Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-20-2019 – War Any Day Now

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Trump, National Emergency, War and The Final Push For the New World Order


It seems odd that the war drums, the threats and counter threats are all heating up rapidly as we approach the end of Israel’s 70th year. It is all by accident or by design? When one considers the Matrix we are trapped in, the how the controllers want and need their New World Order, it is apparent all of this is by design, but appears to be all coincidental. We have Venezuela, Crimea, Ukraine, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Syria are all ready to go once the shoe drops. The technology for the Mark is already here just awaiting the right “atmosphere” so people will accept it. Earth changes abound, plasma events continue, loud scraping sounds the world over and so it goes…






Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-18-2019 – War Drums Ever Louder

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When Peace Is Taken From The Earth – A Time For Everything Under The Sun




Unknown to the American people because the controllers of the Matrix do not want to know what is going on IN THE MATRIX, let alone get out of it, is that major war appears to be coming quickly in a number of areas of the globe, but the three major hot-spots are the Israel-Iran-Syria-Russia war, the India-Pakistan conflict and Venezuela. The other area of concern is the China problem. Trump hatred reaches new levels and the Republican-Democrat DEEP STATE are doing whatever they can (along with Trump, it seems) to keep the southern border open for the final wave of insurgents to come in before the America-Babylon take-down and merger into the New World Order. Then we have no arrests of deep state folks, just talk, and lawlessness continues unabated…It’s all a diversion, folks, it’s all a diversion to keep you buried in the matrix. WAKE UP.









Best & Taylor News Hour For 2-15-2019 – Emergencies & War


Coming Soon!! You are in a TIME-SPACE EVIL MATRIX, and there is no way out except one!! All proven in the most paranormal book ever given to humanity, whose information within is rejected and mocked, even by those who claim they believe every Word. 

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2018-05-16_13-02-58Trump, Wall, Emergency, Venezuela, Columbia, Russia, China, Cuba, Iran Collision Course

The recent agreement from Congress was so full of evil it defies all description, and it may have been a trap for the American people, for we are told that Trump’s declaration of a nation emergency was supposed to nullify some of the provisions in the new bill passed by the House and Senate – but if his emergency declaration is challenged in court, and an injunction to stop it is issued, then this new bill takes effect and our southern border is totally gutted by the provisions shown. Perhaps that is why Trump signed it – but it is all part of the matrix and all of this is a “side-show” to entertain the masses while the New World Order and their control is tightened and much more…







Frequency -The Hidden Matrix- Illusions of Freedom

From a New EBOOK coming soon by Stewart Best

“Life Here Is Just Another Form of Insanity”



Humanity lives in a delusion. His physical senses — eyes, ears, nose (smell) and touch and taste can only pick up a very small amount of the electro-magnetic spectrum we live in.  The eyes can only pick up a small part of the light spectrum. Technology has shown as how vast this spectrum really is, but now science claims we are only ONE UNIVERSE in a MULTIVERSE. In other words, there are many dimensions out there, beyond anything we can imagine. The Bible says the same thing!

That also implies that the electro-magnetic spectrum that bookends our universe is only a small part of the totality of “frequencies” out there, and how those “forces” work to contain us within it is under intense scientific research, as with CERN. It appears that each dimension also has bookends that divide one dimension from another in some manner.

Jesus Christ said humanity is in a prison house, walks in total spiritual darkness, and is spiritually dead to the Creator because of what Genesis calls THE FALL.

But what is this invisible prison, both physical, mental and spiritual? Is the clue actually found in our electro-magnetic spectrum and Jesus told us how to escape it? Did He bring us a message so profound only a few unlock its secrets? Is there a SPIRITUAL FREQUENCY just like the “electro-magnetic” physical universe has or is it different altogether?  And was the so-called FALL OF MAN a rebirth into a much lower vibrational frequency that has enslaved us? The answers are astounding, and give us a clear portrait of what the Bible calls THE FALL, REDEMPTION, and REBIRTH.

Most mock the fall and what it portrays. They think of it as a just a myth. New Agers say it was a step up the evolutionary ladder and the next quantum leap will be to godhood status. The Bible says just the opposite. So someone has it wrong. Bible prophecy clearly portrays that world civilization is in a downward spiral into total chaos, while humanity as a whole thinks they are evolving ever upwards. The Book of Enoch says that humanity undergoes a final delusion and thinks they actually become gods! However, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil appears to be a reality, even if mocked, it is the cause of all the problems of man. It has to do with the very heart and nature of our universe, one of many in the multiverse. It has to do with frequencies, sound, vibrations, that which the Bible calls THE “WORD.”

The fall of man appears to have changed his DNA structure, and caused a veil to come over his mind so he cannot see his true state within the multiverse and thus walks in “darkness” and is imprisoned by his own nature and cannot undo it. He is born into it, lives in it and dies in it. As the saying goes, a leopard cannot change his spots. Humanity cannot change his fallen nature, it is what it is, locked in his DNA and totally beyond the reach of man. It appears that what happened was a “frequency lockdown”.

Humanity KNOWS that something is wrong. It is sensed, but unknown as to the nature of the problem. How do we know they know? Because of the multitude of religions, theologies, philosophies out there. All are searching for what they call “TRUTH.” All are attempting to explain why we are here and what life is all about. Scientists at CERN said they found the GOD PARTICLE. Why would they call it that unless deep within, everyone knows there is a Creator out there somewhere, in the vast reaches of the twilight zone, beyond sound and sight, beyond the imagination, just as the TV series said?

There would be no searching, no exploring via huge telescopes of all kinds, to microscopes, to CERN, all attempting to unlock the secrets of the PRISON HOUSE. In point of fact, several billionaires have suggested we live in a digital holographic universe, and via quantum computers we can figure out a way to escape it! You might recall the movies “LAWMOWER MAN”, and “LAWNMOWER MAN II”, for they unlocked some of the mystery of two worlds, ours and the super computer digital world. Then we had THEY LIVE and the Matrix series of movies.

This digital world is rapidly ensnaring the entire human race and with the advent of G5 technology-and the spider web being weaved by Satan and his dupes will soon be in total control of every facet of human existence. This is, in reality, THE THIRD MATRIX of the trilogy of control and deception. The apex of this system is the MARK OF THE BEAST, which is now almost upon us, with biological ID, data collection on a huge scale, the tightening controls in the field of economics and the move to a totally cashless society. People will welcome it, as it will make things far easier and much more secure.

What we fail to realize is that even if we solve wormholes and how to make them, how to go through stargates or portals, and even learn the entire construction of the Universe, we are still trapped in it, and according to Jesus Christ, there is a reason we are locked up.

This brings us to a question concerning CERN and the real intent of the nations, secretly behind their funding it. What exactly are they looking for? Some have said we want to make antimatter into a weapon, much like the Manhattan Project, seeking to unlock the secrets of the atom and weaponizing it.

Others have suggested that CERN is actively attempting to open up doorways or portals to other dimensions. I have thought perhaps they want to find out if they can storm heaven’s gate, take out the Creator and thus escape judgment, or perhaps real and literal time travel, something already going on according to insiders, but that is another story.

The point being that no matter how humanity may attempt to get out of his prison, he will always be in the time-space matrix. Ancient history, way back in ancient times, before Adam and Eve, there was an ALPHA POINT, the beginning of the TIME AND SPACE MATRIX AS WE KNOW IT, and Jesus Christ said there was an OMEGA POINT, the ending of it all. In other words, we could say that humanity, as we know it today, WILL HAVE AN END. The Bible speaks of cycles or “ages”, and each age passes to the next, in an apparent never ending cycle, but the Bible says there is an end to the TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM ITSELF. It is called the OMEGA POINT.

More Later….






Best & Taylor Inel Update For 2-10-2019 – Trump, Venezuela & Walls

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Stalemates, Wars & Runors of War & The Ides of March, and Impact Event


News, more news and then no news – silence means something is going on behind the scenes – remember Trump said he would not say what he was planning, or when or how. But the inside news is that America is planning an invasion of Venezuela before the end of April or so. But who knows? They say the Shadow knows, but he isn’t talking right now. Then we have an increase in meteor impacts, one in Cuba, and now one in Venezuela as Earth enters a zone of space debris and much increased radiation levels – rmemeber the Bible record at least TWO major impact events, botvh appear to be large asteroid or tiny comet hits – all outlined for the last days. Then of course we have the stage show of congress vs, Trump to keep everyone occupied and so it goes…
















Best & Taylor News Hour For 2-8-2019 – S300 To Venezuela & Plasma Events

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump, War, Venezuela S-300, Russia, Red Skies, Frequency, Plasma Events


As the world plunges into its final phase before the coming crustal shift, many events wil take place, and the forerunners are already here – earthquakes, volcanic activity, crustal rifts, erratic weather, strange sights in the heavens, shifting of the sun, moon, planets & stars. and on Earth distress of nations and more and more emotional problems of humanity because they have rejected Jesus Christ asnd therfore hsave no protection from the coming events.  The spirit of antichrist is rising rapidly around the world. Plasma discharge events with odd colored skies, dancinig lights and UFO sighting are on the increase. The ancients showed us all about it, and now the secrets of the ancients are being unlocked like never-before. It all has to do with SOUND, called in the Bible THE WORD, and mankind is locked into a electro-magnetic prison house, and Jesus gave us the ONLY WAY OUT. It all as to to with resonance, vibrations, frequency and so does real and true salvation!







Best & Taylor Intel Report For 2-6-2019 – Convergence Is Happening

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Caravans, Border Troops, North Border Problems, Venezuela & More…



Trump is sending more troops to the border as “caravans” of buses are bringing thousands of aliens to the border, and at the same time, reports of aliens are coming across our nothern border, and as we have known for some time, large supplies of weapons, including suitcase nukes have been embedded across America. The Lord has told us that America-Babylon will be filled with aliens and will be used to bring us down. When? I believe soon after Israel passes into her 71st year – perhaps even before, and with Venezuela going into a deeper crisis, we could find ourselves into a world war – 2019 is going to be an interesting year with weather extremes, magnetic problems, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and such…







Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-1-2019 – Has The War Begun?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela Invasion Begun? Bolton Diversion, Russian Troops & World War III


It was said that WW3 would begin in an area no one expected. Is this the place?

Most of us saw the note pad with John Bolton’s comment about Venezuela and troops and then said in paraphrase said we have no intention of military intervention. However, all business operators conducting business in the country suddenly LEFT THE COUNTRY is their private jets. Then 500,000 troops were called up, Cuba sent 35,000 more troops and then we heard the Russia was also sending in troops to prop up Maduro. It was also said they were attempting to arrest the opposition leader as well. So what is really going on? Because of a blackout, which almost always happens when war breaks out, we cannot vet properly, however, it is said that US troops are now on the ground in Venezuela. Then we have the Trump wall, emergency declarations and coup attempt and so it goes…