In my last post, we spoke of a possibility of an attack on the West Coast, Oakland or LA. Now this was sent to me and I simply wanted to post is as a possible heads up for major Illuminati operations to bring America under total lock-down, aka Martial Law.



From Pamela Rae Schuffert



These were the urgent code words 
my NAVY SEAL contact
spoke to a Commander in military security  in
Washington DC only a month ago.

In the US military, the code name for a serious 
nuclear weapons incident is 
‘Broken Arrow’.

“..the rogue nukes were planted across various locations in America, and were set to detonate May 6th 2013…”

-Testimony of Navy SEAL sniper and explosives expert- 


This is probably the most urgent articles/emails I have ever sent out IN MY LIFE.NONE of the following information was “surfed off the net.” I just met personally with this man who gave me the following information:


I just spoke personally with a military insider, a NAVY SEAL sniper with a record 200 hits, who told me some horrifying information. Yes, I know his full name, which I am not allowed to make known publicly at this time. Yes, I also know the name of the military contact of his in Washington DC. This Navy SEAL recently helped intercept, with other military men, nukes that were planted by NWO forces and destined to go off around MAY 5-6, to trigger martial law nationwide…RIGHT HERE IN MONTANA. And there are MORE across this nation. 


This is the fulfillment of my article written years ago, about “OPERATION RING OF FIRE”, in which an insider admitted that one of the final tactics which the NWO forces will use to irrevocably trigger martial law in America, is a series of massive explosions across this nation, forming as it were a RING OF FIRE.


The nukes which this recent military contact helped to defuse were obviously a perfect fulfillment of this warning that came from a personal friend and source many years ago, who was later murdered by the government (Ed Pack).


My new contact told me that several cities in Montana had been targeted with these nukes which  they helped to intercept only a month ago. He told me that 9 men died in this defusing operation. He also mentioned that the nukes they helped to offset were in California and Oregon also….but we both agreed that they are undoubtedly also planted all across the nation for their martial law agenda.


He remains in direct contact with a biggie in the military in Washington DC who specializes in nuclear safety and security , who worked with him and the men to defuse these rogue nukes, and even showed me his text message from him the other day. I looked the guy up on the Internet. Gulp…yeah, he IS a biggie in military security! And this biggie is aware of me and my reporting…and told my NAVY SEAL source so in the text message which he later showed me.




AND WHILE HE AND HIS MEN MAY HAVE INTERCEPTED AND STOPPED THESE PARTICULAR ONES HE TOLD ME ABOUT… THERE ARE MORE ROGUE NUKES OUT THERE...AND APPARENTLY THEY TOO MAY BE SCHEDULED TO DETONATE AROUND THIS TIME PERIOD AS WELL!!! Honestly, we on the outside cannot possibly know the exact planned time of the detonation of the other nukes, but it would make perfect sense that they would follow the pattern of the previously intercepted nukes.


He admitted to me that we are talking about tens of thousands of innocent lives taken out or affected by every single one of these deadly rogue nuclear devices.


Readers, PLEASE pray as never before! 
Circulate this email far and wide! 
This is no hoax and is 



And pray for this man. He was warned by the aforementioned DC biggie that he was high ” on the hit list” now for termination because of his activities countering their NWO agenda. He admitted to me that he is going underground and disappearing rapidly. 


In fact, I will be giving him lots of my personal “bug-out” supplies and equipment before he disappears. No one gets paid once they are forced to go underground. Such people must rely on our help just to survive. His life is in danger for standing against NWO tyranny threatening our nation, and for daring to help intercept some of their nukes planted in America to trigger martial law. 

What kind of support does he deserve from the rest of us whose lives he is helping to save RIGHT NOW???WWJD? I will never let such genuine American heroes down…and neither should YOU.


He told me he wanted me to get this info out for prayer…because he has recently committed his life to Jesus Christ, after years of military sniper/assassin jobs as a SEAL and more hits than famed CHRIS KYLE (recently killed), the person who ran BLACKWATER/the CRAFT paramilitary organization until killed by a fellow veteran recently.


This contact is for real. And unfortunately, his information is very real. We spent hours talking and he knows some very deep hidden facts and things that I knew, including personal contacts of mine, that blew me away…and I realized immediately he was the real thing. Pray for his safety and his walk with Jesus Christ to continue, and for his family as well.

Pray that all these other deadly nukes, planted to trigger martial law THIS YEAR, will be intercepted and neutralized across this nation by the “white hats” or good guys in the military who are against this wicked NWO agenda for our nation. God bless the Patriot military underground! Keep up the good work, guys! 


Obviously, pray for me as well. Do you actually think the government loves me for getting this kind of information out nationwide??? Somehow I suspect that there is a big fat hit list out there with my name near the top….


If my contact’s dates are correct, we may have only days to pray against these nukes going off to trigger martial law, apparently, based on the info he shared with me. 

As I said, we cannot verify any of this, but it seems odd that so many pointers are going in the same direction.



There are warnings for a heads up, and then there are warnings that turn out to be true. We have no idea if this is true, but with all of the police activity going on in Oakland the other day, with the police blocking off areas and refusing to tell anyone what they were doing, well, could it be they are looking for something like a SUITCASE if you get my drift?
Here is the article I am referring to, and don’t forget Boston and the LOCK-DOWN:

FBI, local police conducting massive sweep in Oakland

“FBI agents on way to conduct sweep in Oakland

 A massive law enforcement sweep was underway in Oakland Wednesday, with nine people having reportedly been detained an hour after it was first reported.

FBI agents, local police SWAT and the California Highway Patrol were targeting multiple locations.

Several streets were closed down in West Oakland during the sweeps. Portions of Seventh and Eighth streets were shut down in the area for at least 90 minutes and while helicopters circled overhead.

The police barricades were reportedly lifted just before 10:20 p.m.

It appeared to be an extensive operation with many officers involved.

There were agents carrying out actions in numerous parts of the city Wednesday night.

As of 9 p.m., KTVU learned that nine people had been detained.

An hour later, a separate sweep involving San Leandro Police reportedly resulted in a standoff near the intersection of E. 22 Street and 14th Avenue.

Oakland Police and other agencies involved told KTVU that the participating departments were not at liberty to discuss what the action concerned.

However, those agencies would be able to release details when the sweep was over.”

OK, so we know that this was a MJTF (Multi-Jurisdiction Task Force) operation. Why? What were they looking for? WE DON’T KNOW,  NO ONE IS TALKING.

Now then, we got the following e-mail and it is quite interesting in view of the fact that the Occult always seems to like killing  people during the later part of April, especially the last 13 DAYS OF APRIL – where a massive bloodshed/murder operation  should take place to of course appease Satan and his minions, known as the Illuminati.

“Before the Boston bombings, there was a Facebook page set up saying ‘RIP VICTIMS OF BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS’ and also, the were some cards made in 1995 called the ‘Illuminati card game’ it has the twin towers, the Pentagon and other things like that as a card.. It also has a ‘joggers’ card which is very likely in connection to the Boston bombings. Now there has been a new Facebook page set up for a memorial for ‘April 28th la nuke event’ and the explosion, is the same as the WW3 card, which reads ‘any nation making a direct attack to another nation has tripled in power'”

Now I cannot verify any of this except the Illuminati card game that is eerily prophetic. It does in fact have a jogger card as described, as well as the WWIII Card with what appears to be a nuke explosion. The Marathon Jogger card  takes care of Boston. But it appears something went wrong there, as not “enough people” were killed or wounded to satisfy the gods of death and destruction. Also, the Boston event is being exposed for what it is, a FALSE FLAG EVENT, and the government agents got caught in their lies, and the FBI and others are still changing their stories.  They need something to divert attention away from all of this. Like another event, say LA and the beginning of the HOT PART OF WORLD WAR THREE. It has to start sometime, and when we see the fighting going on between North Korea and South Korea, China warning Taiwan, trouble in the Balkans and Middle East, then we can wonder about the Armageddon Script coming to pass, can’t we?

Now remember the Movie NEXT? Remember how it ended? A NUKE GOES OFF in LA! Remember how the FBI was using Nicolas Cage as a “remote viewer” type? Many of his movies are highly prophetic in their implication, such as “KNOWING”‘.  “NEXT” may be one such movie. Now we also have to bring in North Korea and their missing subs – and the bragging by the N.K. military that they had “mini-nukes”, and that they WERE going to attack the United States with nuclear bombs. Are you getting the drift of how all of this might play out? And do not forget that NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE HAPPENS UNLESS IT IS APPROVED BY THE ILLUMINATI. NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE.

One might ask how the Illuminati card game came about, who supplied the information and why it is so correct in the prophetic sense. And now we come to the Bible and what it has to say, for it portends a severe judgment upon the American people for several reasons:

1. They have rejected the Bible as having a relevance

2. They have rejected Jesus Christ, or they have refused His commands to enter in.

3. They have filthy rotting rulers whose tables are full of vomit and the people do nothing about it.

4. They have murdered millions of innocent babies and shed innocent blood that cries out from the ground and we have had 40 years of testing since the Supreme Court’s ruling of roe v. Wade. We have failed to repent. The time of testing is now over. God will require the blood of those innocent little babies or He is not a just God.

5. They have endorsed homosexuality from the highest levels.

6. This country is full of fornicators, murderers, adulterers, thieves and corruption.

7. The people of America are MAD UPON THEIR IDOLS and will not repent of any of it.

This is only a SHORT LIST, the long list would have to be a billion pages long. THEREFORE JUDGMENT COMETH.

Isaiah 47

47 Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.

2 Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers.

3 Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.

4 As for our redeemer, the Lord of hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel.

5 Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms.

6 I was wroth with my people, I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke.

7 And thou saidst, I shall be a lady for ever: so that thou didst not lay these things to thy heart, neither didst remember the latter end of it.

8 Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children:

9 But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their perfection for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments.

10 For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.

11 Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.

12 Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.

13 Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

14 Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it.

15 Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast laboured, even thy merchants, from thy youth: they shall wander every one to his quarter; none shall save thee.

Now while much of this deals with the final end of America-Babylon, notice several things: Mischief shall fall upon thee, and thou SHALT NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT OFF – in others words, one part of the government really does attempt to find and locate many terrorist cells and PUT OFF (as they have already) a number of “attacks”. We also know, at the highest levels, unknown or denied by many agents below them that they are heavily engaged in bringing down America and taking out for good all Americans that believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, The Holy Bible, or anyone who dissents from the goals of the NEW WORLD ORDER. In other words, we have a major battle going on within the Government between the NWO operatives and those attempting to stop it – or as Jeremiah says RULER AGAINST RULER, AUTHORITY AGAINST AUTHORITY. IT IS SPREADING VERY FAST NOW, as the Boston bombing now indicates. No one IN AUTHORITY can get their stories straight.

So what is this “mischief” that we are unable to put off?  Well, part of it  is RIOTS and FIRE IN THE CITIES, for one thing. It is the rising up of the “aliens” who come into America across the borders and take up residence, who blend in and “become one of us”, when in fact they are a FIFTH COLUMN OPERATION. This infiltration has been going on for years now, and with the blessings of the highest of authorities, including Obama AKA Lucifer. They will rise up when the Lord gives the signal, and they will turn America into total chaos. As to when this will begin, perhaps it already has.

I was a professional pilot for many years, and I have to tell you that during the riots of the 60’s it was a very scary sight to fly over the cities and see them burning. I guess the Lord was showing me what was to come in the future.

We are not saying that April 28th, 2013 will see a FIRE IN THE CITY of either Oakland or LA, but we see a situation where one can connect the dots and surmise that something may be in the wind. It has to begin somewhere, and we have already see MARTIAL LAW in Boston. What will it be like if we have a major attack in California, which by the way, MOCKS GOD AT EVERY TURN AND IN EVERY WAY. However, having done a lot of research before we published out DVD “THE OMEGA CODE”, THE TIMELINES IS ABOUT RIGHT. Not saying it is, just wondering…

PS – April 30th, 2013 adds up to 13 – the end of the last 13 days of April – just a note. Also wanted to include the following video concerning the lock-down in Boston, very scary but also prophetic for America-Babylon.



What we saw in Boston was clearly a staged false flag, designed we now know, to blame it on the “right wing”, and that was exposed, so suddenly it was “foreign folks who were “radicalized” into “Islam”. We watched a total and complete LOCKDOWN OF BOSTON, which is now the new name for MARTIAL LAW. We witnessed SS storm troopers invade home after home, holding totally innocent people at gunpoint as they rummaged through their home and confiscating all firearms they could find. They could have just as easily lead them away to FEMA camps. Would any one even care? Would media tell us that it was for their own safety?

Now all of this is total lawlessness on a massive scale. Fourth Amendment rights were totally violated, in fact under this lock-down, the Constitution was null and void and no one, except the “authorities”, had  any rights whatsoever. This is a police state, and the American people “cheered it on”. Media thinks it is wonderful. America is gone, and they love it. That is until they themselves and their families are rounded up and killed by the very ones they helped bring to power. After all George W. Bush called the Constitution a &^%$#$ piece of paper, and no one said much about that either. So you now know where this is really going, don’t you?

The point being that Boston is only the beginning. Now we have our “leaders” calling for “cameras on every corner” in every city. Next, every village and town, and then EVERY HOME via the “all seeing eye” built into your TV or whatever device they can dream up.  It is all so obvious that the “authorities” want an  ever increasing surveillance state all across America-Babylon. And then came calls for a ban of black powder, and now even standard ammunition re-loaders use is in the works. This was the goal of the false-flag event, and why others will happen in order to move us ever closer to a full country LOCK-DOWN. And now, when they invade your home and take what they want, they call it a “rescue”. This is all Orwellian doublespeak. Remember “when they say peace and security”.

Now you know why the Bible calls America and Obama the LAWLESS ONES. This country is run by a usurper who is lawless at every turn, mocks everything this country a long time ago stood for, gives the finger to the masses and the PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO.

So therefore, BOSTON tells us that the American people are cowards, and stand for nothing whatsoever. The media are those that love to make lies and will never enter heaven according to Revelation. The media are nothing more than a front for the CIA and other agencies that are all part of this Luciferian Occult NWO club, albeit that many of them do not know it. The lies, deception, misinformation, disinformation and whatever will continue unabated until the NWO has reached its goals. And you can expect NO resistance from the American people.

TSA pat downs are totally lawless. There is no justification for any of it at all, yet when surveyed, 35% of the people said they would accept BODY CAVITY SEARCHES in order to fly. Can you imagine that any husband would allow his wife to undergo vaginal or anal probes just to fly? Yet they said they would, if it meant they “would be safe”. Have these people utterly lost their minds? Are they insane? Are they able to even connect TWO DOTS together?

We saw a total reflection of that same attitude in the Boston lock-down. Homes invaded, searched, weapons confiscated and not a whimper. The people were forced out of their homes at gunpoint!! There was no resistance at all. Arms in the air, patted down, and not whimper of protest as hundreds of homes were invaded by NAZI SS STORM TROOPERS. As yet, I have heard of no one even considering a MASSIVE CLASS ACTION MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE “RULERS”. The courts are now so corrupt it would most likely not get far anyway. What is also interesting is that these SS thugs are Americans who live with neighbors and yet they thought nothing of doing this to their own people!!!

So we are all being conditioned to accept a total lock down for any “emergency” real or contrived. We are being told right in our faces that we have no rights whatsoever anytime the “rulers” say so. TSA says that the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not exist at airports, soon to be bus stations, train stations and TSA highway check points. ICE claims, through Homeland Security, that the Constitution does not exist within 100 miles of our borders. In reality, the American people have allowed outright criminals to strip them of everything they have and they clap and cheer it on. Is there any wonder why the Lord holds this country as lawless AND worthless? Is there any protest to this?

We are living now under Obama, who is lawless, and a government that is lawless. We are in the last days, Obama is becoming a dictator, and no one can or will come after him at least not yet. However, all of this is of THIS WORLD. And this world is dying. And EARTH DWELLERS are dying with it. The New World Order is of THIS WORLD. The so-called “aliens” who will arrive soon will be speaking of THIS WORLD, and of NEW WORLD SYSTEMS. Jesus commanded you leave this world, and gave the right and the way to do it. He called it a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY. It actually leads to a dimensional gateway, a pathway to CROSS OVER while still alive and in the flesh. It has nothing to do with faith or belief. It has to do with DOING IT. Anyone who will is saved. Those that will not will be lost. It is that simple. Remember when Jesus said “Why do you call me LORD, LORD, and not do what I say?” I think that might just be some sort of clue, do you think?

Who are those that really belong to Him? Who are those that Jesus Christ counts worthy? Only those that are truly regenerated, those who have been born from above, and those who have stood before the light of Divine Agape and been judged. Only those who have entered the strait gate and walked the narrow way unto the pit of death and there sat until He that bade them came to them and said “come up higher”! Those that came to the END OF THEIR FAITH, who were dead to this world, who loved not their lives unto death. Better study your Bible while you still can.

The Earth is a dying ember. There is no true love here. There is no hope here. There is nothing here. Anyone that hopes for a better “future” here on Earth is in total denial. The sooner people realize that planet Earth is going to burn, and that they are all fallen creatures in dire need of redemption, the better. We are in the final days of mankind’s probation upon this planet. The days of GRACE and REBIRTH are almost over. We are moving rapidly into a new era, an era of LAW, of BEHEADING, of the final end of this age. Those that refused to do as Christ commanded during the age of grace are in serious trouble.

It will be during this that the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists and prophetic scholars will be revealed as to who they really were. Peter told you all about them but few paid attention. They are the popular ones out there. They trample the truth under their feet and rail against the way of the truth. They cause the strait gate and narrow way to be evil spoken of. They insist that all one needs to do is “believe” and “have faith”. It is a lie, pure and simple. No death, no coming to the light, no judgment, no repentance means no heaven, but only eternal hellfire. Not my theology, that is what Jesus Himself said, over and over and over again. You have to be a fool not to see it, and a bigger fool not to do it.

If you do not believe me, look at all of their web sites. Look up what they tell you as to how to be saved. They will say that you need to say this  “sinners prayer” or something like that. The Bible has no such “sinners prayer”. It is not in there. It is a fake, a Satanic trick, slight of hand. They will tell you to just believe and to have faith, that Jesus died for us and He did it all for us.  Well, Jesus DID die for you, but He also told you to pick up your cross and die as well. They claim all we need now is to have faith and believe, and that anything else is “heresy” or “another gospel, another Christ”. They are very deceived people who are taking MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS to hell with them. Then when you have looked up what they tell you, go look up what Christ actually said about it all. They are 180 degrees apart. You see, that is what false prophets do – they REVERSE the real truth, but you won’t see it if you don’t study to show yourself approved, and most will not study.

When Jesus told you to come to Him as a little child, He was telling you something. You better figure out what it is, and real fast!



Glenn Beck says he has a bombshell to drop on Monday and asks Obama to come clean of that Saudi National that was flown out of the country after being arrested as a suspect. Odd thing is remember 9-11 and the Saudi nationals? Remember Obama bowing to the King? Will the American people ever figure anything out? NO!!

Monday Bombshell: Evidence So Damning It Will “Determine the Fate of Our Nation”

Radio host Glenn Beck has reportedly obtained information regarding the Saudi Arabian national initially detained as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

According to Beck, the lies surrounding this suspect run so deep that should they become public they will have consequences so severe that the United State of America as we know it will be “done” if the Obama Administration is not held to account.

On his radio show Friday, Beck urged White House officials to come clean.

Failure to do so, says Beck, will leave him no other choice but to release evidence so damning that it will, “determine the fate of our nation.”

Beck says President Obama and law enforcement officials have until Monday to be honest with the American people, or he will release what he knows.

This is very, very important.

What we do going forward from here will determine the fate of our nation. 

Make no mistake. This story is number two [September 11 was #1] because of what I know. what we do will make this the most important story of our lifetime. What’s happening now is very important.

What happens in its aftermath will make it the most important, because it will either save our country, or we will be done.

Let me send this message very clear. We know who this Saudi National is. And it is in your best interests and the best interests of integrity and trust for the people of the United States of America.

It’s best coming from you, not coming from a news organization.

You have until Monday.

We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. We know that he is a very bad, bad, bad man.

I know that doesn’t make sense to you now, but on Monday it will.

…I don’t bluff. I make promises.

The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.

I thought I  had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government.

No. No.

There is no depth that these people will not stoop to.

They have until Monday.

Initial reports after the Boston Marathon bombing were that a Saudi Arabian was in police custody and being questioned in the hospital.

Here’s what we know so far.

  • Within a few hours of identifying Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi as a possible suspect in the bombing, officials advised that the this individual was cleared of any wrong-doing.
  • The FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched Ali Alharbi’s apartment in Revere, Massachusetts. Officials indicated that no evidence was found or removed from the apartment, but eye witness reports suggest otherwise. Fox News reported live from the scene that law enforcement was seen removing several bags after searching the residence.
  • The following day, Secretary of State John Kerry had a private meeting with a Saudi foreign minister.
  • President Obama, likewise, had an unscheduled meeting with the ambassador from Saudi Arabia. The official White House position is that the discussion entailed Syria, and had nothing to do with the Boston bombing.
  • First Lady Obama, also concerned about the health of the Saudi, paid a special visit to him in the hospital.
  • Within 24 hours, it was reported that college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, originally identified as the Boston Bomber, was to be deported back to his home country on “national security grounds.”
  • When questioned by reporters on Thursday, Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano said that she knew nothing about the supposed deportation and that this claim was nothing more than a “rumor.” When further pressed about the suspect’s involvement in the most significant terrorist acts on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, a frustrated Napolitano responded, “I am not going to answer that question, it is so full of misstatements and misapprehensions, that it is just not worthy of an answer.”

According to Glenn Beck, however, the real story surrounding Saudi Arabian suspect Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi has been completely covered up by the White House and law enforcement officials at the highest levels.

By Monday night, either the Obama administration comes clean, or Glenn Beck has promised to make whatever information he has available public.

If this report from Beck is legitimate, and we suspect it is, then somewhere in Washington President Obama, Valeria Jarret, Janet Napolitano and others are having a crisis meeting as we speak.

What does he know?

Whatever it is, Glenn Beck implies that it is powerful enough to bring down the Administration.


Senator to propose bill regulating black powder in wake of Boston Massacre

Saturday, April 20, 2013

By Paul Martin

APRIL 18, 2013

On April 17, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg issued a statement to the public that he intends to propose a bill or amendment to regulate black powder, and other forms of explosive components, in the wake of the Boston Marathon Massacre. The bill would demand full Federal background checks of anyone seeking to purchase the minor explosive, similar to recent attempts by Congress to require full background checks on the sale of firearms.

In the wake of the deadly bombing attacks in Boston, U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) today announced that he will reintroduce legislation he has proposed in a prior Congress to require that sales of explosive powder be subject to a background check. He will also file the legislation as an amendment to the gun violence prevention bill currently on the Senate floor. – Lautenberg.Senate.com


Why does Boston celebrate Martial Law with chants of ‘USA, USA’?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

By Paul Martin

Obama: ‘The people of Massachusetts now owe federal and local law enforcement a debt of gratitude’

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
APRIL 20, 2013

Last night in Boston, following the apprehension of a 19 year old student suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, crowds poured on to the streets of Watertown and surrounding boroughs, celebrating what they believe was an end of their terrible ordeal which began on Monday.

In what looked more like an post-game celebration following a Boston Celtics NBA championship, or a Red Sox World Series victory – major media reported the communal outpouring of national pride where resident could be seen with painted faces, brandishing American flags, and heard shouting “USA, USA”.

How did Friday become such a huge ‘patriotic moment’ for the people of Boston? Was this some kind of victory for America?

President Obama also emerged from ‘The Situation Room” in typical Hollywood fashion, to inform the people of New England that they “owed a debt of gratitude to federal and local law enforcement officers and officials”.


FBI involved in many such incidences  as Boston. Here are some Alex Jones research articles:


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Another question to ponder – why is there no coverage of a such a major disaster that killed far more people, destroyed many city blocks, injured hundreds, and yet major media does not mention much about it – always watch for something else going on when media has tunnel vision on one subject and ignores all other major news:

“West EMS Director Dr. George Smith says as up to 70 people have died and 200 injured Wednesday night in the fertilizer plant explosion in West, north of Waco.

“Of the 200 people injured, 40 were injured critically, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Gail Scarborough said. It was unclear whether or not there were deaths,” reported ABC News around 11:00 P.M. EST.

The initial blast sounded like a bomb, according to Waco lawyer Walter Skip Reaves, who lives about 3/4 mile from the fertilizer plant said to be the source of the explosion and fires.”

So if you actually believe ANYTHING on TV, or other major media, you are a fool indeed, and deserve what us coming according to prophecies against the United States of Babylon. Be thankful for every day that is sort of normal from this time out –



Got this by e-mail but can’t verify any of it:

“I work for a security commission and just received word to start campaigning of a campaign we’ve been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.

I’ll keep as short as I can.

They’re going to pin this event on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he’s unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public. They are going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.

I can’t do anything or I’ll lose my job and possible face criminal charges. Please don’t let them get away with it. They won’t find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt at real but the event was planned. Don’t let them hurt our rights.”

Now this is very interesting in view of the fact that FRIDAY WAS THE DAY FOR THE FINAL END of all of this (so they say), and the raid on the brother alive did in fact occur then. NOW THEY HAVE HIM. Secondly, both of the boys are young. They did in fact use some type of explosives but have not released details on how the bomb was made. It will be interesting then to see how this possible scenario works out – but it sound like they really are in the final phase of their plans for total chaos across America. Listen to the calls now being made for total surveillance and the need for cameras EVERYWHERE IN ALL CITIES.  So obviously we cannot let something of this nature go by with making a lot of hay over it – so who benefits?

So now they are calling these “cells”. “Sleeper cells”. And the FBI knew all about the older brother. So if they knew all about it, why did they let him back in to the country after being overseas for six months? Reminds me of what a friend reminded me of, the Bible prophecies of “sleepers” that come into America and rise up to bring total chaos and bring America down. Jeremiah 50 and 51 are being fulfilled with total accuracy here, yet the apostate American Christian still sees no evil, hears no evil.  The stage is being set. The public is being manipulated into the NWO like sheep being herded into the slaughter pens.  Watch what goes down in the next few weeks – and we’ll see if the above email is more on spot!!!



FBI expertise once again solves major crime in only days, locates the perpetrators and either kills them or captures them. How is it they are able to solve these “terrorist” cases so rapidly, but can’t find those on the 10 most wanted list. Interesting question people might want to ponder. Remember Oklahoma? 9-11?

Is it possible that the reason they can solve these cases so fast is that they already know beforehand something is “going down”? That they already know who the perpetrators are? And if so, how do they know, and who tells them? Or are these “attacks” set up by Government FOR AN AGENDA?  Who then picks out those they can use, and sets them up as the patsies? Is that why THE CRAFT and Seal operatives where all over the place in the Boston attack? And how is it that the first responders where RIGHT THERE with almost no delay, but usually don’t show up that fast?

We know that the Illuminati will stop at nothing to bring in their beloved NEW WORLD ORDER. We also know that the CFR and Bilderberg are deeply involved with the occult, AND ACCORDING TO WELL PLACED AND HIGH SOURCES, THEY ARE INVOLVED IN THESE ATTACKS TO BRING IN THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER. The Bible does not lie, and it forewarned about all of this – and it really does not matter if government is involved or not – God has targeted America for destruction and the reasons are listed quite openly. So expect more of this, and more instant “solving” of more attacks. Just wondering, just asking, that’s all.

Here is another interesting take by Sorcha Faal, aka FSB, David Booth or whoever:

April 19, 2013

Saudis Claim MOSSAD “Hit Squad” Responsible For Boston Massacre

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new report prepared for President Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) on the 15 April Boston Marathon Bombing states that Saudi Arabia has claimed to the United States that an Israeli secret service MOSSAD “hit squad” is responsible for this massacre and is being protected by “certain elements” within the American intelligence community.

According to this report, Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) [equivalent to US CIA] discovered the existence of this MOSSAD “hit squad” in late December 2012 operating within its borders and the United States and comprising individuals coming from at least 3 different nationalities including Saudi Arabian, Chechen and Yemeni.

Upon the discovery of these MOSSAD agents, this report continues, Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabian Minister of Interior, on 14 January met secretly with President Obama in Washington D.C. to advise the US of its existence.

Curiously, this report says, two days after Prince Abdulaziz’s secret meeting with Obama, US Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, on 16 January, signed an “arrangement” with him bestowing “Trusted Traveler” status on Saudi student visitors, shortcutting normal American security screening procedures for foreign nationals entering the United States.

Russian intelligence analysts contributing to this report note that the US granting of Trusted Traveler status to Saudi Arabia could very well have been designed to trap these MOSSAD agents in complacency in order to track their international travels and destinations.

Unfortunately, this report says, and as we had reported on in our 17 April report “Obama Warned Is “True Target” Of Boston Massacre” these believed to be MOSSAD elements were able to enter the United States through Saudi Arabia to join existing elements in the US, and exactly like the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing terrorists who were able to detonate their FBI-supplied explosives.

Important to note about 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, this report says, was that in the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant, a former Egyptian army officer named Emad Salem. Salem claims to have informed the FBI of the plot to bomb the towers as early as 5 February 1992. Salem’s role as informant allowed the FBI to quickly pinpoint the conspirators out of hundreds of possible suspects.

Salem, initially believing that this was to be a sting operation, claimed that the FBI’s original plan was for Salem to supply the conspirators with a harmless powder instead of actual explosive to build their bomb, but that the FBI chose to use him for other purposes instead. He secretly recorded hundreds of hours of telephone conversations with his FBI handlers.

Immediately after the 15 April Boston Marathon Bombing, this report continues, US Navy Seals on the scene captured Saudi national Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi near the Boston marathon finish line with two other Saudis who were tackled after fleeing the scene of one of the bombings.

Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Saudi Arabia, this report says, immediately flew to the United States after Alharbi’s capture and secretly met with US Secretary of State John Kerry on 16 April, and then met, again secretly, with President Obama the following day.

From these two meetings, this report continues, US intelligence agencies were able to ascertain the “grave threat” they were facing as many Russian security experts have long suspected MOSSAD’s involvement with Israeli controlled Chechnya “hit squads” the Kremlin still believes were responsible for the 24 January 2011 Domodedovo Airport Bombing in Moscow that killed 37 and wounded 173.

New reports coming from the United States are, apparently, confirming the Chechnya connection to the Boston Marathon Bombing naming Chechnya citizens Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, and his unnamed brother[photos 3rd left], as being involved in a massive shootout with American police in the Boston area with one them now dead and the other yet to be captured.

To how fearful US authorities are, FSB analysts in this report say, was evidenced in Boston this past week where the highly secretive group of private military operatives known as “The Craft” were seen taking control of the bombing site. Also, and in what the US alternative news site Natural News says is “quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up in history,” pictures were taken and posted on the Internet of one of “The Crafts” classified communications vehicle.[photo bottom left]

Most curious of all, this report says, is why the United States didn’t apprehend this MOSSAD linked terror cell immediately after the warning they received from the Saudis in January, especially as Russian intelligence officials had previously given to both the CIA and FBI detailed files on all Chechnya peoples residing in America, including the two brothers believed to be responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Most dangerous to note about these Chechnya terrorists (who operate in cells of 10), the FSB says, is that they don’t fear targeting children, and was horrifically evidenced by the September 2004 Beslan School Hostage Crisis where they massacred 380 people, the majority of them being children.

To if it can be conclusively proved MOSSAD’s, or Israel’s, complicity in the Boston Marathon Bombing as the Saudis claim, FSB analysts in this report say, the consequences could, indeed, be dire; especially due to the fact of the still highly suspicious links between Israel and the 11 September 2001 terror attacks on the US, and as we can read as reported by the Philadelphia Times Herald:

“A memorandum sent to the 9/11 Commission, and Senate and House intelligence committees in September 2004, suggests that young Israelis who canvassed dozens of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) offices in 2000 and 2001 trying to sell paintings to federal workers, may have been spying not only on the DEA, but also on Arab extremists in the United States – including the Sept. 11 hijackers who were living in Florida and New Jersey

http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1676.htmew Jersey.”

There is no question whatsoever this was a well-planned operation. That takes money and you have to find and pay the ones you are going to use as the “fall guys”, while the real perpetrators get off scott free, and they never ever become the “suspects” in the masses of the people. Needless to say, no one really like Sorcha Faal but as I have said many times, much of what “she” says is later reported in other major media. Anyhow, just interesting.

We just go this in and it makes sense:

Breaking News and Urgent Alert


please check out Lieutenant Potter’s warning against warring factions within American government.  

http://youtu.be/yWUB4MCLsHg also



(the video can also be viewed at http://constitutionambassadors.us along with the latest broadcast of INDEPENDENT THINKER)

At least two separate government agencies were involved in Boston Marathon / one was involved in planning and executing / the other faction attempted to stop the attempt.  The media is obviously owned by the bad guys!  

This information was gleaned by independent and private viewing of videos submitted to alternative news sources which show two different teams of plains clothed government employed people working within the crowds.



Daniel 8:23-25

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.”

While there is a lot of argument over who the antichrist really is, and if Lucifer, King of Babylon, is also the antichrist, it appears the prophecy of the CRAFT may have more than one meaning. Bible prophecy has many layers, the surface layer, and then often several other layers of fulfillment. For example, we know that MASONRY is known as “The Craft”. We also known from the Book of Revelation that at the end Masonry will come to the fore, known as MYSTERY, or those of the “secret societies”. Therefore, by simple logic, we can say that ANTICHRIST or LUCIFER causes THE CRAFT, OR MASONRY TO PROSPER, TO ENLARGE ITSELF, TO COME TO POWER. In point of fact, it goes back to Psalm Two, for the Kings of The Earth and the Rich Men are usually connected to Masonry and the occult in one form or another.

The point being, one can go only so far in a take-over of the world without the use of force. In other words, there comes a time when infiltration, subversion, deception, treason and lies do not work anymore, and then the blunt use of FORCE must be used. The Bible says that ANTICHRIST uses BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA to get his way. By peace he destroys many. Interesting that Obama was given the Nobel Prize for Peace and uses FORCE all the time to “enforce the peace”. I guess one could say we are moving into the final fulfillment of “when they say peace and security”.

This brings us to the ever-increasing use of mercenary forces by governments to “police the people”. We saw that with BLACKWATER in Iraq, and there is no question in my mind that Blackwater was/is (they simply changed their name), deeply involved with the CIA and that means deeply involved in the occult and Mystery. You have to understand that mystery thinks they have a DIVINE RIGHT to rule the world.Eric Prince claims to be a Christian. The Christians that think they have some divine right to rule the world are known a dominionists, British-Israel, Identity and so on. They are growing stronger as the apostasy is now in full swing. There is every wind of doctrine out there and millions follow them. The simple, plain truths oi the Bible are being trampled under foot.

Now we find something very, very interesting going on in the Boston False Flag Operation and how the FBI is scrambling to cover up the use of hired mercenaries called, of all things, THE CRAFT. The FBI is so afraid the American people are going to find out that THE CRAFT appears to be deeply involved in this false flag operation. And there is more here as well: I received this from Keith Arndt, who has evidently done a lot of looking into this from a different perspective than most. Let’s start with this e-mail:

“Jeremiah 51:46

And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler. 

 if you haven’t seen this, here it is.


I do not trust a-j (Alex Jones), but the connections here, the fact they were there in high numbers is undeniable. “THE CRAFT” the new SS?  This would explain, the big deal with the death of the navy seal. When he was interviewed on fox news, he had on a cap, with a ugly, demonic skull on it.   This skull is not that different from the one seen on Beck’s clothing, though not exactly the same.  They according to A -j are “the craft”, and are connected to blackwater. Sound familiar, seal team six.”





Now the connection with Navy Seals and THE CRAFT are in the motto and insignia. What we are watching is the building of Satan’s army that in time, after sufficient demonization of Christians and other “enemies of the state”, will be used against those who believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. The whole thrust of the New World Order is to REMOVE GOD, CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ALL CHRISTIANS FROM THIS PLANET. Read Psalm Two.

Now this lays down something very interesting. The LOGO and motto tell us that THEY USE VIOLENCE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS.The actual motto: “”violence does solve problems” Do you think it is just coincidence that THE CRAFT is being brought forward as America is being taken over by these Satanic hordes? Do you think it is by accident that Christians are considered a PROBLEM?

Homeland Security has often stated they consider Bible believing Christians to be a problem and a “national security risk”. They may word it differently, but that is what they mean.

Do you think that THE CRAFT will not be used to subjugate the American people along with foreign troops as needed? Is THE CRAFT just a part of Blackwater operations? Or is directly connected to SEAL TEAM BLACK OPS?  And then, if that is true, are they connected directly with the NEW AGE DELTA FORCES? Where did they come from? Why is the FBI ordering people NOT TO EVEN LOOK at the pictures of THE CRAFT in Boston? To not pay any attention to them whatsoever? Good question, don’t you think?

And then Keith sent this:

“Who is pushing for “retired” cops or military people to be stationed in schools to stop the “VIOLENCE”??    The NRA, gun groups, talk radio the ones that say there is no such thing as conspiracy, have just implicated themselves as by association, guilty of treason against the American people.  

Who are bulk of “the craft” retired cops, and military, who are being brought into “THE CRAFT” TRAINING.   ???????

 Left brain pushes the people to react, attacking all that is known as right and good , liberty and freedom.

 The right brain brings the answer, stand up for freedom, liberty what is right and good, which at some point it is realized, to vote, to complain, to unite is not enough.  When the equation reaches this point maximum.  When chaos is in control, the answer is as “the craft”‘s moto says “VIOLENCE”

 “Violence does solve problems.”

 So then the prophecy comes to full fruition “VIOLENCE” IN THE LAND, RULER IS AGAINST RULER. Or authority against authority.  It is too many councils that muddle up the facts.

Isaiah 47:13

Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

 Authority being a broad term, may mean everything from government, media, teachers, business leaders, activists, to military, law enforcement, judges, all the way down to parental rights.The end result “NEIGHBOR AGAINST NEIGHBOR”.” – Keith Arndt

 Interesting observation. Of course Alex Jones hardly ever connects the world news with Bible prophecy. Almost none of these news sites do, and that is sad because people need to know how all of this connects DIRECTLY to the prophecies of America-Babylon.

Now when you look at “THE CRAFT”, we could take the next step in logic, and say that these mercenaries are all connected to a silent, hidden military force of some type. So then WHO IS PAYING THEM? Who paid for them to be in Boston? For what?Why were they there is the first place? Who is buying all of this very sophisticated equipment you can see in the pictures?  Witnesses claimed they heard and were told that a “DRILL”, was taking place. Really, how many times have we seen these government DRILLS GO HOT?

The below is a short quote from Natural News:

“The mainstream media is engaged in a total blackout and refuses to run any photos of “The Craft” operatives. This story is quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up in history.

Natural News was the first to identify the brand of the radiation detector being held in the hand of one “Craft” operatives. Now, we appear to be the first to run this photo of what looks to be an extremely high-end mobile communications van with seven more “Craft” operatives.”



So then is Obama causing THE CRAFT TO PROSPER? In more ways than one? Do we have a hidden army already in America that no one knows about? Yes!! Are the prophecies of Daniel and Jeremiah now being rapidly fulfilled? YES!! It just seems very odd to me that a mercenary police force called THE CRAFT is rising up in clear view at FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS, and further that the FBI and other authorities do NOT want this information out there. So then, a final question. Is THE CRAFT OF MASONRY EMPLOYING A MILITARY MERCENARY GROUP CALLED “THE CRAFT” for their final rise to power? The Lord does have a way of exposing things as a warning to His people – not that most of them will understand any of this.

Anyhow, there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud, and that being “when you see all of these things come to pass, lift up your head, for your redemption draws near.”




April 17, 2013

Obama Warned Is “True Target” Of Boston Massacre

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


“A shocking Federal Security Forces (FSB) report on the 15 April deadly Boston Marathon Bombing says that this horrific terror event “most likely” has as its “main target” United States President Barack Obama, whom Russian intelligence experts warn could be targeted for assassination as early as tomorrow.

According to this report, and as one of the largest manhunts in American history is currently underway seeking the agents behind this terror attack, the main perpetrators who perpetrated this massacre are showing “all of the hallmarks” of being linked to a centuries old cabal that has caused many other such mass death events and assassinations of top political leaders in the US.

Important to note, this report says, are that events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing should always be “rigorously examined” for the telltale signs this “cabal of death” leaves behind foretelling of its happening, especially in fictional accounting and numerology.

As an example, this report says, was the 17 March airing of a popular American adult cartoon show named Family Guy wherein the main character detonated by cell phone 2 bombs in the Boston area, and in the same episode drove to the finish line of the Boston Marathon dismembering the bodies of runners who lay bloodied and limbless in a horrible scene recreated in real life less than a month later on 15 April.

One of the most famous examples of these types of “fictional pre-warnings” was the 4 March 2001 airing of the Lone Gunman television pilot wherein the World Trade Center buildings in New York City were targeted by remote controlled passenger jets, a fictional event that become all to real 6 months later on 11 September 2001

The numerological aspect relating to this Family Guy “predictive warning,” this report continues, lies in it being the 15th episode of this programme during its 11th season…which coincides with this attack occurring on the 15th, which is exactly 11 years since the Boston Marathon was run on the 15th of the month.

Also to be noted, this report says, is the “blood symbology” of the Boston Marathon route being 26.2 miles from start to finish, which, coincidentally, matches the death toll of the 14 December 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre where 26 innocent victims were gunned down. 

Not being understood by many Westerners, this report says, is this “cabal of deaths” association with ancient satanic rites; the one having the most meaning to this latest massacre being the 19 April-1 May “Blood Sacrifice To The Beast” which typically requires a “fire sacrifice” to occur on, or near the 19th of April.

As a “minor sabbath” of the satanic calendar for the 13-week Spring Equinox time period, this report continues, this 19 April-1 May time frame contains some of the most horrific and deadly events in all of American history and includes:

1.) The failed Bay of Pigs invasion on 17 April 1961;

2.) The Virginia Tech University Massacre on 16 April 2007;

3.) The US government massacre of the Branch Dividians at their Waco Texas complex on 19 April 1993;

4.) The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City on 18 April 1995;

5.) The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010;

6.) The Columbine High School Massacre on 20 April 1999;

and which now the Boston Marathon Massacre now joins.

One of the worst “Blood Sacrifice To The Beast” events to occur in modern times, this report notes, happened on 19 April 1943, when after trapping the last Jewish Resistance Fighters in a storm drain in Warsaw, and holding them for several days, Nazi Storm Troopers began to pour fire into each end of the storm drain, using flame-throwers. They continued pouring the fire into the drain until all fighters were dead.

This “blood sacrifice” brought about by a fiery conflagration…exactly 50 years later, to the day, the US government incinerated 83 men, women and children using similar tactics during what is now known as the Waco Siege.

Russian intelligence analysts further note in this report that with the highly sophisticated bombs being used in the Boston Marathon Massacre, and their being timed to create “maximum carnage,” this attack may be a precursor to the “main attack” they say could target President Obama during his visit to the Boston area tomorrow, and which the first attacks may have been designed for as the US President has always, since taking office, gone to massacre sites to comfort the victims.

The “main clue” to Obama being the “target,” this report says, was the bomb explosion at the John F. Kennedy Library located in Boston, and owned by the US National Archives, which American authorities are attempting to downplay, but which Paul Yazbeck, a JFK Library employee, said was “definitely an explosion” and occurred near simultaneously with the first Boston Marathon explosion, and which is “always” a “cabal of death” warning sign of an imminent assassination attempt.

With the liberal US online magazine Salon saying today “Let’s hope Boston Marathon bomber is a white American,” and Boston officials reporting that the bombing was most likely carried out by a “domestic terrorist,” this report further notes that this terror attack cannot be ruled out as a “false flag” operation either, especially when seen in the light of many witnesses reporting that a “bomb drill” was in progress during the attack, but which police officials have since denied.

To how the United States would react should an attempt be made on Obama, and should this attack be conclusively linked to American “right wing” terrorists, this report concludes, the backlash could be “very grim” as both the Federal Government, and those citizens opposing it, are both “armed to the teeth” and are merely awaiting the “spark” that will very likely engulf that nation in a civil war.”

Very interesting points that everyone needs to digest and know about – seems that the ricin envelopes are part of a much broader plan of “let the chaos begin”. This is the same group that John F. Kennedy warned all of us about many years ago. We already know the Homeland Security (SS) thinks 80% of Americans are enemies of the state. Not long now – Omega Code timeline appears to be coming into very sharp focus. Remember the TWO HOURS OF DARKNESS just before the dawn, and how Christ split up Daniels 70th week into TWO ONE HOUR PARTS.



I have no idea how all of that stuff appeared at the top of my last post. Sorry about that!!


Family Guy episode foretold with great precision the Boston bombing – INFO WARS:


An episode of the popular show Family Guy which was first aired less than a month ago eerily predicted aspects of the Boston Marathon attack, depicting the main character detonating two bombs in addition to winning the marathon by killing the rest of the participants.

The episode, named Turban Cowboy, centers around Peter becoming embroiled with terrorists who plan on blowing up bridges in Boston. The show aired on March 17, just under a month ago on the Fox network and has been repeated in recent days.

The image of Peter killing the Boston Marathon runners even shows blood and missing limbs, a chilling reminder of the very real scenes of carnage we saw yesterday.

It is important to note that the video shows two clips from different points of the show edited together, but they are from the same episode.

Critics responded to the episode by remarking that it “feels like an episode made in 2002 and left on the shelf for a decade.”




Here are the latest headlines from Drudge:

Saudi man, 20, questioned at hospital...
Suburban apartment of Saudi student searched...
... Cops carry out 'several large bags'...

Bombs packed with ball bearings; 3 dead, 170+ wounded; 17 in critical...
'25, 30 people have at least one leg missing'...
Martin Richard, 8, among dead...
Elderly runner in viral photo finishes race...
HEROES: Kindness, humanity amid the carnage...
Witnesses recount war zone at marathon... ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***
Runner: 'They must have had some sort of threat called in'...
Axelrod: Obama Thinks Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'...
Blasts put world's cities on alert...
NYC deploys 1,000 cops to top landmarks...
UK police review London Marathon security...
MINISTER: Will not be 'blown off course'...
Kentucky Derby, Indy 500 to up security...
BARNEY FRANK: 'No tax cut would have helped us deal with this'...
UPDATE: No other bombs found...

So what are we to make of all of this? We knew something was coming – and an “insider” at DHS made a comment that when you see gold and silver dip in price, that meant something was coming, well, we had our BIG DIP – is this it or is something far bigger in the wind?

It was reported that police dogs were at both the start and finish lines, and also loud speakers saying there was a “drill” going on – there always seems to be a “DRILL” going on when these “terrorist attacks” occur – so if you hear of a drill in your area, take cover – they seem to “go live” all to often. So then, who benefits? TSA. Now we have an excuse to have the TSA all over the streets of America and in our towns to keep us all safe, you know, “WHEN THEY SAY PEACE AND SECURITY”, especially when any kind of marathon race, sports events, large gatherings such school proms, etc. By the way, that same insider warned that TSA was going to come to fore, much like Germany's SS.

"We are the TSA, and we are here to help you be safe and secure. Not to worry, we have you covered, but of course, you must give up all your bill of rights for us to accomplish all of this.”

Eyewitness: Authorities “Must Have Known” About Bombing

Spotters on roof for “drill” before explosions at Boston marathon

Paul Joseph Watson
April 16, 2013

“Despite police refusing to acknowledge that they had any warning of the bombing attack on the Boston Marathon, eyewitness Ali Stevenson says authorities “must have known” of a threat because they announced a drill beforehand and had spotters on the roof at the start of the race.”

Then of course we had a Satanic Holiday yesterday that calls for bloodshed and guess what – we had major bloodshed. This has all the earmarks of an Illuminati operation – and of course gives the excuse for more “security”, and brings in more excuses for “tighter surveillance” on us poor morons. TSA and all of that of course. The primary objective of all of this will become clear down the road – but you can be assured TSA will be brought forward more and more to be our SS security forces.

I got this in an e-mail, and it is very interesting.

“Another blood sacrifice by the Illuminati/NewWorldOrder to their self-
proclaimed god, Lucifer. Today, April 15th, is “The FORDICIDIA,” their
vile feast day when they execute and offer up blood sacrifices, masses
of victims, to Satan. The devil-worshipping global ruling elite, known
as the Illuminati and “The New World Order,” believe that they must
perpetrate mass murder and present their victims to Satan in order to
be reciprocally endowed with Satan’s power in order to perpetrate much
greater wholesale atrocities. We saw their massive blood sacrifice at the
Twin Towers, satanically empowering them to launch multiple bloody
wars, which continue to this day, twelve long years later. So, expect
these demonic ruling elite to execute some colossal atrocity *very soon.*

“Standing before this temple was the Petra Sclerata, the accursed stone.
Each year on April 15th, the feast of Fordicidia was held in this temple,
consecrated to Tellus, the Mother-Earth goddess. It involved sacrificing
a pregnant cow to Tellus. During this important ceremony, the unborn
calf was burned whole. This whole burnt offering was called “The Holocaust.”
Throughout pagan history the major burnings of Jews and Christians have
occurred on or near this date…”

Remember the motto of the Masons. “Order out of chaos”. The word “chaos” is being used all the time concerning the Boston bombing. Are we being told “let the chaos begin!”  by the Illuminated Ones? Then of course we have the CFR and their motto “everywhere”. So in essence, you go to run a marathon and you get your legs blown off or killed. In other words, YOU ARE NOT SAFE NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You are not safe “EVERYWHERE”. I think I remember somewhere in the Bible that it says there will come a time of terror just before the end of it all.  Well, does that mean that we will soon have TSA goon squads ‘EVERYWHERE”?

That is if there is such a thing as “last days”, “dispensations”, “rapture” etc. It seems everything is under attack these days by people who ought to know better. There really is no such thing as “last days”, or a “tribulation” and there are no “dispensations”OR “RAPTURES”  in the Lord’s agenda. All the saints are just saints, there are no differences. Interesting that the word “dispensation” means in essence how the Lord deals with the human race at different times. These folks really do need to study to show themselves approved. They omit any and all things that totally disprove their newly found concepts.

For example, when Jesus came, all things changed. Before Christ there was no such thing as being “born from above”. You will not find it anywhere in the Old Testament.  You will find HINTS of what was coming, very big hints, by the way. But after He came, suddenly one had to be “born from above” or you could not see or  enter heaven. From law to grace. That is a CHANGE in the way God deals with people.  That is, by the very meaning of the word “dispensation”, a “dispensation” change! But those who have never done as Christ commanded them, and have never met Christ one on one (also denied), could never  ever understand this radical change in “dispensations”. And then of course we have Paul, who is now an imposter, liar, antichrist, who some claim was in direct opposition to Christ in theology. And the same goes for Peter. On an on the heresies go, “ever learning but never able to come to knowledge of the truth”.

And then of course in the Book of Revelation we find another massive change on how God deals with the world and his people. During the age of “Grace” as it is known, one had to be born again. However that changes again in Revelation to beheading. There is no “rebirth” during the “tribulation”. There is only beheading. On and on it does go, and one has to ignore a host of Scripture to not notice many differences in how God deals with people. But all of this is now being denied. “We have a new truth now, a new spin on things.”

In spite of all of the denials, there really is an AGE OF GRACE AND REBIRTH, that some call the “Church Age”. That age is now almost over. And that is a fact. These folks can deny it all they want; it does not change the actual facts. It is not “interpretation”. It stated plainly, boldly, and so simply that it cannot be denied IN TRUTH. Once the Church Age is over, everything changes. EVERYTHING. We went from LAW to GRACE and we will go back TO LAW. The transition is already in progress, you have to be blind not to see it. The law keepers are coming out in force. They have no clue nor testimony of ever having been shown the DIVINE LOVE OF CHRIST, which is the ONLY LAW THERE IS NOW. Jesus left us with ONE COMMANDMENT: DIVINE LOVE. There is no other commandment. And when Jesus comes to you and shows you HIS LOVE,  you know WHY there is no other commandment, nor ever could be. That is why Jesus said that “WHEN THE SON OF MAN SETS YOU FREE, YOU ARE FREE INDEED”.  What, is Jesus a liar as well? Heaven forbid.

As for me, I will defend the faith once given to the saints. I also notice that when one goes to all these websites, there is NO true salvation message offered. It contains only the “sinner’s prayer” which cannot even be found in the Bible. It is just made up to fool millions of Christians.  It was all prophesied to happen, and it has. The warnings of Christ, John, Peter, Paul and others are simply ignored. I guess they were all liars and misfits. Even Christ is now antichrist in many circles. Actually if Paul and Peter were imposters and liars, then what other part of the Bible do we just tear up and disregard because it does not fit our “theology’?

And they claim, there is no “last days” as most of all of it went down back in AD 70. That is so easy to refute one wonders where these folks left their brains. At essence here is that the true colors of all of these so-called “Christians” are going to be clearly shown to the true elect. Do not be blown about by all of these winds of doctrine. They are really coming to the fore right now as Satan launches his final attack upon the plain and simple truths of the Bible. Getting back to the world:

We should not forget North Korea, that wild card who could throw a tantrum and do something stupid – but now we know that John Kerry offered the Chinese a cutback on our Asian missile defense shield. So then it is possible that China was behind North Korea all the time just to get that defense shield cut back or removed – not enough details yet on what was offered. So anyhow, have a good day, cheer up, things could get worse – and they will…