Best & Taylor News Hour For 8-30-2019 – The Coming Storm

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Hurricane Watch, Judgment, Matrix, Israel, China, Russia, Trump, Deep State & More…




Trouble in the Matrix, and especially for the USA-Babylon as we enter the new 2019 hurricane season, and the forecast is for ABOVE AVERAGE. Add to that the EARTHQUAKE and VOLCANIC WATCH, solar anomalies, strange sights (Plasma Discharge Events), the total insanity of the DEEP STATE FAR LEFT, the obvious double legal system, one for them one for us, and then we must look at TRUMP, a huge FALSE FLAG possibly on Labor Day or on this weekend as millions take to the highways – and then we have the communist coup going full blast, has the world GONE INSANE? Remember the Bible is the ONLY book you have to guide you through the chaos and mayhem that Satan is coming with for the final solution for humanity and more…







Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-28-2019 – Problems In The Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Israel, Russia, Arctic, Greenland, Matrix, UFO, Arrival, Earth Changes


According to Jesus Christ 90%+ of Christians take the BLUE PILL and remain forever in the Matrix! You can ESCAPE!


There is trouble brewing in the Matrix. The nations are getting restless. Trade wars and economic wars abound. Economic woes on both a national and global scale accelerate but are denied by the leaders. The Trump wars continue, and the masses are entertained but no one goes to jail. “Next week” for sure they have been saying for 2.5 years. Hillary makes plans for a presidential run. Comey gets off free. On and on it goes as Babylon’s lawlessness is on full display for the world to see. Meanwhile China prepares to take Hong Kong and then Taiwan. Israel prepares to “go it alone” and make their “Israeli mistake” of the bots. Dorian goes to hurricane status, and humanity appears oblivious to the approach of Messiah. Sudden destruction cometh and no one pays attention to what Jesus commanded if we want to escape the Matrix.






Welcome to the Best Intelligence Digest – we did this some time ago for free to anyone who wanted to be on our email list, and we had a large number of people who wanted it. This time they will be short, a digest of sorts, and concentrate on ONE MAJOR ISSUE for everyone who is interested in what is going on around them!

2019-08-27_9-07-01The good folks of America and the world are the victims of a huge military operation that does not appear to be military in nature. This appears to be just the advancement of technology and the results that naturally occur with each new advancement. Most people do not realize that the United Nations is in reality a military martial law form of government, so when you speak of the UN’s Agenda 21/30/50 world takeover agenda, you are speaking of a martial law agenda that utilizes civilian clothing, civilian technology and civilian Orwellian double speak to achieve its military goals. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

With that in mind, we need to take a closer look at the BIG TECH COMPANIES, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and others that are now very actively involved in censorship of not only conservative points of view, but also of any viewpoint that is contrary to the globalist viewpoints – such as the medical cartels censorship of anyone who is warning of the dangers of vaccines, or who is attempting to point out that many health issues can be solved by natural means, such as changes in diets, adding supplements to their diets, exercise and such. If you go against the globalist’s positions on such items you will be censored, such as has happened to “Natural News” recently.

2019-08-27_9-08-43The globalists have an agenda, and it includes a TOTAL LOCKDOWN of any contrary views to the “official state position”. What we are watching is the development of a “Ministry of Truth” suggested by Obama some time back. Collectively, these huge digital tech companies have become their own “Ministry of Truths” and they, and they alone, will determine what is true and what is NOT true. No deviations from their opinions will be allowed.  They have the power now and are actively involved in SHUTTING DOWN even private websites via many different methods. Here are a few of them:


  1. You visit a website you have been visiting for years, and suddenly there is a warning that pops up saying this website is “unsafe” and you should not visit it.
  2. They “shadow ban” you. If you have a list of subscribers, say on YouTube for example, when you post something, your subscribers don’t get notified at all there is a new post. Suddenly your 10,000 people who wanted your information drops down by 9,000 people – those that only bothered to check your site to see if you had anything new up.
  3. They actively SHUT DOWN YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL altogether, saying you “violated” some of their “community standards or guidelines” or where found “offensive” etc. It is not just YouTube doing this, they are all very active in this.
  4. They can often use “copyright infringement” when there is none at all. This is how they can stop a production.
  5. YouTube, for example, has a program where they can take the soundtrack away, or ban the playing of your video in any country they chose. For an example, I posted my video “Daniel and the Four Beasts” and it was banned in the USA and Canada!!

I hope people begin to understand the danger of what is actually happening here as the LOCKDOWN to the New World Order begins in earnest. At the same time, the China system of social credits is being introduced the world over, one step at a time. The new 5G/6G military frequency technology, now being pushed by all world leaders including President Trump, appears to be the final technology for the global Social Credits System to operate.

This social credit system is being developed in China because it is a total dictatorship and the people have no choice but to participate in it, for if they do not, they are severely “punished” for even minor “violations” and are “shamed” in their community. China is the ideal location to experiment on the “cattle” to fine tune the system before it goes global.

2019-03-15_11-02-20We should call this 5G/6G Social Credit System what it really is – THE MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM. It is the final phase of “Quiet Weapons For Quiet Wars” scenario, where EVERYONE is to receive a MARK that totally identifies them and the entire system is a DIGITAL LOCKDOWN CONTROL SYSTEM, and no one can buy or sell ANYTHING without permission from the AI system that will be controlling it. You are already deeply involved within it via your credit cards and resultant “credit scores”, social security system, banking, medical records, etc.

The next phase of this system is now already appearing, and that is the merging of humans with AI via “chip inserts”, which has been dubbed “tran-shumanism”. Adding computer chips to the human brain bridges the gap between humanity and the digital world of computers and creates a direct AI interface so that the PERSON is then connected directly to the GLOBAL DIGITAL HIVE MIND, just like a beehive. You may remember that Madilyn Albright, while UN Ambassador for the USA usually wore a huge honeybee broch. There was a reason for it.

Humanity is being programmed to accept the ANTICHRIST COLLECTIVE. You live in a frequency matrix, and the matrix is THE SYSTEM. What is the Matrix? It is the entire Universe we live in. The Solar System is one tiny part of this Matrix, and Earth a mere tiny dot. The Matrix you live in is everywhere you look, everything you see, hear touch and smell. When you were born, you were born in the Matrix, you grew up in it, and you will remain in it until you die. THE MATRIX IS ALSO THE SYSTEM here on Earth. It is a LOCKDOWN SYSTEM.

Think of the antichrist system as the final system within the Matrix, the final solution of total control of the masses. This is why data collection of everything you have ever done is so important for the AI system. It needs all of this data to create your own personal dossier. If you go online today, and say you buy something from Amazon, like a book or a movie. Instantly there will appear “things you might be interested in”, more books or movies or music of the same genre, all done instantly by AI. If you go to another web site, the ads will follow you.

Do you see how this lockdown will work? It is a TOTAL DIGITAL LOCKDOWN SYSTEM from which NO ONE can escape. This system has crept in totally unawares by most people, and they have been acclimated to not only accept it, to ENJOY IT, TO WANT IT, TO BE A PART OF IT. The MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM may well alter DNA within a person, and that is the reason they are not redeemable, because they would not be fully human, and therefore not pure human stock, thus not a “kinsman”. More on that later. BEWARE! – Stewart



Order your copies of “FINDING HOME” and  FREQUENCY – THE HIDDEN MATRIX” and its sequel “FREQUENCY – THE MIND MATRIX” if you really want to fully understand what is going on all around you, WHY it is going on, and HOW TO ESCAPE!!


Jesus Christ came into the MATRIX in an attempt to RESCUE anyone who wanted “out”. The series “Matrix” PROVES totally that everything Jesus Christ said was totally true and totally accurate. Because we are HARDWIRED into the Matrix System, we are blind to our true reality and the danger we are all in, not only because of the SYSTEM, but we are actually classified as an ENEMY OF THE CREATOR because of the FALL. It is real, and it is dangerous beyond belief. Call 1-800-257-2672. Email, write Best Video P.O. Box 55, Downsville, WI 54735.

If you wish to subscribe to THE BEST INTELLIGENCE REVIEW, just email us at , or call 1-800-257-2672, we may also issue a collection of these as a hard copy as well. Good to use to inform your loved ones as to what is going on!!









Best & Taylor News Hour For 8-23-2019 – This, The Other Thing & That

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Global Roundup, The Matrix, Trump Coup, Earth Changes, China, North Korea & More…




It seems that the world is a “soap opera” like “As The World Turns”. The nations, however, are now getting more and more restless as the end game of the Lord approaches. Those trapped within the Matrix are beginning to realize the matrix is real, and scientists are now being funded to the tune of millions of dollars so the elite can find a way out – by any means possible, such as CERN, DNA changes, anything at all to AVOID THE CROSS OF CHRIST, the ONLY WAY OUT. There is a reason why Jesus is the only one with the KEYS TO ESCAPE. There is a reason why Jesus commanded we enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way. It has to do with a SPIRITUAL ATTRACTION we all have for THIS WORLD. The clues are in the Temple or Tabernacle construction. It is all there but DENIED by 95% or more of Christianity today, just as the prophets said it would be. Earth Changes, the Destroyer, Solar anomalies, strange plasma events and UFO sighting are on the increase the world over and more…






Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-19-2019 – War Developing In Middle East?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 8/19 – 7:00 PM CT

Special Update – Turkey Attacks Syria, Russia Strikes Turkish Forces, NATO warns?


While we may have a number of flare-ups in the Middle East, this latest one is interesting because Israel appears to be NOT INVOLVED. Turkey took it upon itself to invade Syria, and Syria responded by attacking a convoy of Turkish troops and military equipment. Turkey also launched a missile attack upon a Russian airbase that reportedly killed a Russian general, so Russia has now joined the fray. France issued a warning to Russia to “stand down” more or less. Remember, however, that Turkey is a member of NATO and NATO is to come to the defense of any of their members, so does that then involve the EC and America? Good question. Larry and I will be discussing this and the possible escalation and what it could mean in “ripple effects”.





Best & Taylor Matrix News Hour For 8-16-2019 – Police State Coming

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Gun Control, 7277, UN, Red Flag Laws, False Flags and more…



Well, here we go again as the communists gear up for their final push to topple America – new proposed gun law bans semi-autos, most long guns, red flag laws coming to a town near you because you are a mental case. Why? Because you are not a communist, that’s why. Any sane person knows that communism is the ONLY SANE GOVERNMENTAL FORM, even though it has failed each time it is advanced. However, this is all designed to de-populate America by first taking the guns and then the killing fields begin. It works, why change it? Trump calls deep left “communists” for first time at rally – then we have China and Hong Kong, Israel and Syria, Russia and Iran and so it goes, all inside the Matrix, all designed to KEEP YOU THERE. Time to re-read Scripture folks and get the real truth!! Famine news, bee kills, earthquakes and well, on and on it goes, but where it stops, we all ought to know…







Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-14-2019 – War, Markets & Whatever

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Dow Down, Gold Up, China Moves, Bible Codes, Mass Chaos & The New World Order


There is a veil OVER YOUR MIND. It is invisible but it blinds you to your true reality and makes you a PRISONER OF THE MATRIX. The Overlord is REAL and your destruction is the goal. Do you know why?


The Matrix controllers are busy keeping everyone occupied with all sorts of diversions & increasing chaos so you won’t LEAVE THE MATRIX, and 95% of the people, including Christians have no real idea there is a Matrix, let along that they are prisoners in it. The fact that Jesus Christ said we are in a PRISON, with the DOOR LOCKED falls upon totally deaf ears. The fact that we are told to turn our backs upon the world (aka THE MATRIX SYSTEM) or we will NEVER LEAVE IT also falls upon deaf ears. It is an amazing thing to  watch 2500 year old prophecies coming to pass with 100% accuracy, yet humanity sails on into oblivion never understanding the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS they are walking in!! On this show, China is already in Hong Kong, State Department warns China (big laugh there), Russia to invade Ukraine? Israel & Syria, and so on and on it goes and humanity learns NOTHING and must continue its suicide mission…





Best & Taylor Intel Update for 8-12-2019 – China On The Move

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

China, Hong Kong, Israel Temple, 9th of Av, Tu’B’Av, Full Moons & Rapture Someday



Major media is starting to conform the Hal Turner news leaks of a major “invasion” of Hong Kong by mainland China, and Fox News appears to have used a coded message that China PLA troops have infiltrated Hong Kong police units and are the ones provoking the riots – with Taiwan the next target – The Kings of the East will soon be on the move. Meanwhile Temple Mount troubles for Israel increase, more calls for the Third Temple, and on the 15th, Tu’B’Av and a full moon could have some real meaning for the Church as well. Then we have the Clinton Dearth Count rise possibly, or Epstein may have been reportedly killed to protect him – we may never find out. Then we have the Russian explosions at a research nuke site – and so it goes..










Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-9-2019

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Russian Radiation, Kill the Deplorables, Revolution & America Going Down, India & Pakistan Troubles


I am not feeling well, so am only doing a 30-minute presentation tonight, had food poisoning last night. The deep state has now decided it is now or never to foment their revolution to topple the United States. The state of extreme lawlessness grows worse by the day, those that should be locked up are running free, and Washington is dying rapidly from extreme corruption. Meanwhile, it appears that Russia had a major nuke accidental explosion that spiked radiation levels. Strange NASA flights over volcanic and rift zones spark “tin-foil hat” conspiracy theories, and Congress is set to gut the Second Amendment further with so-called “red-flag laws” in a further move to “get the guns” for that has been the plan all along. The 9th of Av is just around the corner, and hopefully NOTHING HAPPENS to deepen the woes of the world and more…