Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-22-2019 – This, The Other Thing & That

Tonight On Night Shadows 11-22-2019 7:00 PM CT

Paranormal Sightings, UFO, Deep State, Coup, Trump, Russia, Iran and More…


Deep State lies in open hearings, no one asks the right questions, no one in jail despite massive evidence of sedition, no indictments except Trump people, America people basically silent, communist coup continues full speed ahead, America destined for total ruin, no one really cares, surveillance state continues unabated, lockdown even more dangerous with passage of new Patriot Act, NDAA continues and the assault against the constitution continues, strange sightings continue, UFO activity on increase, Israel has no real leader, world going into chaos as global deep state plans continue and more…



Best & Taylor Intel Update For 11-20-2019 – Impeach, Impeach, But For What?


Tonight On Night Shadows – 11-20-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Deep State, Coup, Impeach, Israel, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Invasion


Here we are on the 4th day of public hearings and there is really nothing new being added for impeachment, yet Deep State continues to press on while the Senate has more or less said there will be NO REMOVAL and possibly NO TRIAL. So. what we have here is a total waste of taxpayer dollars, a total waste of time. So why? Could it be that all of this is a diversion as the final pieces of the police state and placed into power, and the final moves for a massive false flag, a communist/Soros revolution, economic attack or some other “event”? Only time will tell as it always does. Meanwhile, the clock for the endgame keeps moving forward and more…



Best & Taylor News Hour With Author Dan Holdings For 11-15-2019

Tonight On Night Shadows – 11-15-2019 7:00 PM CT

Order From Chaos, Calexit, UN Agendas, UN Troops, China In Mexico and More…



Tonight’s show will be a round table with author Dan Holdings concerning current world affairs, including what the United Nations appears to be involved with concerning the take-down of America, the possibility of a south of the border invasion into California and a possible break away of at least part of California from the Union, earth changes, Dan’s upcoming new book and what he sees as key future events, the world economy and the future of America and anything that is on Dan’s heart to share with our listeners…



Best & Taylor News Flash – Middle East Flare-Up

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT






Rockets Fly, Declaration Of War, Been There, Done That – How Long?

Once again, the rockets are flying into Israel, and we have Bugs Bunny saying, “This Means War!” but does it? The enemies of Israel constantly do this, then demand a cease fire – in order to rearm themselves and do it all over again. However, Israel is in political turmoil this time and it seems that the

 IDF may be in charge, and Bibi has taken a lot of flak for constantly agreeing to cease fires even after Israeli people have died from it – so how long will this go on before Israel decides to “eliminate” the problem once and for all? Reports of possible invasion of Gaza come in – which has also happened before – but one of these times…








Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-8-2019 – Frequency And Strong Delusions

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT – 11-8-2019

Frequency Changes, Delusions, Rebellions, Arrival & End Of Days


On our last show we brought up the fact that the Shumann Resonance of Earth was changing and moving into a higher frequency range – a range that changes the human mind and causes much stress, which in turn causes anger and the rise of EMOTIONS over RATIONAL THINKING. The Book of Enoch says that demonic activities will increase as we close down mankind’s probation upon Earth. As we have researched more into this, it is very closely connected to the STRONG DELUSION of Thessalonians and it is also very disconcerting, as the New Age concepts of an “ascension” appear to be connected to the entire solar system moving into a galactic area of higher frequencies – and that is tied into the UFO/Alien Arrival – a huge deception about to be sprung upon the human race FROM WHICH, if you are not protected by Jesus Christ, you cannot escape and WILL go into eternal damnation and much more in this special report and more to follow…












Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-1-2019 – The Other Things And This

Tonight On Night Shadows @ 7:00 PM CT

Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-1-2019 – The Other Things And This

Trump, Coup, Deep State, Communists, False Flag, November & More…


November 1 has arrived, warnings of October did not come to pass, new warnings for November 3 emerge and sooner or later, these warnings will be correct – here are some interesting You Tube links that everyone needs to watch and you will learn a lot about how DEEP STATE embeds their warnings because they claim they are “gentlemen” and always telegraph ahead their intentions.

Meanwhile, the communists in Washington move ahead with their plans to put America into chaos and possible revolution – the goal all the while. So here it is – Order to disorder to chaos to martial law to New World Order. Simple and it works or so they think – they forget the God Factor, because the Lord Has His own agenda and it is not what they think and so it goes. More Earth Changes, more chaos around the world and so it goes in the MATRIX…


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