Best’s Intel Flash Update For 10-19-2020 – Matrix Darkness False Flags

Tonight On Night Shadows 10-19-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Best’s Intel Flash Update For 10-19-2020 – Matrix Darkness & False Flags

Trump, False Flags, Israel, Torah Codes, 4th Reich, Obama, Revolution, Election Troubles…

As the election draws near. more and more UNVETED alternative news sights are warning us that Global Deep State (the UN), and the communists will pull out ALL STOPS to either stop the election itself or scam the masses of people with an overload of false votes that declare Biden and Harris the winners, and that Trump and his ideas were rejected by the voters. Meanwhile Trump packs his rallies with thousands of people while Biden is lucky if 30 people show up. So, what is with that? Then we have big tech’s censorship going into full operation – war is expanding in the Armenia area and earth changes continue to rumble on…


The Eternal Challenge To A Fallen Humanity

The Eternal Challenge To A Fallen Humanity

The Matrix LockdownYou Are In A Prison

A New Series From My Book


As usual, I challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here even if you don’t believe it. WAKE UP!!


Is There a “Lord” and Does He Challenge Us?

I thought that the answers to all of these questions could be found, but how and where to look, and what to do?

So, one day as I was searching the Bible, I stumbled upon these verses:

John 16:7-16

“Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. [8] And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:..”

When I first saw these verses, I was quite stunned by them. It appeared that what was being said was this SPIRIT, if you really wanted to know the answers about life here, would lead one through the maze of lies, deceptions and spiritual chaos of humanity to the actual and real truth behind life itself, if you really wanted to know.

And that was what I really wanted to know – what was the actual truth behind the Universe and life itself? Was there an ULTIMATE TRUTH behind everything there is?

Wow! I thought. Wow! These verses seemed to me to be a challenge. They said to me, well, if you really want to know about all of this beyond the five senses, we all have, and beyond the material or physical world, you could. You could take a peek at the SPIRIT WORLD, so here is one of the keys. But was it true? Then this from Matthew Seven:

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

I then began to search for other such verses that were a challenge to the person reading them. In other words, was I being told not to just believe, but rather check it all out to find if it was true or not?

Then I found this:

31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Here was another challenge. It said that if I continued in his teachings, that is, like any new subject, if I studied it until I understood or knew what it was saying, I would conclude it really was true, and I would find something that Jesus said was “THE TRUTH”. Little did I know what that actually meant!

Most of the world, it seemed, said there was NO KNOWABLE ULTIMATE TRUTH. Ultimate truth behind all that there is, was or will be was simply BEYOND all human knowledge. But the Bible says that if one DESIRED ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS, that this ULTIMATE TRUTH would be revealed to the SEARCHER. The TRUTH beyond humanity is THERE, will always be there, but like all hidden mysteries, one must search it out. FEW WILL.

I then began to realize that what we all do is to “take out” the qualifiers such as IF, AND or BUT. If you removed these, you came up with a totally false conclusion the same as if you “reversed” its true meaning.  The “qualifiers” were of the utmost and extreme importance to UNDERSTAND what was really being said.

I knew that almost all religions and philosophies out there were asking you to simply believe their statements or that their reasoning was true, but never found any that asked you to really test it out, question it severely, and if you did, you would know if it was true or not. It also dawned upon me that all of this WAS OF THIS WORLD. Jesus told us point blank that this wisdom, this understanding, this doctrine was BEYOND THIS WORLD.

Now this SEEKING, ASKING, KNOCKING, THIS CONTINUE IN THE DOCTRINE was a direct contradiction to just having blind FAITH and BELIEF in Jesus Christ, but rather, we need to CHECK HIM OUT, FIND OUT IF WHAT He said was true or not!

John 7:17

17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

So here was a direct challenge that if any person will SEARCH IT OUT FOR HIMSELF, he will find out that the DOCTRINES OF JESUS CHRIST were DIRECT FROM GOD and could not possibly be from Himself as a man.

In truth, He is right, for NO MAN could ever dream up the actual message of humanity being in a prison, living and walking in total spiritual darkness, or how they could escape; IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE!! Another WOW! Why is it that humanity WILL NOT take up this ETERNAL CHALLENGE? Why are we so antagonistic towards this?

And what was this so-called Spirit of Truth? I remember a movie about Jesus Christ in which Rod Stieger played the part of Pontius Pilate and in that scene, Pilate asks Christ, “WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU?” Most people do not ask these questions today, but perhaps they should, because it goes to the uttermost depths of human existence. Jesus invited humanity to take a journey, to explore, to take a WAY that was BEYOND LIFE ITSELF!

Who was this most mysterious and enigmatic figure that was so hated they killed him? For what reason? And still is hated today, MORE AND MORE AS TIME GOES BY. WHY?

I wondered why anyone would hate an individual who went around doing good, healed the sick, and brought sight to the blind and all of the paranormal and miracles attributed to him? After all, isn’t it a good thing to help people who need it?

Why would anyone hate an individual that loved children? That spoke softly and kindly? Who seem to have no guile or hatred within Him?

It became obvious that the real reason for all of this hatred was because we don’t like THE REAL TRUTH. We don’t like it because it sticks a knife deep within our comfort zone, and so we recoil from it.

After all, if Earth really is a PRISON to a FALLEN HUMANITY, and lives in a matrix of LIES AND DECEPTIONS, then we would resist the real truth, and not want anything to do with it. Comfort zones and exactly that, and we do not want it to be intruded upon.

However, it seemed a wonderment to me. Something was wrong here. Most people would appreciate an individual who was kind to children, loved people, sought only to help people. Yet, he was murdered. Why?

I began to search out the message he actually brought with him. Not the message the Church or any theologian said, but what Christ actually said, as recorded in the Scripture, true or not true was the only question. This was a direct challenge to the INDIVIDUAL, not a collective Church, but a direct command to the individual soul!

I got hold of a book called “Theomatics”, a book that proved beyond all doubt by mathematical continuity that the Bible itself could not have been written by man.

Greek and Hebrew letters all have numbers assigned to them, and the numbers proved that each sentence, each paragraph, each subject always came out with a number sequence, like 666, 777, 888 or its multiples. The odds were quadrillions to one, meaning, of course that is was NOT POSSIBLE. That alone gives humanity NO EXCUSE.

Other books have proved scientifically that the Bible came from somewhere else, that mankind could never have written it. That helped me to more fully appreciate why the Lord had told me early on that the Bible was a very important book.

I began to understand why He was hated by the religious leaders of his day. He was really telling everyone they were more or less irrelevant to his message that it was far above their understanding, and they were actually in the way of his message, for he said they would not enter in nor allow their followers to enter in as well.  

His message was going to destroy the stranglehold of CONTROL that almost all belief structures have upon their followers. They say, in essence, “we do the thinking, you just believe and support us”. In other words they CONTROL their followers and “NO THINKING ALLOWED. OBEY, DON’T THINK. DON’T ASK QUESTIONS. It all boils down to CONTROL.

The challenge was there, and I accepted it at face value. I really wanted to know, I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW. In reality, above all other things in life. Nothing was as important as this burning question – what was the real truth behind the Universe, and who made it?

So now I had to ask myself what really happened at the Creation of mankind? Did we evolve, or were we actually created perfect, and could it be possible that if we were created perfect, then there must have been some type of a so-called “glitch” that was in fact recorded in the Bible as a sort of “death” or “fall”.

Was there really a FALL FROM GRACE? Was humanity REBORN into another world, and lost his SPIRITUAL ESSENCE and entered into a skewed timeline?

A death that was brought about by some form of DNA SHIFT possibly, of some sort of a DNA change that actually altered the spiritual side humanity forever.

Could it be true? Could that be the answer as to why mankind is such a predator of his own species? That so many are filled with hate and violence, of loves grown cold? Could it be, and would it be possible, no matter how remote, that mankind fell from something? Something we cannot understand or truly fathom because of the “fall”?




The Matrix Lockdown

You Are In A Prison

A New Series From My Book


As usual, I challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here.

Psalm 145:17-20
The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. [18] The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. [19] He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them. [20] The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.

CALLING UPON THE LORD IN TRUTH? WHAT DID THAT MEAN? That means one can all upon the Lord, but not necessarily IN TRUTH. WOW!!   

First of all, who was this Lord? I did not know at all who this Lord really was, or if any of this was really real or not. So, as usual, I took it upon myself to find out.

Being a professional pilot, I was used to reading what we call “Flight Manuals”. These are books made by the manufacturer of the aircraft in question and show you to operate these jet aircraft, and they tell you what the aircraft can and cannot do in the air or on take-off and landing.

You read the manual, you adhere to the manual, and it says what it says. If you depart to far from what it says, a crash may result and lots of people may die.

In other words, the CREATOR of the AIRCRAFT knew that aircraft inside and out, and the FLIGHT MANUAL was their message to the flight crews on how to operate that aircraft.

So, it dawned upon me early to think of the Bible, not as a religious book at all, but rather, could it be a message from the Creator, who manufactured us, and therefore knew us inside and out? Was that possible? So, taking this approach to the Good Book, I began my search:

The LORD draws nigh unto them that CALL UPON HIM IN TRUTH. Those that call upon Him IN TRUTH are those that OBEY HIM, and DO AS HE COMMANDS?

I was to find out that this was a key element for my “unease” and “restlessness”. But what did it mean to call upon Him in truth? We all innately know that something is not exactly right here, either with us personally or with humanity as a whole unit. We are all wounded in some unknown manner and only feel wonderful and really great once in a while. And we KNOW we are “alone”.

I knew there was just too much fighting here, too much trouble, to many lies, deceptions, wars and all the rest. I could not believe or accept this was “normal”. Something was wrong, but I knew not what.

There was more, much more than I was being told by “Churchianity[R1] ”. It was becoming clear this was an individual call to FIND THE ACTUAL TRUTH behind everything there was, is now or ever will be. Modern Christianity is nothing but traditions of men and has little to do with the actual facts as they are laid out in Scripture.

Mark 7:5-9

Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashen hands?

He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

So here it was, and it answered many a question – rituals, teachings of men and their concepts to explain what they know not, soon turn into traditions, and traditions become their truths, and thus,  they pay no attention to the Words of Scripture! Perhaps here was the answer to what the Bible meant by IN TRUTH SEARCHING OUT THE ANSWERS.

I then discovered that all the religions of the world worship and believe in THEIR God, but COULD IT BE “NOT IN TRUTH”, but rather simply embracing someone else’s concepts of “truth”?

To call upon the name of the LORD IN TRUTH was an enigma. How do I do that?

Further, how do you search for something that is totally invisible?  I pondered that question for a long time. If there was a real truth out there, and the Good Book called it “The Lord”, then obviously there was a right way and a WRONG WAY to search out that issue.

These doubts I was having were beginning to grow, and the more I tried to HAVE FAITH, the more the doubts grew. I tried all sorts of POSITIVE THINKING ROUTINES to curb these doubts and fears, but it was to no avail.

I even took what a church pastor said was a salvation SELF TEST administered by a well-known study church and passed it with flying colors.

The doubts grew worse over several years of time. They made me feel restless, unsure, and uneasy. I knew something was not right, that something was missing, but I did not know what it was. I did not realize at the time it was a call from the Holy Spirit.

Photographs have now been taken of some form of ethereal entity leaving the body when one dies. Arguments continue if it is the soul or spirit life force leaving.

The fact that it is leaving and has been videotaped and photographed should give everyone pause. LIFE IS NOT WHAT IS APPEARS. LIFE IS FAR DEEPER THAN ANYONE CAN IMAGINE. There is a very real invisible component to us, and it leaves when we die. What is it? Is that the REAL PERSON, THE ETERNAL SPIRIT or what?

And where did this spirit or soul go to? Was there really a hell and as in the movie Ghost, bad people went down, and good people went up? Was it possible? In the Moslem world, they call these “spirits” or ghost type entities “Jinn”. In the Christian world, they are called demons, “Fallen Ones” or “Angels”.

In the world of the so-called “aliens” and the UFO mystery, humanity is called “containers”, and the so-called “aliens” are very interested in what our containers “contain”. They have to be speaking of the ethereal soul and spirit connection. Why all of their interest?

Were there such things as demons? Evil spirits? We call them “paranormal” intrusions. Is it possible that our planet, and humanity upon it, is actually the real “paranormal” and that the “NORMAL” is not here? That our side of this multiverse is a REAL HONEST ANOMALY?

The Good Book says that our entire Universe is upheld and run by the “INVISIBLE” WORLD, and if that is true, then THAT SIDE is the normal, and we are the ABNORMAL!!

A man was having much trouble at night when asleep, and as in the movie “Paranormal”, he decided to video tape himself at night to see if anything would show up. It did. Just before he woke up, a very large ethereal entity came out of his body, hovered over him and then vanished. What was it?

Where there such things that we call paranormal entities and things that go bump in the night? Are there such things as fallen creatures, evil spirits, and if there are, what did they fall from? And what about extraterrestrials? Aliens? UFOs? Are they entities from other planets or are they inter-dimensional creatures of some sort?

What was all of this really about? What were they? Further where did they come from? What do they want? Are they here to help us or are they liars and a great deception is being laid down by them to trap us all?

Millions of people the world over, and throughout all of recorded history, have seen many entities or creatures that cannot be explained. There are too many sightings to just push them aside. To do so would be calling millions of people liars.

There had to be answers. Why was humanity in such spiritual chaos? Why were there so many religions, and each of them claiming to be the truth, when they openly contradicted each other!! Do we have a schizophrenic God? If so, why bother to either worship or believe in such a god?

Good questions that everyone should ask. It seemed to me that if God really was, He must have taken a vacation and gone on to other places, leaving mankind to fend for itself. Millions of people really do believe that, you know.

Questions. Questions with seemingly NO ANSWERS. Or were there? Maybe humanity was and is looking in the wrong place. Maybe the answers were not “out there” or found in inner space, but rather, by searching it out “within our own minds, hearts and souls.

Perhaps the answer really was within OURSELVES, and it was not religion, theology, “isms”, or philosophy at all, but the clue was found in how humanity itself is constructed. And perhaps the real clues were found in the ancient patterns or blueprints of the Temple of ancient Israel. With its outer court, inner court and Holy Place?

Were we constructed in the same manner? That is, was this Temple a reflection of how our conscious, unconscious and inner unknown heart actually work? 





The Matrix Lockdown

You Are In A Prison

A New Series From My Book


As usual, I challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here.

Early Questions, No AnswersWhat Is Truth?

You must first find the real questions to ask before you will get the real answers! Many people have asked about my personal life, so I thought it would help them if I wrote about it.

When I was very young, about six or so, my parents, who were basically agnostics, allowed me to attend a small church in the village down in the valley from where I lived on a farm on the mountain.  Vermont was a beautiful state, and still is, largely unspoiled by what is termed “progress”.

One day when I was walking home from that small church, I was spoken to, and the voice impressed upon me that the book in my hands was the most valuable book in the entire world, and that it contained the truth of all that there was.

I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY, or the exact location on that mountain road where I was when that voice spoke to me concerning that “book” I had in my hand called the Bible – that which I now call the “GOOD BOOK”.

I also knew and had a distinct memory of being sent here. I remember (and don’t ask me how, because I have no clue).

Where I came from, I now know. Why I was sent, I also now know.  We have all been “sent” here. As to who or what sends us is found in the pages of the GOOD BOOK. We are all sent, and we are here for a purpose.

Like most people who grew up in the forties, fifties and sixties, I soon put the Good Book on the shelf for it to collect dust, and I went out into the world to seek my fortune.

I grew up in Vermont and began flying aircraft when I was 16 years of age. I quickly progressed to obtain my private, commercial, instructor, multi-engine, Airline Transport and seaplane ratings. By the time I was 20, I was running a fixed base aviation company in Burlington, Vermont.

I flew all sorts of aircraft and charter trips, building time and experience. Soon I moved into corporate flying and stayed in corporate flying for the rest of my flying career, which was over 25 years in length.

I flew as captain in the most sophisticated jets that money could buy. It was an exciting life and led me to explore many areas of the US, Canada, and Mexico that I would have never seen otherwise.

During my flying career, I ran into many and assorted characters of interest that only exist in the big business world, the very rich and my fellow pilots. When you are aloft, and especially at night, you begin to think about things, and see things few will ever see or even know about.

It was during my flying career that I witnessed strange objects in the skies, that which we call UFO’s. Now the world sightings are so numerous and global that they are seen every day. That’s another story.

It was during the time of my flying career that I was called INTO and then OUT OF what we commonly call Christianity or the “Church” of today many years ago.

The Creator put the real hard call upon me in the seventies. I had read a book entitled “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey and I found it very interesting because I was always interested in what the future might bring. This was my introduction into what we call “Christianity”.

I later found out most of it, but not all of it, was a hoax, but at the time, it sounded plausible. It was soon after while I was watching a television program put on by Rex Humbard, who was at that time one of the larger Christian TV Evangelists. He had a program about Bible prophecy, and it at the end of it, he invited anyone who wanted to, should call upon the name of the Lord and invite Jesus into their heart to do so.

So, I knelt in front of the TV set and did exactly that, as Rex led us in prayer. Rex assured everyone that had done that in truth and in sincerity that their names were written in the LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE, and that they were in fact HEAVEN BOUND.

He told us we were now the Lord’s and that we should now find a Bible believing church nearby, much like Billy Graham did. I accepted as truth what was being told to me and did not give it much thought.

I now know that I underwent what is called a CONVERSION in Christian theology, and that these evangelists, preachers and teachers of Christendom are CONVERSIONARY EXPERTS, and in fact, they use principles of psychological mind control and mass manipulation techniques to get people to make a decision “for Christ”.

I found out later that it was what Jesus Christ called BROAD WAY THEOLOGY, and not STRAIT GATE THEOLOGY. That is another story. My conversion led to changes in my life, as it does for multitudes of people, but I found out soon enough that there was much more to this mystery than met the eye.

My life began to change, and I began to seek out other like-minded Christians as I studied the Word of the Lord and began to grow in knowledge and in faith. The world slowly lost its grip upon me as I began a long, long journey through the night.

Doubt began to come upon me however, as to my true state before the Lord as to my being secure, safe and what the Church called, “BORN AGAIN”.

I would voice these doubts and be assured by the preacher boys that it was just an unbelief attack, and that we are saved BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH, and that as long as I had been sincere, and had the evidences of REGENERATION or REBIRTH, I was in fact SAFE.

I should cast off these doubts and simply BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH IN THE WORDS OF THE SCRIPTURE, which I had claimed as the basis of my salvation.

However, if one would really read the Scriptures for what they REALLY SAY, one would find out how distorted modern Christian theology has become.

What I was being told was, as I found out later, POSITIVE THINKING, a type of self – hypnosis, but deep within I knew something was not right as I was always searching, always looking, always questioning everything and nothing seem to fit.

Like most people, I guess, we search out and latch onto something that appears to be truthful to us, so we embrace it, and it makes us feel comfortable and “secure”. Once we have decided it is “true for us”, we embrace it and it becomes “our truth”.

In other words, we like being in our own self-established comfort zone, and we do not like that zone to be challenged. I later found out that our so-called comfort zone is usually a very unsafe and dangerous place to be.

I began to question the “Good Book” and wanted to search out the entire matter for myself. This was the beginning of an adventure into the most “uncomfortable zone” imaginable. But it was likewise one of the greatest adventures one could ever take and the reward beyond all other things!!

The Scriptures, I was told by the preacher boys, that is, the preachers, teachers and evangelists, said that ANYONE WHO SINCERELY BELIEVED IN JESUS CHRIST WAS SAVED, I was therefore SAVED. I was further told that it was NON-EXPERIENTIAL, and that it was all done by a simple act of faith and belief.

In other words, I was to believe the Bible verses that they pointed out and not question anything whatsoever. They all said I simply lacked faith, lacked true belief. However, I was not at all sure of what I was supposed to be saved FROM. And why did I need to be saved at all? Saved from WHAT? What was this Hell? Was it really real, or just some sort of “fear mongering” to keep people in line, sort of like the IRS does around tax time?

This gets back into the foundation of humanity and a possible “glitch” that brought us into another timeline, a timeline that brought us into the prison we appear to be in. That is, are we living in what is supposed to a “normal” existence, with all of its trials and tribulations, or is this existence an “anomaly”, and abnormal? That really is the biggest question anyone can ask.

Perhaps, I thought, this might be a “school” of some sort, like kindergarten 101, a test to see who would or would not figure this thing we call “life” out. A dangerous school at that if one flunked out.

You have to understand that Christianity as it is known today is actually no different than any other religious concept out there insofar as the BELIEF and HAVE FAITH concept. All the religions ask you to “believe in them”, that is, believe in their rituals, tenants, teachings, doctrines or whatever. And they all tell you to embrace it without question.

Islam has Mohamed as its central figure, and so it goes.  I soon learned it was not so much the figurehead, but much rather the message brought that had to be thoroughly examined and tested before one could truly embrace the figurehead. Further, most founders of the religions are now buried and turned into dust. Only one was not, or at least that was the claim. Could it be true?

But I was not even sure of anything at this point, even though I knew that someone, or something, had sent me here for something I knew not. By this time I was in my late thirties.

I did not know if there was a heaven or a hell. I knew about them, because almost everyone has heard about them, but few people actually believe in them, as they are some nebulous place “out there” if they existed at all.

But I did remember the voice that told me when I a child, that the Good Book was a very important Book, a Book of truth even if it looked like foolish old wives’ tales and mythology or some stupid ancient blood thirsty religion.

Somehow, I knew that humanity was missing the point of it all, but what was the point they were missing?” And could I find it, even if almost all others had failed? I decided not only I could, but I would, come hell or high water!

As I began to read again from the Good Book once again, I had never seen this bit of Scripture:

Psalm 145:17-20

The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works. [18] The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him
in truth. [19] He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them. [20] The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.

CALLING UPON THE LORD IN TRUTH? WHAT DID THAT MEAN? That means one can all upon the Lord, but not necessarily IN TRUTH. WOW!!  


Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 10-16-2020 – DARKNESS IN THE MATRIX

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 10-16-2020 – DARKNESS IN THE MATRIX

Tonight On Night Shadows 10-16-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump, NWO, Earth Changes, Virus, Second Wave, Lockdowns, Chaos, Revolution, Wars & More…

The Night Shadows are increasing rapidly as the communist United Nations coup goes into high gear, with fear and panic about a second deadly wave coming, for they know it is now or never, and the masses of the people are slowly becoming aware of the pandemic scam, and more and more legal resistance and suits are being filed against the leaders of the world and what they have done to their own people. Then we have warnings of a crustal shift, earthquake and volcanic activity, inbound fireballs, and more signs for the arrival of our “alien friends” who come to save us from war and mega earth changes. Then we have wars and more wars as the demons within humanity begin to surface to kill off mankind so their boss, Satan, can retake the planet for his own and more…


To Believe Or Not To Believe – That Is The Question

To Believe Or Not To Believe – That Is The Question

The Matrix Lockdown

You Are In A Prison

A New Series From My Book


As usual, I challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here.

There are thousands of ancient books, each one giving their take on what life or death is all about. Is it real, or a bad dream? Are we in some sort of computer hologram? If so, should we not ask who made it?

Is there a “God” out there? Some creator of all of this, or as scientist Stephen Hawking once postulated, it all is by accident, but he has, since then, changed his mind and has confessed that the Universe is to complex, to intricately woven together to be an accident, and that it raises “religious questions”. Indeed.

In the movie “Knowing” the lead is played by Nicholas Cage, a professor at MIT, and he asked his students if the Universe is just a random event, with no real plan or agenda behind it, or is there a possibility that things are not at all random, there is some unknown design to all of it?

Cage then asks his students as to why the Earth is at just the right distance from the Sun that life came into being, and why his students are there at all?

Why is the moon at the perfect distance to allow life on Earth? Science tells us that if the moon was not there, no life could exist here at all!  And why is the size of it just right to give us a perfect solar eclipse?  

These are questions that most people never ask, let along find an answer to them. Why is that? Are they convinced there are no answers, and thus it is a waste of time to even ask? Is it an unknown unknown? Or are they so involved in their lives they feel they have no time to ask such “trivial” questions?

 When very young, even as toddlers, we are full of questions, full of discovery, forever building our bias, our convictions, ever learning about the world we just came into. But if we just came into it, where were we before that event?

This question, seldom asked, unlocks many answers if we would but stop to think, to consider, to ponder upon. Did we just arrive from nothing, sort of like the Big Bang? Or did we and the entire universe come from another unseen dimension?

And if it did, as now even Stephen Hawking admits, the Universe is far too complex and intricate to be happenstance, so SOMEONE of huge intelligence built it, and if someone built it, what for?

Here is what Hawking, a world-renowned scientist says:

“The odds against a universe like ours emerging out of something like a big bang are enormous….I think there are religious implications whenever you start to discuss the origins of the universe.”

Albert Einstein said that God does not roll the dice”. This did not happen by chance. So even though we know the Universe is expanding, or at least we think it is, and we know that is seems to have come into existence from a pinpoint of light from someplace else, what and where is this someplace else? Hawking then says all of this has a “religious” connotation to it. But what if it has little if anything to do with what we call the religions of the world? 

What if our so-called “religions” are just attempts to explain in some way, the Creator of it all – the brains of “God”, as it were? Native American Elder Red Elk said we are living in a “dream of God”.

However, a creation so complicated, so inner woven, so intricate seems to imply a CREATOR, and then we have to ask, who or what is he, she or it? What’s the PLAN? What’s the Agenda, why create it in the first place? What role do you or I have within this massive multiverse that science says exists beyond our own Universe?

While it may seem there are no real answers, and so why ask? I am here to tell you that there ARE ANSWERS, you just have to know where to look for them and you must have an intense desire to FIND THEM.  And when you find them, you will have the real true meaning of your life – the what, why, and how of your true purpose here.

The real truth behind all of life is hidden away, a mystery, an enigma, but also in plain sight, right under our noses. The truth is so simple, so profound and so OBVIOUS once you see it, once that LIGHT COMES, you will stand in awe at its simplicity, at its beauty, at its awesome power and splendor.

You are not here by accident. No one is. You are here on Earth and you play a very important role on Earth even if you are totally unaware of it. But it is hidden from you and you must learn to search it out.

And when you find it, as I did, and anyone can who wants to, all the questions you have ever had will be answered in an instant of time. Then you will possess the most precious secret of the Universe and the secret of eternal life. You won’t have to wonder anymore, you will know.

When you see the other side, it all becomes clear. There are keys to help you find the real truth and answers, so profound that it puts to rest all the questions of humanity when you find it. Seldom is it that people find it, more seldom to speak of it for fear of ridicule and mocking.

The story I am about to tell you is true, and more real than life itself.  There is one more important thing you should understand as you read this book.

I am not a religious person. I never was, am not now, and never will be.  You have an inner light. Every human being is born with a “gateway”, an inner dimensional portal that opens the door to all truth. We are all a “temple”, and we are designed in the same manner as the Israelite  “Temple in the Wilderness”, which I will get into a little later. The answer is found there.

It is not New Age. It is not even mysticism in reality. It is not anything you think it is. In reality, it has nothing to do with the religions, philosophies and isms we all know today. It bypasses all of them, lifts you up and over all of it, and opens a vista so wide and so broad you will not believe it when it is revealed to you.

Jesus Christ, one of the most mysterious and enigmatic figures in all of history, said that “The Kingdom of God is within you.” It is, but not in the way you might think it is.  It is hidden, but it is there, and it is the most mysterious and profound secret of the Universe.

Did Jesus Christ bring a new “religion” with Him, that today we call Christianity, or did He bring a message that actually DESTROYS almost all religious concepts that we know? The answer will stun you.

Within each of us is a portal, a gateway to another dimension. It was built into everyone born of this planet by the Creator.  It is shut and one cannot open it alone. There is a protocol, if you will, a set of instructions found only in ONE ANCIENT BOOK, that unlocks the method of opening it. There is only ONE KEY given to unlock it. If not unlocked, it remains forever shut.

The vast number of souls never open it, never come to understand all of the questions we all have. If we would but follow the instructions, the code, if you will, you will not only unlock it, you will open a door to something totally unbelievable, and in an instant of time, you will have all your answers. You will know and understand why you are here, and the greatest mysteries of all time will be answered.

So, what if the world we live in is not as it was supposed to be? What if the life we have here on Earth is in reality an anomaly, an error or glitch that occurred long, long ago, and when this glitch occurred, humanity entered into another existence, not the one intended, but a timeline glitch, a spurious branch that has lead us all to where we are now, as in Back to the Future II, with Biff the ruler of the Kingdom?

What if this existence here is not at all what it appears? What if everything we see, hear, touch, feel, and smell is not what the Creator of it all really wanted? What if this “holographic” game we call life is just that, some form of a game?

What if, in this game we call life, that the object is not to play the game of life, but rather to extricate oneself out of it? And what if the actual intent of this game is to search out who made it? What then?

And what if we really are prisoners held fast in this evil matrix, and there really is a way out? A way given to us by our Creator, a way brought here by the world’s most enigmatic person of all history, one who is innately hated for no reason at all, another clue to the validity of the message brought…


Best’s Intel Update For 10-14-2020 – Matrix Mayhem Building Towards Destruction

Night Shadows Radio 10-14-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

CERN, Portals, Pole Shift, Earthquakes, Magma Rising, Wars, Threats Of War & More…

CERN, as we all know, is very occultist and is now going to run experiments using the highest powers ever used  in an effort to open portals beginning October 22, an 11:11. Pope calls for United Nations to rule the world, introducing us to the elite plans to bring the UN up to full global power. Tomorrow brings a huge exercise  for major earthquake drill that appears to be centered on the New Madrid fault zone, where major hot spots have been developed via the use of high tech weapons, and the same appears for California wild fires, as photographs show some for laser, microwave or particle beam weapons are being used to ignite the fires. Reports of new audios and documents that show Obama. Clinton, Biden and others were involved in high treason beginning to surface and more…


The Matrix Lockdown – You Are In A Prison

The Matrix Lockdown

You Are In A Prison

A New Series From My Book


As usual, I challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here.

Chapter One

Questions and More Questions

Everyone born on planet Earth is born into a Prison Frequency Matrix. We are all plugged into this invisible matrix and are trapped in both time and space. We are born, live and die in this physical time-space continuum, which is a prison matrix. No one gets out of here alive.

This veil, or wall is totally invisible and an unknown to humanity, which is why we keep looking through microscopes, telescopes, and now have particle accelerators like CERN, always probing, always looking for the answers.

On a subconscious level, we all want to know what “lies beyond”, beyond the veil of death, on the “other side”, hence the popularity of movies and TV programs dealing in that subject, along with all the scientific probes attempting to find all the answers to our existence.

Philosophers, theologians and those that invent all of our isms of governmental forms that they force on their unlucky victims all have concepts and ideas about this GAME called LIFE.

Thus, we have huge libraries of millions of books as those given to the pen and ink attempt to tell us their thoughts and visions of what everything is about.

Everyone has a yearning in their heart of hearts to find, a place they call “home”. It is an inner place of total tranquility, a place of rest, of knowing you are loved. We wish to seek beyond quieting the noises of life and seem to be always seeking refuge in this inner place. However, we never seem to quite find it, and this “retreat” constantly evades us.

It is of course, the greatest mystery in this world, hence the thousands of “ways” we are given to find our utopia. Scientists search the heavens, peek into their microscopes and dig deep into inner space to unlock this greatest of mysteries. Perhaps they are looking in the wrong place. A mirror to see oneself is a good place to start.

What is life? Why are we here? What are we anyway? Are we alone? Is the Universe teeming with life or are we just adrift in a huge cosmic ocean?

So, we fill our lives with work and hard play. We make wars, we kill, torture and maim, and say it is OK because we need to defend ourselves and obtain “information” from our “enemies”. We gather ourselves together as tribes, and nations, and different tongues.

We give power over to the various forms of government and spend huge fortunes on weapons of war. Instead of love, we find hate, evil, unrest and violence. Could it be that something is wrong, and that we are born into an EVIL MATRIX of some type?

Could it be that there really is a place of peace, love and harmony, a place of rest and total safety, free from all the fears and tears of this Earth? Perhaps a higher frequency realm wherein there is only peace, joy and love.

Is it possible that there is a place where there is no pain, no suffering, no want and a place we are both loved and accepted for who and what we really are?

Could it be that the time-space continuum is actually a PRISON of some sort, a containment mechanism, like steel bars because of a huge GLITCH, A HUGE ANOMALY, and that it was not supposed to be that way at all?

Could it be that as we look around us, watch our TV News, read our local papers and we see thefts, murder, rapes, and every evil you can dream up is not at all what it was supposed to be? That something went wrong long ago?

As we watch the hatred and divisions between political parties, religions, “isms” and all of that, should we not begin to wonder the WHY of it all?

Could it be that our so-called “normal” existence here is not at all normal but a severe anomaly and there REALLY is way out of this evil matrix we all are born, live and die in? If so, how?

Could it be that there is far more to these questions than we could ever imagine, and that the writings of the ancients are in reality WARNINGS that humanity is in deep trouble, under a quarantine of some sort, and that is why there appears to be no answers to any of this? 

The more humanity explores their existence, the more questions they have. Is that not a form of proof that things are in fact being hidden from us?

As we dig ever deeper into inner and outer space, there appears to be nothing but silence out there. The cold winds of aloneness blow into our faces, so we escape with sports, television, movies, made up religions, philosophies and isms, and we are always in motion, searching but not ever knowing what we are searching for!  

Everyone also knows that something is not quite right within us, a sort of disquieting. We could call it restlessness, a vague tug of the spirit.  But what is it? Further, why is it there in the first place?

Who or what made this place we call Earth, if anyone, and further the stars and galaxies that extend for ever and ever? Anyone? No one? Just an accident in time, perhaps. Or maybe not…

If there is a Creator “out there” somewhere, and could we have been cut off from Him, It, or What?  Could we have within, some unconscious desire to find this place we all seek?

The Holy Bible, an interesting ancient book, and one that has stirred more controversy that any other book on Earth, makes a very interesting comment in the Book of Job. In paraphrase it says that there is NO WISDOM, and NO UNDERSTANDING in the land of the living, but both death and hell have heard of both.

Here it is, and we need to read it carefully:

12 But where shall wisdom be found? and where is the place of understanding?

13 Man knoweth not the price thereof; neither is it found in the land of the living.

14 The depth saith, It is not in me: and the sea saith, It is not with me.

15 It cannot be gotten for gold, neither shall silver be weighed for the price thereof.

16 It cannot be valued with the gold of Ophir, with the precious onyx, or the sapphire.

17 The gold and the crystal cannot equal it: and the exchange of it shall not be for jewels of fine gold.

18 No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price of wisdom is above rubies.

19 The topaz of Ethiopia shall not equal it, neither shall it be valued with pure gold.

20 Whence then cometh wisdom? and where is the place of understanding?

2Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living, and kept close from the fowls of the air.

22 Destruction and death say, We have heard the fame thereof with our ears.

23 God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof.

Several concepts are bound up here, and they should make us think carefully. It does not matter if you believe the Bible or not, for it may be giving us the clues we need.

First, the land of the living IS OUR EARTH and the people who live upon it. This comment says flatly there is neither REAL wisdom nor REAL understanding here.

Do we really understand what this is saying? This ancient document is telling us that all of the books, all of our huge libraries, all of our scientific knowledge, all of our explorations and understandings HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND LIFE?

Now this is not to say that all of our accumulated knowledge and understanding is wrong here on EARTH, but this implies there is ANOTHER PLACE, ANOTHER DIMENSION where the REAL WISDOM AND REAL UNDERSTANDING OF OUR EXISTENCE RESIDES. This is where the REAL TRUTH resides.

It is BEYOND US, A place that our minds are veiled from in some manner – it is beyond our minds capacity to comprehend it. Or is it? Is this the place we might call home? A place of peace, love, quiet? Consider it carefully.

Is that a clue, is that a statement that we find the REAL TRUTH when we die? When we pass through that PORTAL OF DEATH into another dimension do we find the TRUTH? That indeed we do live in an EVIL MATRIX, we are all PRISONERS OF A HUGE AND GIGANTIC BATTLE for the souls and minds of humanity?  Is it possible?

Is this a real STAR WARS? Is this is REAL SPIRIT WAR?

Jesus Christ made an interesting comment that is often overlooked as to its real meaning, and it concerned itself with a young man who had just lost his father and wanted to go to the funeral services. Jesus retorted something that would be extremely offensive today when He said, in paraphrase, “let the dead bury their own dead, come and follow me…”

He also said that humanity does not know what awaits them when they die, and that they are blind to what is really going on here within the Matrix.

Have you ever asked why there are murders, rapes, wars, corruption, lies, deceptions, even torturing our fellow man throughout the world? Or trouble within our minds? We call those troubles within “issues” today. Everyone has “issues”. Why do we not find harmony, true peace, true love and acceptance? Is there something wrong within?

We may not want to admit it, but if we look around, as we look back at our own lives, and the troubles and tribulations we have all gone through, along with the aloneness of it all, could we not admit that something is wrong?

Are we really alone? Is there life somewhere out there in the stars? Are we just stardust? Adrift in the cosmos with no place home?

Are we all strangers in an “Unknown Country”? Are we just travelers through time and space, lonely sojourners, as it were? A long, long journey through the night not knowing our final destination, hoping of course there may be a heaven for us somewhere? But if there is a heaven, then why not a hell?

So, we feel our way along the curvy uneven roads of life, never sure, always wondering, and never quite understanding what life is all about. Of asking why are we here? What is this all about? Are there any real answers? Does all of this always end up with even more questions than answers? In science is appears to, for the deeper the search, the more questions they have. They are looking in the wrong place.

As stated previously, science peers through gigantic telescopes, optical, infrared, and other seeking to unlock the mysteries of the Universe but finding more questions than answers.

The Vatican has its own observatories, peering deep into the heavens looking for something, looking for answers from a religious point of view or waiting for an arrival of something or someone.

Then we have scientists unlocking the secrets of DNA, the protocols of life itself, and CERN, unlocking the secrets of inner space, the deep secrets of the “God Particle” as they have called it.

Ancient books speak of all of this, and of dire catastrophic events that wiped out ancient civilizations, saying another one is right around the corner.

Thousands of ancient books, each one giving their take on what life or death is all about. Is it real, or a bad dream? Are we in some sort of computer hologram? If so, should we not ask who made it?

Is there a “God” out there? Some creator of all of this, or as the late scientist Stephen Hawking once postulated, it all is by accident, but he has, since then, changed his mind and has confessed that the Universe is to complex, to intricately woven together to be an accident, and that it raises “religious questions”. Indeed.

The answers are there – all of them. Ultimate truth can be found. You just have to want to search them out bad enough. Most do not. Most want to stay in the prison house, not realizing their true destination…


And so it goes…

Finding Home –

A New Series From My Book


As usual, challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here.

Who Am I, What Am I, Why Am I Here, And What Is Truth?


What you are about to read is a truthful account of a long, long journey, an UNKNOWN JOURNEY to an UNKNOWN COUNTRY, that I undertook that lead me through the darkest of night to the brilliant light of TRUTH. From life as we all know it, to the pits of death and hell, and being rescued from it and taken to another dimension. A dimension beyond human understanding, a dimension far beyond the mind of man, a dimension that has to be revealed to the searching one by the Creator Himself. Not the truth of our human intellects, but rather the ultimate TRUTH behind the entire Universe we live in.

Not a truth we can grasp with our natural minds, for it is far beyond, far above our natural “carnal” minds we have inherited, but rather a truth very difficult to explain, but one that, when revealed, bring the beholder out of this world into another – a world that is hidden and veiled from us. A world so beautiful and wonderful no words can describe it.

There is another world out there, a world far beyond any of us could imagine. It resides in another dimension, unseen, hidden or veiled and unknown to humanity, although they have an inkling it does exist. Most would call it “heaven”.

Near death experiences have revealed another dimension is there, but are these experiences actually true or are they a deception or delusion of some type? Is the brain hardwired in such a way that these experiences are there just to make a death into oblivion more pleasant?

If we could pierce this veil of separation, a veil that divides us from this other spiritual dimension, then we could lay hold of the real truth of it,  not as something you just believe, or have faith in, but rather one that IS REVEALED TO US by the Creator of all of this.

Is there a Creator, or are we just an accident of chance, a product of some evolutionary “chance event”?

When the veil is opened and shown to us, all the questions we have ever had, have now or ever will have, will be answered in a small moment, a secret so profound, so deep that only the Creator can reveal it!

And when that moment comes, you will understand what LIFE HERE is all about, and you will then look at the world in a totally different way, and rise high above all the hubbub of religion, politics, theologies, philosophies, isms and sail the waves of the spirit.

It becomes apparent that anyone who REALLY WANTS TO FIND THE TRUTH they can and will – but if it just a half-hearted attempt, nothing will be revealed.

Why this is so, I have no clue. It is what it is.

Stewart C. Best

Stay tuned – more to follow – if you dare search the matter out!!


Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 10-9-2020 – More Madness In the Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows 10-9-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

China, Invasions, Babylon Down, Revolution, Nanobots, 2nd Wave, Russia, Trump and More…

As the election nears, more and more warnings are coming out of unrest, possible revolution no matter who wins, Deep State people never indicted, more proofs of criminal and treasonous acts don’t matter. China ramps up troops in Canada, invasion USA coming, second lockdown in the works, false tests and more lies. More and more doctors coming out saying CV a hoax and being used to bring draconian lockdowns and total control. International group of lawyers filing suit against fake tests, earth changes growing, arrival of “aliens” drawing near and more…