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August 25, 2015

The Internet is rife with movie clips, TV shows, cartoons and other material that claims that the elite are planning to topple the United States and bring in their New World order in September. Is it real or is it Memorex?

Included in all of this are some very interesting and also important real facts that everyone should be aware of – it is a fact that Pope Frances is the 266th Pope, that he is visiting Obama on the 266th day of the year, that the day distance between the first blood-red moon of the Tetrad was exactly 266 days to the exact center of the total tetrads and that the last blood-red super moon on September 28th, 2015 is exactly 266 days and also that the perfect gestation period for a woman is 266 days.

That means that the water would normally break on the 265th or 266 day and the birth would soon follow. It appears that the HOOVER DAM is designed exactly as a “birth canal” and that movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Super Bowl shows all show the willful destruction of the HOOVER DAM as symbolic of the “water breaking”.

What is interesting is that the Pope is to visit Obama on September 23rd, 2015, to evidently display a “birthing” of the NEW WORLD ORDER. The movie Evan Almighty shows the Hoover Dam breaking on September 22nd, 2015, thus the rebirth or birth of the NWO would be on the 23rd.

Many are pointing to an entire series of events in September, and it does appear that the world will in fact be entering the final 70th week of Daniel on September 13th, 2015. It will also be the 70th Jubilee yea, as well as the United Nations 70th Assembly. Many things are converging right under the eyes and noses of apostate Americans who do not seem to have a clue, nor do they want any.

NIGHT SHADOWS has an entire program devoted to this very strange and totally unique convergence of events and I hope you will listen tonight at 3:30 or go to the archives and tune in later if you like. Would you believe the bursting of the Hoover Dam is on our money? It is, and in plain sight.

Join our NIGHT SHADOWS membership site as well for the latest in all of this. As you know, the China monetary situation is on the verge of collapse, and right on time for a major RESET OF WORLD CURRENCIES.

Some folks have wondered why I called the show NIGHT SHADOWS and used Dark Matter on the URL. The answer is simple, we are closing in on the time when as Jesus said NO MAN CAN WORK, and that the NIGHT IS COMING, that is, GROSS SPIRITUAL DARKNESS or total apostasy. As to the “dark matter”, dark matter resides in another dimension, and all of this is about EVIL BREAKING FOURTH UPON AN UNSUSPECTING HUMAN RACE, this is, according to some scientists, ANTIMATTER is being collected by CERN to be released, Antimatter is connected to the expansion of EVIL here, or one could say, CHAOS that is to bring in THE NEW ORDER

We appear to be right on the edge of things, and I personally doubt that NIGHT SHADOWS or other shows like it will be here much more. Things are moving so rapidly now it is hard to keep up with it. The New World Order is about to be “birthed” in an occult show. Log in here to listen on the membership site. IT’S FREE!! and you can un-subscribe at any time.

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August 14, 2015

We have a NEW NIGHT SHADOWS PROGRAM – YOU REALLY NEED TO HEAR IT, THE REAL REASON WHY THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN KENNEDY WAS CARRIED OUT. New documents confirm that a hit was put on Kennedy by insiders of our own government.

While the above headline may seem a bit odd, it may also be the real truth behind the odd comments made by two world leaders. New evidence has surfaced concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy and its connection to Kennedy nosing around trying to find out the real truth behind the UFO/Alien and backward engineering projects.

At that time there was a group known as Majestic 12, started by Harry Truman to investigate the UFO Alien question and investigate several UFO crashes or possibly “shoot downs” and the resultant retrieval of alien technology. Inasmuch as Majestic 12 was an above top secret operation, also known as BLACK OPERATIONS, it was felt by that group that Kennedy’s nosing around was not only not welcomed, but posed a threat to the UFO/Alien/Extraterrestrial/Backward engineering projects going on at that time. They decided something had to be done about it, and so plotted Kennedy’s assassination which took place in November, 1963.

What is very interesting here is that the documents unearthed used code to plot Kennedy’s demise, and the code used concerns WEATHER. One has to remember that many times letters are dictated to secretaries, transmitted and read by recipients and then later destroyed, but only the recipient knows the code language.

In order to do this code words are used, and in the case of the Kennedy assassination, the code was about the weather. But it also included ECONOMICS as well as you will see. The elite always hide behind symbology and code. They must announce to the world their intentions, because they believe they are gentlemen with manners, however only those really watching get the message.
Please listen to NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO, this show will be TONIGHT, FRIDAY NIGHT AT 7:30 CDT 8-14-2015. You can listen to archived shows on by opting in.





August 7, 2015

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Watch The Skies, They Really Are Coming Back – Night Shadows New Show TONIGHT

August 6, 2015

Night Shadows – The UFO Enigma – Part One

Blog Talk Radio –


We would like to announce that Night Shadows has another show that airs tonight at 7:30 PM CDT and we hope you can tune in to hear it as it is a very important show laying the groundwork for a series on the UFO/Alien question. Are they real or Memorex? Are they OURS or THEIRS? Sightings and encounters are rapidly increasing the world over. What does it mean? You can always come to the Night Shadows membership site and listen any time for free.
Part one of an entire series answering one of the biggest mysteries and enigma’s the world is facing. Does it tie directly to Planet-X? Could this be a massive deception? Is it possible the human race is being set up?
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9-11-2014 5-03-54 PM


Important news posted that there is a massive cover-up concerning meteor impact events in IRAN and sightings as we slowly enter into a space debris field that is most likely part of the Destroyer’s mini-solar system of planets, moons, comets, asteroids and space debris.
In our next Night Shadows, we will cover some of this important news. STAY TUNED.

Watch The Skies, Something Is Coming – You Will Most Likely Be Dead In Less Than 7 Years (Or Wish You Were),

August 5, 2015

You  can run, but you cannot hide…



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7 Candlesticks, A State of Confusion, September 23rd and Night Shadows Radio


One of the meanings of the word Babylon is of course confusion. It seems that the American people are greatly confused and have lost their way, having no compass, no direction home. They not only do want any truth told to them, they squander their money on deceptions and lies. The rest is on potato chips, popcorn, movies, broth, hotdogs, burgers and beer. Priorities are all reversed.  So it is for the last days, when everyone steals from their neighbor. I should they maybe the LAST of the LAST DAYS.


Abortion, selling baby parts to the highest bidder, Queen Hillary defending it, but not really a nation totally outraged by it all – good becomes evil and evil becomes good. Murder in the millions AND the INNOCENT  blood flows. But the people, they seem to approve of it all with some of course being dismayed by it, but percentage wise, only a very small few. A friend of mine often said he was in favor of abortion, but only if it could be made retroactive. Maybe he had a point.


Hypocrites of the first magnitude but totally unaware of it. No conscience really. They want everything NOW and they want it for FREE. Would they go their place of employment and tell their boss they would work for a full year for no wages, no benefits, no perks? Yet that is what they want from others. They do not care that a person can spend an entire year publishing important information. They do not care that he/she has to pay their bills either. GIMME, GIMME, GIMME AND GIMME. Give me this, give me that, I am so important I want my slaves to produce for me. How absurd and perverted this concept is, yet it is now the norm. Maybe the Internet did it. However, the gravy train is going to be soon over. Now comes payback. And you all know what payback can be. America is now getting her payback. Here a little, there a little, a nibble here, a nibble there until one day, BOOM and it’s over. Like sand running through your fingers. The end cometh.


We fight endless wars that are not wars. We kill and maim millions and nary a whimper of real protest. Babies born in Iraq all deformed because of depleted uranium shells. Stuff like that. The HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH is going to now be hammered. HARD. You are watching the final death wail of America as she brings forth her military might and struts around the whole earth like a Bantam Rooster.


An old farmer I knew had a rooster that would block his wagon full of hay from getting into the barn. This rooster would stand in the driveway into the barn and would not move, so this farmer would get off the wagon move the rooster and the team of horses would then pull the wagon into the barn to be off loaded. This happened all summer long. Finally the farmer got real sick of this and decided he had enough and did not stop. The rooster refused to budge and was run over. The farmer said that dinner that night was real good and consisted of roasted rooster.  America appears to be that rooster now and I believe that Putin and his allies are the farmer. It will soon all be over, suddenly, with little if any warning. A few things have to happen before then, however.


Then of course,  servants of the most high are mocked and laughed at, and totally unsupported except for a very small group of dedicated supporters. Soon they too will be gone and the people of America will be destitute, and  in total shock because the truth will have been hidden away for all time. Running to and fro, coast to coast, border to border, asking seeking and looking for the truth and it will escape them. I warned of this, as I did about the non-support. The Good Book is very clear – the priorities of the American people are IDOLS and they will spend millions of them, but not a dime for the real truth. I wrote a blog about all of that to no avail. Lots of words only. That is America now – it’s all words, and nothing else. The Lord does not care about any of our words. We have two ears and one mouth, a major clue I guess.


Then of course we have a lawless Congress, lawless Supreme Court, and a lawless president. So with all of this, why would the American people think the Lord will not bring a horrific judgment upon this people? Well of course He has already begun it, and in fact it started long ago. One morning way back  in 1988 or 1989, I received a phone call around 6-6:30 in the morning. It was a lady on the other end of the line. She said that she had been in prayer that morning and the Lord had told her to call me and evidently gave her the number to call as I did not know who she was.


She said that an event was going to take place that the entire nation would see and that event (unnamed) was the beginning of the Lord’s judgment upon America, and that He was done with her and was now going to utterly destroy her over the next years, number not known.  We had a talk about protected areas, and that the Lord would protect those telling the truth to the apostates all over America. She told about judgments and how they would fall, several at a time, then long periods of time in between with nothing happening, like things were normal, then another series of events, but a shorter period of time in between. The judgments, she said, would increase in power and strength.


Most of these judgments would not be seen by the people as judgments, because they were blind, and warning after warning would go by unnoticed except by His TRUE people.


So that afternoon, after that call, a major earthquake struck California at the world-series games going on in Candlestick Park. It reminded me of the Lord and the seven candlesticks, and how He was IN THE MIDST of those candlesticks. I knew immediately that THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF TROUBLE, and so it has been to this very day. So now we face an extreme series of events that are about to fall upon this comatose people and no one will believe the severity of it all.


When does this new series of events begin? September 23, 2015? No one knows. Tu-B’Av, the great love feast went by July 31 with the blue moon. No rapture, no great escape. However, if one looks at the numbers, they all seem to add up as never before, but does it mean anything? But as I have said before, we could easily slide into Daniel’s 70th week with nothing happening at all. There is a lot of talk about some impact event, a meteor or comet hit, something like that, perhaps a meteor shower. ALL VERY POSSIBLE, but not likely on the 23, 24th or thereabouts. Why? Because the Pope will be in New York and Washington. Any major impact event near Puerto Rico would bring a huge tsunami surge all up and down the Eastern coastal regions.. Not Likely then. Why? Because surely the powers that be would know if an impact event was coming in or around that date and the elite would all be moved to higher ground, JUST IN CASE.

But what then? Economic RESET OR IMPLOSION? Global Ponzi scheme over? We don’t know. Maybe Ed Dames, you know,  Doctor Doom’s KILL SHOT?  Maybe a close flyby that produces an extreme shockwave effect. Maybe nothing at all. So we watch, we pray, we wait upon the Lord.


Why have the governments of the world dug these huge underground tunnels and cities? Why did the Chinese build all of these huge empty cities all on high ground and a long way from any coastal regions. Why is that?  Why has our own government secured A NEW GOVERNMENTAL CENTER in Denver, far inland and on high ground? Why have they relocated various government agencies to Denver? In anticipation of what? Why did the Vatican begin its relocation of it library to secret high ground locations? You may remember the movie 2012? Remember how major art collections and valuables were being located to safe places?  Remember the world seed vault located in Norway? The University of Norway ran an article saying they believed AFTER THE POLE SHIFT that they would be much closer to the equator. Odd is it not? And yet for all of this strange and anomalous behavior, most people continue along as though everything is very normal. What if it really is not?


If you want the real scoop on all of this, then you need to listen to NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO, and OPT IN to our FREE  membership site where you not only get Night Shadows radio archived for FREE, and you get MORE information. Join the INNER CIRCLE and you will access to MUCH MUCH MORE.  If you join the exclusive INNER CIRCLE, you will receive audio and video special reports and notices, both PDF articles and flip page reports on many important subjects. Things are speeding up rapidly, and we want people to be ready, although I am not sure anyone can actually be ready for what is coming upon Earth. In any event, OPT IN and enjoy NIGHT SHADOWS for free. Here’s the FREEBE LINK. But donations are always appreciated.



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LightGate Blogger

The 10 Top Reasons You Need To Listen To NIGHT SHADOWS – GOING LIVE 7:30 pm Tonight

July 28, 2015

Sorry For The Short Notice
1. A former White House senior type says that the finding of Earth like planet circling a star in the “goldilocks” zone means the total end of the God of the Bible. Find out why these people have to clue whatsoever.
2. The biggest news story this week is the NASA announcement that its Kepler mission has confirmed the first Earth-like planet in the “habitable zone” around a sun-like star. Find out why this is only the start of a GREAT DECEPTION.


3. So important is the discovery that scientist and former White House Senior Policy Analyst Jeff Schweitzer says it spells the end for the God of the Bible and religions based on him. Find out why the Bible forecast this was coming.


4. So the Psalm Two war is now heating up, with the Supreme Court spitting in the eyes of God, Planned parent-hood selling baby body parts, the finding of an Earth like planet!  Find out what they have planned next!


5. Find out why the TRUTH really is far stranger than fiction and why it scares most people into TOTAL DENIAL.


6. Get the very latest in very important but hidden news.


7. Find out all about EARTH CHANGES that go totally unreported.


8. Get the latest news on Planet-X and find out just how real it really is!


9. Find out the very latest changes in the EARTH WOBBLE and SOLAR CHANGES


10. Learn all about Bible prophecy and why it is 100% accurate 100% of the time.


There are of course many more reasons to listen in to NIGHT SHADOWS, for it is a truth that the day is far spent and the night shadows are already here.

So the mysteries and the enigmas, high strangeness, black operations and other anomalies continue unabated. Portals open, portals close, CERN goes into high gear, Jade Helm and talk of martial law and FEMA camps continue as well.
With all that is going on, and for one last hurrah before the Lord gets here to bail out His people from their prison cells, I am going on BLOG TALK RADIO with a brand new show called NIGHT SHADOWS.

I have included in this post an introductory audio so you get the drift of where this is going. No subject is left unturned, from the alien/UFO mystery, to bible prophecy, from Ghosts to Bigfoot, from the enigmas of the world to Official Denial, from TR3B’s to moon and Mars bases. It will, along with late news of interest – on blog talk radio, and I will let you know when we go live, most likely in a week or so.


I hope you will join us at Blog Talk Radio as we find the truth behind all the misinformation, disinformation and propaganda out there. It will be a lot of fun – evenings at 9-11 but that is not firm yet
Join the Free Night Shadows Membership club to get access to all sort of materials and education items. Many have already, join them for the latest information we can find. Our FREE membership site will be up and running.


You Gave Us The Power To Kill You, So What’s Your Problem?

July 17, 2015

A number of Bible codes are pointing to both the rapture of the Bride of Christ and an impact event in September of 2015, on or about the beginning of the coming Jubilee 7 year period. If they are right, this will be the final 7 years of mankind’s probation upon Earth. They also are consistently pointing out that Obama is the man of sin and evil. I am not saying they are right. Bible Codes used to “predict” the future are often wrong.

The rich men have risen up, just as prophecy said they would to accomplish their massive population reduction as found in Deuteronomy 28, Daniel, Revelation and James. They are the curse, they are the killers of the just because the American people refused the Bible admonitions. The American people gave the rich men the power to do that, so what is their problem now that it is going into action? Do not the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, those of the Psalm Two wars have a right to ask that?

After Roe vs. Wade, only a few whimpering protests were actually made. So it is OK to kill babies all the way up to and beyond birth and allow Planned Parenthood to sell baby organs to the highest bidder. Then along comes some “thinker” who says that parents should have the right to terminate their children all the way up to five years of age or so. Nothing wrong here either. Never anything really wrong. So now the Chinese government gets caught taking adults and butchering them alive to get the freshest ever body parts to sell on the market. No sedatives either, for it harms the organs needed, but hold the poor guy or woman down and cut them open and take what is needed while still alive. Nothing wrong here either. Never anything really wrong. WHY IS THAT?

ANIMALS. The human race is a fallen race and is worse than any animal to ever crawl upon the face of this planet. FAR WORSE. The heart of man is wicked beyond all imagination. The rulers take great delight in the pain and suffering of others as long as it is not them personally, for it a tribute to Satan and their other fake gods. It makes one wonder by Jesus Christ ever bothered to come here to rescue those He could. DIVINE LOVE WE ARE TOLD. The greatest force in the Universe is DIVINE LOVE.

Yet for all of this evil, the people of the world sit back and allow a handful of totally insane bankers do anything they want to them. How easy it would be to LEGALLY rise up, TRY THEM, imprison them, take all of their wealth, declare a jubilee and start over. Take the leaders of government who committed this massive treason required to instill the NEW WORLD ORDER, and try them for treason, hand them over to a North Korean gulag and work them until they are all dead. Simple solution, but something prevents it. WHAT IS IT?

How is it that about 300 people can lord it over 7 billion and kill, maim, torture and destroy them in any way the banking elite can dream up and only a few say anything at all? WHY IS THAT? According to Lindsey Williams the elite have decided that no matter what they do to the American people, they will not resist. WHY IS THAT?

Then we have the traitorous “clergy response teams” that Homeland Security has enrolled to not only tell the people to obey every command of the government and police forces, that is, bow down and kiss the boots of illegal government thugs but also to “calm down” the people in the FEMA camps because their children, wives and husbands have all been separated for torture and killing. Few in the churches seem to be saying anything about that. WHY IS THAT?

So if killing like this is OK, and the Supreme Court of Satan says it’s also OK to do lots of other things and people do nothing  so what’s the problem with the rich men setting up a massive Georgia Guide Stone KILL OFF? They have every right to know the answer, don’t they?

What’s your problem with that? In point of fact, the American people have no right to claim there is a problem because once you allow the roller coaster to start down the slope, and you do nothing to stop it, well, then we all own it, even the most horrific of events to come. Evil is a force multiplier. Once it gets beyond certain boundaries, history tells us it cannot be stopped, it must finally implode upon itself. However the blood and cries of millions can still be heard in the caverns of time if one listens. It could have been stopped, but it wasnt. The people could have risen up and said NO, but they didn’t. WHY IS THAT?

You have to wonder, when you study the Scriptures concerning the last days of Babylon the Great why the people said nothing. The government not only turned against their own people and totally trampled her heritage, but they also they indulged in such a massive killing operation that the entire world was stunned. It seems that no one really said anything. WHY IS THAT? Maybe there is some strange force involved here. Some type of unseen invisible hand guiding this entire operation to an unknown conclusion.

Then you have obvious treason from our Congress, the alphabet agencies, and the military. Why do I call it treason? Because you cannot bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER without treason. It is not possible otherwise. To topple the constitution that you swore and oath to uphold is TREASON. It does not matter how you do it, it only matters that the founding documents were shredded.

We need to start calling what this really is. It should be called incremental or slow treason. A little here, a little there, so it all sounds reasonable at the time. A law here, a law there. You shred the constitution slowly, but willfully. You cannot tell me that our leaders in Washington do not know what they are doing. If they don’t they are blind, deaf and stupid. They also are under a great and strong delusion.

The perpetrators of all of this actually believe they can pull off the greatest coup in the history of the world. It will seem that way to them as they dance with glee over the blood and guts of the Christians, the constitutionists and conservative right and all who would not go along with the NEW WORLD ORDER. The rich men are under a rank delusion. They have no idea of the horrific fate that awaits them.

I would not know myself, accept I have died and gone to the other side and it is all real. Jesus Christ is real. Hell is real. Heaven is real. Redemption is real. The Strait Gate is real. They are more real than life itself. Do as Christ commanded and He will show you. Then you will know and you will not have to believe it, you will KNOW IT. He will come to you. He will tell you what the problem with humanity really is. What your problem really is. You will then totally understand what is happening and why.

The GREAT CULLING, THE GREAT “CLEANSING” of America is coming very soon. The next phase of the United Nations Agenda 21, the blueprint for tyranny, is now appearing in the mists of the future. The cries of those murdered will soon be heard in the heavens. It will not fall upon deaf ears. There is an agenda of the United Nations, but there is also an AGENDA OF THE LORD. The rich men and those who did their bidding will wish they had never been born at all. The mask of deception and their delusion will suddenly be ripped away and they will see the reality of what they did.

It is all VERY obvious as to what is going on all around the people and only a few are saying anything. And even those people are considered wacko right ring idiots, insane with their “conspiracy theories” BY THOSE THEY ARE WARNING. And so it goes. WHY IS THAT?

So what our great and illustrious rulers are up to now is far, far worse than Germany and Hitler. Child’s play, a kindergarten exercise. Then of course the Soviets with Stalin and Mao and the “Cultural Revolution” killing machines are all still child’s play for what these totally corrupt and insane leaders actually have planned. Worse than Pol Pot. Worse than anything ever seen on Earth.

There is a payback however, there is always a payback. Jesus said that we should pray always that we be found worthy to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE the PAYBACK. That is the only way out, there is no other.

And so while the RICH MEN AD KINGS AND RULERS set up the most massive killing apparatus right under the noses of the comatose American and the world, they laugh and mock us all. Only a few realize what is in the wind. WHY IS THAT?

The great culling of America is now set up. The beta tests have been run. Silent Weapons is almost complete. Only the forced marking and killing remain. So WHY IS THAT?

The answer is found in the Bible, just as all answers are found in the GOOD BOOK. The rich men of the Earth are declared by the Creator of all of this to be TOTALLY INSANE, CONSUMED BY LUST AND GREED AND THE POWER OF MAMMON. It is their delusion.

They have cast their lots, and as in the movie “Road To Perdition” where one says to another “You know we are going to hell, don’t you?” or words to that effect? The answer is, no they do not know that, and NO, they cannot conceive of such a place. If they actually KNEW where they were going all of this nonsense would stop in an instant of time. THEY KNOW NOT. WHY IS THAT?

Because the Creator of all of this, that is, time, energy, space, spirit and all life said something that people gloss over and do not understand whatsoever its horrific meaning: “I will PICK THEIR DELUSIONS”. There you have it in a NUTSHELL.

The rich men of the Earth, as Larry Taylor often says, are the most deceived of all, are the most deluded of all, and must and will end up in the fires of eternal hell and damnation. They have no choice because the Lord of Hosts FORE KNEW their choices, hides their fate from them and these poor folks actually believe they will not only install their NEW WORLD ORDER, but that they and their offspring will reign and rule over a new heaven and a new Earth of their own making with only a few slaves for their pleasure.

They really believe it. They actually mean to do it. They are committed to their cause, far more than the average Christian is committed to the cause of Jesus Christ.

So bit by bit, a little here and a little there, the American people gave the RICH MEN their full approval of all that is about to come down upon their heads. Jade Helm has many different layers to it, but in the end, it is only there because the American people did nothing to stop it.

You see, they had no problem when Social Security Cards were issued with “not to be used for identification” but now is used for almost everything. They had no problem when the government began to tax the people for “income” that is not income at all but a fair trade. So then they had no problem when their wages were withheld from their paychecks by total fraud.

They had no problem when the banks began to make war against cash and cash withdrawals. They had no problems when the Congress passed laws allowing the banks to confiscate their deposits if they got into financial trouble. In other words, they have had no problems at all when their money is not their money any more at all, but belongs to the rich men. Same with food and transportation. NO PROBLEM with all of these rules, regulations and fines for disobedience, even prison for minor offenses. NO PROBLEM. And so it goes…WHY IS THAT?

They had no problem with the Patriot Act. No problem with NDAA, fusion centers, the massive CIA/NSA surveillance state. No problems with local police being given all sorts of military gear. No problem when the FBI said patriots and Christians might be enemies of the state. NO PROBLEMS HERE. WHY IS THAT?

As the Great Dame of the left, MADAME HILLARY has told us, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.” No one said anything. And also from her lips came CAMP JOY and RED AND BLUE LIST PEOPLE. Everyone must attend a FEMA re-education joy camp. So what’s the problem here? Has anyone said NO to her? Not that I am aware of.

And so WHY IS ALL OF THIS SO? Because the Lord of Hosts, Jesus Christ is His name, has PICKED ALL OF OUR COLLECTIVE DELUSIONS. There is no other answer. Apostasy is merely the TOTAL DENIAL OF THE COLD HARD BRUTAL TRUTH. It is what it is, get used to it.

The Good Book is the only book in the world that does not ask you to JUST BELIEVE WHAT IT SAYS. It also commands you SEARCH IT OUT to FIND THE REAL TRUTH, have the scales cast from your eyeballs and your mind opened just a sliver of a crack to let the LIGHT OF TRUTH invade it. Refuse it and oh, well!! Thing might not go too well for you if you catch the drift here…

But the American people by and large refused. So God picked their delusions. There are many delusions He has picked for them we covered in a blog not long ago. Reread it. But like all roads, they say, lead to ROME, and then again, all roads of delusions usually lead to eternal ruin, right? I think I read that somewhere…

The odds are then that the American people ARE UNDER A RANK and DEADLY DELUSION as to what is actually going on, the land that they live in, their salvation and SO WHAT’S THEIR PROBLEM? And that answers WHY IS THAT, don’t you think?

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