As many of you know who follow this blog, we made an issue of the fact that the Lord seemed to have marked out April 11th as a very special date, and did so by two comets passing directly over the head or Satan/Eye of Satan forming a cross in the heavens, a clear message to those watching something was going to happen on a future April 11th that would have to do with THE CROSS OF CHRIST, REDEMPTION and SALVATION. Comet Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp were two very spectacular comets that graced the heavens in 1996 and 1997. These two comets were seen the entire world over.



Inasmuch as the Lord tells us that the Sun, moon and stars are for SIGNS, then it stands to reason that such an event, forming the cross over the head of Satan surely must mean something, or NO SIGN means anything. So then it was shown that the end of the Feast of Trumpets, 2017 fell on September 22/23, 2017. It just so happened that 1260 days from that date, coming backwards, fell on April 11th, 2014. This 1260 days would be the start of, and the first half of Daniel’s 70th week. None of this can be coincidental because the Lord does not deal in coincidences when it comes to such serious matters as salvation, the rapture, the Bride of Christ etc.

Now it is also not a coincidence that if we take the LORD AT HIS WORD, that 120 years for modern Israel would mark something for the world as well. The frist Jewish Congress in 1897 began that countdown, something we proved in our OMEGA CODE VIDEO that no one appears to want. It is shame for that documentary proved beyond any reasonable doubt that those 120 years are up in 2017. The 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 70 year cycles within those 120 years all fall on KEY DATES AND EVENTS IN ISRAEL’S HISTORY. The odds are trillions to one, that is, IMPOSSIBLE unless Israel is under the hand of the Lord, and further, is the time clock for planet Earth. Mankind’s history is almost over. EVERYTHING points to 2017. Even a rabbi way back in 1200 pointed out that 2017 was the END DATE.












I once believed in the pre-wrath rapture of the Church, and quite strongly until the Lord took me deeper into the subject. I now believe that the Bible clearly teaches that the Bride of Christ, and maybe the entire Church will leave this Earth somewhere in the first year of the 70th Week of Daniel, just before the breaking of the FIRST SEAL JUDGMENT, because the SEAL JUDGMENTS are the WRATH OF CHRIST, WHO IS GOD, and therfore HE WILL NOT VENT HIS WRATH UPON HIS OWN BRIDE!  Everything points to the year 2014 as the START of the Seal Judgments. And I believe the bridal party of the DESTROYER is already to rock and roll.  As I have pointed out many times, there are vast differences in the so-called “saints” of the Lord. There is the BRIDE OF CHRIST, who is radically different from any other group within the so-called Church. They are called OVERCOMERS, and they alone make up the BRIDE OF CHRIST. All the rest are called NON-OVERCOMERS.


As I have pointed out since I began this ministry so many years ago that the only way one can become an “OVERCOMER” is NOT by FAITH, not by BELIEF, but rather by USING FAITH AND BELIEF as the DYNAMIC  FORCE by which we enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way. They are the propelling force behind one entering in, for they know that God means what He says, and says what He means. Like Noah, who BELIEVED GOD, and therefore set about building his Ark, the Christian is to enter in by BELIEVING GOD and doing what they are told to do, that is to “seek, ask, knock, labor and strive” to FIND CHRIST. These are the commands of the Lord, I did not make them up. He told us that finding the righteousness of the Lord (Divine Agape) was to be our FIRST and ONLY priority, all else was to be left behind. This aspect, these commands of the Lord have all been replaced by easy believing, no search, no cross, no death, no resurrection to NEW LIFE. Modern Christianity is a hoax, a lie. It is deception at its finest.


Lest we scare everyone, I also believe that all those who have taken the search for Christ as their top priority, and who have entered in at the strait gate and are walking the narrow way in their search for Christ will also be rescued at the same time, and most likely will at the last moment of things become part of THE BRIDE. You may remember the parable of the laborers who agreed to work for a certain wage, and then many came along to work a few hours for the same wage and how angry those that had worked all day became at those who worked only a few hours. It is a parable about SALVATION and those that come in at the last moment receive the same wage as those born again a long time ago. As it should be. The wage of course is SALVATION IN CHRIST. Is not that what anyone who loves would want for everyone, no matter what?


So then let’s get back to the 1260 days from Trumpets, September 22/23, 2017. We come back this way and we land on April 11th, 2014. Why? Why would the Lord so mark this date of April 11th of any year? Why would these two comets cross over the head of Satan forming a perfect Cross on an April 11th if it did not have something to do with SALVATION IN CHRIST? Could it be that this is a direct sign that April 11th, 2014 MARKS a COUNTDOWN to what can only be a reference to VICTORY OVER SATAN? And who might the victors be? None other than the BRIDE OF CHRIST, THE OVERCOMERS.


I believe that 2017 and the STAR SIGN of Revelation 12:1 on Trumpets 2017 is close to the MID-POINT of the Tribulation period. I believe that for a number of reasons for what Revelation 12 says happens. They are all mid-point events – every one of them!! I also pointed out that although the vast majority of people believe that Daniel’s 70th week must begin with a confirmation of a 7 years “peace” agreement, Daniel does not say that anywhere. He merely says that SOMEWHERE DURING DANIEL’S WEEK there will be a CONFIRMATION of a pre-existing 7 years agreement, and I have suggested OSLO, based upon the “man of peace” who received the OSLO PEACE PRIZE, one Barack H. Obama, President and soon to be KING of America Babylon.




This confirmation does not START Daniel’s 70th week. It most likely occurs within the first or second year of Daniel’s 70th week. The fact that it is a 7 year agreement has nothing to do with and cannot be “overlaid” exactly over Daniel’s 7 years. They may be offset by months or several years. Daniel only says it is a SEVEN YEAR AGREEMENT, but nowhere does he say it starts when Daniel’s 70th week starts – that is something “scholars” have merely BELIEVED AND READ INTO IT.


I have suggested and written a number of articles concerning COVERT prophetic fulfillment. In other words, prophecy is fulfilled right under the noses of most people including the Christians in such a way that UNLESS YOU ARE WATCHING CAREFULLY, you will not realize what has happened. The event or events mean nothing to the world at large, they are just “business as usual”. It seems the Lord uses this method more often than not. For example, the rebirth of Israel in ONE DAY, back in May 1948 was a key major event, but not to the world. It is hidden, and the Lord said of this rebirth that “He would open his dark sayings…” meaning HIDDEN INSIDE THAT EVENT was the parable of the FIG TREE.


So if most of all prophecy is fulfilled in a hidden manner, that is covertly, then why would the start of Daniel’s 70th week be any different? In point of fact, how could the world at large including most Christians (The slumbering virgins, as it were) be taken in a snare if people were awake to what was going on? A snare is something that is laid down in secret, you walk into it not knowing it is there, and in an INSTANT OF TIME, you are caught, UNAWARE. The concept of the SNARE, and the concept of the sleeping and slumbering “virgins” means that almost the entire world is actually “asleep at the switch”. That means no one recognizes the lateness of the hour except for a very few, which may be why Christ REWARDS those that are really watching. That means the SIGNS WENT BY UNNOTICED FOR WHAT THEY WERE EXCEPT FOR A VERY FEW. Those few were mocked by the Church and the world.

Luke 21:34-36King James Version (KJV)

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


That also means that the so-called “prophetic experts” were really not experts at all, but self-appointed “experts” who had all of this plotted out and were sure they were right when they were POSSIBLY dead wrong. The snare was laid, and no one recognized it for what it was – SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. An event that changed the entire world in an instant of time, in the “twinkling of an eye”. There is only one event that would do that – the rapture of the Church, and the dividing up of the wheat and the tares.


OK, so what has all of that to do with April 11th, 2014, a day of theA FULL MOON? My good brother in arms Art sent me an article that was posted on FIVE DOVES. He also added his own comment, and was correct. Now I want you to pay very close attention to something that Jesus Christ said that may have tremendous COVERT meaning and points to a MARKER DATE (APRIL 11, 2014) THAT BEGINS A COUNTDOWN TO A MAJOR EVENT. IT IS 122 DAYS INCLUSIVE AND 120 dAYS EXCLUSIVE. Do you get the DRIFT HERE? 120 years, 120 DAYS?


“Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you,

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.”


If we come forward FOUR MONTHS from APRIL 11TH, 2014 we arrive at AUGUST 11TH, 2014. 8-11-2014 IS ALSO A FULL MOON DATE. The day count is 122 days inclusive.  So what you might ask?


Well, it just so happens that August 11th, 2014 is the start of a HIDDEN PROPHETIC JEWISH CELEBRATION, a LOVE CELEBRATION. How odd that this feast day, which has an UNKNOWN MEANING to the Jewish Rabbi’s (because they do not recognize Christ as Redeemer). From FIVE DOVES:


Bruce Baber (29 June 2014)Watch August 11-12 during the largely forgotten festival of Tu B’Av

Tu B’Av (the middle of the month of Av) is nightfall August 11th this year. “The Hebrew month of Av (or Menachem-Av, the consoler of Av) is the fifth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. The name Av literally means “father.” It derives from the root which means “to will” or “to desire.”

While it has been relegated to the minor festivals on the Jewish calendar, it was at one time mentioned by a number of Jewish sources as the happiest, most important celebration.

Tu B’Av has so many traditions associated with it that are parallels for the rapture. One of the most compelling is that the Jews while wandering in the desert were (according to the Midrash) commanded by Moses to sleep in their graves once each year as punishment for not believing the spies who were sent to scout out the promised land. The Jews who slept in their graves each year would arise from their graves the next day and discover that 15,000 of the older generation had died in the night. This continued to happen until all of the older generation had died off. When at the end of forty years, the dying stopped. Tu B’Av was thus celebrated because they knew that at long last they were freed from the curse of the grave and free to enter the promised land under the leadership of Joshua.

  • We all know that the name of Jesus is derived from Joshua.
  • I suspect we all are aware that there is a parallel between the promised land and Heaven. The land flowing with milk and honey.
  • Tu B’Av commemorates when all the chosen people rose from their graves alive! When no one had died in their graves thus signifying that at last they were free to enter the promised land!
  • The Jews celebrated by allowing the virgins to dress in white and dance in the vineyards to attract husbands.
  • The celebration of Tu B’Av became closely associated with courtship, marriage and the triumph of life over death.
  • After the Jews had entered the promised land, each year Tu B’Av was celebrated as one of the most important holidays. It was a time of celebration!

“(Av) It is the month of the “low point” of the Jewish calendar (the 9th of Av, the day of the sin of the spies and the destruction of both the first and second Temples in Jerusalem) as well as the month of the “high point” of the Jewish calender (the 15th of Avthere are no happier days for Israel than the 15th of Av and Yom HaKippurim” (Mishnah Ta’anit 26:)–the day of finding one’s predestined soul-mate).”

….” Relative to all other souls of Israel, the soul of Mashiach, who comes to redeem Israel from her state of (spiritual as well as physical) exile, is like a groom to his bride. After his birth on the 9th of Av he reveals himself to his bride and betroths her on the 15th of Av.”

For more on Tu B’Av, go here: https://www.templeinstitute.org/tu-bav-5771.htm


Bruce Baber



Now the facts are correct:

  1. Tu B’Ab (TuB’Av) – טובאב – The Watchman


Av 15, 5774 corresponds to August 11, 2014 . Tu B’Ab occurs on a full moon, … like Tu B’Av, Lammas was a holiday of weddings—according top some accounts, …


So do we now know why the Lord pointed to April 11th, 2014, exactly 1260 days to the Feast of Trumpets, September 22/23rd, 2017? And exactly 4 MONTHS to this LOVE FEAST OF Tu B’Av in 2014? Why such a precise count? Why 122 days – 1+2+2 = 5, and FIVE IS THE NUMBER OF REDEMPTION. 120 days is 1+2 = 3 the number of God and the Trinity. 1 is of course the number of God, and 22 is the number for total chaos – 2×11 with 11 means destruction, chaos, disintegration, ruin.


So, we have been here before. Everything adds up and then nothing happens. So could this be just another MARKER, not for any rapture, but a WARNING of a FUTURE RAPTURE on this HIDDEN and virtually UNKNOWN FEAST DAY? Or could this be the HIDDEN SNARE that springs upon an unsuspecting and mocking world? The fact that this Jewish feast is virtually UNKNOWN to the world at large, and largely forgotten even in Israel leads one to wonder if this COULD BE THE “at a time you THINK NOT” and a snare to the entire world!


There is no question that whatever this SNARE IS, it is a worldwide instantaneous event, and the only event listed in the Bible is the RAPTURE, REFERRED TO AS TAKING PLACE IN “THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE”, WHICH IS “INSTANTANIOUS”. Now I know most people have totally abandoned the concept of any pre-or close into TRIB rapture of the BRIDE OF CHRIST. They mix all the so-called “saints” together and treat them as the same group. The Scripture says otherwise. There are three classifications of saints, and each are radically different that the others, and each are treated differently. They are:



2. The TRIBULATION SAINTS, NOT OVERCOMERS, NOT BORN AGAIN, but God takes pity upon them and offers them a chance to go to heaven via beheading.

3. The JEWISH SAINTS – those that come to recognize Christ during the Great Tribulation.


They are not only all different, they appear at different times in the Revelation. Remember that Daniel’s 70th week is for Israel, for THY PEOPLE and THY HOLY PEOPLE. It has nothing to do with the Church and the AGE OF GRACE. Remember that it was GRACE, and GRACE ALONE that brought us a STRAIT GATE, and a NARROW WAY. We do not deserve either. To mock that is to mock Christ, and frustrate GRACE. It is not wise to do that.

So am I saying the rapture of the Bride will take place 8-11 or 8-12? No, but one better not discount the possibility either. The facts are we DO NOT KNOW. But we also know that the SIGNS ARE THERE FOR A REASON, TO PREPARE THOSE WATCHING. We know that this world is uneasy, the nations are getting angry with each other. War is in the air, the technology for the MARK OF THE BEAST is ready. Obama is totally LAWLESS. Babylon-America is ripe for judgment. Get your house in order – things can change in an instant, at a time when you were not aware. AS A SNARE SHALL IT COME UPON THE WHOLE EARTH. It is for the EARTH DWELLERS, those who are married to the world, the world systems, and live only for this world. The real Christian, those that are after the heart of Christ are sojourners, they are not Earth Dwellers. So which are you?










  1. Amazing prophesy ! Thanks God for using Prophet Stewart so that revelations can be understood. About 2 years ago, I saw 1 1 1 1 (4 times) in vision , also I saw the date 9/17. Then I heard the Holy Spirit says 9 9 (twice) . These are very important dates that we need to pay attention and pray over it.
    May the Almighty God reward you for the great research!
    Margaret Lee


  2. I love this post. The prophecy aspects are interesting- I had not considered some of these points before.

    I really liked the phrase “not by faith”. So often one sees in Christianity a smugness in which a devotee holds his or her head up and expresses proudly “I believe”. If asked, “Friend, did you ever pick up your cross? Did you walk the narrow way? Did you ever meet Jesus?” They will then usually answer, “Of course not. I believe. Jesus did everything for me”
    Discussion in these situations is pointless. Folks are usually comfortable in their delusions and prefer not to be disturbed. Oh well.
    Thanks again Stu

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  3. Dear J.Bear, If you are still reading these postings then please listen to what I have to say.
    By your own admission you are not a Bibical scholar, well Stewart is. As a student of his work far almost 20 years now and can tuthfuly say that no man has studied his Bible like Stewart. He is so prolific, I don’t know how he could possibly have the time nor energy to produce the amount of work he does. I have had the priviledge of meeting him twice and hope that I will, in this life, again. He is just a common man; so ordinary that it throws you off. He is not the kind of man you would expect him to be. He is humble, gracious, and a very quiet person. He’s not a braggart, doesn’t pat himself on the back and from what I have observed, he has no ego. Very disarming from what you would expect him to be. As for proof of what he is saying, and since you want it from the KJV try reading vs. 51 through 52 of I Co.14. Is paul not referring to the “mystery” of God here, and is he not mentioning the Feast of Trumpets. when he says that “the last trumpet will sound”? Well that’s exactly where Stewart is calling the shots from, only he is counting backwards to April 11 because of the spiritual nature of this date. I would suggest you get a copy of “the Omega Code” before you start disagreeing with anyone about the Rapture, and see if your mind and heart are changed about this subject. As Stew always says, “Prove me wrong.” You want proof, then prove to your self that Stewart is wrong; there’s your proof.
    Lindy Cotner
    Ft. Smith, AR


    • I have had the honor of spending many, many hours with Stew in his home and just wanted to thank you Lindy for these comments about him. I haven’t had the revelation of Jesus Christ yet, but have done my best to be obedient to the commands of Christ. It’s an amazing journey being taken down a way we know not. Being tried in the fire is not always easy, so I pray each day the Lord will give me the strength to abide in the lowest room as I wait for He that bade me to come…


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  5. Stewart,
    Thank you for the email you sent me. For years now, I’ve carried a small card in my billfold which says “Faith is a dynamic which propels the beliver into obedience to the commands of Christ.” I copied that from your video titled “Faith – What is it?” I watched a movie on Netflix called “The City Dark” and for sometime now I have felt this yearning to go and visit a place called Sky Village, AZ. This place is made up of nothing but backyard astonomers and the location was chosen for the fact that there is no light pollution there and it gives them the best view of the night sky in the lower 48.SInce the Lord is writing his message in the stars I thought I might learn some more about astronomy and see if anyone out there knew anything about this.
    I hope you are well and that the ministry continues – I don’t know what I’d do without you!! I am curently reading “Darklight” and I’m about 1/2 through it. I have to say that the Lord has truly blessed you because this book is absolutely phenominal!
    As soon as these doctors can help me and as soon as I can get my dirvers license back I plan on going to AZ to check this place out.
    You are truly the most remarkable human being I have ever known or, as I refer to you, the most dangerous man on earth!..or vice versa, the most endangered man on earth.. Each night I pray for you, Cindy and the ministry and that I might be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of Man. I am also comforted by the belief/fact that those who have only just made it throught the Strait Gate and begun their journey down the Narrow Way will also be considered part of the Bride as it takes quite a bit of overcoming one’s self just to get inside the door. Can’t wait for the “Omega Code II”. God Bless,


    • Lindy,

      That was a great post. I feel the same way (not regarding Arizona-did not realize that this was was a sighting for astronomers-however interesting nonetheless).

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  6. I am not a Bible scholar so having said that…
    I follow Gods word and teachings as much as is possible for any human to do so, understanding “We are born in sin and will die in sin”.
    The one thing I keep hearing over and over since I was a child, (am now 63) is that the
    “rapture” is coming and we will all be taken in the blink of an eye to be with Christ.
    Now this is where I have a major problem.
    No where can I find the word “Rapture” in the Bible.
    No where can I find the statement of fact that Christ will return for his “people”, his “Bride” at a separate time frame from his “Stated” times of return.
    Unless the Bible is totally wrong and man is correct, God, Christ, will make only two (2) appearances on this now sorry old earth.
    One has been completed, his birth, death and ascending to heaven.
    The second time HE comes back “Like a thief in the night”,
    “Every eye shall see, from the east to the west”…and at that time he also brings with him ALL the saints that have been be-headed or died for Christ’s name and or belief.
    Christ, at this second and last appearance, will then at that time commence and finalize the destruction (with fire) of the earth and its low-life inhabitants also brining and placing the “New Jerusalem” for all his family, his bride if you will, a new heaven and new earth.
    At that time, Christ’s second and last return, will the bride of Christ rise to meet with him in the heavens in Spirit, not in body. That is the twinkling of an eye talked off. Those taken at the well and etc…”one left and one taken”? those taken will be Satan’s crew, to be destroyed
    at once/put in the pit if you will and to judgment. Christ’s Bride are and will be left awaiting His return for them again, to reiterate…to be taken up with him in spirit as we will all be changed.
    All thru the Bible we are warned of the calamity coming at this end time. We are told of the dire consequences to come on mankind. Not so we will be taken away and not have to deal with it, told so we will be able to fend off the “Delusion”…that will taken even to “Very elect”…

    This is just my point of understanding. It is not set in stone.
    I would like someone, anyone, to prove me wrong.
    In so doing, I will not listen to conjecture, to circumstantial evidence or to mans interpretation of Gods word. Show me EXACTLY IN THE BIBLE, (King James) WORD FOR WORD, where we are told Christ will return 3 times! Where we will be raptured away before the dirt starts flying!
    This is not written to take away or belittle these teachings or its writers.
    This is written to address the truth as written in the Bible, not mans interpretation of same. Jim


    • It is evident you have not studied enough to understand a number of things – the word Rapture is not in the Bible – but what it means is – a violent snatching away, in the twinkling of an eye – that IS in the Bible and it DOES refer to the BRIDE who is far, far different.

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      • as I said earlier, PROVE me wrong.
        NOT with your understanding OR your conclusions. With Actual, word for word Bible statements. Of course these must not be taken out of context and re-applied as the feel good mega churches and so on to include any and all your 501C3’s.
        Also would be nice if in your replies….YOUR name may be exposed to the one your are ‘attempting’ to chastise or correct. J


      • I do not argue or debate with arrogant people. I do not have to prove anything to you, nor will I. You go ahead and believe whatever you want, I have dealt with many like you before. This is not a debate blog. It is not your blog. If you don’t like it, leave. iT SEEMS you act like a troll. I stand by what I have posted. I have never told anyone to believe what I have said. You on the other hand, are telling me and everyone you are exactly correct and everyone else is wrong. Good, have at it. You are banned from further comment. I am so happy for you that you know everything there is to know. Your comments however, give you away.

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  7. Thanks Stewart, amazing revelation as always! The signs are everywhere. Your posts are much appreciated.


  8. Excellent article! Very informative. Regarding 4/11, the Lord showed me about 3 years ago that this date was significant, but I never understood why. I now understand, it’s as if the puzzle is all coming together. Thank you Stewart for your research and sharing this information with the body of Christ! I am going to have to read this again just to absorb all of the material. 🙂


  9. Wow…amazing info! Thank you. I wish you had a link to Google+ and Blogger…I would love to be able to share this on there as well:) Yah bless you brother.


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