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Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-31-2020 – BRACE YOURSELF

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-31-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Apostasy, Rapture, Israel, China, Russia, Prophecy, Babylon and More…

The actual facts don;t matter anymore – only the LIES are embraced!


Some older prophecies given in last few years are now coming totally true and will be reviewed because of what is happening in America Babylon right now and how the American people are comatose as to what is about to descend upon them. The darkness is now falling, the censorship is growing by leaps and bounds, lies and more lies concerning CV-19, masks, testing, vaccines are the leading to the Mark of the Beast. The American people are now bowing down and licking the boots of Satan. They are under a SPELL. God said He will pick their delusions! Warnings by His watchmen have been ignored. The cries of those “where is the promise of His coming and growing stronger. Those who say the rapture is near are mocked and ridiculed. Sound doctrine is tossed aside for lies. BRACE YOURSELF…






Most people have no idea as to why humanity needs to be saved in the first place and have no clue as to the foundational reasons of the WHY, let alone any clue as to HOW. To them, the story of Genesis is mythology and foolishness. This then is a primer on the REAL STORY behind that calls to “get saved” that we hear from the Christian perspective of things. Is there any real foundational truth behind these calls and if so, what is it?

So what I am going to do is offer up to the skeptics, the doubters, the mockers some proofs that no one can get around because they have been scientifically proven to be true over and over again. In fact, some of the best scientific minds, who were once atheistic in outlook changed their minds after probing the nature of the Universe and the intricate interwoven nature of it. The elite of the world KNOW we are in a PRISON HOUSE MATRIX. Science has proved it. They also know the trouble is coming and have spent billions if not trillions of dollars to ESCAPE THE MATRIX.

This is a journey only for those who have an inquiring mind and want like to look deeper into the Universe, its construction and would want to probe the mysteries of LIFE, and why we are here, and is there any purpose whatsoever to our existence. I will be excepting from three of my books as well in a last-ditch effort to warn all of humanity that something very bad is coming upon the human race and WHY it is coming.



What we are watching in the United States with the CV-19 and revolutionary Antifa, BLM UN & China riots that are growing worse every night is exactly what the Bible prophets of old said would come upon America. There is coming a long planned economic collapse as well, that will destroy “the old ways of doing things” to be replaced with a new digital currency, a global social credits system, total surveillance and total control. It is an “out with the old, and in with new” scenario long prophesied. It is here and the results, although promised as a utopia is anything but. The following is from my Ebook “WHAT IS TRUTH?”

The atheist says “there is no God” but actually believes in one – its name is “chance.” Just as the universe was created solely by chance, so it can be un-created in an instant by “chance.” In other words, life essentially has no meaning whatsoever – not really. Chance has no mercy, no compassion, no love, no hate, it just is. Vanity abounding. The atheist claims they are just facing reality. It is what it is, so to speak. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT – BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Moslem says “Allah” is God. The supreme ruler of creation. Anyone who does not believe in Allah is an infidel, worthy of death, a cancer upon the planet that needs to be destroyed. Hence anyone not believing should be, must be, and has to be, killed. Torture of course is good before death. The more torture, the more delight in the heart of Allah and his followers. Allah is TRUTH, all others are liars and deceivers. “Off with their heads.” WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Christian claims that Jesus Christ is God. He is the creator that simply came to visit us. He is also the redeemer of a fallen humanity, a humanity deeply troubled by an innate cunning knowledge called good and evil. Hence because evil is an expansionary force, always moving, always probing, always seeking entrance into the minds of fallen mankind, we have wars, crimes, corruption, etc. that expands like leaven in a loaf of bread. The Christian says Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. Many people have likewise been extinguished because they refused to accept that concept as well. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

Then of course, let us not leave out Judaism. They cannot stand the name Jesus Christ whatsoever, and would kill Christians who do not embrace “Jehovah” and reject Jesus Christ as “son of God” if they could get away with it, and soon will it seems. Hence we have wars, strife, divisions, and all the odd stuff the human brain can conjure up to get rid of their many and assorted “infidels” and “enemies”. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

And then of course we ought to mention the many “isms” out there. Communism, Marxism, Fabian Socialism, and all the other philosophies, theologies, and “isms” of that sort floating around out there invading the minds of men, taking root and forming “movements” and “wars” in which of course, millions have died over the centuries. Of course each was right, and each had “God on their side” as Bobby Dylan wrote in his diatribe song of the same name. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

It seems that thoughts like the above start as a small brook or stream, but as time goes on they become rivers, then torrents carving out huge ravines in the minds of man, becoming a “truth” to those who embrace it. Their thoughts run in these ravines, they cannot escape the walls created. They become totally blind to any other concept or thought.

Their truth becomes their motivation to kill the one who does not believe their “truth.” So it is what it is, but why? Have you ever stopped long enough to ask why? Have you ever looked up at the heavens and asked “why?” Why am I here? What is my purpose or is there any? WHAT IS TRUTH?


Tune in and you will find out!!










11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.


Reports of many sightings of weird creatures or “entities” that people are encountering over the world appear to be increasing by leaps and bounds – and so too are photographs and videos of these events. The problem is that people really do have tunnel vision for “normal” and tend to laugh and scoff at anything “abnormal” or anomalous and that comes from FEAR.

As the world moves out of “normalcy” and into what is now being called “the new normal”, it will not just include lockdowns, pandemics, hoaxes, economic shutdowns and more and more lies from government, it will include earth changes and a major unveiling of the DARK SIDE of Satan’s dimension, long hidden from humanity.

Humanity is in a matrix prison house. Because they have rejected the only way out, that is, have refused to FIND the KEY HOLDER who can let them out, the DARK SIDE, that dimension of evil is now going to come into the prison house and raise havoc. The arrival of the fallen ones is close at hand, and the world will now be witnessing strange and bizarre “events” that will have no “scientific” explanation.

The veils between the dimensions have always had “glitches”, and the dark side has always had “portals” or “gateways” to enter into and out of our space-time continuum and reports of anomalous creatures have been here since the fall of Adam and Eve.

We are told in the extra-biblical book of Enoch that the FALLEN ONES are shape-shifters, able to tale on any form they want, so keep that in mind when you view the pictures below.

With that in mind, a video was taken of a very odd creature climbing up a Church dome and then sits on top of the CROSS as if to say “we have dominion now”, an essentially true statement as Satan and his minions, the rulers and leaders of THIS WORLD now move to take total control.

As you look at the stills taken from the video, you will note that this is NOT a huge FRUIT BAT but only has wings LIKE A BAT, but otherwise appears to be more of a MOTH MAN type of creature with a DOG HEAD. The video appears to be totally authentic in every detail. So, what do all of you think this is?

First, let’s look at a huge bat. notice the hands and feed are ATTACHED to the wings. These bats really can grow to almost 6 feet in height, let alone their wingspan.





Notice that the hands, legs and feet are NOT attacked the the wings but are totally separate – this is not a bat.



And then it flew away:


Now then, the elite godlike medical “establishment” has closed down the Churches and apparently has dominion of the God given Bill of Rights of Freedom to EXERCISE our Christian faith!  After-all, they do give many a hand signal of who they belong too, right, and notice the WINGS on the statue. Something is going here, and what it is “ain’t exactly clear”.


Of well, it is what it is, and beware, one of these “creatures” may fly in and look through your porch window, and then what will you do? This is all real you know, or do you?

There is only ONE who can  bail you out of this mess humanity is in, and none of it had to be. If I were you, I would ENTER IN and walk the NARROW WAY, and save my soul from what is coming, and it’s not a Ripley’s BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!










It seems that those who have radio shows, TV shows, movies and even books that speak about controversial subjects have long been aware that certain subjects are not to be discussed in the land of the FREE. The free speech clause does not concern the elite of this nation or the world for that matter. The agenda does not allow such freedom. The agenda is all there is. The agenda is god. All bow to the agenda.



Last night on NIGHT SHADOWS, the last few minutes of the show were blocked from anyone hearing it. Suddenly there was an echo and then total cutoff as we were about to summarize the show and my comments to the elite of this world were likewise “off air.”

Funny how these folks think all of their efforts will change anything. THEY DO NOT. The elite are involved in an effort that is TOTALLY 100% VANITY, a totally worthless effort that even though of no effect whatever, sends them to a place so terrible the human mind cannot comprehend it. How do I know? Because I was shown it. It is real, and no one, NO ONE wants to go there…

So here is what I said, and this is an open letter to the elite of this world, the kings and rulers, those in authority, no matter what rank, high or low, those that are engaging in the fall of America and the world, and the bringing in of the long awaited utopian NEW WORLD ORDER.

First of all, your blood is not on my hands. I have warned many times of what lay ahead, and if you partake of it, woe be unto you. These warning are based upon what the Creator of time, space, energy, matter, life and spirit have shown me. He is also called ALPHA (creator of the Big Bang), and OMEGA (or the BIG SQUEEZE), the BEGINNING and the END OF THE TIME SPACE CONTINUUM.  He knows the end from the beginning. He is outside of time and space, and as we now know, all time is still there, the past, the present and future – all there even now.

Think of time as a hose. On the hose you place a mark. The mark is the present. The water IS TIME flowing past the mark and is called the present. The water that has already flowed past the mark is called the past. That past water is still there. The water coming into the mark is the future. It is likewise there. The past, present and future are ONE. They are a unified WHOLE.

Prophecy is not prediction or following trends to forecast the future. Prophecy is in fact what has already happened in the time/space continuum that we have not reached yet, but are heading towards, the water in the hose that has not reached our “present” mark yet.  It cannot and will not be altered. We merely travel though this time tunnel in what we call the ever-present. We are all prisoners in this continuum and try as you might (LIKE CERN) you cannot break out, you only think you can.  Thus:

  1. How do you explain that over 2500 years ago all those prophecies are now coming true with 100% accuracy?
  2. How do you explain that Psalm Two is now coming to pass with 100% accuracy as you kings and rulers are doing exactly what Psalm Two said thousands of years ago? Think hard, you might save your life.
  3. How do you explain Deuteronomy 28, Revelation 18, James and others all of whom say the Lord’s finger is pointing directly at you, the rich men, the kings and the rulers, totally identified as the ruthless players of the end, and whose end is eternal hell fire and ruin so horrific it is beyond the pale of human understanding?

The future knows every thought, every action, and choice of everyone on the planet. Change your mind, the future knew you would. Humanity has free will. Everyone does. Prophecy tells us what the free will choices are because the future knows what they are. Those choices shape the future, the outcome. This is true for nations as well. The future knows all about  it. You cannot fool the future. Nor can you fool the creator of time and space.

Maybe you say you don’t believe it. Maybe you think the Bible is just old wives tales, nothing to be concerned about. I am here to tell you the Bible is real, it is the reality of the human race no matter what humanity may think about it.

Now the Book of Daniel says that the wicked will NEVER understand. It is beyond your comprehension to appreciate the real truth behind all existence. While you confess yourselves to be the wisest of the wise, full of understanding and wisdom, you are in fact unable to comprehend even the most basic principles behind all of life, all of existence. Basically, you are in denial, a delusion. A very strong delusion.

However, the Bible tells us that you are all without any excuse whatsoever. In other words, your mental disqualifications are not an excuse, because you CHOSE THE PATHWAY YOU TOOK THROUGH LIFE. The result of those choices is what leads to your disqualified minds unable to comprehend reality in truth.

I personally am not a religious person, never was, never will be, because the truth that Masonry and most of humanity so desires to find has nothing to do with any of the world’s religions, including Christianity as we know it today. Religions are nothing more than a diversionary tactic of a very real enemy of humanity. How do I know that? Because, I like you, went upon a quest to find “truth.” I advise anyone not to go on this quest to find “truth” unless you want it above and beyond anything else, lest you faint along the way.

I found it. I found the key, not by any of my own efforts, but rather because the Creator, for reasons unknown, chose to show it to me. There is a truth out there. There is only ONE final or ultimate truth, in spite of what Masonry or humanity may say about it. That truth is well hidden. It is a secret found only by finding the key to unlock it. The KEY is also hidden but anyone born on this planet can find it if they chose to do so and want to find it beyond all other desires.

Your money thrown into CERN to find the “truth” or the glue holding the Universe together, that which you call the “god particle” is a total waste of time, but it will unleash upon you something so terrible you won’t believe it until you experience it. You cannot find the real GOD PARTICLE. You will never be able to unlock the glue that holds all of existence together.

You will, instead, unlock a hidden prison of spiritual forces held in abeyance. These evil antimatter associated spiritual entities only want to destroy all humanity, and destroy it they will, including the kings and the rulers of the world, as you will soon find out.

You may plumb the depths of inner space for eternity, you will not find the real truth because the Creator will never let you find it. You are looking in the wrong place. You are looking to unlock the greatest secret in the Universe, but it cannot be found in the material world, and inner space is OF the material world, no matter how deep you go, beyond stranglets, beyond the quantum to the ebb and flow of the so-called “flux”.


So why is that? Because the glue that holds all of this together is not MATERIAL. IT IS SPIRITUAL. The Creator, who knows the end from the beginning, has set this thing up so that there is only ONE WAY into finding out the TRUE FORCE FIELD behind your existence. It is beyond quantum kinetics, quantum physics. It is not there. It is a FORCE unknown to the world of the material.  It is beyond the flux fields of quantum kinetics. You cannot and you will not find it by any methods within the known material universe.

You KNOW something is there. It is a given that EVERY HUMAN SOUL knows something is there, some driving FORCE if you want to call it that.



This unknown FORCE is not energy as we comprehend energy fields. It is beyond the space-time continuum because it CREATED the time space continuum. It resides totally OUTSIDE OF the totality of all creation, no matter if a Universe or a Multiverse. This the dividing line humanity cannot penetrate by science. It is not definable. It is totally beyond all human comprehension because our minds are CLOSED OFF from knowing it. Call it what you will, there is SOMETHING holding all of this together, and mankind is held in a prison, cut off, not able to escape. We are born, we live, we die. No one escapes. The search for eternal life cannot be found here. There is a very real veil over the mind of fallen humanity, more real than anyone can know unless they find the secret key. The key is there, waiting for humanity to find it.

It is hidden, and well hidden. It will not be found by any known science of mankind. It beyond all knowledge, all wisdom, all understanding and all comprehension. As one scientist said, we know time exists, but we don’t know what it is.  In point of fact, the real truth is so well hidden that only those who have perished find it, and then it is too late to do anything about it.

This secret KEY that unlocks what humanity is looking for can only be found by crossing over through a hidden spiritual portal. That portal is within every single human being. We have many clues given to us by the ancients in structures and temples. The Tabernacle of the Israelites wandering in the desert holds all the clues you need to know. The ancient Temple of Solomon holds all the same clues. The Creator gave you these clues because He loves humanity and because He does not WANT ANY TO PERISH.



There is a DIMENSION GATE, A SPIRIT GATE or PORTAL if you will, within every human born on this planet. It is hidden within, and you are left to find it, to inquire into the greatest of mysteries, to take your key, unlock it, and when you do, you will understand the greatest secret in the Universe, the mystery that unlocks the greatest enigma of all time, YOUR EXISTENCE. It will tell you what life is all about, why you were born, why you are here, and what your Creator wants from you and He does want something from you.

So all of you, from the richest to the poorest, from the highest to the lowest, from Prince to pauper, from King to servant have no excuse. None of us do. The KEY can be found by everyone.

You may bring in your NEW WORLD ORDER. You may depopulate the land. You may murder in cold blood millions of innocent. You may use your Homeland Security FEMA death camps for the most massive genocide in all of history. You may be allowed to destroy, maim and kill with your endless wars.

You may attempt to censor the truth, to control the radio waves, the media, the TV, the movies, books and articles, but you will never, ever CHANGE THE OUTCOME. Just as the ancient past is known, so is the future outcome. It is all written on the fabric of the time space continuum. The Bible is the Book that the time-space fabric that the Creator’s agenda is written on. You cannot alter it, try as you might, it is totally fixed. THE FUTURE ALREADY KNOWS, HAS ALWAYS KNOWN.

It is sheer vanity, all of it. Open your eyes, for your end is near, your fall IS totally outlined by the prophets of old, and your end is well documented. It is not prophetic, it is what happened to you. You can change it, but your time is short. You can change your mind, and not partake of the massive genocide plans now well underway. You can choose to the find the truth with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. You can, but you must act now, you must decide now.

But in the end, because if you chose the pathway you are on, and will find out the HARD WAY, as you see the KEY SLIP OUT OF YOUR HANDS, that yes, there really was a Creator, there really was a hidden secret, there really was a choice, and you made the wrong one.

Your New World Order will fail. Even with the help of your “alien” or “extraterrestrial” friends, it will fail. You will never bring about your long cherished utopia, your golden age of the gods. It will be taken from you, you will see it dissolve before your very eyes. You are not taking the next evolutionary giant leap up the ladder to godhood status for there is no such ladder. You only think you are. IT A DELUSION OF ALL DELUSIONS.

It is all a delusion, a trick of the eye by a master Wizard of Oz.  You are not ascending, but rather descending rapidly down to the pit, something found out only at the end. What you think you know, you do not. And the future can be known, but you have to know exactly where to look. Your future is well outlined. CHANGE YOU HEART, CHANGE YOUR MINDS.

If you are in the military, do not partake of what is soon to befall America. It is a trap that leads to eternal ruin and loss. Do not betray your own loved ones, your wives, your husbands, your moms and dads, you sons and daughters. Evil is coming upon America. The darkness is falling. Night is soon going to be upon us. The NIGHT SHADOWS are now deep. Total darkness will soon be upon us. Your choice. Your decision.

The WICKED WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND, but the WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND. It is not that you cannot, it is because you WILLFULLY WILL NOT. Therefore the wicked, the Gainsayers, those not interested in searching out the truth will never understand…

However, you can be like Pilate, who inquired of Jesus Christ as to “what is truth?” or “what are you?”









CV-19’s Hypnotic Spell

CV-19’s Hypnotic Spell

Humanity is already under a spell; a blindness, and a deep trance, cast by the OVERLORD, seemingly unwilling to emerge into the sunshine of divine love, lost long ago in the ancient times, way back when, it seems. It was called Eden, a mystical place of love and peace, an ancient myth of yesteryear, some call it “Paradise Lost.”

Now some say that the stories of the Bible are myth, not worthy of any review or debate and thus need to be totally dismissed if not burned out of existence. Modern science, on the other hand, holds the keys to a breakout, an ascension, an escape from the prison house that everyone knows they are trapped in, it is just no one wants to speak of it. Perhaps the CV-19 situation that the world is in, apparently, and I do say apparently, is a gigantic clue given to us if we could but discern it.

Trapped in the time-space continuum, under the curse of the Second Law of Thermodynamic and blind as a bat with no radar to discern his true nature, humanity as a whole has no clue as to their true state or their true fate. For whatever reason, they are also unable or unwilling to even ask the most basic of questions that might lead them to the Unknown Country.

Humanity appears to have just accepted their lives with little question, and a shrug of the shoulders and a “It is what it is” and go through their lives full of “issues” till death. I have warned everyone that life here is an anomaly, an aberration; it was not supposed to be like this. Very few have paid any attention. fewer still that have acted upon it.

In the ART OF WAR, the main thrust to winning against the enemy is the ART OF DIVERSION. The art of diversion is essentially A TRICK, a DECEPTION. The best deception of all is to convince the target there is no enemy at all, but rather pose as a benevolent benefactor. You know, “We are from the government and we are here to help you”, when in fact they are there to destroy. It is a sad fact that governments kill their own people far more than any of their many stupid “tribal wars.” Mankind it seems, is so far below a TYPE ONE civilization it is totally out of their reach. The culprit? The knowledge of Good and Evil. It itself is THE VEIL THAT BLINDS, the PRISON HOUSE from which few escape.

The Book of Mythology, as many would now call it, otherwise known as THE BIBLE, tells humanity they have a mortal enemy who is bent upon their destruction and ruin. So far, this invisible non-existent enemy has done a remarkable job as it seems life is full of issues, madness, plagues, pestilences, and eventual death to ALL.

To answer these questions, we have a multitude of religions and philosophies to pick from that serve to comfort the mind and rock to sleep all those that might be wondering what life is all about. It is a smorgasbord of mental and emotional delights, and one simply picks what makes them the most comfortable. If anyone comes along that pricks humanities various religious or philosophical comfort zones, such as Jesus Christ, he must be destroyed immediately.

Earth, according to the Good Mythological Book is a PRISON HOUSE, and all that are born into it are very real prisoners and are born into DARKNESS, and are BLIND, and know not their very real predicament, because it is hidden from them. They are fast to grasp the LIES of the OVERLORD and HIS CONTROLLERS, and very slow to embrace TRUTH or REALITY. Their lives are run by EMOTIONS, and hard facts and logical thought are discarded because Earth is one huge “DOMESTIC” BATTLE GROUND.

In point of actual fact, CV-19, according to both scientists and many a doctor, has not even or ever been isolated to identify it.  Therefore, there cannot be a VALID test for it, and there are many, many corona viruses out there, and one would test positive even with a common cold. That is all proven by scientific fact. If one simply would add up the REAL NUMBERS of ACTUAL CV-19, and the ACTUAL DEATH RATES, then one would have to wonder why the “Powers That Be” have locked down humanity (except themselves, of course), destroyed peoples lives and business pursuits, destroyed the economy and future of billions of people and their children over a death rate of less than .026 or less over a non-existent made up CV-19 with the number 666, the MARK OF THE BEAST. You lock down an entire world over something that small? There is another agenda here.

The picture below is taking the official numbers given, which are WAY OVER INFLATED, even admitted to by WHO, CDC, BIRX and others. No one pays any attention to that because they are in a hypnotic trance and cannot listen to any TRUTHFUL STATEMENT even those made by our illustrious “leaders”.


God so loved the world and the people upon it that He gives WARNINGS. CV-19 is a WARNING to humanity about just how EVIL the elite have become, and how they have planned this all out for many a year, with the Rockefeller 2010 Report’s LOCKSTEP, along with Bill Gates and other UN plans to cull humanity and use a “pestilence” to accomplish it, and, at the same time, herd humanity into a totally controlled mandatory MARK OF THE BEAST social credits digital cashless system. Hey, folks, if it works, don’t change it, don’t fix a machine that works.


There is a game called “Illuminati Card Game” that was made way back in 1996. Here are a few of those cards and you make up your own mind as to what they depict:





What is very interesting about this “seeing into the future” is this card “TAPE RUNS OUT”. Notice that the broken tape end points to CHINA, and a FIRESTORM (CV-19) goes over the Earth. Notice the card says it FAILS, because it says that “something went wrong”.  That means that there is much more to come, as portrayed in the cards above.

Perhaps the 2nd wave is what is to come. Notice also the mention of THE RAPTURE, and it has been delayed.

Everything the so called “authorities” have told the masses to do is designed to LOWER ONE’S IMMUNE SYSTEM. Why would they do that? The Georgia Guidestones tells you why. The Rich Men of the Earth are Satan’s CONTROLLERS. They have decided to ramp up their CULLING OF HUMANITY, and we are nothing but “cattle” to be slaughtered, worthless eaters, inferior beings, not fit to occupy the green hills of Earth hence we must have a 2nd wave release, a total lockdown, and coupled with that RIOTS, REVOLUTION and then MARTIAL LAW. Gone already is the Bill of Rights given by God, but now the RULERS of Earth have taken God’s place!!

You may have heard the elite saying we need “herd” immunity for CV-19. The term “herd” is used for ANIMALS:


noun: herd; plural noun: herds

  1. a large group of animals, especially hoofed mammals, that live, feed, or migrate together or are kept together as livestock.

You are nothing but an animal to the elite. Animals to be culled, to be used any way they want. You may also remember when there were “personnel departments” and now they are called “human resource departments.” Here is the definition of RESOURCE:



noun: resource; plural noun: resources

  1. 1.

a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.

They are destroying the INDIVIDUAL. All of this is an attack upon the individual, to depersonalize them, to depreciate their human WORTH as a person, to destroy their dignity, to destroy that which God CREATED, and to MOCK. Satan is the great destroyer, he HATES humanity. First depersonalize, then DESTROY. Woops, I forgot, Satan does not exist! How could I have forgotten that?

Remember when TSA came into being at airports? Remember how they were given the right to actually sexually MOLEST MEN AND WOMEN? If you wanted to fly, they had the right to even do CAVITY SEARCHES. This was not done for safety whatsoever. It was to DEGRADE YOU, to make you into an ANIMAL, a sub-human with no dignity. Hitler, Stalin and Mao did the same thing.  Safety was the excuse for TSA, just as CV-19 is now the excuse. IT IS ALL A LIE, A HOAX, and it is EVIL TO THE CORE OF IT.

The MASK mandates are not only for an occult/satanic ritual they are putting humanity through, they are to further depersonalize you, make you all look alike, covering over those facial features that truly identify you and your personality. They make you into nothing but CATTLE, or Hillary Clinton’s DEPLORABLES, WORTHLESS HUMAN TRASH.

The Mask silences you. When you put on a mask, you are in fact covering what God created. When I did senior photography long ago, the kids were usually nervous, especially the girls. They did not like the way they looked, part of growing up and peer pressure.

I would tell them how their Creator had spent thousands of years to make sure how perfect they were in His Eyes, and that He did not make mistakes. That everyone was an is beautiful in their OWN WAY, and they should be proud of their looks. Then I would ask the Lord to take their portraits and use me as the instrument. Folks came from over a hundred miles to have their children photographed at the Studio. The greatest compliments would come from parents, who first looked at the proofs and they would say with tears, “That’s my Sally or “that’s my Johnny.” It was not me; it was the Lord’s way of telling the parents and the kids the VALUE of each person.

The real VALUE of a person and their TRUE DIGNITY as individuals can only be summed up by Jesus Christ and the CROSS. The cross is not only where MERCY and JUDGMENT meet, it is also the SUPREME VALUE OF EVERYONE ON EARTH and HIS LOVE for all of us. Do you realize HOW IMPORTANT you really are to the Creator? That is exactly why the EVIL SATANIC RULERS need to DESTROY YOU. They not only hate you; they HATE JESUS CHRIST with a hatred you cannot even begin to fathom.

Likewise, however, the Lord LOVES YOU with a love so vast, so unconditionally that there are no human words to describe it. I know because God showed me HIS DIVINE LOVE. It is so far above all human love types there is no way to say it, it has to be SHOWN TO YOU BY DIVINE REVELATION. Jesus is DIVINE LOVE. HE IS THE LIGHT OF TRUE LOVE. He is classified by Satan as the ENEMY of humanity, as some type of EVIL ENTITY. Satan is a liar and a murderer from the beginning and there is NO TRUTH IN HIM, yet he holds sway over 99.9% of humanity and gaining more every day. WAKE UP!!

Satan runs the governments of the world, the Kings, the Rulers of Earth. They are called BEASTS for a reason. They are tightly controlled by Satan who hates LIFE and wants all of humanity to die. You may remember the movie “Independence Day” when the President of the USA asked the alien what he wanted from humanity, and the reply was for humanity to “DIE.” That is what Satan wants and that is want your rulers, who are controlled by Satan, really want.

For example, most do not realize that lockdowns with one remaining in their homes actually LOWERS your immune system. Wearing a MASK LOWERS your immune system. Not exercising lowers your immune system. Fresh air and sunshine is good for your immune system, hence stay in your house, do NOT go outside and on it and on it goes. Scientific study after study proves wearing a mask not only lowers your OXYGEN INTAKE, you are breathing in your own germs and carbon dioxide.

The so-called SPIKES in this CV-19 are lies. Doctor after doctor has come forward at great expense to himself/herself to tell you that almost everything is being classified as CV-19. In Florida, 333 labs were saying 100% of the people had tested positive.  In Texas, it has been reported that people are being sent a letter saying they have tested positive when they have never taken ANY TEST AT ALL. It is all designed to bring FEAR and PANIC and LIE about infection and death rates. MSM never mentions any of this because they are all complicit and as Revelation says they LOVE TO MAKE LIES. All of mainstream media are now nothing but propaganda mouthpieces for the New World Order.

The people of the world have fallen under a magical spell, a spell cast by Satan who has used witchcraft to cast it. They have now been fully hypnotized under this SPELL from which only a very few will escape. The word hypnotize is interesting:



hyp·​no·​tize | \ ˈhip-nə-ˌtīz

hypnotized; hypnotizing

Definition of hypnotize

transitive verb

1 : to induce hypnosis in

2 : to dazzle or overcome by or as if by suggestion a voice that hypnotizes its hearers drivers hypnotized by speed


Other Words from hypnotize

hypnotizability \ ˌhip-​nə-​ˌtī-​zə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē

\ noun

hypnotizable \ ˈhip-​nə-​ˌtī-​zə-​bəl

\ adjective

Synonyms for hypnotize


And this:

  • hypnotize
  • (hɪpnətaɪz )
  • Word forms: hypnotizes, hypnotizing, hypnotized regional note:   in BRIT, also use hypnotise
  • 1. transitive verb
  • If someone hypnotizes you, they put you into a state in which you seem to be asleep but can still see, hear, or respond to things said to you.
  • A hypnotherapist will hypnotize you and will stop you from smoking.
  • Synonyms: mesmerize, put in a trance, put to sleep   More Synonyms of hypnotize

Could it be that CV-19 is a HYPNOTIC SPELL and that is why the masses of the world have given up their DIGNITY, their freedoms, their rights, their children, their businesses, their wealth and their future without a whimper of protest? It seems so. There is no other logical explanation as to why the masses of the world would believe and trust what their rulers are telling them, even when those same rulers contradict themselves over and over again and have also proved how much they hate the people they rule over.

Why have they not risen up and DESTROYED these rulers? The Bible calls it the Mystery of Iniquity. Soon these corrupt rulers will be cast into hell for all eternity. They have traded eternal life for eternal death. As Daniel says, the wicked will NEVER understand because they too are under a SATANIC SPELL, and they also have been hypnotized by Satan himself, that old serpent who deceives the entire world.

John 3:16-21

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

If you truly believe, then enter in at the STRAIT GATE, and walk the NARROW WAY unto the LIGHT, unto TRUE LOVE, TRUE LIFE and BE SAVED. Refuse it, you will perish. Are you ready for the final Illuminati Card for a world leader, known as LUCIFER?









Best’s Flash Intel Update For 7-26-2020 – War Warnings & 9th Of Ave

Tonight On Night Shadows For 7-26-202 @ 7:00 PM

Israel, 9th of Av, China, Taiwan, Nuclear Warnings, USA Invasion, Babylon Down


It appears the world is heating up as the nations are growing ever more restless with rumors of wars, inbound space objects, debris fields and ever-increasing earth changes. The bots “sun disease” and “ocean disease” appear to be beginning in earnest as cosmic radiation and gravity waves are now passing through the solar system, changing all of the planets and wreaking havoc on the Earth and causing weather changes. Unknown to most, these resonance changes are causing emotional changes in humanity which in turn bring unrest and violence among the masses of the world and that will lead to World War and then THE ARRIVAL, and then the fake “ascension”. Somewhere within this time-line Jesus will REMOVE His Church and the Return Covenant will be fulfilled to the total astonishment of the world. Antichrist will have an excuse for all of this to placate all those left behind…






Best’s Intelligence Review For 7-24-2020 – This, That and Maybe The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-24-2020 @ 7 PM CT

Antarctica, AI, Aliens, UFO, Matrix, Torah Codes, Arrival, Deep Impacts, Fire Storms & More…


This show has been extended to 90 minutes because of a massive influx of news that is simply going unreported. The world’s elite are falling into a trap as they push the envelope into the Matrix and attempt to find a way to escape or to attack and destroy the AI “entities” that they think controls the world and locks them down in a prison house. Intel agencies KNOW that everything is changing around them and are in a frenzy to ESCAPE the Matrix and the EVIL AI MACHINE that controls them. Meanwhile we have more Torah Codes that indicate 2020 is the year that Daniel’s 70th week may begin. Then we have the elite plans of an asteroid impact event or meteor showers drawn up in 2016 for a 2020 September 4-11 event and so it goes, as does CV-19 SCAMDEMIC and more…








When Paul was writing to Timothy, there are many revelations that confirm everything I have said previously concerning the fake salvation message out there today, spread by all denominations, who have substituted ritual for searching out Christ, who have changed conversion into regeneration, and as a result lead MILLIONS of Christians to their eternal ruin. I want to examine one verse to show everyone what I have been warning about.

1 Timothy 6:12

12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

The long and short of this is that Timothy is NOT YET SAVED, and must CONTINUE the battle in order to LAY HOLD OF ETERNAL LIFE.

1Ti 6:12  FightG75 theG3588 goodG2570 fightG73 of faith,G4102 lay hold onG1949 eternalG166 life,G2222 whereuntoG1519 G3739 thou art alsoG2532 called,G2564 andG2532 hast professedG3670 a goodG2570 professionG3671 beforeG1799 manyG4183 witnesses.G3144

Let’s take a look at FIGHT, LAY HOLD OF, ETERNAL LIFE.



ἀγωνίζομαι – agōnizomai – ag-o-nid’-zom-ahee

From G73; to struggle, literally (to compete for a prize), figuratively (to contend with an adversary), or generally (to endeavor to accomplish something): – fight, labor fervently, strive.

Now let’s compare that with Revelation and the word OVERCOMETH:

Rev 3:21  To himG846 that overcomethG3528 will I grantG1325 to sitG2523 withG3326 meG1700 inG1722 myG3450 throne,G2362 even asG5613 I alsoG2504 overcame,G3528



Νικάω – nikaō – nik-ah’-o

From G3529; to subdue (literally or figuratively): – conquer, overcome, prevail, get the victory.

Timothy is told to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT in order to lay hold of ETERNAL LIFE, and in the Book of Revelation we find that the word OVERCOME means essentially the same thing, and that if ONE OVERCOMES certain promises are made to them.

If we look at the word agonizomai, from which comes agonize, and compare that with ENTER YE IN AT THE STRAIT GATE AND WALK THE NARROW WAY it all begins to make total sense. The word NARROW MEANS:


Θλίβω – thlibō – thlee’-bo

Akin to the base of G5147; to crowd (literally or figuratively): – afflict, narrow, throng, suffer tribulation, trouble.

This is a MAJOR BATTLE to ESCAPE the Matrix, and as I wrote in the Frequency series, there is a huge and very powerful spiritual/soulish attraction to THIS WORLD, and it is very difficult for anyone to break the bonds of this PRISON HOUSE we are born into and our OVERLORD is Satan and he does not want you to leave his CONTROL.

Thus it is that God the Father provides the POWER and the ABILITY to ANYONE and EVERYONE ONE who DESIRES TO FIND THE TRUTH the ability to do so. That is why Paul says that “if God be for us, who can be against us?” In the Old Testament God mocks us by asking “Is my arm so short it cannot save?” We are, collectively full of unbelief in this age of scientific miracles and materialism and more than ever we must rely upon the SURE PROMISES OF THE LORD.

Back to Timothy who was told to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH so that he would LAY HOLD OF eternal life.



ἐπιλαμβάνομαι – epilambanomai – ep-ee-lam-ban’-om-ahee

Middle voice from G1909 and G2983; to seize (for help, injury, attainment or any other purpose; literally or figuratively): – catch, lay hold (up-) on, take (by, hold of, on).

Obviously, Timothy had NOT YET laid hold of eternal life, and if he CONTINUED THE FIGHT, he would become (future tense) an OVERCOMER!



αἰώνιος aiōnios – ahee-o’-nee-os

From G165; perpetual (also used of past time, or past and future as well): – eternal, for ever, everlasting, world (began).

John 10:27-29

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.

He who has the Son has ETERNAL LIFE. He who has NOT the Son does not have eternal life. Now you KNOW why Jesus said to ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE, CONTINUE and if you would, you would FIND THE TRUTH and THE TRUTH WOULD SET YOU FREE.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING SAID HERE. Do not listen to the lying preachers, teachers and evangelists or anyone else who tells you to say a simple “sinners” prayer and that gives you eternal life. They are apostates, liars whose destination is ETERNAL RUIN if they do not repent.




Earthquake Swam Alaska Night Shadows Tonight Urgent Broadcast at 7:00 PM CT – don’t miss it!

Earthquake Swam Alaska

Night Shadows Tonight Urgent Broadcast at 7:00 PM CT – don’t miss it!

As we just passed 7-21 (7777) and are now in 7-22 (11:11) this may be a heads up for the next five months.

Perryville, Alaska is in the middle of a huge earthquake swam that appears to be triggering a domino effect as now they are moving southward towards Vancouver and this may trigger quakes down through Seattle and southward.

There was a fellow who prophesied that Vancouver would suffer a major quake and its skyline would be changed forever, but also said there would be few if any casualties as it was a warning from the Lord that more would come if there was n repentance in the land.

What is also interesting about this swam as it appears to have triggered a series of earthquakes in Hawaii and that may trigger a landslide into the ocean resulting from a major tsunami that could strike the West Coast.








You may also remember that Stan Deyo had a vision concerning a meteor storm over the West Coast and that the volcanic chain suddenly all erupted. Are we watching the beginnings of trouble?


M 7.4 and Tsunami (1.26m) in United States on 22 Jul 2020 06:12 UTC

GDACS Alert based on “Tsunami” alerting modelPopulation Density near epicenter (people/km2). Image area: 6×4 decimal degrees (approx. 650x450km2).


This earthquake is expected to have a medium humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

  • Earthquake Magnitude: M7.4
  • Depth: 13 Km
  • Event Date UTC: 22 Jul 2020 06:12
  • Exposed Population: Few people within 100km

Whether international humanitarian aid is needed must be decided by an expert.

See the GDACS website for live news coverage (including OCHA Situation Reports), the full earthquake report and tsunami report

For information on emergency response, please consult the GDACS Virtual OSOCC.

Also of note is that the Sun  shot off a huge PLASMA BUBBLE that is, according to the charts, headed for Earth and will be here in the next few days. That means we may have a PLASMA EVENT in the next few days.


Best’s Intel Flash Update For 7-22-2020 – Wars, Matrix, Quakes & More…

Trump, China, Turkey, Earth Changes, Antarctica, Matrix, Babylon Down, Wars & More…

Things are now moving so rapidly it is hard to keep up with all of the reports flooding in concerning wars and rumors of war, the coming second “wave”, the dangers of mandatory testing and vaccines. The elite want to change your DNA so they can patent YOU and that makes YOU their property as you are then irredeemable, and who knows just how evil the elite have become in their quest for a New World Order. Then we have a report concerning Antarctica and how the elite think we really are in a Matrix and they want to escape judgment and this report confirms the Bible. Alaska quakes and aftershocks are a prelude to major quakes in Canada and United States, Tu B’Av is August 4th, Obama’s birthday and more..