEWISH FEAST DAYS, culminating with Hanukah, the 8th Feast, and the number 8 means NEW BEGINNING.

So the Blood of Christ shows us that the concept of a VIRGIN BIRTH is not only real, but very necessary for the REDEMPTION of humanity, and the fact that Christ came through the WOMAN explains the 23 chromosome count and proves Kinsman-Redeemer law of ancient Israel. It also proves that the Shroud of Turin is authentic.


The Carbon Dating was redone and proves that the shroud was in the time of Christ, and pollen was also discovered that occurred in and around Jerusalem at the time of Christ. The evidence keeps flowing in, and yet the world appears to be rejecting the concept of salvation via REDEMPTION as total foolishness.


What the world is dealing with here is nothing short of the greatest of all events and miracles in humanities history, and that is, God’ rescue mission to save a fallen humanity, and it also proves the Genesis story as well.


Another amazing discovery is that within the human DNA structure is a message from the Creator, in other words, HE HAS SIGNED HIS NAME IN EVERY HUMAN BEING. I do not know how it works, but scientists have shown how DNA has its own sort of language or instructions, and is the very foundation of all life.

Scientists found that DNA pattern and language is identical to the Aramaic language, the very language Jesus spoke in. Here is what the scientists have discover so far:

”Hello, my children, this is Yahweh, the one true Lord, you have found creations secret, share it peacefully with the world…

Go tell the world who is the TRUE GOD and Creator of all

God eternal within the body”

Thus it is that 2018 should be all about a NEW BEGINNING, referring to the NEW WORLD ORDER coming into full manifestation during 2018.


P.S. Augusto Perez says that Trump’s signing of a national emergency is the FIRST DOMINO that will lead to America’s destruction and will have an emergency broadcast tomorrow night on what the Lord told him. Augusto is on Blogtalk appearance.

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