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June 26, 2015

Well it seems like Google Sky decided to let people take a peek behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain and take a gander at what can only be described as a WINGED STAR. Here it is:


Now lots of folks were wondering why the sky was blanked out in the first place – was there anything there they did not want anyone to find, or was this just a slight of hand operation, a sort of trick to make people think that something was there when it wasn’t.

Sort of like those pictures of giants that get leaked, then some wise guy says he did it at some University as a trick of photo-shop artwork, it’s never real and always a fake. NASA artist impression:

There are some things we do know, and the Bible is the only real guide we have to take such information and compare it to the Good Book to see if there is any form of a match.
We know there is a DESTROYER. We find it in Isaiah and Revelation and it is hinted at elsewhere, and described in great detail in the Book of the Kolbrin, aka The Kolbrin Bible, a collection of ancient writings. We know from those ancient writings that this object comes and goes at various times, and there may be a number of “destroyers” in the sense that the apple cart we call world civilization is tipped over and all the apples are made into apple cider so mankind has to start over again.
We also know that Jesus Christ told us over and over that there are “ages” also known as periods of quiescence on planet Earth only to be interrupted on a grand scale by some intruder that has it out for us.
One of those intruders is known as “planet-X”, a merry little companion of our Sun’s twin star, for we live in a binary star system, with two suns revolving around each other.
Just as we have our solar system, so does the Destroyer have its own solar system, with planets, comets, asteroids and space rocks. It is now inbound, and many comments from our insane leaders have hinted at it from time to time, such as Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Insecurity when she said something big was coming upon America and we should get ready for big time change. Obama said almost the same thing.
Of course the hints of this inbound object come from watching what the elite are actually doing – such as building huge underground tunnels and cities, building the Norway “seed vault” and comments from insiders about some inbound object that could topple the Earth over in pole shift event.
Then of course we have Dr. Doom and his remote viewing team, the “bots” and their “sun Disease”, and “costal ocean events, all portents of some major “cosmic force” that suddenly raises havoc with our earth dwellers. Now Dr. Doom was quite specific, as Ed Dames usually is, that a large space body passes very close to Earth and starts a series of huge CME events that kill millions of people on Earth.
Now Jesus commended us to do certain things if we wanted to escape all of this. Very few pay any attention of course, for who did Jesus think He was anyway? What type of arrogance was that to order people around like that?
He also divided the human race into two categories. THE FEW and the MANY. The many He said were Earth Dwellers. The few, He said, if they prayed always to be found worthy to stand before Him, would escape all these things that were to come upon planet Earth.
OK so we could ask, escape from what? One might venture a guess that the DESTROYER, the STRONG DELUSION ARRIVAL and things of that nature? Who knows? Maybe from their DENIAL. Death would probably bring an end to their denial, for I doubt there is any denial tea down there in the pit, at least I have not heard of any.
So does this “revealing” of the Destroyer inbound with it grand wings mean a change of heart in the love of the elite towards all of us? Most likely not, inasmuch as they desire to terminate as many as possible via Jade Helm, collection centers and torture and death “re-education” camps.




Notice the fate of 1951. The elite have known all about this for a long, long time, confirming that Alternative Three is more valid and real than most realize.

I mean, why bother if we are all going to perish in one big grand slam home run of the Destroyer? The thinking of the elite is that this pass of the Destroyer is survivable for them underground or on the moon or Mars, but that when they re-emerge after the passage there might be too many people to fight off, so let’s set up our “depopulation” programs as etched in the Georgia Guide-Stones. This depopulation agenda is now coming out in the open what with the Pope’s folks saying the same thing, you know we gotta kill off at least 6 billion people. That’s you and me, folks, or me and you, depending upon who to the camps of joy goes first.
The elite know that as we progress through this transitional period leading to the NEW AGE that climate change and resulting weather pattern changes are going to cause severe disruptions to the food supplies, and that means that National Security issues become very real.
Starving populations would want to migrate to find food and who would stop them? That being the case, the elite must believe they need to kill off as many as possible so they don’t have to fight them off.
But there has to be an explanation for this sudden “revealing”. Nothing of that nature could happen by accident or the black blocking would have gone up again right away. A sort of “oops” moment at Google.
It may be that this revealing is tied directly to Jade Helm 15 operations, for now they know that soon everyone will see it in the heavens, and one interpretation of a crop circle indicate by November or maybe sooner people will see it.
Once the news is out and it is visible, then panic sets in, and the government loses control. So perhaps that is why Jade ,Helm starts in July and goes for two full months, ending September 15th, no one knows for sure.
But it is not the Destroyer itself that they may be worried about, but rather the bridal party that comes with it. The elite may know, for example, that a meteor storm is approaching us and we will be bombarded with “smart rocks” to coin a phrase of Larry Taylor’s, or perhaps one of the planets will make a close pass BEFORE the destroyer itself makes its final passing.
This passing small planet may be the object that the remote viewers saw that triggers the CME KILL SHOT of Dr. Doom, and it may be the same thing that Red Elk saw pass very close to Earth, so close that it sent shock waves out that caused mega destruction.
Remember the movie Armageddon, where a meteor storm took out the space shuttle and bombarded the Earth. Much of Hollywood’s releases are more prophetic than not, and it is the elite’s way of alerting those smart enough to figure it out that that something is indeed coming upon us. They already know it.
What is interesting about all of this is that pictures have emerged showing a winged object way back to 1951 and forward:


Now when we couple the odd behavior of governments around the world, which all appear to be preparing for something BIG, and now we are hearing that Jade Helm operations appear to be going global, then we could reasonably conclude that a great culling operation is soon going to go live, and the approach of the destroyer is directly connected to it in a way we may not ever find out.
If we look at Revelation 12:1 we find that star sign occurs on September 22/23rd 2017. We then can connect the passage of the two comets, Hale-Bopp and Hyakatake crossing over Satan’s head on two 4-11s one in 1996 and one in 1997. Inasmuch as 20 means We and found that Passover 2017 falls exactly on 4-11, 2017 as though God was pointing to that Passover as the crushing of Satan’s head by the work of Christ on the cross. Twenty years later is 2016-2017.

The number 20 means:

Twenty is twice ten and can, at times, mean a complete or perfect waiting period. It also means to be SET FREE.

So it appears that the number 20 ties directly to 2016/2017, which is interesting because of the years the Gentiles count and Israel counts are different. In other words, Israel will enter 2016 on Feast Of Trumpets, while we remain in 2015 until December 31!
While all of this is speculation, the appearance of the winged star, if real and not some planted artistic deal of Google Earth, IS NOT, sand it appears be on time because 2017 is also 120 years since the first Jewish Congress that laid the foundations for the Third Commonwealth of Israel. The Six Day War was in 1967, and that set Jerusalem FREE. It was a Jubilee Year from Allenby retaking Jerusalem from the Turks.
So now you do the counting. The next Jubilee would be 2017 when ISRAEL WILL BE SET FREE. So does that mean we should see some interesting things developing soon? You decide.
Here is what the Kolbrin says of the Destroyer:

“It raged across the heavens in the days of wrath, and this was its likeness: It was a billowing cloud of smoke enwrapped in a ruddy glow, not distinguishable in joint or limb. Its mouth was an abyss from which came flame, smoke and hot cinders.” – Manuscripts 3:2

“God caused a celestial dragon from out of the heavens to encompass her (the earth) about…the seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land.” – Creation 3:2

“The dragon was frightful to behold. It lashed its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a great catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. The body of the dragon was wreathed cold bright light and beneath, on the belly, was a ruddy hued glow, while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke. It spewed out cinders and hot stones and its breath was fowl and stenchful, poisoning the nostrils of men. The passage caused great thunderings and lightnings to rend the thick darkened sky, all heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful, shrilling trumpeting, which overpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.” – Creation 3:3

“Then came the day when all things became still and apprehensive, for God caused A SIGN to appear in the heavens, so that men should know the Earth would be afflicted, and the sign was a STRANGE STAR.” – CREATION 4:5


“The star grew and waxed to a great brightness and was awesome to behold. IT PUT FORTH HORNS and SANG, being unlike any other seen”.

“So men, seeing it, said among themselves, “Surely, this is God appearing in the heavens above us”. The star was not God, though it was directed by HIS DESIGN, but people had NOT WISDOM to understand.” Creation 4:6

“They of the first faith made sacrifices at most of the proper times, but instead of leaf crowns wore masks in the likeness of the sun and moon, believing them to be the rulers of omens. They worshipped in error. The malignant horned star and HER ESCORTS.” Origins 8:3

“When AGES PASS, certain laws operate upon the stars in the heavens. Their ways change; there is MOVEMENT AND RESTLESSNESS, THEY ARE NO LONGER CONSTANT AND A GREAT LIGHT APPEARS REDLY IN THE SKIES.”
“The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and WERE FORETOLD BY STRANGE OMENS IN THE SKIES. All men were silent and went about with pale faces.” Manuscripts 6:1

11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” – Like 21:11

“In those days men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the sea as fishes. Men will TALK PEACE with one another, hypocrisy and deceit shall have day. Women shall be as men and men as women, passion will be plaything of man.” Manuscript 3:7

Certainly all would agree that these signs are all present.

“Then men shall be ill at ease in their hearts, they shall seek they know not what, and uncertainty and doubt shall trouble them. They will possess great riches but be poor in spirit.” – Manuscripts 3:9

“Then will the heavens tremble and the Earth move, men will quake in fear and while TERROR WALKS WITH THEM (Terrorism), the HERALDS OF DOOM WILL APPEAR. They will come softly, as thieves to the tombs, MEN WILL NOT KNOW THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE, men will be deceived, the HOUR OF THE DESTROYER IS AT HAND.” Manuscripts 7:9

This is an interesting concept. THE SIGNS WILL ALL OCCUR but mankind will not understand or know what they mean. That means the leaders in the scientific community will not know what is happening or why it is happening. They will not accept the concept of catastrophic Earth changes, and will cling with all their hearts to uniform and gradual changes. The approach of the Destroyer is slow, gradual and silent. The huge gravitational field of this object, however, begin to be felt throughout the entire solar system. They have a strong influence on the Sun. The changes in the Sun are now being watched very carefully. But the world of science does not know what it means. The precursor ripples of the Destroyer will be long before it is seen in the heavens. They have been here for a long time now and those are accelerating rapidly. Only a few really understand what is coming upon this world.

So there we are. Life is a negative, so what’s your point? img108Do you know IF Jesus KNOWS YOU?

Lightgate Blogger

The End Game – It All Depends Upon Who Knows You

June 11, 2015

For the last 25 years or more I have warned the Church that the salvation gospel of modern Christianity is totally false, something that the Bible warned about over and over again, but it falls upon mostly deaf ears – having ears to hear, they cannot hear, and having eyes to see but cannot see.
On my last blog I brought forward a number of “announcements” of the Rich Men and what they intend to do that it staggers the mind so very few “get it” and the rest slumber on. Now while we cannot know exactly when Jade Helm will kick in and go live, we certainly know from Scripture that it will sooner or later. Jade Helm is in prophecy, such as Daniel, Jeremiah, Matthew, Revelation and so on – for this is the apex of the Psalm Two war, the end game as some call it. The signs are all here, we simply must wait and watch as this unfolds.
Eyes to see that cannot see, and ears to hear but cannot hear, a mouth to speak but does not protest even the demise of their own children. What is wrong with this picture? The Lord has said that He would pick people’s delusions, a horrible and horrific statement when one understands what they actually means. And that has to be what is going on in America – that is that the rank disobedience to the commands of the Lord has led Him to pick their delusions. So what are they?
1. I am totally saved and KNOW IT when I am not.
2. America IS NOT in Bible prophecy, nor is it even mentioned.
3. America is a Christian and Godly nation and therefore cannot see evil.
4. America could NEVER FALL because she is protected by the Lord. She is invincible and unbreakable.
5. The leaders and rulers of America are good and decent people who would never turn against their own citizens or harm them KNOWINGLY.
6. The leaders of our military forces would NEVER turn upon the people, round them up and either incarcerate or terminate them with extreme prejudice.
7. There are no such things as FEMA camps, they do not exist.
8. Homeland Security IS NOT anything like the German SS and has no evil intent within it.
9. The former Soviet Union is no longer a threat and America has no real enemies.

10. The economy in America is booming and sound and will be forever.
11. “There Is NO God” for the unbelieving masses.

So because people are under these delusions, and expect things to continue as they always have, then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION takes on a whole new meaning, does it not? “As a snare shall it come upon the whole Earth”.

So just curious, are you under any of the above delusions?

There is one delusion you do not want to be under, and that is that you know Jesus when you do not. The question is this: DOES JESUS KNOW YOU? Why do I ask that one? Because in Matthew Seven Jesus terminates the vast majority of His followers, (called the many), with a very terse “I NEVER knew you”.

Now they all thought they KNEW HIM, and in fact were doing all sorts of activities such as teaching about Him, casting our devils in His name, performing many wonderful works. etc. It was all for naught, it was all vanity.

So then it is not important as to whether or not You THINK you know Jesus, but rather IF HE KNOWS YOU. So then, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF HE KNOWS YOU? According to Scripture, only one in thousand of His people can give the correct answer!!

Jade Helm, The Destroyer, Deep Impact And The Great Culling

June 2, 2015

The elite, the rich men of the earth have openly published their intentions many, many times, even now have carved it into the rocks at the Georgia Guidestones, yet evidently people cannot believe it. It is like a fellow who comes up to you, announces he is going to kill you, gets out his revolver, loads it in front of you, points it at you, and all the while you are smiling because you don’t believe him. He pulls the trigger and you die.

Jade Helm is the gun being loaded in front of you. Keep that always in mind no matter what media, the military or government people tell you. The Bible warns us of a coming day of slaughter, of a culling of the herd, if you will. It takes great preparations to accomplish that, much of it in the open, so when people ask “what is going on at Wal-Mart?”, “Why are you putting razor wire on the roofs?” or “What are those portable prison things with bars in the windows for?” or “Why are there millions of coffins at FEMA Camps?” or “Why all of these temporary morgues?” There must be some sort of “cover story” and lies told  that sound credible and ones we want to believe, even if down deep we know they are not true.

This is what the Rich Men have done – they have announced their intentions to kill you many, many times. It is a very open and obvious conspiracy, told to us long ago in Psalm Two, hidden in plain sight, relying upon the masses total disbelief that their leaders would conspire again them. They announced it in the Protocols. They announced it in IRON MOUNTAIN. They announced it in Alternative Three. They announced it in Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. It was announced and carved in rock at the Georgia Guidestones.  If one examines the carvings on buildings in New York and Washington, and the Vatican closely, the mayhem was told us, along with the approach of the Destroyer. They announced all of their intentions at the International Airport in Denver, with their hideous wall murals. They went further, and announced their full intentions in State Department Document 7277. They told everyone in the United Nations Agenda 21 Report, and in the Man and Biosphere Report.

It was announced by Obama when he said he wanted an internal army just as powerful if not more so, than our standing military. It was announced when he said he would “change the world and America”. It was announced when Homeland Security bought millions of rounds of anti-personal ammunition banned by the Geneva accords. It was announced when all of our government alphabet agencies bought millions of rounds of ammo and assault weapons.

And so it is that Jade Helm, obviously totally satanic and just another announcement, with our military leaders telling the American people NOT TO WORRY, IT ALL MEANS NOTHING when their logo tells you all you need to know. You may remember that Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security told the American people that something was coming, a game changer sort of thing, and that Americans should prepare themselves for it. She declined to tell us what it was that was coming but resigned and faded into the woodwork. It was not like she had not warned us, it is just no one believed her.

Then of course we had 9-11, an obvious false flag, Oklahoma City,  Sandy Hook, Half-time Super Bowls, the Olympics, the movies, Homeland Security, fusion centers, The FBI’s Project Megiddo, congressional laws passed making America a war zone, NDAA 2015 so Obama can imprison anyone he wants, etc., and all of this is gearing up for “something big”, you know, laws that make the cold-blooded murders of millions of innocent men, women and children “legal” and “just” and “right”. After all, the Americans by and large  are useless eaters who need “culling” according to the elite, also announced.  All of these were open announcements of plans made public long ago.

Daniel the prophet told us all about the United Nations. It is hidden in plain sight. How it would rise up and usurp the constitutions of the nations and become Satan’s finest murder machine. The apex of the Psalm Two wars. The UN sits on 11 acres of cattle slaughter grounds. Deuteronomy tells us all about the rise of the RICH MEN, an open curse upon the American people. The Book of Revelations adds details, as does James. It is all in there, and none of this could happen if God’s own people were not in total denial and in almost total apostasy.

Then of course we have a planned economic collapse in the wings somewhere down the line. No one knows when of course, at least not yet. And let’s not forget EMP’s, gas or biological attacks, suitcase nukes and other “nice” events the rich men hide in their suitcases full of tricks.

It may be that a way to explain all of this is the approach of the DESTROYER and it attendant “wedding party”, you know its own solar system of planets, comets, asteroids, space rocks and various other damaging objects if we happen to get in the way.   I have to agree with those who think that ALL OF THIS is tied directly to the approaching objects and the almost total destruction of the Earth by the ancient “Planet Of The Crossing”, also known as Nemeses, The Destroyer, etc. It is inbound and the elite know it is, and they are doing everything they can to escape it. They also know that sooner or later the people will figure out what is really going on when the DESTROYER shows up in the night and day skies.

They are also expecting an arrival of aliens to help mankind through this coming disaster and of course the New Age have told us through channeling that those “aliens” will assist the elite in the culling operations as well.  Of course “they” are already here, giving us untold secrets to help the rulers escape and cull the rest of us poor slobs who are useless eaters who don’t deserve to take another breath. They do like our money though, is that a Martha Stewart good thing?

The elite also know that when the Destroyer get closer, and the Earth changes begin in earnest, the people will no longer accept their government that lied to them, and will throw it off and totally disregard any attempts to control them. Gordon Michael Scallion wrote in one of his Earth Changes newsletters that although the elite of government scientists knew what was coming, they would never warn ANYONE concerning it because they feared a total economic collapse if the word ever got out. So this is about TOTAL CONTROL, and about what happens AFTER the FIRST PASSING OF THE DESTROYER.

Do not forget Alternative Three, and the consensus of the scientific elite was that they, the rich men, could escape if they acted fast enough, and could build their own “ark of Safety” and escape the Destroyer’s impact upon Earth. They could, it was said, build huge underground facilities and then go underground when that day came upon them, or to the moon or to Mars and build colonies. To do that they needed slave labor, collected in “batch consignments” via the UFO anti-gravity craft that have abducting large numbers of people who simply “vanish” and are never heard from again. “Tain’t so” muse the people. “Cannot be true” “TV would have told us”. “Fox News would have said so if it were true”.

Those astronomers who did attempt to warn us met with untimely deaths. Dr. Harrington of the Naval Observatory located “Planet-X”, but before he could announce it to the world with his proofs, he died mysteriously and the “proofs” were never found. Then of course Hollywood loves the catastrophe movies, hence “When Worlds Collide”, “Deep Impact”, “Armageddon” and “2012” all came rolling off the assembly lines over the years to condition us that it was all just sci-fi thrillers, nothing real, nothing here, so move on. But those movies were based upon actual cosmic and geological facts, all known to the ancients and the elite.

They were warning their own as to what they knew. “When Worlds Collide” was actually based upon what the Kolbrin called the approach of the DESTROYER. It was the story of another star and its planetary system colliding with our solar system. The Bible calls it THE DESTROYER as well. Then we had DEEP IMPACT the story of a comet hit. The Bible tells us that there will be either and asteroid or comet hit in the near future, in fact the very near future, with several HITS and meteor storms.

There are lots of rumors about an asteroid impact event in September and that a lot of people will be impacted when it strikes earth. Obviously our astronomers might know when and where it will impact us. The leaders of Puerto Rico were briefed, it is said, about an impact event in the ocean just west of there. Such and impact event would cause huge tsunamis  to come inland all along our southern coastal and even eastern coastal regions. It would trigger massive volcanic and earth quake activity as well.  Perhaps that is the reason for the brand new earthquake warnings issued by the USGS about very high risk and high risk volcanoes in America.

It is possible much of what is going on has several other items attached to it. Red Elk said he was visited because of his vision of where external enemies came across our borders at specific points and thus preparation is being made to “ward it off”.  Another concept would be that another series of false flag events is planned. The point is, we only know what the Bible tells us, and that is that a GREAT CULLING IS BEING PLANNED and the RICH MEN ARE BEHIND IT.

The point being that the Good Book tells us that mankind turns TOTALLY EVIL as the end nears, and all restraints upon their behavior are removed. It tells us of the rise of a NEW WORLD ORDER, A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. You can find all of that in the “Protocols” as well.

So it may well be that the rise of this global police state and the culling of the herd is related directly to the approach of the Destroyer and the elite, by a massive culling of the ‘herd’, are making sure that when they come back to the surface from their hideaway, they will be able to totally take over the globe with little if any resistance, because the few that would remain after their culling operations would have been killed by the Destroyer and then they would have their NEW EARTH and their NEW HEAVEN; another “Eden” and a new Genesis beginning.

To sum it all up, you do not spend billions to build huge underground complexes for the fun of it, or  billions moving governmental offices to high ground. You do not spend millions moving libraries to underground facilities or to high ground. You do not spend millions to build a huge SEED VAULT in Norway filled with seeds from all over the world for no reason either. You do not spend billions building secret bases on the moon and Mars unless you KNOW something is coming that is going to devastate our present global civilization. So what is all of this about? The Bible says they build their “nests” in the stars to escape the coming judgment. They go underground, and under the sea. It is about the end of the age, the omega point of this age. The rich men know that judgment is coming, and they are using your money in an attempt to avoid it.

We do not know YET when that end point is, we only know it is drawing closer every day. We are to occupy, to keep on keeping on with an eye on the SIGNS we were all given to watch, to be awake, to be diligent. We live in the most interesting of times, and as Jesus said, THE END IS NOT YET.



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May 31, 2015

We just finished another Best’s Intelligence Digest and if anyone thinks that Earth changes are not in an entirely new phase, they better think again. The escalation of earthquakes and volcanic activity recently shows a massive uptick that may well signal that the Destroyer’s effects are now being felt world-wide like never before.

Go to and click on the link and look at what is really going on there.

There are a lot of folks out there who are wide awake and waking up others as to the coming TRIBULATION period and hopefully that trend will continue, as none of us really know YET the actual timeline of the Lord, who is always in total control and has the final say on things of this nature, however the SIGNS are converging upon an unsuspecting world.

Because everyone seems to be focusing on September of this year, and everyone is looking at the Tetrads and tying them to the removal of the Bride, it makes one wonder why the Lord said He would come at a time HIS OWN PEOPLE THINK NOT, that another “set-up” for major disappointment could be in the works. The parables about the Lord delays His coming ring in my ears, as it was like when 88 Reasons why Christ would return in 1988 came and went and nothing happened.

Yes, the signs are there in the Heavens – but many of them point to 2017, not 2015. One sticks in my mind is the CONSTANT SIGN  posted in the heavens by the Lord who runs such things, is the APRIL 11th date – set by two comets who formed a cross in the heavens and went right over the head of Satan, both crossing exactly ONE YEAR APART on an April 11th. It is as though Satan’s dominion here will be eclipsed and the restitution of all things will begin and the work of Christ on the cross will now pay the dividends to Him.

I have written a lot about that, wondering exactly why April 11th is such a key date that the Lord wanted us to take note of it. Well, it just so happens that APRIL 11th, 2017 is PASSOVER. September 22/23, 2017 is FEAST OF TRUMPETS the exact day the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12 takes place.  There are 163 days between those two dates, and 165 dates if you INCLUDE those dates. Both of them add up to 10 or 12 just adding the numbers – interesting numbers to say the least! Anyhow, no one knows for sure, so we wait!!

2017 also ends the 120 years of latter day Israel, as the first Jewish Congress met to lay the foundation for Israel was in 1897.

2017 appears to be a KEY PIVOT YEAR for Israel and the world, as I pointed out in the OMEGA CODE. There is no question that SOMETHING is going to happen in 2017 that may change everything on planet Earth, or at least it seems that way. The only question we have is when Obama and his minions plan to take America down and institute their depopulation agenda. That can happen anytime actually, because that must happen before America is destroyed in a surprise nuclear attack, as outlined in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation.

I remember Cliff High’s “bots” forecast what is now happening in Texas and Oklahoma with massive “Atmospheric Rivers” dumping tons of water upon a given area where another area not far away would be under a drought condition.  These sorts of erratic weather conditions will continue unabated as the Earth undergoes the final phase before the “flip” (crustal pole shift), as Red Elk calls it.

Meanwhile, the economic situation appears to be worsening, although the forces behind it remain basically invisible to the general public, but they are gaining strength and momentum as the final agenda of the rich men comes into view. The escalation of high technology to enable the world-wide MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM to be implemented is fast approaching.

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Meanwhile, the signals of WARS, RUMORS OF WAR, EARTH CHANGES, ECONOMIC INSTABILITY and the politics for the arrival are growing, and the distant thunder can be heard as the skies darken on the horizon. However, we are not to fear as the rest of the world will in the near future. We are to continue, occupy and thank the Lord for each day we get and plan as though nothing bad is coming at all, otherwise we will be frozen in our tracks and do nothing when now, more than ever, while we are still able, is the time to act and prepare.



May 29, 2015


You may remember the movie SHORT CIRCUIT, where a robot gets hit by lighting and becomes totally self aware and consumes all the data he can get a hold of. He befriends a young lady called Stephaney and it is really a good comedy. The only way you learn anything is via INPUT. IF ONE DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE PROCESS OF ABSORBING (INPUTTING) THE DATA, they then remain virtually ignorant of the real truth out there.

Hence it is that the Bible tells you to STUDY to show yourself APPROVED. The word approved is interesting for it means ACCEPTABLE to the Lord. We know that no one is acceptable unless and until they are REBORN FROM ABOVE. We also know that Jesus told us to knock, seek, labor etc., for THE DOCTRINE that BRINGS ONE TO A TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT CONSTITUTES TRUE SALVATION and what does not. That is called “INPUT”. The comment of the Lord that they have ears to hear but cannot hear, and eyes to see but are blind is referring to a total lack of INPUT. The data bounces off their brains and never finds an entrance.

The multitudes of Christians are SENT AWAY with a TERSE and COLD “GET AWAY FROM ME” only for one reason – they did not INPUT the CORRECT DATA. Instead, it appears that they selected only that DATA they wanted to hear, and totally rejected all of the rest. “Having itching ears” they could not, and would not ACCEPT THE REAL TRUTH, and are thus are lost souls for eternity.

Why is it that people embrace certain concepts and not others? Why is it that TRUTH can be RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and they simply REFUSE IT? One would think that one’s salvation would be of the uppermost importance to a person, but the proof tells us otherwise.

This INPUT is very important to understand. A TV program claims that science has discovered there are 7 pillars in our brain. These seven pillars interact in such a way that there are billions, if not quadrillions of ways that forge that persons personality, and thus each person is wholly different than anyone else, something of course proved by DNA.  That means each person is not only UNIQUE, but also that each person will see the world slightly differently than ANYONE ELSE.

This bring us to an interesting question of pre-destination. Are some souls predestined to go to ruin, while others are not? Often you will hear the verse that says, “whom I foreknew, I predestinated…”. Lots of folks climb on that one to claim nothing is up to us, it is all up to the Lord. NOT SO. They forget FREE WILL and what total FOREKNOWLEDGE actually means.

Because God sits outside of time and space, He sees  both Alpha and Omega. He sees it all, still does, because the past, the present and the future ALL EXIST AT THE SAME TIME, and we are just traveling through time. Time is a PRISON. Eternity is not endless time, it is the total absence of time, a concept our minds cannot grasp because they are built to live in the time-space continuum. We do not live in a UNIVERSE, we live in a MULTIVERSE. Part of that MULTIVERSE is another dimension that has no time, no days, weeks, months or years, a place on non-counting. It is called the Kingdom Of God.

So what about pre-destination? Because God KNOWS what each person born is going to do, and what they are going to decide, and how they are going to respond or not respond to the Gospel, He also knows which ones will come in, but He is not the one who decides that, THEY DO, He knows who they are, and thus He predestinates them, does that make sense?  If the Lord says He does not want any to perish, but that ALL come to repentance, then who else is there who decides that issue? The individual!!

The Return of the Lord is well known in ETERNITY, but not here. We have all seen the signs come and everyone got excited that the Lord would return in THIS YEAR, or the NEXT, or whenever, only to find that there was DELAY. Jesus spoke of DELAYS in both comment and parables. The Old Testament also speaks of lengthy DELAYS before the END COMES.

However, it must be said that the delays must come to an end and the END REALLY DOES FALL AROUND OUR EARS. We just don’t know exactly when, which is exactly why Jesus told us to WATCH THE SIGNS, for they were a SIGNPOST that the end was drawing near. When we see all of the signs CONVERGING, THEN WE ALSO KNOW THE END IS DRAWING CLOSE AT HAND. It appears we are watching a CONVERGENCE right now, but not all things have converged yet. So we wait.

I want to bring in a comment made on my post yesterday that I believe says it all with an attitude that most Christian people have now developed.

“I heard from a reliable source today that the Internet as we know it will shut off in September. What remains will be propaganda.”

“I think Patrick Wood knows what he’s talking about. I trust him more than someone who is pushing a get rich quick internet plan.”


Now this was in response to my posting information concerning building alternative income streams via Internet Marketing which ANYONE can now do. The concept appears to be an anathema to many Christians as either to “worldly” or “unbiblical” for some reason unknown.

So it is a very entrenched concept in Christendom that “work” means working for other people in some form of career, or labor intensive, and even while the economy implodes all around them, they cannot, for whatever reason, FATHOM that WORK can be in ANY FIELD ONE WANTS. It does not have to be for others. It does not have to be HARD. It can be from HOME. I want anyone out there to show me what is wrong with either self-employment and working from your own home selling something on a computer. Show me where the Lord says I can’t do that, or that it is WORLDLY or ANTICHRIST.  You cannot, because it is not in there, in fact the reverse is actually the truth of it.

I digress…

Back to the comments: THE END IS HERE, SO WHY BOTHER, is basically the attitude. “There is no time”, “It’s only a few months away”, “There is nothing anyone can do”, “woe is me” and on and on and on and on. The NEGATIVITY to anything NEW is totally amazing to me. The Lord said for us to OCCUPY. That means we continue as though NOTHING is going to happen even though we know something is, but we are not to be fearful or negative, but positive and work our work right up to the day of the departure.

Then again, I think a lot of the people who read my material simply DO NOT BELIEVE that the economy is actually in a state of slow implosion. Well, it is, and it is accelerating. DENIAL BRINGS MUCH GRIEF IN THE END. WAKE UP!!  We just don’t really know when things will go really bad yet, and thus, we continue to look at alternative income streams simply to help us along.

There was an article that appeared recently that said that the vast majority of people were really fearful of the economy and were afraid of their future. Then Fox News ran a statement that people over the age of 65 said they would not be able to retire, they would have to work.  Yet, while totally fearful of what the future holds for them in their financial affairs, THEY REFUSE TO LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE to diversify and increase their income streams. Remember the ancient warnings about putting all your eggs in one basket?

So somehow they  think that because a  “paycheck” appears in their in-box every other week,  they don’t have to worry about it. It is a form of false security, because they can also find a pink slip in their box, as millions already have.   WHY NOT MITIGATE THE SHOCK by finding other alternative money streams NOW, while their paycheck is STILL COMING IN? Is there anything wrong with strategic planning? Of mitigating a possible calamity?

So why are people so fearful of something NEW that might make their way through turbulent times a little easier? Do they really think this is some sort of “get rich scheme” as the commenter claims? Well, it isn’t, even though many people have become very wealthy in a short time.

Well, maybe they have a 401K or IRA’s and feel they are secure. The government is getting ready to seize retirement accounts, let alone that most of them are heavily invested in the stock market which is ready for a major adjustment. Many articles have appeared concerning it and even Congress just passed a law that will enable Uncle Sam to grab retirement accounts through “regulations”.

So why do people NOT WANT TO LOOK AT ANY ALTERNATIVES?  Why are they frozen in place? Why do people think that Internet Marketing is some sort of nefarious “get rich quick” scheme? In the first place it is not a “scheme”.  It is no different than any other form of “employment” in that respect, and further, it is a very intelligent way to be “employed”.  In the second place, it takes time to understand how to do it, and how those who are successful DID IT. When you get a new job, you go through some form of “orientation”, and that can take a day, a week, a month or more. You MUST LEARN HOW TO DO THE NEW JOB. You must LEARN how to exploit the Internet. There is no difference.

Why do people think this is some form of unethical or unrighteous or ungodly form of employment? Why is this such an anathema unless people have been so successfully programmed by our society they simply cannot break free to even CONSIDER such a method? I mean people can come up with all sorts of “rationales’ as to why they CAN’T DO SOMETHING.

Let me very clear, this is NOT a get rich scheme. Many people have become very wealthy in a short period of time because they made a product that people wanted, and they marketed it to thousands of potential buyers. For example, let’s say Aunt Betty wrote a short EBook titled “How To Have The Most Beautiful Roses EVER”. She places this EBook on line and has learned how to launch her project. Her niche is ROSES. Over one million people are interested in roses and they see her book because she posted  a short video on YouTube explaining her love and passion for roses. It goes viral. Of those million people 10,000 of them decided to buy her book at $6.95 each. She just made $69,500 dollars in profit because she made the EBOOK ONCE, and sold it on AUTOPILOT on the Internet 10,000 times AND IT WILL CONTINUE TO SELL EVERY DAY. IN THE END SHE NETS A COOL $695,000 for one EBOOK. Is she a thief? A robber? All she would have to sell is a 100,000 copies of her book. Did you know that Napoleon Hill’s “THINK AND GROW RICH” book has sold over 70 million copies?

When I use the term autopilot, I am speaking of Marketing technology that once set up, operates totally on its own 24/7/365 totally unattended. Anyone that buys the product is sent a link automatically to either view or download the EBook. Betty does nothing once it is setup. She is free to develop another EBook and put that on-line alerting all of her customers of the new product and she sells another 100,000 EBooks to her eager buyers. Do you begin to understand what is going on here?

The Internet now has over 3 BILLION people going on line to check for news, information or to buy a product. What is wrong with selling to those folks? What is wrong with selling them something that will help them in their lives? Make the product ONCE, sell it over and over.

I suppose to some people think that because Mr. Hill sold over 70 million of his book make him some sort of evil greedy rich guy! He was not even an expert in the field, he went out and INTERVIEWED others who were RICH and then wrote a book about what he had learned from them.  He was a reporter, actually. So it is not money that is evil, it is the LOVE OF MONEY that is evil.

Why do you work? FOR MONEY. If you did not get paid you would go elsewhere. So if we all work for money, what is the difference between Hill’s book, or Betty’s EBook and Alice’s Flower Shop? There is none. They are all ethical efforts to make a living. Nothing more, nothing less. What is wrong with getting more money? Do you ever want a raise? Would you like a raise? Why? Because you need more money, or you think you deserve it for your efforts at work. What is the difference between someone who wants a raise and someone who wants to earn more money on the Internet and giving themselves a raise because their employer refused to?

So why then, is it wrong for people to use technology to make a lot of money by using leverage to their advantage? For example, Alice, who owns her flower shop, advertises in the local county papers and radio station to reach her potential buyers. Let us say she reaches 6000 people. That is all of her potential buyers. Betty, on the other hand can reach many more thousands of people on the Internet, and thus has a huge advantage in NUMBERS REACHED and therefore can sell many more copies of her book.

What is unethical or wrong about that? Do people NOT UNDERSTAND the concept of leverage? Of NUMBERS? Please tell me what is UNGODLY about that? What difference is that from  Alice who owns a flower shop and sells 1000 roses on Mother’s Day for $22.00 each?  There is NO DIFFERENCE. It is all in the NUMBERS because both are self-employed.

Alice had to work very hard AT LABOR to sell her 1000 roses. She had to purchase them, and get them ready for sale, each and every one. She was on her feet all day, working very hard. On the other hand Betty wrote her book ONCE, and sold thousands of them all on autopilot AND DID NO HARD LABOR. The only difference is that BETTY WORKED SMARTER THAN ALICE. Betty took advantage of the INTERNET and the TECHNOLOGY available to make her money totally unattended went on vacation around the world, each day selling her ROSE BOOK on autopilot,  while Alice had to show up every day and work hard all day in her flower shop.

Please tell me why you feel Betty is wrong, and Alice is right, that Betty is somehow unethical and ungodly and worldly, because I fail to see any difference at all, other than THE MINDSET OF MOST PEOPLE TODAY.  And that mindset has brought the American people into total economic slavery and unless they ACT NOW, they are trapped into the REAL ANTICHRIST SYSTEM all the while pointing their fingers at some Internet “get rich quick scheme”!  Go figure.






P.S. – if you want to know more about Internet Marketing, go here:

FEAR NOT, WORK HARD AND WORK SMART. The ultimate concept of self-employment!!


May 28, 2015

First off, I wanted to issue a personal thank you to all of you who opted in on our new money mushrooms launch for taking a look at alternative money streams in order to protect yourselves and your loved ones during these turbulent economic times we are in.

I do not think that the vast majority of people, even those who read my blog,  are really aware of the real danger they are in financially. I would not know myself except I have some EXPERT inside sources who keep me aware of what is really going on out there, as the invisible forces of willful economic destruction of the middle class gathers strength and momentum.

No one has any excuse for not knowing the game plan of the elite and the coming MARK OF THE BEAST, nor do I know why the vast majority of people would not jump at the chance of earning an extra $500, $1000 or more each and every month with a proven and undeniable system that does in fact generate income quite rapidly if you FOLLOW THE RULES and have some faith in yourself. The Bible commands us to SEARCH A MATTER OUT before we gainsay it.

Now many, I guess, think this is some sort of a “get rich quick”  operation but the opposite is actually the truth. Some people have earned well over $60,000 in the first thirty days. Others $3,000, some $500.00 some $100.  But  $100 or $500 is $500 they did not have before, right? No one can guarantee what one earns because it is up to the individual efforts. The beauty of the system is that it requires little investment.

Now we are told in Scripture that we are to labor for six days (work) in the world.

Exodus 20:8-10 King James Version (KJV)

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

Psalm 128 King James Version (KJV)

128 Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in his ways.

For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

Unfortunately, the IRS has not read this verse, which is why James calls the IRS basically criminals because they are involved in total fraud  withholding “taxes’ for this and that. So the IRS has amended that verse to read “Thou shalt eat LESS THAN HALF OF the labor of your hands…” It is a fool proof system for the Bankers, and total slavery for you. It is an EVIL MATRTIX, but you can escape at least part of it.

Most people work for others, that is, they are employed by others and are dependent upon their employer totally for their support. The employer demands you fill out IRS forms for dependents, etc., so they can confiscate even more money from you forever. Nice system, but it is YOUR WAGES BEING “KEPT BACK”, A DIRECT REMARK FROM JAMES ABOUT THAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE.

James 5:4


Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

The retirement FUNDS, the perks, all of these are really “banked” with their employer. If the employer files for bankruptcy, or they simply close many of their stores, factories or offices, then you are either terminated or forced to relocate (if you are lucky) and end up with nothing.

This is why millions are now homeless, millions more are on food stamps, or welfare of some type, millions more face foreclosures.  We have OPTED IN to a system totally controlled by the bankers and now America’s people are going to pay a very heavy the price for it and already are.

Now the type of work one does is immaterial to the Lord as long as it is honest, ethical and upright and you work as though it is for the Lord, in other words, whatever you do,  you give it your all!!  The Lord gave each of us abilities, or personal “talents” or we could call them “natural abilities”. These “gifts” were meant to be utilized, exercised and then marketed as “helps to others” who lack such abilities, hence we have TRADE.

There is nothing wrong with being SELF-EMPLOYED, even though it is looked down upon by virtually everyone because we are brought up to think of “work” as working for an employer of some type. Hence we have “careers” that are essentially all working for “others”. This has become a “collective” and a form of brainwashing has been going on for so long that everyone thinks of this as “normal”, while self employment is viewed as an “abnormality”. This is true in government as well. The self-employed fall off the radar screen, which in many cases is a blessing, sort of like being excommunicated from your church assembly because you ask to many unanswerable questions, like “What is this NARROW WAY? Why did Jesus call the gate STRAIT? And so on. All no, no’s because after all, our denomination does not believe anything the Lord actually says…

I digress…

OK, so then with everyone working for others, we have these “collectives’ that are called corporations, which are nothing more than cells of communism or Marxism, where the worker owns nothing but works for the “common good” of the employer. They have little if anything to say and must perform and get “good reviews” from the interviewee who generally knows less than the one being interviewed for “performance”. Pay raises and why you will not get one are good subjects for these reviews as they save the corporation a lot of money by either delaying or refusing to give a raise because of  “poor” or “fair” job performance when in fact it was excellent.  BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, ALREADY!!

As time goes by these “collectives” grow and merge and we have super collectives. Now the worker bee is even less important in this huge cog, a grinding machine that spits out workers like a soylent green factory! He/she has less to say and is more submerged into the collective.  This is nothing but the “bee hive” with all of us as little worker bees, almost totally unaware of the enslavement and total loss of freedom all of this brings about.  However, we convince ourselves that we are happy driving to and from work on busy interstates, putting up with road rage, bad weather, floods and blizzards, breakdowns, tow trucks and other frustrations like “how can I pay this day care bill?” types of things, and then finally we “Fall Down”  and either get sick or so exhausted we die early.. All of this in a FREE COUNTRY, you know, the LAND OF THE FREE, and the HOME OF THE BRAVE or something like that. Maybe not, who knows…

Now the corporations that employ all of the little worker bees are beholden to THE BANKERS who control who gets what and when and how.  We call all of this by various  names, such as the “military-industrial complex”, “The Military, Industrial and Medical Complex” We could shorten all of this down with a mantra, “We all live in a yellow submarine and are total idiots and we love to have it so”,  or something like that…

With the bankers controlling the purse strings, they therefore control the corporations, who in turn control the worker bees. By denying CREDIT, they can bring the house down and destroy the middle class. All of this is really essential to the coming MARK OF THE BEAST, WHICH IS REALLY A MARK OF MAMMON, IDENTIFYING YOU AS AN ACCEPTABLE “WORKER BEE”. It is the apex of the system of mammon. The Mark is the ultimate worship and controlling function of economic slavery and the system of mammon. it is also the apex of Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. It is the ultimate slave system.

It reminds me of the movie “Total Recall” starring Arnold the Barbarian who finally wakes up to the truth of the matrix system while on Mars, maybe a good place to be when all of this goes down, well, maybe not, come to think of it, because the illuminati are already up there with their “Batch Consignment” Worker Bees.  Seems like there may be only one way out, I think I heard that somewhere….

You may not realize it, but all of this was set up by Satan, who was and is the spirit of Cain and Nimrod and now Obama.  It is this COLLECTIVE that Satan controls and eventually forces everyone to bow down and worship him or be killed. The killing is done with extreme prejudice; hence the “tribulation saints”, that is,  those that refuse to bow down and take the Mark.

Now Jesus Christ commanded us to make a choice, that is, either worship God or worship mammon because you cannot do both.  The object here is to force people to DECIDE FOR THE WORLD OR FOR GOD. Nevertheless, we are also commanded to WORK, and SUPPORT OUR LOVED ONES, and if we refuse, we are worse than an infidel and a denier of the faith. We are IN THE WORLD, but not OF THE WORLD. We are sojourners but not earth dwellers, we are commanded to WORK, but there is no such command that we must work for others. So why not work SMART, but not HARD?

So then it is also logical, is it not, that had people remained INDEPENDENT, that is, self-employed and working under CONTRACTS rather than as “employees” that the system of Satan would be short circuited and would take much longer to be realized. Silent Weapons could never be realized under such an independent system, not the “collective beehive MARK”.

The New World Order is the apex of the “collective”. A “collective” means NO INDEPENDENCE. No independent thinking, working, buying or selling with “cash” because CASH MEANS INDEPENDENCE and PRIVATE and therefore cannot be TRACKED. Hence we must plug up all of the loopholes for black market activities, confiscate all personal property and kill with extreme prejudice those who resist per the Protocols.

But there appears to be yet enough TIME to leave the “collective” and bring in alternative income streams as a safety net in case one goes to work and finds the “pink slip” as so many have, and all of this can be done by utilizing the very system that the “collective” is actually using to try and bring everyone under control and get them all “wired” to the system.

It is called the WORLD WIDE WEB, which now has over 3 billion users, and has broken through the 2 TRILLION DOLLAR FIGURE FOR ECONOMIC buying and selling. There is a tremendous opportunity here to BREAK FREE of the “collective” using their very own technology to do it!!

It is now possible for ANYONE who will actually SIT DOWN and take the time to study this out,  and apply proven and undeniable tactics to make a lot of money if they want to, sitting at home in their p.js’ drinking a cup of coffee through Internet marketing. You would not believe the technology that is being used out there that makes this so simple it’s hard to fathom. It is real, and complete beginners have made $60,000 in one month from nothing. There has never been such an opportunity for the general public to BREAK FREE of debt, worry, comminuting, etc. IF THEY WOULD ONLY TRY; follow the proven methods of the successful and work with patience in their spare time.

There are, like any other concept, GET RICH QUICK CLAIMS that are really bogus. But there is nothing wrong with the system itself, YET. Sure, you always have your rip off artists out there, it is always buyer beware. However, many people, especially Christians, are being HARD HIT with bad economic times. They need help. They are confused, bewildered and fearful. They do not know where to turn or who to turn to. They need to make extra money, and they can if they follow a proven system and have faith and patience.

Millions of people surf the “net”. They are looking for news, information or products. They are buyers, hence over 2 TRILLION in sales revenue. The market is GLOBAL, and growing so fast the counters are moving like the national debt counters. Now many of those surfing the net do not realize THE VERY SAME “NET” IS A GIGANTIC MARKETING TOOL for just about ANYTHING one wants to sell. The reason why so many people fail at Internet Marketing is that they don’t understand the system. You must UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM and HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS, what MOTIVATES A PERSON TO BUY, ETC.

This Internet Marketing is interesting to say the least, and I wish EVERYONE who reads this blog would take a serious look at it while we have time. We simply do not KNOW how much time this economy has left before the Lord unplugs it. Just a thought.



It will give you something to think about. REALLY THINK ABOUT. With thousands of stores closing all over this nation, would it not seem prudent to cast around a bit for “alternatives” as a safety net?


Magnitude 12+ Financial Quake Coming And What You Can And Should Do About It!!

May 9, 2015

The stats are in, the charts all show the same thing, an economy that is, and has been in a recession level existence for some time now. There has been NO recovery IN TRUTH, just a lot of “bottom bouncing”.

Let’s take a look at the real truth of what is going on out there:

“Saturday, May 2, 2015

Major U.S. Retailers Are Closing More Than 6,000 Stores”


“Eight Two Percent (82%) Of People Over 65 Years Of Age Claim They Cannot Retire Because They Cannot Afford To”

Let’s just take a look at number one: 6000 stores closing. That’s on top of thousands upon thousands that have closed already. Each story of a closing represents people losing their jobs, and as more and more stores close, the job market becomes more and more competitive. In some ways, for the remaining business owners it’s an employer’s market – for they can pick only the most qualified to fill what few positions there are.

These store closings have been going on QUIETLY since 2008 and the proof is everywhere. “For Rent”, or ‘For Lease’ signs can be seen all over Main Street, USA.  All of these stores were “employers”. The people who worked there thought they had a steady job and dependable income. THEY DID NOT. THEY ARE OUT. Most with no pensions, no bonus checks, no severance pay, NO NOTHING.

My son-in-law worked for a major IT company for many, many years, but when he neared retirement, he was let go, and lost his pension, and was given a minimal severance allowance. All companies have a bottom line concept, and their loyalty is to their bottom line and you don’t count. Get it through your head, YOU DO NOT COUNT. YOU NEVER DID. YOU NEVER WILL. So if you think you are safe and your position/job is secure, guess again!!4-26-2015 8-13-41 PM

Folks, MILLIONS are unemployed and CANNOT FIND A JOB. Millions more are on “unemployment” but that soon runs out. Millions have lost their homes, along with everything they worked for years to obtain. Millions more are on all sorts of welfare. Maybe you think and are sure your job is “secure” and you have nothing to worry about. Think again. This is a systemic failure, the entire global system of fiat money is failing because it is backed by nothing, and is a gigantic sham operation. The Bible even says the Federal Reserve system is one gigantic criminal operation!!

The framework UNDERNEATH this banking system of “credit” is BUSINESS. He who controls the “gold” rules, so to speak. You don’t THEY do. But there are things you can do to mitigate the damage.

4-26-2015 8-12-27 PM

America is being brought down deliberately by the international banking cartel, but even they do not know what will actually happen when it does finally implode upon itself. Nor do they know exactly when, because that is up to the Creator and His timeline, not theirs. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen in 2018. Prophecy, however, indicates that trade and merchants are in full operation right up till the time of the nuclear attack upon Babylon-America. All the nations of the world watch America burn. That indicates that it is “business as usual” at least in some sections of the world, because no merchant will ship his goods to us if no one is buying them.

There are other prophecies that also indicate that things are fairly normal, with the usual ups and downs of the nation’s economy, some sharp turns here and there, but not any major implosion until the attack comes. Time will tell, it always does.
The point here is that there are many and silent and invisible forces acting upon our economy and the primary one is THE CURSE of the Lord upon the people of the United States. The curse is not an instant thing, it is a long wear down of futility for most people. When God targets a nation, He hits it where it hurts the most, and gives OUTS for HIS PEOPLE so they can survive the turmoil and chaos that is coming.

John Williams of ShadowStats is an expert economist who has testified before Congress. I personally met and spoke with John when he visited my home awhile back. He knows of what he speaks. Here is his latest headline release:

 Weakening Economy Taking Toll on U.S. Dollar – Labor Data Seriously Flawed and Likely Gimmicked – April Full-Time Civilian Employment Dropped by 252,000 – Net of Revisions, April Payroll Gain of 223,000 Was 184,000; March Headline Jobs Gain of 126,000 Revised to 85,000 – Decline in Headline April Unemployment to 5.4% Was a Rounding Game, Easing from 5.47% to 5.44%, and Otherwise Not Consistent with March – April 2015 Unemployment: 5.4% (U.3), 10.8% (U.6), 23.0% (ShadowStats) – Annual Growth in April 2015 Money Supply M3 Slowed to 5.4%, from 5.7% in March and from February’s 5-Year High of 5.8%


But when you have a lemon economy, one can actually make lemonade, but to do, you have to, you must, think outside the box. While the “brick and mortar” stores and busy cutting back and laying off millions of workers, the necessity for development of “alternative income streams” to help one through the chaos becomes an imperative. That is, if you want to eat and have shelter.

The American Dream has turned into a nightmare for millions. One of the reasons this is so is the concept that “gainful employment” means you are working for “others”, and you are on their payroll, your wages are being withheld by the IRS, and you travel to and fro from home to work. When people ask if you have a job, they mean automatically, “who do you work for and what do you do?”

If you do not believe this is true, try buying a house with a loan (mortgage) from a bank!! When they find out you are “self-employed” the red lights start to flash, and you must produce tons more information for years back just to be considered. However, if you walk into the bank and are employed by IBM or other large company, earning a good salary, the loans flow automatically and almost with no questions asked. Why is that? Because our entire economy is based upon “worker bees” that work for OTHERS.

But the “payback” is now becoming obvious and more so every day as more and more big name businesses are closing their stores all over Babylon-America.

Cain was a city builder. Cain has a worker bee mentality. Cain/Nimrod wants you to be employed by others because he wants you to be dependent upon others, and not self-reliant. SELF RELIANT IS A DIRTY WORD. How dare anyone even suggest such a thing!! Social Security is another example of making everyone dependent upon the government. They steal your money in the first place, then claim it is a government “benefit” when they give only part of it back.

We have all been programmed to believe that we MUST WORK FOR OTHERS, there is no alternative. Mom and Dad all worked for “others”. Grampa worked for “so and so” and retired with a pension. The government feels you cannot even save for youre retirement, hence “Social Security”, deducted from your “employee” paycheck.

And now, folks, when you make a bank deposit in your local bank it is no longer actually your money. It is instead an “investment” in your bank, and if they lose it, well, too bad, soooo sad!

Yet if you want to mitigate what is coming down the pike, you better, you must consider SELF RELIANT ALTERNATIVE MONEY STREAMS.

The concept that one could actually be gainfully employed NOT WORKING FOR ANOTHER is simply not considered. It is shown that way in the actual employment figures. The bias is enormous and weighed totally in the direction that you MUST and SHOULD hold a REAL JOB. meaning you work for some business owned by others, not you. Am I wrong here?

I have worked for myself for over 30 years and have survived all of the ups and downs of this erratic economy. I learned how to extricate myself from working for others to working for myself. I learned HOW TO DO IT, and also WHAT NOT TO DO. I want to teach you the ins and outs of not only extricating yourself from your “job” but also help you understand how to enter a most amazing opportunity.

During my investigations, I have found ONE, and ONLY ONE, totally safe and upright opportunity that can produce MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME and do so RAPIDLY if the correct strategy is employed. It costs almost nothing to get started, and the income possibilities are staggering because of HIGH TECHNOLOGY. There is little if any risk involved, because this strategy that I have investigated and am learning about DOES NOT interfere with your normal “employment” income stream whatsoever!! This allows you to build your multiple income streams “on the side” with little actual time and effort.

It sounds too good to be true, but believe me, IT IS REAL and many of those involved are making thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, all because of extreme advances in technology. You can as well. IT IS UP TO YOU!! All you have to do is learn the ropes, and that is what I feel I am to do next in this ministry – help others help themselves financially while there still may be time to do it.

I have verified all of this and will be releasing TWO MAJOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS concerning the what, the where, the when and HOW this system works, and I will prove it with factual data.

Let me clear about one thing, however. It does requires of you FAITH and BELIEF in yourself! Most people get into a “comfort zone” and cannot even consider working for themselves at home, because they have always thought of “work” as working for someone else!!!  NOW IS THE TIME TO CONSIDER BEING YOUR OWN BOSS, WORKING FROM YOUR OWN HOME. SETTING YOUR OWN HOURS, AND MAKING MUCH MORE MONEY THAN AT YOUR “JOB”. iT CAN BE DONE, AND IT IS BEING DONE EVERY DAY!!

Never before in recorded history has such a golden opportunity EVER BEEN OFFERED TO ANYONE, regardless of AGE, EDUCATION, OR CIRCUMSTANCE.   Opt in below for your FREE first Special Report and sign up for my special Alternative Income Stream News Letters AND GET THE FIRST MONTH FREE OF CHARGE. These newsletters will be filled with stats and info on the real economic situation and filled with tips and leads to develop your own income streams. I will keep you up to date on what the trends are as well!!

THIS REALLY IS FOR REAL – Your first digital 3D report will be ready for you no later than 5-20-2015 and hopefully much sooner. OPT IN or this report and newsletters will not be available. Thank you for your time.

Email me at to OPT IN. Simply say OPT IN SPECIAL REPORT. There is NO OBLIGATION to continue and you can OPT OUT at any time!!

Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!





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