Best & Taylor News Hour For 4-19-2019 – Passover Moon, Signs, War & Wonders

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Best & Taylor News Hour For 4-19-2019 – Passover Moon, Signs, War & Wonders

Trump, 5G, Social Credits, Signs, Wars & Rumors Of War, Mueller & America Down



On tonight’s show we will be speaking of Bible Codes, SIGNS, Passover Days, Black Holes, Cosmic Waves, 5G and Surveillance and social credits, Mark of the Beast, North Korean dangers, Putin, Trump, Venezuela, China and more as we explore what is going on all around the world. From plasma balls to earthquakes and volcanic activity and more and more erratic weather, sun disease, the kill shot and prophetic dreams.






Best & Taylor Intel Update For 4-18-2019 – Black Holes, Portals, Fires and Wars


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

4-11, Black Holes, Portals, Passover, Fires, Pet Goat 2 and the Simpsons


Predictive programming abounds, as it certain people have been given the agenda of the elite, and thus know what is going to happen. Pet Goat II predicted the fire at Notre Dame and also the way the tower would fall. It fell exactly as shown, as ANTICHRIST on his boat sale out of his hidden tunnel in sight of the world. His eyes are full of fire and he has the symbol of antichrist on his forehead. Then we have the Simpsons, which have predicted real events well in advance, Then, we had the black hole photographs released on April 10th and that was clearly a SIGN among signs that are accelerating rapidly, showing us ANTICHRIST is about to show himself. The Mueller Report has been released and the deep left communist cannot wait to “get rid” of Trump so they can install their world leader and more. On Friday will go into all of this in depth.







Best & Taylor Intel Update – Urgent Warning

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT




Chem-Trails, Insectoids, Nanobots, Smart Dust, Black Goo and 5G

In one of the most diabolical plots ever against humanity, the light of the sun is now beginning to show us how the elite is going to cull the Earth per the Georgia Guidestones, with dangerous chemtrails, nanobots, carbon nanotubes, black goo, intelligence “insects” and how most of the human race is already infected with nanotechnology awaiting “activation” by 5G radiation waves. The Mark of the Beast system will play a major role in this activation process that locks down those who receive the Mark forever in the Matrix and will never escape it. Jesus Christ told us that you could not serve both God and Mammon, and you had to make a choice – the Mark System is the apex of the world’s mammon system…







Best & Taylor News Hour With Guest Stan Deyo – Descent Into Chaos

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

An Evening With Scientist Stan Deyo on World and Cosmic Events & Earth Changes



In what promises to be a most interesting broadcast, scientist Stan Deyo will join Stewart & Larry to discuss a host of events cropping up all over the world as we close in on the end of Israel’s 70th year – from the so-called “peace accord” to the rebuilding of the Temple, from a North Korean EMP attack to the 3 days of darkness! We will get the latest thinking of Stan on the rise of antichrist, the arrival and the rapture of the Church. I will be asking Stan about his thoughts on the arrest of Assange and the border problems, as well as Venezuela, Israel, North Korea, China and Russian threats and counter-threats and whatever Stan has on his heart to tell the Church!

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Best & Taylor Emergency Update – April 11th Heads Up


Pence Tells Venezuela Times Up, North Korea Emergency Meetings – War Now Close

When the Vice President of the United States tell Venezuela at a United Nations meeting that their time is up, that usually means an invasion is just around the corner. Then we have Kim in North Korea call a special “emergency meeting” that a strong response to the sanctions must be made. Then Putin warns that war is close at hand in the Ukraine and other areas. Bibi wins and Iran and Syria are on high alert and so it goes. Tomorrow night we will have scientist Stan Deyo with us to discuss all of this and much more…








Best & Taylor Intel Update For 4-8-2019 – The Psalm Two Wars

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Border, Venezuela, Israel, Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Mega Storms



The was drums are beating louder now as plans are being made to ignite World War Three upon an unsuspecting world by Global Deep State. The prophecies of the Bible for the last days within the Matrix are showing themselves so no one has any excuse at the end. Trump is changing the guard, but the border remains open for the most part, and “aliens” continue to flood across Babylon’s borders. Then we have both China and Russia continuing to pour in troops and weapons for Maduro. In Israel, Bibi promises to ignite more trouble by annexing the West Bank amid warnings from the Arab world that that might not fly well with them. Then we have China and the Kings of the East getting ready for war. It seems like world war is a reality but with a long fuse. On top of that, we have dire warnings of a coming LANDOCANE to hit the mid-west. already in trouble with massive flooding, but more on the way and so it goes…






Best & Taylor News Hour For 4-5-2019 – Glitches In The Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows at 7:00 PM CT

Israel, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Trump, Border, Russia and much more…


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The perfect scam continues, and the American people are not paying attention as the noose tightens around their freedom net. Lots of bluster, lots of talk but very little appears to be done along our border as more and more fifth column types enter our nation for the final takedown. Tomorrow is 4-6 and you may have a lot of glitches in the systems of phones and GPS as a type of year 2000 programming glitch is being warned about. Venezuela is importing both Russia and China troops, missiles and military equipment – that means in addition to Maduro’s own military, Cuban and quite likely Iranian and who know who else is down there. This is a staging place for the external enemies of America to launch their attack upon America. At the same time, Iran and Syria are telling Israel to get off the Golan Heights or WAR. Israel will not leave, so expect, as we roll into the 71st year of Israel’s modern life for things to go hot. Earth changes abound and the new hurricane season is forecast to be another one to watch and more…








Best & Taylor Intel Report For 4-1-2019 – Quiet Encirclement

On Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela Military Building, Israel Readies for War, Trump & The Border & Bible Codes



They say all is quiet on the Western Front, but it appears all of this so-called quiet is because MSM is not reporting the REAL NEWS, and as usual, the American people are not in the loop as to what is happening all around them. China, it is said is sending troops and military equipment into Venezuela along with Russia and Cuba, making it a communist stronghold just to our south. This will be worse than the Cuban crisis when war breaks out – because we cannot invade Venezuela without direct confrontation with two super powers. Will Trump do anything about the border or is it just bluster – because so far virtually NOTHING has been done to stop the 5th column invasion now underway with more to follow. Israel on the verge of war, Bibi needs to win the election and conflict might be a win-win for him and more…







Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-29-2019 – Omega Point Soon?

Night Shadows Tonight At 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela Plot, Israel’s War, Russia & China, Trump & The Left and More…

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The communist infiltration into all areas of government is now beginning to show itself openly. The Trump-Russia collusion will never die as the goal is to get rid of Trump and install the New World Order government and cause chaos. Israel says if Trump helps build the Temple, he will be their political messiah. The world is moving rapidly into its final seven final years and few are paying any attention. The diversions of the matrix are working in the hearts and minds of man and woman, keeping them oblivious to what is happening over the world as the digital matrix system and its social credits system tightens the noose. Extreme weather events all over the world as the Destroyer comes calling and more…





Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-22-2019 – Ill Winds Blow

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT


Trump, North Korea, Bible Codes, 3-21-2019, Venezuela, Ukraine, Israel & Golan



A Baby About To Be Born – Get Ready Church!

From 1-1-2019 To 4-11-2019 is 100 days – Children of the Promise

A few Jewish rabbi types felt that in some manner or other, that their “messiah” might be revealed on 3-21-2019. Bible codes suggested the same thing. But if one were watching closely, and I mean very closely, you may have noticed that a certain not only made world headlines, but Israel was very excited over Trumps announcement on Twitter that the Golan Heights belonged to Israel. Keeping in mind that Israel minted a coin that had both Cyrus and Trump on it, and in view of the Bible codes, is it possible that Israel will embrace Trump as their messiah? We all have to wait and see, but remember that Obama hated Israel, betrayed Israel a number of times, while Trump has supported Israel more than any other president in our history – and it was Trump that tweeted and Israel even used the words that indicate they think he is their political messiah – remember they are looking for as global political messiah, not a spiritual one.