World’s Aflame, God’s To Blame


From the New York Times:

“The crosscurrents can be dizzying. Even as Mr. Obama presses Russia to stop fomenting a virtual civil war in Ukraine, he is trying to collaborate with Moscow in a diplomatic campaign to force Iran to scale back its nuclear program. Even as he pressures Iran over its nuclear program, he finds himself on the same side as Tehran in combating a rising Sunni insurgency in Iraq. Even as he sends special forces to help squelch those insurgents, he is trying to help their putative allies against the government in Syria next door.

And then there is the mushrooming conflict in Gaza, where Mr. Obama seems to be losing patience. While backing Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas rockets, he sent Secretary of State John Kerry to work with Egypt to force a cease-fire. This is the same Egypt to which Mr. Obama cut financial aid for a time because its leaders came to power after the military overthrew the previous government.

“It’s a very tangled mess,” said Gary Samore, a former national security aide to Mr. Obama and now president of United Against Nuclear Iran, an advocacy group. “You name it, the world is aflame. Foreign policy is always complicated. We always have a mix of complicated interests. That’s not unusual. What’s unusual is there’s this outbreak of violence and instability everywhere. It makes it hard for governments to cope with that.”

We have been blogging about April 11TH and how it must be a marker date set in the heavens by the Lord by Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp comets. It was then shown that the star sign of Revelation 12:1 fell on September 22/23rd, 2017 and if we came back exactly 1260 days we arrived at April 11th, 2014. It was then pointed out that  Jesus had made a comment concerning “in yet four months comes the harvest” paraphrasing. That date is August 11, 2014 the first day of the mysterious Tu B’Av love/wedding/marriage feast. We found three super moons, with the middle one being the largest, brightest and closest to Earth of the three, one in July, August and September. It seemed that whatever the reason, to have the BRIGHTEST and LARGEST SUPER FULL MOON FALL ON  THE EVE OF Tu B’Av at a distance of 221,974 miles (2+2+1+9+7+4 = 25, and 25 is the number for salvation, the forgiveness of sins.  However, it  is actually closest on August 11th (221,950 miles), with 2+2+1+9+5 = 19 the number of faith, and this is not a coincidence, but rather a verification that indeed something was coming upon this Earth.

We then found that there are exactly 120 days between those two dates – and suggested that perhaps the Lord was telling us that the 120 days represents the 120 years of Israel’s latter day existence, coming from 1897 to 2017.

We then found out that April 11th, 2017 is also PASSOVER. That then confirms the importance of April 11th. That is falls exactly on April 11th, 2017 is not a coincidence either. But what essentially does PASSOVER represent?

“Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays and commemorates the biblical story of Exodus, when Hebrew slaves were released from bondage in Egypt.”

It appears then that Passover on April 11th 2017– exactly 3 years from April 11, 2014    coincides then with the THREE super moons. Could it be this trinity of moons and years is a message for the world? That there is a Triune Godhead – and the world better wake up to what is really going on here? That God has an agenda, and it will come to pass (the UN not withstanding, of course).

Of even greater interest is the fact that PASSOVER ends April 11th, 2015. April 11th and Passover are connected. Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp are connected to April 11th. September 22/23rd 2017 are connected to April 11th via the 1260 day count. Susan Boyle and Terri Schavio are connected to April 11th. Psalm 114 is a code for 4-11. Read it for yourself.

114 When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language;

2 Judah was his sanctuary, and Israel his dominion.

3 The sea saw it, and fled: Jordan was driven back.

4 The mountains skipped like rams, and the little hills like lambs.

5 What ailed thee, O thou sea, that thou fleddest? thou Jordan, that thou wast driven back?

6 Ye mountains, that ye skipped like rams; and ye little hills, like lambs?

7 Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob;

8 Which turned the rock into a standing water, the flint into a fountain of waters.


There was a blood moon, the start of the Luna BLOOD MOON tetrads on April 15th, 2014, marking PASSOVER. It is my belief then that April 11th is the key to God’s plan to deliver His people from Egypt and the connection to PASSOVER. We are being told something. Revelation 4:11 speaks of this deliverance because it is Jesus Christ who IS the redeemer and deliverer, the one who liberates a soul from darkness and brings them to the LIGHT.

Revelation 4:11:

“11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.


And then Revelation 11:4 the reverse for 4:11

3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.


Now let’s look at Psalm 115:

Psalm 115

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.

2 Wherefore should the heathen say, Where is now their God?

3 But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.

4 Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.

5 They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not:

6 They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not:

7 They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat.

8 They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.

9 O Israel, trust thou in the Lord: he is their help and their shield.

10 O house of Aaron, trust in the Lord: he is their help and their shield.

11 Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord: he is their help and their shield.

12 The Lord hath been mindful of us: he will bless us; he will bless the house of Israel; he will bless the house of Aaron.

13 He will bless them that fear the Lord, both small and great.

14 The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

15 Ye are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth.

16 The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

17 The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into silence.

18 But we will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. Praise the Lord.”


Psalm 115 seems to indicate that PERSECUTION has come upon the house of Israel. They are to return to and trust the Lord. Trouble is now at hand. That sounds like Daniel’s 70th week has been in progress and things are now happening where the Lord is being mocked the world over. That spiritual aspect is now coming upon the world in full force. Where now is your God? The heathen mock – “see, we are killing you and your God does nothing to stop us! That is because your God does not exist at all – you have all been fools and now you must die for it. We are going to rid the world of any concept of your foolish Gods.”

The killing fields of America- Babylon begin, the persecution now beginning in America, the mocking, the legal restrictions, the rise of antichrist sentiment in Government is coming to the fore rapidly – and RIGHT ON TIME for 2014. The movie “Persecuted” is a warning to all of what is coming and very soon. Obama hates the Christians. He pays lip service only for political reasons. He hates the Jews. He favors Islam right now also for political reasons. He is RIGHT ON TIME. He is rising rapidly as King of Babylon; he mocks Congress and the Supreme Court.

Now we move to Israel, the time clock of the Lord, counting down to 2017. It would seem to me that if Tu B’Av 2014, and four months from April 11th “then cometh the harvest” have some major import to us, even if we do not know what – we might see major conflict in Israel to mark the need for a renewal of the Oslo Accords or something like them. Perhaps WAR, then confirmation of a covenant of peace. Maybe NOT. But if we are to follow the days of Noah, and IF August 11/12th is only a possible removal date for the Bride, then we should follow the days of Noah. First of course, he knew the year, then the week, then the day. He was obedient. He built his ark as told. The people of his day mocked Noah, just as the people of this day are mocking Christ. Today our Ark is Jesus Christ, but to get to Him, one must ENTER IN at the strait gate and walked the narrow way. Few have done so. Those that have are mocked by mainstream Christianity. Those few are called every name in the book with a few made up. They are hated and reviled just as Jesus said they would be. Prophecies fulfilled. The Bride is not a large group of people. Even if they all just died no one would notice except immediate families. Perhaps Isaiah’s comments are related to a die-off is a direct comment concerning the dying of the Bride:

Isaiah 57:1-3

57 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

2 He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.

3 But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore.


To most of you following all of this, it sounds implausible that in a few short weeks everything could change and that the snare of the Lord could be sprung. “Things continue as they have, it is business as usual…” It does seem that way. It really does. It seems way to soon. It just does not feel “right”. It seems like there must be a lot more to happen before that could happen. However, the SIGNS are there. There are a multitude of them. The Bride of Christ is here, hidden away, unseen and virtually unknown. But then suddenly and out of the blue He comes for her. “Watch”, He said.

Joel 2:15-17

15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:

16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.

Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?”


Remember where we heard that before? Psalm 115! Persecution begins it seems.

Sounds like there really is a BRIDE, and although hidden away from the world, she is not from the Lord. We have gone over the vast differences between the BRIDE, those who are BORN AGAIN IN TRUTH, those that the OVERCOMERS, and the entire rest of the “church”. However, the church age appears over after Chapter three of Revelation, for the church is not mentioned again. one might wonder why not?

Revelation 22:17

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

It seems that the Bride is in heaven – for it is the Bride and the Spirit of the Bride that is calling to those left on Earth “It was all true, all of it – come, come, and drink of the water of life…”


Sudden destruction sounds like a SNARE HAS BEEN SPRUNG. Something is coming. It is a heads up. I cannot tell you what it is, I only know SOMETHING IS COMING AND VERY, VERY SOON. I also know it will be OUT OF THE BLUE, something the world at large did not expect.

So am I saying there will be a rapture or some huge event August 11th, 2014? NO. I do not know. I am only pointing out what appear to be to many “coincidences” to the signs we have been given. As to what they actually mean, it is anyone’s guess. There may be a surprise, there may not be anything at all. But I will state I believe these “coincidences” of signs MUST MEAN SOMETHING, or else what good are signs? Many don’t believe in any so-called “rapture”. Some believe it is after Daniel’s 70th week. Some believe in “pre-wrath”. Other believes in “pre-trib”. Still others believe in a mid-trib rapture. They all present their case.

I for one do not see how Christ can make war upon His own Bride. Having seen His love up close, having experienced and been shown what it is, I do not believe He will make war against His Own people. That leaves us with two options – they will be protected or taken away – there appears to be no other way to “escape”. There are two ways they can be taken out – death or removal via the rapture elevator. In any event – it is wise to understand the lateness of the hour. It is wiser still to be watching. We do not know if these signs are just a marker for 2017 or exactly what they mean – will keep you all posted as more information pours in.

In any event God really is to blame for all of this. Mankind is innocent of any and all wrongdoing. If you do not believe it, ask the United Nations.




One can debate and argue all of this forever but one thing is certain, and that is that Christ promised to return to collect His people and take them to the Father’s House for a wedding feast. If He said it, He will return.

Psalm 117, the shortest Psalm in the entire Bible:

Psalm 117

“O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.

For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.”

This sounds to me like a final warning to the world. Praise the Lord or perish. Honor God or die. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. It is almost over now. Antichrist is exposed. Prophecies have all been fulfilled. PASSOVER 2017 APRIL 11 has been pointed out in the heavens.  Does the GREAT tribulation begin then?  Is the work of Christ on the cross is finished? Has He gathered together both His Bride and the Tribulation Saints?   Does the hour of judgment now falls upon a planet full of rebellion? Could it be?  

Tu B’Av, Super Moons And War In The Middle East


We have studied the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12:1 that appears to be the marker date for the Feast of Trumpets, September 22nd and 23rd, 2017. Revelation 12 appears to also mark the “midst” of Daniel’s 70th week or the beginning of the great tribulation period. When antichrist goes into the holy and holies and stands where he “ought not”, things begin to break down for world civilization in a big way.


We then come back this way 1260 days to April 11th, also marked out in the heavens by way of Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp, two of the most spectacular comets ever seen by modern civilization. We have been speculating as to what all of this could mean to Christians, as the two comets formed a perfect cross in the heavens directly over Algol, Satan’s star in the heavens.

It seems to be an echo of times past, way back in Genesis, thusly:

Genesis 3:14-16

14 And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.


The crossing of the two comets directly over the head of Satan is a reminder of this – the war between Christ and Satan for the souls of mankind. Man is a fallen creature, in dire need of redemption, but generally is not aware of it, that is, is blinded to his/her true position legally before their Creator. Being fallen creatures but not aware that they are walking in spiritual darkness, they are on the side of Satan, the great prison keeper for planet Earth, the true prison planet, a planet in total rebellion.



This legal position of mankind is important to understand why Jesus came here in the first place – because REDEMPTION is also a legal process. It actually falls under kinsman-redeemer law. What transpired at the cross of Calvary was a legal transaction. The strait gate and narrow way are in actual fact a LEGAL METHOD the Lord uses to extract a person LEGALLY from under the control of Satan and his/her position as an “enemy combatant” in legal league with Satan. It is the redemptive aspect of this that Satan tries to bury, with his avatars, beings of light and all the other garbage he brings to the fore. Jesus Christ IS the redeemer, the ransom:

Luke 21:27-29

27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads;

 for your redemption draweth nigh.

29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;

So then is Jesus Christ called the Redeemer?

Isaiah 54:4-6

4 Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more.

5 For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.

6 For the Lord hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God.

I have said that the Bible is in fact a legal document. Redemption and to redeem is a LEGAL PROCESS. It is the legal brief filed on behalf of the creator against Satan and the human race. It is an indictment. Contained within this document is a way of PARDON. Any person on Earth can be pardoned, just as the President of the United States or a governor of state can issue a pardon for someone in prison or on death row. This pardon IS THE REDEMPTION and is done by Jesus Christ, who is the REDEEMER. tHE METHOD USED TO REDEEM THE SOUL IS THE STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY.

In this case, the entire human race is on death row, and in dire need of redemption by the redeemer, THEY JUST DON’T REALIZE IT. Just because one does not realize it is not an EXCUSE. The evidence that something is wrong with the human race is everywhere one looks. Satan, the prison warden, takes his prisoners one by one to be executed and taken to the eternal prison-house. They were never pardoned. They refused the only way the Supreme Judge gave them. They refused to do what their defense attorney commanded they do. They are therefore LEGALLY LOST FOR ALL TIME.

Dear friends, I have been attempting, for the last 30 years or so, to point out the true nature of your position before the Creator. Drop all the soul and spirit stuff for now. Focus on the legal aspects that are involved here. Jesus Christ was sent here to be your defense attorney and redeemer. He also came here to tell all of us what was involved if we wanted to be pardoned and to “escape” the wrath of the eternal punishment. Make no mistake here, the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are the way of the pardon. There is no other. It is your “escape” route, which is why Jesus said to pray always that you be counted “worthy” to stand before Him and “escape” the coming wrath! It is a legal war between Christ and Satan over ownership rights. It is a deadly battle, and the souls that journey the narrow way are called OVERCOMERS. Look up the term OVERCOMER. It means to have fought a war and won it.

Now I know the great vast majority of Christians, their preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic scholars mock all of this. They really do mock it. They hate my ministry and never mention my name or this ministry because it offends them. I offend them. If you visit the web pages of these great Christian leaders you will find ONLY the faith and belief Gospel of salvation. It is a deception and a diversion all at the same time. Satan does not want you to realize the LEGAL process involved here. Faith and belief DO NOT PARDON YOU. They are actually the dynamic force the Lord has given to everyone one to enable them to ENTER IN AT THE STRAIT GATE and walk the NARROW WAY, which is the method of REDEMPTION. Refuse it and you will never be redeemed.

The only way of pardon is to enter in at the STRAIT GATE and begin the walk of the NARROW WAY. These are not my words, these are right out of the mouth of Jesus Christ Himself. Anyone who mocks it simply does not understand what is involved here. Luke 13:23-25:

23 Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? And he said unto them,

24 Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

25 When once the master of the house is risen up, and hath shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and he shall answer and say unto you, I know you not whence ye are:


Jesus is pleading with you to STRIVE to enter in at the STRAIT GATE. He does so, I think, because He knows full well your legal position before the Father. It is couched in soul/spirit anguish and nasty internal suffering stuff, but the basis of all of this is LEGAL. If you do not get the import of the LEGAL ISSUES HERE, you will fluff it all off and regret it later. Look up the word STRIVE. It is beyond just seeking. It is a major effort to LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND because in your fallen state you are considered an EARTH DWELLER, and an “ENEMY COMBATANT”. The term “earth dweller” is another name for “enemy”.  All the hocus-pocus of the religions of the world are diversionary efforts on the part of Satan to keep you THINKING you are OK when you are not. The “What me worry” attitude of Alfred E. Newman does not work here. It is evident from the scripture that the vast majority of the human race is lost forever because they did not realize their LEGAL position before the Creator. They have been blinded by Satan and the Lord to their legal position.

John 12:39-41

39 Therefore they could not believe, because that Esaias said again,

40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.

41 These things said Esaias, when he saw his glory, and spake of him.

2 Corinthians 4:3-5

3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

5 For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.

And this one from the Old Testament as to the real mission of Christ:

Isaiah 61:1-3

61 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

Remember when Jesus said the vast majority of people are blind and know not where they are going? Does one really understand the legal side of this? The human race is being held CAPTIVE. They are in PRISON OF SPIRITUAL DARKNESS. Jesus Christ came to SET THE HUMAN RACE FREE. He is the great prison break out artist. He will use a heavenly helicopter to do it, called the rapture. Many a prisoner has escaped by digging a narrow tunnel underground. Think of the strait gate and narrow way as your underground tunnel. Only when a soul realizes their actual legal position before the Lord does the desire for ESCAPE come to the fore. The vast majority of the human race appears to be NOT AWARE.

The PRISON the human race is in is even more real than a literal prison here on Earth. It is simply SPIRITUAL and unseen. The bars are SPIRITUAL BARS. The prison warden is SATAN, who holds the human race in total bondage. Now when a person is put in to prison here on Earth, there is a LEGAL PROCESS that puts him/her there, and they are held there for as long as the sentence from the court says. Few escape. Jesus said MANY ARE HELD PRISONERS and VERY FEW ESCAPE.

It is not that they could not escape, they did not realize they were in prison, they only find it out when they die. If you die without PARDON, you are in big trouble, and will be in an ETERNAL PRISON, because you are in league LEGALLY with Satan, and therefore you must go to SATAN’S place of punishment – for hell is Satan’s eternal abode once all of this is over.

Do you see now why Jesus Christ pleads with you to ENTER IN, to ACCEPT A PLEA BARGAIN? You are legally guilty, and it has nothing to do with your “good deeds” or “bad deeds” in your life  here on Earth. You can be the nicest, most sincere person the world has ever known, but if you have NOT ENTERED IN AT THE STRAIT GATE, you are still LEGALLY guilty “as hell itself.” You could be the worst person ever known, a serial killer, rapist, whatever, but you are offered the same opportunity to enter in as anyone else. Why? Because you were BORN A PRISONER. You were born with a FALLEN NATURE, and Jesus came here to REDEEM EVERYONE.However, one must do as the Redeemer demanded, which is “ENTER YE IN”.

This awareness of our LOST, FALLEN STATE comes slowly, like the rising of the sun as dawn. It begins to dawn upon people that something is wrong here on Earth. Indeed there is. When you enter in and walk the narrow way, and cross over to the other side of things, when you are judicially declared INNOCENT and given the WHITE STONE of acquittal, then you know experientially  what is going on here. You are either IN or you are OUT. Drop whatever is holding you back, and ENTER IN NOW, your time is SHORT, VERY SHORT.

Luke 4:17-19

17 And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written,

18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

19 To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.


Do not mock the STRAIT GATE,  it is your only chance of acquittal. There is no other way out. Do not support, do not listen to any of the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists or prophetic leaders out there. They will take you to eternal ruin with their faith and belief gospel. Your time here is now very short. And that take us to Tu B’Av, the love and marriage feast of August 11th, 2014 and the SUPER MOON triad.


7-17-2014 9-25-36 PM

The SIGNS we have all been given are WARNINGS SIGNS of a LEGAL PROCESS that is about to end. The trial of the human race is about over, and the sentence handed down, ‘GUILTY AS CHARGED”. We have the 120 years of Israel, from 1897 to 2017. We have the Jewish sages of old all pointing to 2017. We have the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70 years cycles of Israel all embedded with those 120 years all falling on key and important dates. We have had the comets come and go, all warning of impending legal doom for the human race. We have the star sign of Revelation 12:1 right on time for 2017. It is all there. THE TIME IS SHORT.

It appears that 2014 is marking something out to us, and is a key pivot year for some reason. What is interesting is the triad SUPER MOONS. The first falls on PASSOVER, April 15th, 2014. It reminds us of acquittal, a PASSOVER of the legal charges. Then we have another SUPER MOON on August 10th/11th, on the eve of Tu B’Av. This super moon is also the brightest, biggest and closest of all super moons this year. It is also IN THE MIDST of the three super moons. It reminds us of the servant candle or lamp THAT IS IN THE MIDST of the seven – just as Jesus is in the midst of the seven churches:

Revelation 1:12-14

12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks;

13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.

14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;


The biggest super moon of this very unusual triad on the eve of a marriage and love feast is not a coincidence when viewed with the comments of Jesus that the harvest begins in 4 months, and it is exactly four months from April 11th to August 11th. Surely we are being shown SOMETHING. Nor is it a coincidence that if you go from August 11th to September 23rd, it is 1140 days or another 4-11 in code. And if one reads Psalm 114 (another 4-11), along with Psalm 96 and 97, marked by the two comets I conclude that it is totally possible that the beginning of the harvest of souls is about to begin, either this year, 2015, 2016 or 2017. All of these signs, coming over the last two decades mean something, and with Israel in the midst of enemies all sworn to destroy her, well, draw your own conclusions. I sense that Isaiah 17 may well be in the offering here.

The final super moon falls on September 9th, 2014. It is then 14 days between this super moon and Feast of Trumpets September 25th beginning. 14 in Scripture is deliverance  or SALVATION. It points directly to September 23rd, 2017. It is all here folks, it is all here. If you count both September 9th and September 25th, you have 16 days – and 16 is the number for LOVE.

And then we have the CIA activities in Ukraine designed to draw Putin and Russia out for WWIII. The nations are angry. There is war in the air. Financial affairs the world over are in dire trouble. The occult have left us hundreds of signs as to their intent. The New World Order is rising up rapidly in front of our noses. Obama is a bald face liar and a murderer. Can you spell D-R-O-N-E? He told us we would never know when it was coming. He smiled and then said “You think I am fooling.” He wasn’t. He relishes in pain and suffering. BY PEACE HE IS DESTROYING MANY. Our borders are being breached and he does nothing to stop it because he wants it to happen. He is changing America into the final BEAST POWER, out of the seventh he is the eighth and final world leader for Babylon The Great and possibly the world.

Apostasy abounds, and people refuse to hear any truth. They will not support those who tell them the truth, but rather heap their hard-earned dollars onto the fake preachers, teachers, and evangelists out there in TV and radio Christian la la land. Having itching ears, they have turned away from the truth and are following fables. It was in prophecy. They may be asleep, but do you have to be? Comments are always welcome.


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It Was Just Like Any Other Day


It was business as usual – no one really believed that it was possible that the harvest of Souls could have come so quickly upon Earth. They did not understand the meaning of a snare. They did not know that a snare carefully laid could not be detected. They did not understand that when a snare is sprung upon its victims, there is no escape. They did not realize that a snare comes sooner rather than later. They did not realize that the CREATOR of the snare also knew that people would all begin to say “Where is the promise of His coming?” He used to a great advantage. In this case the snare was global. It came so suddenly and so much earlier than even those watching could have ever thought. Everyone was in deep slumber, even the remnant. Even those watching intently were unsure of themselves. The trumpet sounded uncertain. Maybe, maybe not, they all said. “Could be, but then again, does not seem right, more has to happen, can’t be sure yet…” The snoring grew louder.

Oh, it was not that the signs had not been there, they were. It was just that warnings had been given before and then nothing happened. In fact a number of times that had happened, so even the remnant were saying “where is the promise of His coming”? And they all began to think that the Lord was really going to delay His return for a long, long time. They pointed out the “delay” in the Bible. “See, it says there will be a delay. So the time could not be now, even the Dead Sea Scrolls said there would a long, long delay, so what are you warning us about? They did not realize that all of this was known by the Lord of Hosts and that He was using it to be part of the snare. Sign after sign went by, but no really believed they added up to anything. “The time is not yet, it could not be, see it says right here that there was to be a long delay…”

“Sure”, they said “Been there and done that – seen it all before, just another scare, no real meaning here…” So they all ignored it.  They mocked it. They all scoffed and said to themselves, “can’t be now, stretching way to far to say close at hand…” So it was always later, tomorrow, never no , but maybe it could sooner than they expected. Just maybe. An oxymoron to be sure, but then…

And then there was all the argument and debate over Daniel’s 70th week and the watchers all argued and had big fights and called each other dirty names and liars.  “There has to be a signing of a peace accord” one would say. “NO signing of anything”, another would claim. “There is no signing of anything, it is an enforcement of an already in place agreement”, said another. Then another would say “Are you people all nuts? Daniel’s 70th week was fulfilled long ago, there is no such thing…” And yet another one said “We have only one half of Daniel’s 70th week remaining, so there are no signs, besides, things continue as they have, there is no such thing as sudden destruction”. They all were dead certain they had it all figured out, each one head up and locked. You could not convince them no matter what because they knew they were right and everyone else was wrong. “Just when you think you got it figured out, you don’t”, rang in my ears.

Of course then you had those who said that all of Revelation was fulfilled way back in 70 A.D. and there was no prophecy for today. And so on and on it went and they argued, they fought, and no one showed the love of Christ because they did not have it, but they claimed they did but never entered in to obtain it in truth. They were actually thieves and robbers, posing as the real thing, but were not genuine. The Bible called them bastard sons and daughters, but no one wanted to hear that, so it fell on deaf ears.  They forgot that the Lord of Hosts KNEW who were His because He had met all of them in the lowest room and there gave them their White Robe and White Stone of acquittal. He also gave them discernment of the times, because He had told them that if they watched and understood the signs that that day could not overtake them unawares. It was sort of like the days of Noah, you know, everyone laughed at Noah and thought he was the world’s most stupid idiot that ever could be, building a huge boat way inland, and besides, it had never rained before so what was all of this nonsense . “What a fool”, they taunted Noah. “You have been snorting to much cocaine” they mocked. “You need to go to the funny farm”, said others. “He’s on Minnesota Green” said others, strong weed, makes him crazy, what an idiot…”

But then the Earth became inclined. It tilted a little. All of the stars changed position. No one took much notice but Noah did, and he hurried along to visit his grandfather. “What is the meaning of this?””Gonna rain big time” came the reply. “Better get your boat finished…” So Noah went back to work. Sign one. Then there was the death of a buddy and relative of Noah. Noah remembered that he had been told that when that happened, that was the year the flood would come. SIGN TWO. Then of course Noah was told to put the animals in the Ark, for in yet SEVEN DAYS. That was SIGN THREE. And then of course came the day when the Lord shut Noah into the Ark.  FOUR SIGNS. The last two were really big ones. the first two, well, today they would have sailed right by, obviously the first one already has – you know that the Earth inclined a bit.

The folks up there in Iceland said how the Sun rose differently, early they said. Then the elders of the Inuit said the stars had shifted. Then we got reports from all over saying the sun and moon were not rising or setting exactly as they should. By two or more witnesses is a thing established. But oh well, could not be true anyhow, seems normal now. Most of the time anyhow. “Not us, them” said Red Elk, “it’s them”. Go figure. The scientists all said “not so, the Inuit must be drunk or something…”  Anyhow, Earth changes abound yet no one seems to know what all of it means. Earthquakes, volcanoes, mud slides, rifts, sink holes, jet stream changes, ocean currents changing, magnetic north changing, sun changing, but of well, it really is business as usual. Signs? No, could not be they all said, no such thing listed. Of course you realize it could incline even more you know. Sort of like a GLOBAL WARNING. Out of the blue? Wow, would that change things…time for some DENIAL TEA. Drink it down, it is better than Cool Aid any day.

And so it was. Let’s see, Terri Schavio. “Nope”, they all said, “what a stretch, no way, no way, anyone who said that was a sign needs their head examined”. Especially the prophetic “experts” watching. Then along came Susan Boyle – “NOPE” they all yelled louder, “no way, what an idiot to suggest such a thing.” Meanwhile of course, no one realized who America was in prophecy. If you said she was Babylon, all the experts jumped all over you, called you every name in the book. Even made up some new ones. It did not matter that everything God said was to come upon America-Babylon was happening right in front of them, SO ONE OF THEIR LEADERS in the prophecy field went on Glen Beck at Fox news back then and he said that anyone who thought America was Babylon or even in prophecy needed to have their heads examined. Same was true all over. “NO WAY, NO WAY” they all said. These were the so-called leaders of the prophetic arena. They knew, because they were the experts. Everyone else, well of course, they had no learning. They had no degrees, they had nothing. “A bunch of idiots” the experts warned. “Pay no attention to them…”

So then someone discovered the STAR SIGN in Revelation 12:1 and found it occurred on the Feast of Trumpets, 2017. “WOW”: they said. “Just a coincidence” said others. “Means nothing, besides, how do we know it is the correct sign? Maybe it will be  supernatural sign, so we cannot tell anything from that.” Then of course the SECOND SIGN in Revelation 12, you know, the DESTROYER, the RED DRAGON IN THE HEAVENS? Planet X? “Just a hoax”, every one said, “is not any such thing anywhere”. Well of course the pictures of it that were leaked were also all hoaxes, because as you already know, there ain’t no such thing”. And then of course those leaking the news of this nonexistent object complete with photographs said around 2017 or so it will make its first pass. Go figure, how can a non-existent object make any such  passes? “Just garbage” the church said, “just garbage”. But it would be right on time, well, maybe on time, but then again, maybe not.

Then of course back in 1200 there was this Rabbi who said 2017 was the year. Others did too, but you know, what they did they know? “Nothing will occur in 2017, it is just another year, like all other years”, said the EXPERTS. “pay no attention to any of it”. It did not seem to matter that governments all over the world were preparing for SOMETHING, and it appeared whatever it was, was a BIG SOMETHING. Like moving to high ground, away from coastal regions, building underground systems, cities and tunnels. Stocking up on food, water, seeds, etc. “Means NOTHING”, SAID THE PROPHETIC EXPERTS, the time is not yet, it is far down the road.” But of course they all wanted to cash in BIG TIME to make lots of money on TV and Radio. “Could be”, they said, “but not really…”

Then came the news that people would all have to be marked by 2017, you know, OBAMACARE. That came over the MSM and of course, that meant nothing either, because as everyone knows, the prophetic experts all said that anyone can take a mark in their right hand or forehead because it was just a progression of credit card or debit card technology. “Good for you”, they said, “No problem here, it is NOT the Mark of the Beast, it could not be, for that is a long time away yet…”

And so it was. Then we had Comet Hyakutake  that flew right over the head of Satan on April 11th, 1996.”Meaningless”, the experts all said. “Means nothing, just a coincidence”. Then we had Comet Hale-Bopp flew over Satan’s head on April 11th, 1997 completing a perfect cross. “meaningless”, they said,  just another coincidence”. “Don’t you know there are no signs for the Church, and that Christ can come anytime? Are you stupid, do you not know about the doctrine of imminence?” NO SIGNS FOR ANYONE. IT IS ALL FOR ISRAEL. Susan Boyle? Totally a coincidence that she sang on April 11th, 2009. “Means nothing”. Totally a coincidence she had a countdown tag on her, 4,3,2,1. Had no zero year, lets see, 4,3,2,1,0. Zero YEAR.  Zero year, if the tag was a yearly  to 2014. Then one of the leading financial experts pointed to 2014 and said something BIG and MAGICAL might happen in April of 2014. “Means nothing, boy what a stretch…” Then of course we had the two eagles that collided and crashed in Duluth, MN. House and Senate on a collision course. Crashed. “MEANS NOTHING” THE EXPERTS CHIMED IN. “Reaching for straws, anything to try and warn people the end is close.” But it does seem that Isaiah’s comments about our form of government breaking down is coming true. Or that we would transform ourselves into a brutal police state. Or that the King of Babylon was LUCIFER, THE FALSE DAY STAR. But oh well, “all just coincidences, means nothing, been smoking too much pot lately”, they said.

Then of course Obama was hailed as the Messiah and by a lot of powerful people. “This is the Messiah”, they said. Posters picturing him as Messiah were all over. Some even showed him with a white horse. “He is the one”. They all cheered. Another SIGN. Of coursed he himself gave a multitude of signs to tell everyone who he really was.  But no one paid any attention that his election and reelection were right on time, for 2017. Of course Obama hates Israel and shows total contempt for Christians. Love Islam and lauds over them. But of course, that means nothing either. NOTHING MEANS ANYTHING, GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Then it was discovered that if you backwards in time 1260 days from Feast of Trumpets in 2017 you came to April 11th, 2014. But that was just a coincidence as well. All of these coincidences. But that is all they are, or were, you know. Means nothing. Go back to sleep. Eat your hotdogs, watch your games, drink your beer and shut up. Who cares anyhow? Anyone? Of course not, it is business as usual. The snare, lest we forget. Invisible, unknown by all – suddenly, and with no warning, maybe sooner, maybe later?  As the world turns, seems like life now is just a soap opera, surreal, not really real in a way – but that is most likely a coincidence as well.

Confusion. Of course no one really understands that the word BABYLON means, among other things, CONFUSION. And so it was. It was not that the signs were not all over the place, they simply went by totally unrecognized for what they were. Then one day, it was business as usual, just like any other day,  and something strange began to happen. Everything changed in an instant of time. And that too was a “coincidence”. Go figure if you can…”






On our last three blogs, I have attempted to show how signs in the heavens appear to be a whole lot more than just “coincidence” in the scheme of things, and that the star sign in Revelation 12:1 is a key marker in the heavens, just as comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp were for marking our April 11th as a MARKER date. Because the Lord was very specific about “signs in the heavens” as it were, then it would behoove us to pay attention to what transpires “up there” and then relate it things “down here”.
The argument is over WHERE we are to place the key marker sign, that is, the Revelation 12:1 sign. Some are saying it must mark the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week. However the events within Revelation 12 all seem to be mid-point or “in the midst” of Daniel’s 70th week. Then of course we have the argument that one half of Daniel’s 70th week has already been fulfilled by Jesus Christ Himself, and one cannot dismiss that argument at all, since it has many points of fact going for it. Then if that is true, and there is no more fulfillment, then obviously NOTHING would mark any entrance into the first half of a non-existent tribulation – the date of April 11th would simply be a MARKER pointing to 2017, and nothing more. But what if it is a double reference prophecy, that is, Christ fulfilled it, but it will come around again as the first half of Daniel’s 70th week.
However, I do not buy into the fact that ½ of the tribulation is over and done. The reason is the wording of Revelation and Daniel. It clearly outlines two periods of time, one called the hour of trial, the other the hour of darkness. These are two hours of actual SPIRITUAL darkness that will fall upon humankind for their rejection of truth. There are, in fact, TWO HOURS OF INTENSE DARKNESS JUST BEFORE THE DAWN. These two hours represent the two parts of the tribulation period. It is known as the UMBRA shadow or the darkest part of a shadow.

  Use Umbra in a sentence
[uhm-bruh] Show IPA
noun, plural um•bras, um•brae [uhm-bree] Show IPA .
shade; shadow.
Astronomy .
the complete or perfect shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the direct light from the source of illumination is completely cut off. Compare penumbra ( def 1a ) .
the dark central portion of a sunspot. Compare penumbra ( def 1b ) .
a phantom or shadowy apparition, as of someone or something not physically present; ghost; spectral image.
1590–1600; < Latin: shade, shadow


The umbra shadow is two hours long, that period of intense darkness just before the dawn. It is not there by accident, it is there by DESIGN, and it is a FOREWARNING of the gross SPIRITUAL DARKNESS to envelope mankind during the last 7 years on Earth. Either one has spiritual eyes to discern or one mocks. The vast majority of people mock and have little or no spiritual discernment. Hence many SIGNS go by unnoticed and prophecy is fulfilled under their nose but they cannot see it or discern it. Because they cannot discern them, they always will say “we cannot be at Daniel’s 70th week, because many things need to be fulfilled before we can enter into it”. Maybe, maybe not.

It was then discovered that Daniel’s 70th week ENTRANCE was a “non-event”. Nothing has to occur to MARK IT. There is no “confirmation” of any “peace accord” or “war” or anything that has to mark its entrance. We already have the Oslo accord, which is a 7 year agreement. We also have a Vatican secret accord and one with the Arab world. There may be a secret accord somewhere that will be brought forward. The Middle East is on fire and it will explode soon. I personally opt for WAR that BRINGS out whatever “accord” antichrist will enforce upon Jerusalem and the Arab world. That war will fall WITHIN Daniel’s 70th week, not before it, but it will bring about the 7 year accord that antichrist will enforce.
Here is what one person said concerning the Tribulation period:


“However, let us go back 1260 days from the sign of Revelation 12 to the day of the first lunar eclipse of the Tetrad of 2014-2015. The eclipse of April 15, 2014 occurred at a specific place in the heavens. As a time marker that points to the sign of Revelation 12, it should also have some significance. This eclipse on Passover 2014 occurred right next to star of Spica in Virgo. Jesus’ own body was sacrificed for us on Passover. He was the Seed of the Woman. He was the ear of grain that must die that life may abound. Spica in Hebrew is Zerah meaning “seed”–the Seed of the Woman. It is the same word as found in the promises of Genesis. It is fitting then that this sign of the lunar eclipse points to the sign of Revelation 12, which speaks of the Messiah’s birth, but also to the necessary second part of Jesus’ coming back to earth.


With an interval of 1260 days between the signs, it would seem logical that the day count represented a leg of the Tribulation. But it cannot anymore unless one is to believe we are in the Tribulation, but we are NOT. However, this sign straight from Revelation 12 that appears in the sky from September 23 to September 25 cannot be ignored. Placing this sign in context with all of the other signs and calculations presented here, it would seem that this sign is a warning of the Tribulation that will soon begin.”

So how does one know, IF THERE ARE NO MARKERS FOR THE ENTRANCE INTO DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK, that we have entered in or not? It is modern prophetic teaching that the MARKER is a “peace accord” that is laid down directly over Daniel’s 70th week. Nowhere does Daniel even HINT that is the case. It is a mere supposition that is the case. Daniel merely says that SOMEWHERE within that week, ANTICHRIST will enforce a 7 year accord. It is the ACCORD that is for seven years, it does not have to overlay perfectly Daniel’s 70th week. So then we could enter into this week covertly, no one seeing it. We have no idea when that accord is to be brought forward DURING this week, so in point of fact, we could have entered already. In point of fact, we also know that the Lord often uses very covert means that throw people off the track, and this may well be one of them.

We know from the parable of the 10 virgins that virtually everyone is asleep because the Lord “delayed” His arrival. It became “business as usual” even for the believers. There are several parables concerning the delay and sleeping evil servants who in truth are not really watching. They have a lack of spiritual discernment, and that is especially true of the last days. Were the seven comets in 2013 a warning of the MIDNIGHT TORCHLIGHT PARADE? We may soon find out – or do we have another “bust” and more mocking – and more “Where is the promise of His coming?”


But things have a way of catching us all by surprise. I remember a remark made in the movie “Shooter” in which a man deeply involved in “inside” stuff said to the shooter, “just when you think you have everything figured out, you don’t.” How true. So what we are doing, and have been doing,  is SPECULATION, based upon the commands of our Lord to WATCH. This brings us to SIGNS, for there is nothing to watch for unless you have SIGNS, or MARKERS. “20 miles to Duluth” is a marker sign. The question is, what is APRIL 11TH, and what does it mean? Speculation is a lot of fun, but always remember it is just that, SPECULATION. One sign is a warning, two means pay attention, three well, you better get yourself ready.
We have brought you more than three signs for April 11th. A “verily, verily, verily” type of confirmation. It has been confirmed over and over again. It was confirmed by two comets. It was confirmed by September 23, 2017 and coming back 1260 days. It was confirmed by Susan Boyle and her singing the swan song for the human race, “I dreamed a Dream”. It was confirmed by the remark of Jesus Christ that in FOUR MONTHS cometh the harvest. Then it was discovered that exactly FOUR MONTHS after April 11th is August 11th, the first day of the Tu B’Av feast day, a little known or recognized day, but in Israel, many, many weddings take place on that day, because it is a love/marriage feast. It celebrates MARRIAGE. Is not Jesus Christ the BRIDEGROOM?
Is not the Bride to come out of her closet? In other words, the REAL BRIDE OF CHRIST is just as HIDDEN as are the girls who come out on Tu B’Av in their WHITE GOWNS to dance and to be chosen as brides.


Joel 2:16-18

16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.

17 Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?

18 Then will the Lord be jealous for his land, and pity his people.


The phrase, let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet, is a direct reference to the rapture of the BRIDE OF CHRIST. In spite of all the denials by many, many Christian prophetic people, there really is a BRIDE, and she is RADICALLY DIFFERENT IN ALL ASPECTS from the rest of the Christians. She is referred to over and over as an OVERCOMER. All the rest of the “church” are called non-overcomers. John tells us that the OVERCOMER is BORN OF GOD. The rest of them are not BORN AGAIN, or BORN FROM ABOVE. These poor people have bought into a theological trap laid down by the false preachers, teachers and evangelists out there who are telling people that CONVERSION is REGENERATION. It is not. They are a strait gate and narrow way apart. These folks are non-overcomers, but totally convinced they are born again and are going to heaven. Now then, the BRIDE IS BORN AGAIN, the TRIBULATION SAINTS ARE NOT. That is a vast difference.


The point here is that THE BRIDE IS HIDDEN, SECRET UNKNOWN TO THE WORLD, but known only to Christ. They are known to Christ because He met them, face to face, one on one, and that is why they are OVERCOMERS, because John tells us that an OVERCOMER is BORN OF GOD. They went to the lowest room and sat there awaiting their Messiah. It is in the LOWEST ROOM that this transaction takes place. The LOWEST ROOM is the pit of death. It is in DEATH and DEATH ONLY that one is born again, not my words, HIS. “he has passed from death unto life”. It means what it says – not life to life, but death to life. Jesus told us to pick up our cross and die. It is refused. You see, conversion is something you do, fully alive, alert, very much in this world. Regeneration is something GOD DOES TO YOU, but will not unless and until you enter in and walk the narrow way to death and sit in the lowest room, which is death. Hard to explain unless you have been there or are there now. There are no words to describe the death walk of the narrow way or even what it means.

Getting off the subject here a little. But it all ties together. The bride of Christ is secret and hidden. The return of Christ for His Bride appears to be secret, hidden. It is in an instant of time, as lightning. It comes as SNARE upon the entire world. There is no forewarning, unless you have been alert and watching. Watching what? THE SIGNS. The signs are all pointing now to an “event” that is going to change the world. My question is, how many signs do we need before we open at least one eye just a tiny bit to let some spiritual light in? are we looking AT THE EVENT ITSELF on August 11th as the beginning of the HARVEST OF SOULS, or are we looking at a MARKER ARROW pointing to a FUTURE EVENT?

We are all skeptics. Had this before, been there, done that. It all lined up. Everything was perfect, the numbers all of it said NOW, but then NOTHING happened. Over and over. “Where is the promise of His coming?” The world MOCKS. Most Christians are so comatose they cannot mock even if they would otherwise. In other words, THE RAPTURE WILL BE A TOTAL SURPRISE.

Jesus tells us this event comes as a SNARE UPON THE FACE OF THE WHOLE WORLD. It is a total and complete surprise. Does that not imply an event SOONER than anyone expected? If I told you, I will come and visit you next Friday, I will be there around noon, whatever that means. I show up one hour later, almost a week or more early. You open the door and there I am an hour after I told you I would come next week. Would you be surprised? I think you might be more than surprised, a little shocked, actually. Now what if I delayed? Did not show up at all? That is a surprise, but not the same as a SNARE. Do you get the drift? Early not later brings the real shock, the real surprise.

We have had delays. But sooner or later the delays stop and the event happens. So then are the dates April 11th to August 11th a POINTER ARROW to a YET FUTURE EVENT or are we closing in on the REAL EVENT? Why does August 11/12th fall on Tu B’Av a marriage feast? Why is it 1140 days to September 23rd, 2017?


7-2-2014 5-47-04 PM
Is the Lord about to administer a targeted chemotherapy infusion here? You know, to fool the world into thinking that all of those bad nasty Christians, you know, the bad cancer cells have to be removed? We would call it the rapture. They would say “good riddance to bad rubbish”. That’s what the New Age says – that all those who cannot accept the NEW WORLD ORDER and become illuminated are cancer cells within humanity, and MUST BE REMOVED. If they are not removed, they will destroy the human race, may even cause the body of humanity to not be able to make the next evolutionary jump into godhood status. Cut them out of the body of humanity, they are making mankind sick. They have to be “recycled” until they understand things.  Enoch said that at the end these people would think themselves AS GODS, which means they have “evolved” and that evil was multiplied among them. Perhaps some of that evil is your elimination at a FEMA camp?


People are very restless right now. They are angry, restless, ill at ease. They have no idea why, but sense something is coming, and SOON. It is a fact. It is written on their faces, it is written at their work places. Work places that were once pleasant and nice have become stress filled and people dread going to work.  They fear being fired. They cannot sleep. Their bosses are under more and more pressure to PRODUCE, to get that bottom line up more and more. It is written all over governments around the world. The nations are growing uneasy, ill at ease with one another. They are angry, and the seas and waves of mankind’s tribes are roaring and angry. They are all bankrupt. Financial wars are going on all over the world and soon it looks like real world war and then a peace covenant with many.

The Sun is growing more and more anomalous. Scientists are scratching their heads, trying to figure out what is wrong. There is a shifting going on in the heavens. The world of volcanoes is waking up rapidly. Earthquakes abound. Rifts are opening up. The Earth is making strange noises. Bangs and loud metallic groans are being heard the world over. Huge mud and land-slides are now taking place, along with huge sink holes. The magnetic poles are unstable, and will soon flip. Most of the prophecies for the latter days all already being fulfilled under our noses. Persia is being reformed. Russia is consolidating into the former Soviet Empire, Israel is hated by the world and surrounded by her enemies. America-Babylon is fulfilling all of the prophecies about her. Most of this is unrecognized for what it really is.
And the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12:1 is there. Coming this way, the events of today appear to confirm we have entered in. Time will tell, it always does. Are you ready?
It appears we are here, folks, we are at the cusp. We are at the edge of things, be it 2014, 15, 16 or 2017. I say to you, look up, for your redemption draws nigh at hand, maybe even August 11th, 2014! ARROWS POINTING OR THE REAL THING? Are you ready? You decide…






April 11th, Susan Boyle, Terri Schiavo, Countdowns, Global Chemotherapy, Markers and Patterns


In our last two posts, we have examined the concept of the Lord giving us MARKERS IN THE HEAVENS, and how Hayukatake and Hale-Bopp formed a cross in the heavens marking out the date of April 11th, but did not know why. More clues keep surfacing all the time as time goes by. They key to all of this appears to be the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12:1:

Revelation 12:1

12 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

The only time this happens is September 22/23, 2017. It was also pointed out that the stars align themselves in such a way that they are pointing directly to the moon under Virgo’s feet. It is as though the Lord is making sure that we take notice. While it is possible that this star sign is being misread, the odds are it is the correct one as it falls on a Feast of Trumpets in 2017, and on the LAST DAY, the day of the LAST TRUMP. This then becomes a MARKER from which we can add or subtract days, weeks, months or years. Inasmuch as Daniel’s 70th week uses 360 day years, and not our usual 365.25 day years, one half of Daniel’s week is 1260 days or 360 x 3.5 = 1260, or the first half of Daniel’s week! We also have several other heavenly markers called the tetrads, which began April 15th, 4 days after April 11th. Four being the number of creation and the world, one wonders if that was a coincidence as well.



If you read Revelation 12 carefully, the events portrayed certainly appear to be in the MIDST OF THE WEEK EVENTS. Read it for yourself – The Jewish remnant flees to hide for 3.5 years as the wrath of God The Father is poured out upon the Earth. It is the time when Jesus Christ has victory, for both the Bride and the Tribulation Saints harvest is completed. It is the time of terrible and horrific events upon Earth.

Therefore I concluded that we must come backwards 1260 days and we arrive at April 11th, 2014 as the possible entrance into Daniel’s 70th week. This is the exact date that the two very visible and beautiful comets crossed over the star “Algol”, the eye of Satan or Satan’s head, forming the cross in the heavens, telling everyone Satan is indeed real, he holds the human race captive, and Jesus Christ is in fact the REDEEMER and MESSIAH, and He had a total victory over Satan at Calvary. I have long said that something very strange and very mysterious went down at Calvary, something we in truth cannot really comprehend, as we are creatures caught in time and space, but this day something went down that was truly trans-dimensional in nature and scope.

Therefore the Lord was telling us that something very important that concerns REDEMPTION occurred and that April 11th was a key date for those watching. But what? No one knows for sure – but we do know it is not coincidental at all. I also pointed out that 2017 consistently shows up as a year of destiny for Israel and the entire world. That is confirmed by the Star Sign exactly on Feast of Trumpets. But then it was shown that from April 11th, 2014 to August 11th was exactly 4 months, and Jesus said in four months comes the harvest. August 11th is the beginning of Tu B’Av the love/marriage feast. It was discovered that there were 120 days between those two date – 120 years for Israel, a warning of 120 days for us? Then it was discovered that if you subtract those 120 days from 1260 days, you have 1140 days or another 4:11 in reverse.

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Before I began working on this I was working on a trailer for the “Poor Lost Christian” I was using the harvest theme for it. You can watch the trailer here at!

April 11th appears to be on the Lord calendar for a reason. In point of fact April 11th has had some interesting events occur and the number 4-11 shows up in a number of places. You may remember a young woman named Terri Schiavo was put to death on March 31, 2005. Terri was a totally UNKNOWN WOMAN that rose to global prominence as the LAW vs. COMPASSION was fought out in the courts. The law won, compassion lost. It went to the highest courts in the land. President Bush could have pardoned her, but he refused. The American people were more in favor of her death than not. At that time I wrote that the Lord had witnessed to me that her death was a very important MARKER SIGN especially for the United States. I wrote an article about it and posted on my website, suggesting that as Terri Schiavo had been put to death by the leaders of America with no compassion and no mercy whatsoever, that Terri represented the United States, and the Lord would put America to death with no compassion and no mercy – tit for tat. By the LAW. As usual I got a lot of flack concerning that, and was accused of over-reaching, looking under every stone for a “sign”. Especially among prophetic people.


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I knew otherwise, for the Holy Spirit took me to Florida and showed me what was going to happen and it did. Terri was a SIGN and a WARNING to the American people and no one noticed it. So how does Terri Schiavo’s death on 3-31-2005 have anything to with 4-11? Now enter one Susan Boyle, a totally unknown woman who appeared out of nowhere on Britain’s (Mother of Babylon) “Got Talent” program that was seen world-wide. Susan appeared a frumpy woman and everyone laughed at her, that is until she began to sing. To date, the primary recording of that song has been seen world-wide by 153 million people. Remember the number 153. It may be very important. Remember Peter hauled in 153 fishes. One Hundred Fifty Three means fruit bearing. 153 million people to date have listened to Susan Boyle’s original video recording.


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What most people do not realize was what happened that night, which was 4-11-2009. Susan Boyle sang the swan song of the human race, “I dreamed a dream”. The human race is a prisoner. It was not meant to be. No matter how much we hope, dream or aspire, we end up dead, dreams smashed, not realized or only partially realized. Our lives here are of total vanity, and that song was heard the world over and rose this totally unknown woman to global fame and her name was then known in the nations of the world. Susan Boyle was anointed by God to sing that song to the entire world, pointing out the vanity of our lives and there was an answer, that answer was the Lord. It went by unnoticed because of total apostasy.

Well, so what you might ask? The so-what is that this song was sung first of all, on April 11th, 2009. Another 4-11. Just coincidence, you say? Well, what has Susan got to do with Terri Schiavo? I had no idea until I checked something out. Now you might say I am reaching, but perhaps not. The death of Terri Schiavo was 3-31-2005. Susan sang her swan song on 4-11-2009. The day count between those dates is exactly 4 years and 11 days. Another 4-11. It was five years (just year count, in other words, four full years, and then 11 days into the fifth year – making it five years),  between Terri’s death and Susan’s appearance on the world stage. It is another five years exactly from April 11, 2009 to April 11th, 2014. That means it is 10 years since Terri was murdered in cold blood by the law. They pulled the plug on Terri and 13 DAYS later she died (13 in Scripture means depravity and rebellion). Ten in Scripture means perfection in divine order (If you want to count it as NINE YEARS, then nine is the number of judgment) . Ominous indeed concerning where we are on this timeline of things. But that is not all.

When Susan came out to sing, she had a number tag attached to her (see picture of Susan above). I noticed at the time that it appeared to be a COUNTDOWN NUMBER, you know counting down to zero. It read 4-3-2-1. That’s a countdown. I wrote about on the website at the time. There was no zero. But zero would be the final year. So then we could say that Susan, singing this swan song to the entire world civilization was telling us something. She did not realize it, but now it is becoming obvious. 4-3-2-1-0. 2014 is the ZERO YEAR. April 11th, 2014 begins ZERO YEAR exactly 5 years from her appearance. Folks, this cannot be coincidental. Another thing here as well, one of the three judges said to Susan and the world really, that everyone had been way to cynical and that her performance was “THE BIGGEST WAKE-UP CALL EVER.” Are we to have five years later the biggest wake-up call ever for the entire world? A wake-up EVENT, like a SNARE? Time will tell us.

It is also very interesting that Susan sang from Britain, the “mother of Babylon”. Behind her was a scene of explosions and fireworks, which looked all the world like missiles coming down from the sky. Was this a countdown to a real event or a PATTERN on coming events, to alert those watching that we will see a similar pattern in the next few years. Is this the first VERILY, or does April 14th, 2014 represent the LAST VERILY of a verily (Terri), Verily (Susan), and VERILY (Zero Year)?

There are too many things involved. Star signs, 120 years, 1260 days, April 11th, 120 days to Tu ‘B Av the little known love/marriage feast. Are we being told something? In 2013 we had a torchlight parade in the heavens as 7 comets came into our solar system one after the other. Unprecedented, really. So again we have to ask, is this a MARKER for a real event, or simply a WARNING of something in the future?

So the question is, how do you have TWO totally unknown women come out of nowhere to world-wide prominence and both have attached to them a 4-11, the one obvious the other hidden. Both of them important signs for the world? Is it possible that we see unfolding before out eyes MORE “coincidences all pointing to 4-11 or 8-11? Is it not interesting that 8-11-2014 add up 17? VICTORY!!

As Columbo would say “Mam, just one thing”: If 17 is the number for victory in Christ because of the CROSS, AND 8+1+1+2+1+4 = 17 and it lands exactly at the love marriage feast, then perhaps the 120 days between 4-11-14 and 8-11-14 also means VICTORY as 120 is the number for probation, and at the end of it, victory. So then if the Bride of Christ should depart, and then later perhaps the Tribulation Saints, then Christ has had the total victory – for His own people. So then perhaps this sums it all up for us:

Revelation 4:11

11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

And then:

Revelation 8:11

And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

And the reverse:

Revelation 11:4

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

4 These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.

And 11:8

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.


So is it all coincidental? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell, it always does. Time for a chemotherapy session from the Lord…

Anyhow, I thought it interesting and wanted to let you know. If anyone out there is good with numbers and such things, please let me know how it all fits together!!! Comments, as usual are welcome. You might want to keep observant, one never know what one will see next.




APRIL 11th, August 11th, 120 Years and The Harvest Of Souls Beginning


On my last post, I brought to you the concept that the Lord of Hosts had marked out April 11th as a key date for all of those watching carefully for some reason, and then we found that the star sign of Revelation 12:1 appears in the heavens exactly on the last day of the Feast of Trumpets, September 22/23, 2017. We found that if we came back this way 1260 days that we came to the same April 11th, 2014. It seemed as though this was a MARKER DATE for  those watching.

The two famous and highly visible comets of Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp formed a perfect cross directly over the head of Satan in the heavens, each one crossing over Satan’s head at 4-11 one year apart – and that was not a coincidence, but rather a message to those watching, and the world for that matter, that something about April 11th was extremely important, but we did not know exactly what.


The cross is an instrument of death. Jesus Christ died to save the world, but the world does not want to be saved, only a few out of it recognize the truth of what happened at Calvary. Jesus commanded that His true followers pick up their own cross and die the death, and be baptized with the baptism of death, burial and resurrection. Few will do it. That concept is now considered a heresy and the modern Christian screams “You bring another gospel and you bring another Christ”. Not so, I have brought you the very words of Christ and His commands, I did not make any of it up, nor did Jesus come to me and say “Stewart, how do you think we should write the Bible?” As I recall, I was not around when all of this went down, but I can read, and as a dumb little child, I believe that Christ meant exactly what He said, and said exactly what He means…

Anyhow, the CROSS is the instrument of REDEMPTION, of SALVATION IN CHRIST, It is also a symbol of VICTORY OVER SATAN, the world’s prison master. Thus it MUST BE that the cross formed in the heavens on April 11th 1996/1997 had a meaning. A BIG MEANING. It must therefore be A MARKER, a MARKER FOR A COUNTDOWN, a BEGIN DATE to start ticking off either days, months or years for the HARVEST OF THE EARTH TO BEGIN. It is also interesting that from 1897, the date of the first Jewish Congress to begin the formation of modern Israel to 1997 is 100 years. 100 in the numbers of the Lord means ELECTION, CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE! The end of those 100 years was marked by a perfect cross in the heavens!! Is not the BRIDE OF CHRIST part of the “children of the promise”? Was this a warning for Israel on their rejection of Messiah?

Now we come to the number 120. And that number means DIVINE PERIOD OF PROBATION. Modern Israel has 120 years for her probation. 1897 + 120 + 2017. Remember that Noah was told that 120 years was man’s lifespan:

“And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man,

for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”

Now also remember that Jesus told us that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again, which of course has a number of meanings for modern civilization. So was THE 120 YEARS OF Noah GOING TO REPEAT IN THE END DAYS? It seems so, for the flood was a SUDDEN SURPRISE. It came out of the BLUE, instantly it began, catching the entire world by total surprise. Once by WATER, then BY FIRE now. But what if this a covert reference that at some MARKER POINT, the 120 years for modern man will begin? And because we know that Israel is the time piece of the Lord, then from 1897 + 120 YEARS = 2017. OK, so what, you might ask? Well, the so what is interesting, for from April 11th 2014 to August 11th, 2014 is 122 days inclusive and 120 days exclusive. Exactly 120 days BETWEEN those two dates. 120. Are we being told something? Remember that Jesus said that it was FOUR MONTHS TO THE HARVEST. Is it exactly 4 months from April 11th to August 11th. It is exactly 120 days between those two dates. So we have 120 days with one day is  a year for Israel – thus 120 years!!

120 days is interesting, for we could say a DAY FOR A YEAR. 120 YEARS FOR ISRAEL, so the Lord is once again warning those who are watching to get ready for it appears He is telling us the 120 years ends in 2017. Remember we came backwards from Feast of Trumpets 2017 1260 days and came to April 11th, or 4-11-2014. Is it possible that something did take place, hidden from us by media, some secret meetings that set the ball rolling for Daniel’s 70th week? Or that we simply entered it covertly with nothing taking place? Or do we still await Daniel’s 70th week to be entered in 2017? We do not know for sure.

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If we then go from April 11th, 2014 and come forward exactly FOUR MONTHS we arrive at August 11th, 2014 the hidden and all and but forgotten Jewish FEAST OF LOVE calIed Tu B’Av“. I wrote about this last year or the year before. It is a feast of actually SELECTING THE BRIDE. It means to PICK OUT YOUR WIFE. If you PICK OUT your wife, have you not REMOVED HER from the others? Do you get the drift here? Is this not exactly what Christ does at the rapture of the Bride? Does He not REMOVE HER from all the others? In other words, this Feast may be the most important feast day of all – another reason why it has been pushed aside as a “non-event”.

Tu b’Av: The Happiest Day of the Year!


From the Babylonian Talmud, tractate Ta’anit 30b-31a:


“There were no holidays so joyous for Israel as the Fifteenth of Av (Tu b’Av) and Yom HaKippurim, for on those days, daughters of Jerusalem would go out dressed in borrowed white clothing (so that they would all look the same).

The King’s daughters would borrow from those of the High Priest. Daughters of the High Priest would borrow from the Assistant High Priest’s daughters; daughters of the Assistant would borrow from the daughters of the Priest designated to lead the People in times of War, the Kohen Anointed for War’s daughters would borrow from the daughters of the Ordinary Priest. And the daughters of the rest of Israel would borrow from each other, so as not to embarrass those who didn’t have.”

“And the daughters of Jerusalem would go out and dance in the vineyards located on the outskirts of the city. And everyone who didn’t have a wife would go there.”

“And what would they say?”

“Young man, lift up your eyes and choose wisely. Don’t look only at physical beauty – look rather at the family – ‘For charm is false, and beauty is vanity. A G-d – fearing woman is the one to be praised…’ (Proverbs 31:30)”


It is also interesting that all the girls that went out to dance to be selected had WHITE GOWNS. Now back to the number 120 days EXCLUSIVE. If we take the 120 days, and we subtract it from the 1260 days we come up with something interesting – we have 1140 days left to the Feast of Trumpets 2017. 11-4-0, or we could say 4-11 in reverse, a COVERT CODE POINTING ONCE AGAIN TO APRIL 11TH. Coincidence? I don’t think so – too many “coincidences” here, 120 years, 120 days, another April 11th, a KEY MARKER FOR A COUNTDOWN. The only question is COUNTDOWN TO WHAT?

Now Jesus referred to the masses of people upon Earth just as a farmer looks at a field of grain. The Earth is to be HARVESTED. There is always a beginning DATE for the HARVEST. It starts the HARVEST OF SOULS at the end of the age. There is an AGENDA HERE, a PLAN that ends this age. The Earth is to be REAPED at the end of this age. This “harvest” of souls begins with THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. As I said before, the SEAL JUDGMENTS are brought upon this world by Jesus Christ Himself, who alone is worthy to open those seals. The seal judgments are the WRATH OF CHRIST, who said He was GOD THE FATHER (The Trinity Mystery). Therefore, common sense alone says that Jesus is not going to pour out His wrath upon HIS OWN BRIDE. He would either protect her or REMOVE HER.

Now if we go to the ancient Oriental wedding as a type we may find our answer. The Bride was left behind by the Bridegroom who went to build his bride a home at the father’s house. No one actually knew when the bridegroom would return, so the bride had to be ready to leave in a moment’s notice. WE DO KNOW THAT WHEN THE MIDNIGHT CRY was made, the bride had little time left. The bridegroom returned with his wedding party in a torchlight parade. He swept up his bride and CARRIED HER BACK TO THE FATHER’S HOUSE FOR A SEVEN DAY CELEBRATION. 7 days, OR sort of like Daniel’s 70th week? 7 days in a week? 7 YEARS?



Now you may remember that in 2013 we had a TORCHLIGHT PARADE in the heavens, with 7 COMETS all coming by the Earth one after the other, like little TORCHES IN THE HEAVENS. Remember Comet LOVEJOY? The one that KISSED THE SUN and SURVIVED (Psalm Two)? These were SIGNS TELLING US TO GET READY, SOMETHING BIG IS COMING.

Jesus told His people that He was going to His Father’s house to prepare a place for us. He said that He would come and get us and take us there. It is a promise I call the RETURN COVENANT, a covenant just as powerful and enforced by HIS WORD as any other covenant He made with Israel. The signs are all telling us that this return for HIS BRIDE is indeed drawing close at hand:

John 14:1-3

14 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.


So this is a promise to his own people, the authentic people, and the real disciples of Jesus, those that did as He commanded, and those who laid hold of eternal life. What have these people to do with Israel or unbelievers, or those who are disobedient? They did what Christ commanded them to do, they set aside this world, and they did ask, seek, knock, strive and labor to find Christ. They laid hold of eternal life. They have nothing to do with this world. They are not earth dwellers. Why then would Christ wage war and wrath against His own Bride?

So this bring us back to the HARVEST OF SOULS. Is the year 2014 the beginning of the harvest of the Earth? No one knows, nor do I PRETEND TO KNOW. I do know, however that all of signs are pointing to events upon earth that are going to shake the world to its foundations. Will some strange and world-wide event take place on August 11th or 12th of this year? Will it be in the twinkling of an eye? Will it come as a total surprise to almost everyone?

The RETURN COVENANT or PROMISE of the Lord to come back for His own so they may ESCAPE what is to come upon the Earth has fallen into rank disfavor. It is mocked and ridiculed by even the vast majority of the remnant Christians. The know it all’s have all said “TAIN’T SO, WILL NOT HAPPEN, NEVER WILL BE, WON’T HAPPEN TILL THE END OF THE TRIBULATION.” Well maybe so, maybe not so. But if it so, then why did Christ say this?

Luke 21:34-36

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


A few things here. BUSY IN THIS WORLD, A SNARE, EARTH DWELL, and ESCAPE. These are important. Who is the snare for? Earth Dwellers. How big is this snare? GLOBAL, WORLD WIDE. This snare is COVERT, laid in secret, unseen by the Earth dwellers. When this snare is sprung, it is in an instant, instantaneous, in the twinkling of an eye. Everything is normal upon the Earth. It is business as usual. Folks are traveling to and fro over the planet. Business meetings are being held. Housewives are out shopping. The world is NORMAL in all aspects. Then comes the big surprise. Suddenly, in an instant, EVERYTHING IS CHANGED. EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN. The time of sudden destruction as come upon the world. Sudden destruction simply means that when it BEGINS it begins suddenly, out of the blue. So what event in Scripture implies a SUDDEN and CATASTROPHIC CHANGE? Only one – the removal of the Bride of Christ in the twinkling of an eye. Is it possible that we are much further ahead in prophecy than we realize?

The question is simple – is the rapture of the Bride of Christ the beginning of this sudden destruction? Is this THE MARKER FOR A GIGANTIC CHANGE ON EARTH? Or as many would argue, is there any rapture of the Bride at all? The Rapture appears to be connected to the SNARE and the ESCAPE, some would call the DAY OF THE LORD BEGINNING THEN. It appears to be connected to the Lord coming as a thief in the night. The thief cannot come to your house if you are watching. He comes when you are NOT WATCHING, when you least expect it, to plunder your house. The world is not watching. Indeed they are all busy, busy, busy little Martha Stewarts, all concerned with the cares and pleasures of this world.

The other key word here is ESCAPE. He says that we are to pray ALWAYS that we be found WORTHY to ESCAPE ALL OF THESE THINGS that are to come upon the Earth. If we be found worthy, we will STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN. Inasmuch as the SON OF MAN is not on this Earth anymore, but is elsewhere (EVIDENTLY OUT OF THE OFFICE BUT HE DOES HAVE A CELL PHONE, CALL 888-911), then how could anyone stand before Him if they are here? If everyone is to go through Daniel’s 70TH Week, where is there any escape? It seems to me that you have to ignore a lot of Scripture to conclude there is no escape, and Jesus is pretty blunt about being found worthy, in fact is almost pleading with people to be found worthy – because what is coming upon the Earth is far worse than ANYTHING this world has ever seen before.

The only ones I can find that are worthy are the overcomers, those that entered in at the strait gate and who walked the narrow way to the pit of death and who met their Lord down there, because they are promised heaven. You know, the wedding parable about being bidden to your own wedding to Christ. No one else is found worthy, which is why millions of Christians are rejected by the Lord with a terse “I never knew you”. They never went to the lowest room, they never died the death, they refused it all. Those that are worthy and who were obedient to Christ MUST ESCAPE, because they are to stand before the Son of Man and give account at the BEMA SEAT JUDGMENT. This takes place at the Father’s House. It takes place there because it is there the Bride makes herself ready. It is here that all of the last remaining dross is cleansed away.

Well, anyhow, I thought it all interesting even if it angers a lot of folks. To them I say, don’t get so angry you start screaming, or that smoke comes out of your ears, or let your blood pressure rise so high that you blow a gasket or a heart valve, so you meet the Lord prematurely. That would not be a good thing, another Martha Stewart phrase. Go figure.












As many of you know who follow this blog, we made an issue of the fact that the Lord seemed to have marked out April 11th as a very special date, and did so by two comets passing directly over the head or Satan/Eye of Satan forming a cross in the heavens, a clear message to those watching something was going to happen on a future April 11th that would have to do with THE CROSS OF CHRIST, REDEMPTION and SALVATION. Comet Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp were two very spectacular comets that graced the heavens in 1996 and 1997. These two comets were seen the entire world over.



Inasmuch as the Lord tells us that the Sun, moon and stars are for SIGNS, then it stands to reason that such an event, forming the cross over the head of Satan surely must mean something, or NO SIGN means anything. So then it was shown that the end of the Feast of Trumpets, 2017 fell on September 22/23, 2017. It just so happened that 1260 days from that date, coming backwards, fell on April 11th, 2014. This 1260 days would be the start of, and the first half of Daniel’s 70th week. None of this can be coincidental because the Lord does not deal in coincidences when it comes to such serious matters as salvation, the rapture, the Bride of Christ etc.

Now it is also not a coincidence that if we take the LORD AT HIS WORD, that 120 years for modern Israel would mark something for the world as well. The frist Jewish Congress in 1897 began that countdown, something we proved in our OMEGA CODE VIDEO that no one appears to want. It is shame for that documentary proved beyond any reasonable doubt that those 120 years are up in 2017. The 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 70 year cycles within those 120 years all fall on KEY DATES AND EVENTS IN ISRAEL’S HISTORY. The odds are trillions to one, that is, IMPOSSIBLE unless Israel is under the hand of the Lord, and further, is the time clock for planet Earth. Mankind’s history is almost over. EVERYTHING points to 2017. Even a rabbi way back in 1200 pointed out that 2017 was the END DATE.












I once believed in the pre-wrath rapture of the Church, and quite strongly until the Lord took me deeper into the subject. I now believe that the Bible clearly teaches that the Bride of Christ, and maybe the entire Church will leave this Earth somewhere in the first year of the 70th Week of Daniel, just before the breaking of the FIRST SEAL JUDGMENT, because the SEAL JUDGMENTS are the WRATH OF CHRIST, WHO IS GOD, and therfore HE WILL NOT VENT HIS WRATH UPON HIS OWN BRIDE!  Everything points to the year 2014 as the START of the Seal Judgments. And I believe the bridal party of the DESTROYER is already to rock and roll.  As I have pointed out many times, there are vast differences in the so-called “saints” of the Lord. There is the BRIDE OF CHRIST, who is radically different from any other group within the so-called Church. They are called OVERCOMERS, and they alone make up the BRIDE OF CHRIST. All the rest are called NON-OVERCOMERS.


As I have pointed out since I began this ministry so many years ago that the only way one can become an “OVERCOMER” is NOT by FAITH, not by BELIEF, but rather by USING FAITH AND BELIEF as the DYNAMIC  FORCE by which we enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way. They are the propelling force behind one entering in, for they know that God means what He says, and says what He means. Like Noah, who BELIEVED GOD, and therefore set about building his Ark, the Christian is to enter in by BELIEVING GOD and doing what they are told to do, that is to “seek, ask, knock, labor and strive” to FIND CHRIST. These are the commands of the Lord, I did not make them up. He told us that finding the righteousness of the Lord (Divine Agape) was to be our FIRST and ONLY priority, all else was to be left behind. This aspect, these commands of the Lord have all been replaced by easy believing, no search, no cross, no death, no resurrection to NEW LIFE. Modern Christianity is a hoax, a lie. It is deception at its finest.


Lest we scare everyone, I also believe that all those who have taken the search for Christ as their top priority, and who have entered in at the strait gate and are walking the narrow way in their search for Christ will also be rescued at the same time, and most likely will at the last moment of things become part of THE BRIDE. You may remember the parable of the laborers who agreed to work for a certain wage, and then many came along to work a few hours for the same wage and how angry those that had worked all day became at those who worked only a few hours. It is a parable about SALVATION and those that come in at the last moment receive the same wage as those born again a long time ago. As it should be. The wage of course is SALVATION IN CHRIST. Is not that what anyone who loves would want for everyone, no matter what?


So then let’s get back to the 1260 days from Trumpets, September 22/23, 2017. We come back this way and we land on April 11th, 2014. Why? Why would the Lord so mark this date of April 11th of any year? Why would these two comets cross over the head of Satan forming a perfect Cross on an April 11th if it did not have something to do with SALVATION IN CHRIST? Could it be that this is a direct sign that April 11th, 2014 MARKS a COUNTDOWN to what can only be a reference to VICTORY OVER SATAN? And who might the victors be? None other than the BRIDE OF CHRIST, THE OVERCOMERS.


I believe that 2017 and the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12:1 on Trumpets 2017 is close to the MID-POINT of the Tribulation period. I believe that for a number of reasons for what Revelation 12 says happens. They are all mid-point events – every one of them!! I also pointed out that although the vast majority of people believe that Daniel’s 70th week must begin with a confirmation of a 7 years “peace” agreement, Daniel does not say that anywhere. He merely says that SOMEWHERE DURING DANIEL’S WEEK there will be a CONFIRMATION of a pre-existing 7 years agreement, and I have suggested OSLO, based upon the “man of peace” who received the OSLO PEACE PRIZE, one Barack H. Obama, President and soon to be KING of America Babylon.




This confirmation does not START Daniel’s 70th week. It most likely occurs within the first or second year of Daniel’s 70th week. The fact that it is a 7 year agreement has nothing to do with and cannot be “overlaid” exactly over Daniel’s 7 years. They may be offset by months or several years. Daniel only says it is a SEVEN YEAR AGREEMENT, but nowhere does he say it starts when Daniel’s 70th week starts – that is something “scholars” have merely BELIEVED AND READ INTO IT.


I have suggested and written a number of articles concerning COVERT prophetic fulfillment. In other words, prophecy is fulfilled right under the noses of most people including the Christians in such a way that UNLESS YOU ARE WATCHING CAREFULLY, you will not realize what has happened. The event or events mean nothing to the world at large, they are just “business as usual”. It seems the Lord uses this method more often than not. For example, the rebirth of Israel in ONE DAY, back in May 1948 was a key major event, but not to the world. It is hidden, and the Lord said of this rebirth that “He would open his dark sayings…” meaning HIDDEN INSIDE THAT EVENT was the parable of the FIG TREE.


So if most of all prophecy is fulfilled in a hidden manner, that is covertly, then why would the start of Daniel’s 70th week be any different? In point of fact, how could the world at large including most Christians (The slumbering virgins, as it were) be taken in a snare if people were awake to what was going on? A snare is something that is laid down in secret, you walk into it not knowing it is there, and in an INSTANT OF TIME, you are caught, UNAWARE. The concept of the SNARE, and the concept of the sleeping and slumbering “virgins” means that almost the entire world is actually “asleep at the switch”. That means no one recognizes the lateness of the hour except for a very few, which may be why Christ REWARDS those that are really watching. That means the SIGNS WENT BY UNNOTICED FOR WHAT THEY WERE EXCEPT FOR A VERY FEW. Those few were mocked by the Church and the world.

Luke 21:34-36King James Version (KJV)

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


That also means that the so-called “prophetic experts” were really not experts at all, but self-appointed “experts” who had all of this plotted out and were sure they were right when they were POSSIBLY dead wrong. The snare was laid, and no one recognized it for what it was – SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. An event that changed the entire world in an instant of time, in the “twinkling of an eye”. There is only one event that would do that – the rapture of the Church, and the dividing up of the wheat and the tares.


OK, so what has all of that to do with April 11th, 2014, a day of theA FULL MOON? My good brother in arms Art sent me an article that was posted on FIVE DOVES. He also added his own comment, and was correct. Now I want you to pay very close attention to something that Jesus Christ said that may have tremendous COVERT meaning and points to a MARKER DATE (APRIL 11, 2014) THAT BEGINS A COUNTDOWN TO A MAJOR EVENT. IT IS 122 DAYS INCLUSIVE AND 120 dAYS EXCLUSIVE. Do you get the DRIFT HERE? 120 years, 120 DAYS?


“Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you,

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”


If we come forward FOUR MONTHS from APRIL 11TH, 2014 we arrive at AUGUST 11TH, 2014. 8-11-2014 IS ALSO A FULL MOON DATE. The day count is 122 days inclusive.  So what you might ask?


Well, it just so happens that August 11th, 2014 is the start of a HIDDEN PROPHETIC JEWISH CELEBRATION, a LOVE CELEBRATION. How odd that this feast day, which has an UNKNOWN MEANING to the Jewish Rabbi’s (because they do not recognize Christ as Redeemer). From FIVE DOVES:


Bruce Baber (29 June 2014)Watch August 11-12 during the largely forgotten festival of Tu B’Av

Tu B’Av (the middle of the month of Av) is nightfall August 11th this year. “The Hebrew month of Av (or Menachem-Av, the consoler of Av) is the fifth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. The name Av literally means “father.” It derives from the root which means “to will” or “to desire.”

While it has been relegated to the minor festivals on the Jewish calendar, it was at one time mentioned by a number of Jewish sources as the happiest, most important celebration.

Tu B’Av has so many traditions associated with it that are parallels for the rapture. One of the most compelling is that the Jews while wandering in the desert were (according to the Midrash) commanded by Moses to sleep in their graves once each year as punishment for not believing the spies who were sent to scout out the promised land. The Jews who slept in their graves each year would arise from their graves the next day and discover that 15,000 of the older generation had died in the night. This continued to happen until all of the older generation had died off. When at the end of forty years, the dying stopped. Tu B’Av was thus celebrated because they knew that at long last they were freed from the curse of the grave and free to enter the promised land under the leadership of Joshua.

  • We all know that the name of Jesus is derived from Joshua.
  • I suspect we all are aware that there is a parallel between the promised land and Heaven. The land flowing with milk and honey.
  • Tu B’Av commemorates when all the chosen people rose from their graves alive! When no one had died in their graves thus signifying that at last they were free to enter the promised land!
  • The Jews celebrated by allowing the virgins to dress in white and dance in the vineyards to attract husbands.
  • The celebration of Tu B’Av became closely associated with courtship, marriage and the triumph of life over death.
  • After the Jews had entered the promised land, each year Tu B’Av was celebrated as one of the most important holidays. It was a time of celebration!

“(Av) It is the month of the “low point” of the Jewish calendar (the 9th of Av, the day of the sin of the spies and the destruction of both the first and second Temples in Jerusalem) as well as the month of the “high point” of the Jewish calender (the 15th of Avthere are no happier days for Israel than the 15th of Av and Yom HaKippurim” (Mishnah Ta’anit 26:)–the day of finding one’s predestined soul-mate).”

….” Relative to all other souls of Israel, the soul of Mashiach, who comes to redeem Israel from her state of (spiritual as well as physical) exile, is like a groom to his bride. After his birth on the 9th of Av he reveals himself to his bride and betroths her on the 15th of Av.”

For more on Tu B’Av, go here:


Bruce Baber



Now the facts are correct:

  1. Tu B’Ab (TuB’Av) – טובאב – The Watchman

Av 15, 5774 corresponds to August 11, 2014 . Tu B’Ab occurs on a full moon, … like Tu B’Av, Lammas was a holiday of weddings—according top some accounts, …


So do we now know why the Lord pointed to April 11th, 2014, exactly 1260 days to the Feast of Trumpets, September 22/23rd, 2017? And exactly 4 MONTHS to this LOVE FEAST OF Tu B’Av in 2014? Why such a precise count? Why 122 days – 1+2+2 = 5, and FIVE IS THE NUMBER OF REDEMPTION. 120 days is 1+2 = 3 the number of God and the Trinity. 1 is of course the number of God, and 22 is the number for total chaos – 2×11 with 11 means destruction, chaos, disintegration, ruin.


So, we have been here before. Everything adds up and then nothing happens. So could this be just another MARKER, not for any rapture, but a WARNING of a FUTURE RAPTURE on this HIDDEN and virtually UNKNOWN FEAST DAY? Or could this be the HIDDEN SNARE that springs upon an unsuspecting and mocking world? The fact that this Jewish feast is virtually UNKNOWN to the world at large, and largely forgotten even in Israel leads one to wonder if this COULD BE THE “at a time you THINK NOT” and a snare to the entire world!


There is no question that whatever this SNARE IS, it is a worldwide instantaneous event, and the only event listed in the Bible is the RAPTURE, REFERRED TO AS TAKING PLACE IN “THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE”, WHICH IS “INSTANTANIOUS”. Now I know most people have totally abandoned the concept of any pre-or close into TRIB rapture of the BRIDE OF CHRIST. They mix all the so-called “saints” together and treat them as the same group. The Scripture says otherwise. There are three classifications of saints, and each are radically different that the others, and each are treated differently. They are:



2. The TRIBULATION SAINTS, NOT OVERCOMERS, NOT BORN AGAIN, but God takes pity upon them and offers them a chance to go to heaven via beheading.

3. The JEWISH SAINTS – those that come to recognize Christ during the Great Tribulation.


They are not only all different, they appear at different times in the Revelation. Remember that Daniel’s 70th week is for Israel, for THY PEOPLE and THY HOLY PEOPLE. It has nothing to do with the Church and the AGE OF GRACE. Remember that it was GRACE, and GRACE ALONE that brought us a STRAIT GATE, and a NARROW WAY. We do not deserve either. To mock that is to mock Christ, and frustrate GRACE. It is not wise to do that.

So am I saying the rapture of the Bride will take place 8-11 or 8-12? No, but one better not discount the possibility either. The facts are we DO NOT KNOW. But we also know that the SIGNS ARE THERE FOR A REASON, TO PREPARE THOSE WATCHING. We know that this world is uneasy, the nations are getting angry with each other. War is in the air, the technology for the MARK OF THE BEAST is ready. Obama is totally LAWLESS. Babylon-America is ripe for judgment. Get your house in order – things can change in an instant, at a time when you were not aware. AS A SNARE SHALL IT COME UPON THE WHOLE EARTH. It is for the EARTH DWELLERS, those who are married to the world, the world systems, and live only for this world. The real Christian, those that are after the heart of Christ are sojourners, they are not Earth Dwellers. So which are you?