Best & Taylor Update – 2018 – Year Of Hope, Year of Trouble?

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Coup and Counter Coup, Kimmy Missiles, Antifa & More…


As we close 2017 and look back, we find prophetic fulfillment and a move to Daniel’s 70th Week and the Lord going back to Israel for the time of Jacob’s Trouble. In the meantime, the Deep State appears to be going for broke in their attempt to take down Trump via any means necessary. At the same time, Trump appears to be going after Deep State via a new Executive Order that allow him to freeze all bank accounts. It is said thousands of sealed indictments are going out all over the world. The Executive Order is an EMERGENCY DECLARATION! Kimmy says he will launch a new missile and more…





Merry Christmas & Wishes For A Prosperous New Year!!

The Mystery Of the Number 24 & Why Christ’s Blood Purchase Is Real


In our blog talk radio show Friday 12-22-2017, we had a discussion of a discovery claimed by several scientists that the blood of Christ, found on the Shroud of Turin was not human. Human blood contains 46 chromosomes, 23Y and 23X from the mother and father. The number 23 means DEATH, telling us humanity is a fallen creature and is dead spiritually, born into a world of THE LIVING DEAD.

There were several places on the shroud and these were said to be enough to get a good sample and scientific tests said the blood tested showed 23Y and only 1X for a total of 24.  That is “alien” or “not of this world” blood.

Because Christ was born of a woman and His Father was God the Father, then it appears that the Virgin Birth contained the 23Y chromosomes from Mary but only ONE was required from God the Father to fertilize the egg thus the number 24, hence proving the Divinity of Christ. The number 24 in Scripture concerns the PRIESTHOOD, along with the 12 elders from the Old Testament and 23 elders from the New Testament, which John saw in Chapter Four of Revelation.

It also interesting that Christmas Eve is on 24th of December and Christmas day is the 25th. Twenty Five means “Forgiveness Of Sins.  Further, the number 1 means unity, and that is why Jesus said “I and my Father are One”.  Perhaps the ONE had more meaning that we ever understood before.

If we carry this concept further, we know that THE CONCEPTION of Christ was most likely on the 24th or 25 of December, and that Christ was born in September. We now know that at the moment of conception that a FLASH OF LIGHT appears, recorded several times and made the MSM news outlets.

It is at the moment of conception that the egg and sperm meet in normal human breeding, thus some form of energy flash appears and life begins. It is also known that the normal human gestation period goes through SEVEN CYCLES, and they correspond to the SEVEN JEWISH FEAST DAYS, culminating with Hanukah, the 8th Feast, and the number 8 means NEW BEGINNING.

So the Blood of Christ shows us that the concept of a VIRGIN BIRTH is not only real, but very necessary for the REDEMPTION of humanity, and the fact that Christ came through the WOMAN explains the 23 chromosome count and proves Kinsman-Redeemer law of ancient Israel. It also proves that the Shroud of Turin is authentic.


The Carbon Dating was redone and proves that the shroud was in the time of Christ, and pollen was also discovered that occurred in and around Jerusalem at the time of Christ. The evidence keeps flowing in, and yet the world appears to be rejecting the concept of salvation via REDEMPTION as total foolishness.


What the world is dealing with here is nothing short of the greatest of all events and miracles in humanities history, and that is, God’ rescue mission to save a fallen humanity, and it also proves the Genesis story as well.


Another amazing discovery is that within the human DNA structure is a message from the Creator, in other words, HE HAS SIGNED HIS NAME IN EVERY HUMAN BEING. I do not know how it works, but scientists have shown how DNA has its own sort of language or instructions, and is the very foundation of all life.

Scientists found that DNA pattern and language is identical to the Aramaic language, the very language Jesus spoke in. Here is what the scientists have discover so far:

”Hello, my children, this is Yahweh, the one true Lord, you have found creations secret, share it peacefully with the world…

Go tell the world who is the TRUE GOD and Creator of all

God eternal within the body”

Thus it is that 2018 should be all about a NEW BEGINNING, referring to the NEW WORLD ORDER coming into full manifestation during 2018.


P.S. Augusto Perez says that Trump’s signing of a national emergency is the FIRST DOMINO that will lead to America’s destruction and will have an emergency broadcast tomorrow night on what the Lord told him. Augusto is on Blogtalk appearance.

Best & Taylor Update With Richard Shaw

Tonight in Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

UFO’s, The Arrival, The DNA of Christ, 2017 Round-Up And More…



Richard, Larry & Stewart on a round table discussion of the alien question, UFO’s, Israel, Bible Codes and the DNA of Christ, Israel Trouble, The United Nations, North Korea, and Iran, The Crown Prince of Saudi-Arabia, Earth Changes, and  The Deep State Counter Coup as thousands of warrants may be issued in 2018 as Trump moves to destroy the Communist coup that was well underway under Obama. Can it be stopped, or is Donald Trump going to be removed by any means necessary and more…

Marry Christmas To All!!

The amazing discover of God’s message in our DNA and The DNA Of Christ!!!






Best & Taylor Update – 12-20-17 – The Storm Is Coming

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

The Grand Pivot – Temple Talk, War Talk & The Arrival


2017 has been a year of major events all pointing to Daniel’s 70th week and the Messianic era beginning. Trump’s approval of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will lead to the Temple, be it a major construction or David’s Tabernacle, which can go up almost overnight. We are close, and 2018 will likewise complete the pivot and we will be in Daniel’s lost week unless the Lord delays everything, which is now unlikely, but a possibility. The arrival cannot be far off and Earth changes and odd weather the world over are another sign of impending trouble for humanity and more…


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Best & Taylor Intel Update – 12-17-2017

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Kim Threatens China, War In Middle East, Trump Coup, Warning Quakes, Deep State & More


As we go through the latter part of December we are going to see many things begin to change, and the war drums will change into a hot war, but we cannot yet know exactly where it will start. The revelations of the total corruption of government will continue which may result in a Deep State false flag event, that could be blamed on North Korea or Iran to get America involved in a war. Then we have a warning quake in the Gulf that portends a Chicago – New Madrid possible mega quake, and more…


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Best & Taylor News Hour – 12-15-2017

Tonight On Night5 Shadows – 7:00 PM CT


NK Missile Launch, Trump, Obama Coup, The G-5 Bee Hive, Iran & More…

Wikileaks reveals Obama Deep State coup against Trump, Kim to launch new ICBM possibly on weekend, war drums beating much louder, Iran violating UN nuke deal, but is the proof real or manufactured to justify another invasion much like Iraq? The globalists need a war, revolution, economic collapse or natural disaster such as an EMP attack to get the chaos needed so the masses of people will accept draconian controls and a G5 Police State that goes with it. What appears to be coming is an AI Intelligence running the affairs of humanity. How close are we? No one knows for sure, but the signs for an impending doomsday are everywhere. We are at a pivot point as we move through 2017 to 2018.






Best & Taylor Update – Moving Through The Pivot & Israel’s Trouble

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Kim’s Nukes & Missiles, Arab Wars & Trump Coup & Americans Sleep


Even if people do not realize it, the world is on the brink of war, while the signs of the Return of Christ are everywhere and mounting. Jesus told us that it would come as a SNARE, suddenly, with no warning whatever, and everything would change in as instant, in a twinkling of the eye – He also told us to pray always that we be worthy to stand before the SON OF MAN and “escape” all these things that were to come upon the Earth. The convergence appears to be upon us, and while it may appear as any other day, and war can come in a moment. Earth changes abound, paranormal sighting being reported, mothman, big foot, wolfman, UFO’s – it is all coming together for the final days of man’s probation upon Earth and more…



On The Seventh Day?



Best & Taylor Update – Peace or War? Humanity On The Brink

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Have We Reached the Pivot Point and Israel’s Time Of Trouble?


The Middle East is in turmoil ad riots break out because of Trump recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something Lord has known all along – but it does show how Israel is hated by the world, as world leaders condemn Trumps move including the Pope, the United Nations, Europe and many Arab states all showing us their true feelings about Israel, confirming Psalm 83! Then we have the fires in California that have all the marks of ANOTHER use of particle beam, laser or microwave for the attack. Earth changes rapidly increasing the world over, more Mothman & UFO sightings, and more…



Best & Taylor Flash Update – Fire In The Middle East


Israel – The Lord’s Time Clock  11:59.55


With Trumps approval of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and naming Jerusalem as capital of Israel, the Arab/Moslem world will respond with fury. But what it means in its relationship to the Christians and the removal of the Church is far more important. We have now confirmation of the lateness of the hour in relationship to Daniel’s lost week of years, and the only Feast that Jesus Christ openly attended was the Feast of Lights! It is a feast in WINTER, and it is a Feast of Dedication, and ties directly to December. It ties directly to Matthew 24. Heads Up!



Best & Taylor News Update With Stan Deyo – 12-1-2017

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Stan Deyo Briefing on Earth Changes, Middle East and the Coming Arrival


Stan Deyo will join Stewart and Larry to discuss the rapid increase in earth changes in almost all areas, including climate change, erratic and turbulent weather, world-wide flooding, increasing volcanic activity, earthquakes, rifts, sink holes and why they are happening. The Middle East and Saudi Arabia’s Salman and his rise to become King, and what that means for Israel, America and the one of a kind meeting between Russia, Iran and Turkey, and Stan’s research into what the arrival of the fallen ones means to humanity and more…