Aliens, the Arrival and Government Secrets, Wars and Rumors Of War News Update

Larry Taylor reviews a new DVD  release of Major Ed Dames of Kill Shot fame, aka Dr. Doom, concerning  Aliens, The Arrival and the Strong Delusion of the Bible. Up for discussion are Earth Changes, Trump & Sweet Hillary, Israel and the Middle East war and rumors of war. The swift pace of events all over the world are only gaining speed as mankind dives into the TIME OF THE TROUBLE.

One day soon you will gaze up in the heavens and see what will appear as balls of light that will descend and the ARRIVAL will no longer by mythology, but very much in your face. Speak of the paranormal, with is paranormal in the extreme…


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The United States government has a very mysterious interest in Native American DNA and BLOOD TYPES. No one really knows why, but Stewart Best interviews Native American Darnette Taylor who has researched this topic, and it is very important for all to hear about because it is not just Native Americans, but almost EVERYONE who is now on the target list as the government EXPANDS ITS RIGHT TO TAKE DNA TESTS upon anyone who is even stopped for a minor traffic violation.

This massive and very intrusive expansion into getting everyone’s DNA on record appears to be connected in some way to Identity and British-Israel theological concepts as the government attempts to develop who is and who is not part of the 10 lost tribes of ancient Israel. Why do they want to know that?

The Book of Revelation makes a very interesting comment concerning “those who claim they are Jews but are not”, written in one of the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches. Why is this remark included in as letter to one of the Churches? What are the ties to this blood work and the United Nations? Some remarks of high level UN officials seems to indicate that behind the scenes, the UN is involved in a race supremacy operation of some type.

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Munich has now become the next attack for the global chaos to bring in the New World Order. The Bible prophets all say that America is going to succumb to massive terror attacks to bring in the military police state long wanted by the United Nations. America has to be brought down before the New World Order can rise up. The plans have been well laid out, from Congress declaring America a WAR ZONE, to NDAA which allows anyone at any time to be rounded up without trial and to be detained forever. THEN WE HAVE THE NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR “WAR OPERATIONS.”2015-11-20_14-53-55

The constitution lies in shreds, yet the American people do nothing about it.

The Trump Card, the wild card in all of this, is a mystery. Is Trump for real or is he just “paid opposition?”

The new documentary “Watchers 10” is now out and Larry will brief us on some of the startling proofs contained within! Are the flying humanoids with stingers in their tails a prelude to CERN’s unlocking the Abyss? Are the creatures found in Revelation that plague mankind for five months literal? Everything is on the table, join us for this one hour investigation!!!



In a world of pressure,chaos and “change” it’s easy to get stomach upset!! Try Ginger Root Tea – easy to make – get a ginger root, slice up about five-7 slices, placed in a pan with water, bring to a near boil, simmer for 10-15 minutes, add Stevia to sweeten and sip on it – also try crystallized Ginger root. You can get it at for cheap as they say. TRY IT, IT USUALLY WORKS!! Our web site will be up soon!!!!








It seems that those who have radio shows, TV shows, movies and even books that speak about controversial subjects have long been aware that certain subjects are not to be discussed in the land of the FREE. The free speech clause does not concern the elite of this nation or the world for that matter. The agenda does not allow such freedom. The agenda is all there is. The agenda is god. All bow to the agenda.



Last night on NIGHT SHADOWS, the last few minutes of the show were blocked from anyone hearing it. Suddenly there was an echo and then total cutoff as we were about to summarize the show and my comments to the elite of this world were likewise “off air.”

Funny how these folks think all of their efforts will change anything. THEY DO NOT. The elite are involved in an effort that is TOTALLY 100% VANITY, a totally worthless effort that even though of no effect whatever, sends them to a place so terrible the human mind cannot comprehend it. How do I know? Because I was shown it. It is real, and no one, NO ONE wants to go there…


So here is what I said, and this is an open letter to the elite of this world, the kings and rulers, those in authority, no matter what rank, high or low, those that are engaging in the fall of America and the world, and the bringing in of the long awaited utopian NEW WORLD ORDER.


First of all, your blood is not on my hands. I have warned many times of what lay ahead, and if you partake of it, woe be unto you. These warning are based upon what the Creator of time, space, energy, matter, life and spirit have shown me. He is also called ALPHA (creator of the Big Bang), and OMEGA (or the BIG SQUEEZE), the BEGINNING and the END OF THE TIME SPACE CONTINUUM.  He knows the end from the beginning. He is outside of time and space, and as we now know, all time is still there, the past, the present and future – all there even now.


Think of time as a hose. On the hose you place a mark. The mark is the present. The water IS TIME flowing past the mark and is called the present. The water that has already flowed past the mark is called the past. That past water is still there. The water coming into the mark is the future. It is likewise there. The past, present and future are ONE. They are a unified WHOLE.


Prophecy is not prediction or following trends to forecast the future. Prophecy is in fact what has already happened in the time/space continuum that we have not reached yet, but are heading towards, the water in the hose that has not reached our “present” mark yet.  It cannot and will not be altered. We merely travel though this time tunnel in what we call the ever-present. We are all prisoners in this continuum and try as you might (LIKE CERN) you cannot break out, you only think you can.  Thus:

  1. How do you explain that over 2500 years ago all those prophecies are now coming true with 100% accuracy?


  1. How do you explain that Psalm Two is now coming to pass with 100% accuracy as you kings and rulers are doing exactly what Psalm Two said thousands of years ago? Think hard, you might save your life.


  1. How do you explain Deuteronomy 28, Revelation 18, James and others all of whom say the Lord’s finger is pointing directly at you, the rich men, the kings and the rulers, totally identified as the ruthless players of the end, and whose end is eternal hell fire and ruin so horrific it is beyond the pale of human understanding?


The future knows every thought, every action, and choice of everyone on the planet. Change your mind, the future knew you would. Humanity has free will. Everyone does. Prophecy tells us what the free will choices are because the future knows what they are. Those choices shape the future, the outcome. This is true for nations as well. The future knows all about  it. You cannot fool the future. Nor can you fool the creator of time and space.


Maybe you say you don’t believe it. Maybe you think the Bible is just old wives tales, nothing to be concerned about. I am here to tell you the Bible is real, it is the reality of the human race no matter what humanity may think about it.


Now the Book of Daniel says that the wicked will NEVER understand. It is beyond your comprehension to appreciate the real truth behind all existence. While you confess yourselves to be the wisest of the wise, full of understanding and wisdom, you are in fact unable to comprehend even the most basic principles behind all of life, all of existence. Basically, you are in denial, a delusion. A very strong delusion.


However, the Bible tells us that you are all without any excuse whatsoever. In other words, your mental disqualifications are not an excuse, because you CHOSE THE PATHWAY YOU TOOK THROUGH LIFE. The result of those choices is what leads to your disqualified minds unable to comprehend reality in truth.


I personally am not a religious person, never was, never will be, because the truth that Masonry and most of humanity so desires to find has nothing to do with any of the world’s religions, including Christianity as we know it today. Religions are nothing more than a diversionary tactic of a very real enemy of humanity. How do I know that? Because, I like you, went upon a quest to find “truth.” I advise anyone not to go on this quest to find “truth” unless you want it above and beyond anything else, lest you faint along the way.


I found it. I found the key, not by any of my own efforts, but rather because the Creator, for reasons unknown, chose to show it to me. There is a truth out there. There is only ONE final or ultimate truth, in spite of what Masonry or humanity may say about it. That truth is well hidden. It is a secret found only by finding the key to unlock it. The KEY is also hidden but anyone born on this planet can find it if they chose to do so and want to find it beyond all other desires.


Your money thrown into CERN to find the “truth” or the glue holding the Universe together, that which you call the “god particle” is a total waste of time, but it will unleash upon you something so terrible you won’t believe it until you experience it. You cannot find the real GOD PARTICLE. You will never be able to unlock the glue that holds all of existence together.


You will, instead, unlock a hidden prison of spiritual forces held in abeyance. These evil antimatter associated spiritual entities only want to destroy all humanity, and destroy it they will, including the kings and the rulers of the world, as you will soon find out.


You may plumb the depths of inner space for eternity, you will not find the real truth because the Creator will never let you find it. You are looking in the wrong place. You are looking to unlock the greatest secret in the Universe, but it cannot be found in the material world, and inner space is OF the material world, no matter how deep you go, beyond stranglets, beyond the quantum to the ebb and flow of the so-called “flux”.



So why is that? Because the glue that holds all of this together is not MATERIAL. IT IS ALSO SPIRITUAL. The Creator, who knows the end from the beginning, has set this thing up so that there is only ONE WAY into finding out the TRUE FORCE FIELD behind your existence. It is beyond quantum kinetics, quantum physics. It is not there. It is a FORCE unknown to the world of the material.  It is beyond the flux fields of quantum kinetics. You cannot and you will not find it by any methods within the known material universe.


You KNOW something is there. It is a given that EVERY HUMAN SOUL knows something is there, some driving FORCE if you want to call it that.



This unknown FORCE is not energy as we comprehend energy fields. It is beyond the space-time continuum because it CREATED the time space continuum. It resides totally OUTSIDE OF the totality of all creation, no matter if a Universe or a Multiverse. This the dividing line humanity cannot penetrate by science. It is not definable. It is totally beyond all human comprehension because our minds are CLOSED OFF from knowing it. Call it what you will, there is SOMETHING holding all of this together, and mankind is held in a prison, cut off, not able to escape. We are born, we live, we die. No one escapes. The search for eternal life cannot be found here. There is a very real veil over the mind of fallen humanity, more real than anyone can know unless they find the secret key. The key is there, waiting for humanity to find it.


It is hidden, and well hidden. It will not be found by any known science of mankind. It beyond all knowledge, all wisdom, all understanding and all comprehension. As one scientist said, we know time exists, but we don’t know what it is.  In point of fact, the real truth is so well hidden that only those who have perished find it, and then it is too late to do anything about it.


This secret KEY that unlocks what humanity is looking for can only be found by crossing over through a hidden spiritual portal. That portal is within every single human being. We have many clues given to us by the ancients in structures and temples. The Tabernacle of the Israelites wandering in the desert holds all the clues you need to know. The ancient Temple of Solomon holds all the same clues. The Creator gave you these clues because He loves humanity and because He does not WANT ANY TO PERISH.



There is a DIMENSION GATE, A SPIRIT GATE or PORTAL if you will, within every human born on this planet. It is hidden within, and you are left to find it, to inquire into the greatest of mysteries, to take your key, unlock it, and when you do, you will understand the greatest secret in the Universe, the mystery that unlocks the greatest enigma of all time, YOUR EXISTENCE. It will tell you what life is all about, why you were born, why you are here, and what your Creator wants from you and He does want something from you.


So all of you, from the richest to the poorest, from the highest to the lowest, from Prince to pauper, from King to servant have no excuse. None of us do. The KEY can be found by everyone.


You may bring in your NEW WORLD ORDER. You may depopulate the land. You may murder in cold blood millions of innocent. You may use your Homeland Security FEMA death camps for the most massive genocide in all of history. You may be allowed to destroy, maim and kill with your endless wars.


You may attempt to censor the truth, to control the radio waves, the media, the TV, the movies, books and articles, but you will never, ever CHANGE THE OUTCOME. Just as the ancient past is known, so is the future outcome. It is all written on the fabric of the time space continuum. The Bible is the Book that the time-space fabric that the Creator’s agenda is wirtten on. You cannot alter it, try as you might, it is totally fixed. THE FUTURE ALREADY KNOWS, HAS ALWAYS KNOWN.


It is sheer vanity, all of it. Open your eyes, for your end is near, your fall IS totally outlined by the prophets of old, and your end is well documented. It is not prophetic, it is what happened to you. You can change it, but your time is short. You can change your mind, and not partake of the massive genocide plans now well underway. You can choose to the find the truth with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. You can, but you must act now, you must decide now.


But in the end, because if you chose the pathway you are on, and will find out the HARD WAY, as you see the KEY SLIP OUT OF YOUR HANDS, that yes, there really was a Creator, there really was a hidden secret, there really was a choice, and you made the wrong one.


Your New World Order will fail. Even with the help of your “alien” or “extraterrestrial” friends, it will fail. You will never bring about your long cherished utopia, your golden age of the gods. It will be taken from you, you will see it dissolve before your very eyes. You are not taking the next evolutionary giant leap up the ladder to godhood status for there is no such ladder. You only think you are. IT A DELUSION OF ALL DELUSIONS.


It is all a delusion, a trick of the eye by a master Wizard of Oz.  You are not ascending, but rather descending rapidly down to the pit, something found out only at the end. What you think you know, you do not. And the future can be known, but you have to know exactly where to look. Your future is well outlined. CHANGE YOU HEART, CHANGE YOUR MINDS.


If you are in the military, do not partake of what is soon to befall America. It is a trap that leads to eternal ruin and loss. Do not betray your own loved ones, your wives, your husbands, your moms and dads, you sons and daughters. Evil is coming upon America. The darkness is falling. Night is soon going to be upon us. The NIGHT SHADOWS are now deep. Total darkness will soon be upon us. Your choice. Your decision.


The WICKED WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND, but the WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND. It is not that you cannot, it is because you WILLFULLY WILL NOT. Therefore the wicked, the Gainsayers, those not interested in searching out the truth will never understand…


However, you can be like Pilate, who inquired of Jesus Christ as to “what is truth?” or “what are you?”











Best & Taylor Update on the growing threat of World War as Turkey and NATO square off, which will bring Putin into the fray, as Turkey has now declared America was behind the coup attempt. Turkish forces now in control of airbase where 70-90 nuclear bombs are kept, and Turkey could get them for their Islamic State! Trouble on the home front as Obama issues an executive order concerning domestic warfare and the so-called “protection” of American citizens. Why now? How much evidence do the American people need before they wake up? How many laws must be passed restricting all rights before they wise up? Reports of possible riots tomorrow in Cleveland are surfacing, is there any truth in it? The Masonic motto “Ordo Ab Chao” appears to have begun on a global basis. What is next?




Executive Order — United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force


– – – – – – –


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby direct as follows:

Section 1. Purpose. United States policy on civilian casualties resulting from U.S. operations involving the use of force in armed conflict or in the exercise of the Nation’s inherent right of self-defense is based on our national interests, our values, and our legal obligations. As a Nation, we are steadfastly committed to complying with our obligations under the law of armed conflict, including those that address the protection of civilians, such as the fundamental principles of necessity, humanity, distinction, and proportionality.

There is more, much more to this – tune in and find out why you are the enemy.



Author Daniel Holdings Joins Stewart & Larry on CERN, paranormal events, Dimensional shifts, time-warps, the Mandela Effect, prophecy and world events now shaping a dark future as Obama tightens his grip upon America and forges his police state now coming rapidly upon us all. A newly released executive order says it all as to what is just ahead for the American people. Putin’s warning of WWIII goes ignored. The times of darkness are now coming when radio programs like NIGHT SHADOWS will not be allowed and the real truth hidden from the people. WAKE UP! Most people have no idea what is coming even though all of the signs, executive orders, laws are out there for everyone to see.

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Stewart & Larry will be speaking about a number of strange events, the Clinton Body Counts seem to be mounting, lawlessness prevails as Obama uses Dallas to nationalize our local police forces, the NWO is shifting into high gear, civil war threat real, Putin warns the West of something very strange indeed, odd weather, climate change, new pictures of the Destroyer, No-Eyes and the coming Pole Shift, the flat earth conspiracy, UFO’s and the space station films, and many other odd events as the world enters into its final days of mankind’s probation upon planet Earth. Mandela Effects, are they real or is it Memorex?

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Emergency news update with Larry and Stewart to discuss the latest news on Dallas, the Protocols, false flags and civil unrest, global economic warnings everywhere, lawlessness in government now open for all to see, huge number of people not even looking for jobs (25%), Putin’s warning about war to the West, Psalm Two Wars, Russian moves in the Middle East, CERN and a scientist vanishing, portals and dimensional shifts, veils thinning, the approach of the Galactic Super Wave, DNA and consciousness shift, the strong delusion and much more – don’t miss tonight’s show!!!

Scientists are now admitting that a Galactic Wave appears to be approaching our solar system, but no one knows what the effects will be, we only have ancient records to guide us as Earth enters into its final probationary phase.







Update on news from around the world, all pointing to the fact that we will soon wake up to news that either we have entered a major hot war in the Syrian-Israeli region of the world, or that Iran has decided to expand its reach as Daniel 8 suggests.


Obama and Hillary co-conspirators excellante forge ahead with their communist-Marxist-socialist Islamic police state and lawlessness prevails to an all-time high.

Earth changes are now increasing world-wide with bizarre weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, rifts and sink holes almost a daily occurrence.


 The approach of Planet-X, the planet of the crossing, appears to be rapidly moving through our system, but misinformation and disinformation abound.



More articles are showing up concerning the Galactic shock wave approaching, sort of confirming an insider report that the elite have already found evidence of it passing through systems closer to the core than we are. Insider information coming out of the Middle East warns a major event will soon shake the world, but no one knows what it is!!



Most people are now in total denial, mocking what the Bible says is the real truth. “I will pick their delusions” rings in my ears all the time now.

If I had not died, and had not gone to the other side and been rescued by Jesus, I guess I might be among them. Time to wake up, the deception WAVE is here.