New Website Is Building Traffic Fast – Please Come Visit and Find Out Why!!!

Sorry I have not posted for some time, a lot going on around here right now.

Our New website (not .com), is rapidly building in traffic numbers from around the world as people are finding it to be filled with unique information and news from around the world. There are many portals or gateways to all sorts of news at this site. We welcome you to come over for a visit and enjoy what we hope is a ONE-STOP solution for many folks so they don’t have the time to spend hours surfing the web to find out what they are interested in – they can come direct to and find what they want right there by opening their favorite subject gateway.

One new article just posted that everyone needs to read is “Who Is The Great City Babylon?”. You will find it near the top of the home page. One thing is now very clear, the vast majority of Americans have NO CLUE as to the identity or future of their nation according to prophecy. This short 3D article is an eye opener, and is one of many coming.

While the site is still under construction, it contains a vast amount of data and news already. We would welcome your comments as to how we can make the site even better than it is already!!

“Danny Doogle & The Lords of Mars” is about to be released in serial form – the first release is totally free, and will be available soon. I wrote Danny because I felt that the books out there are so much in the occult type of things, like the Lord of The Rings or the Harry Potter series.

So who is Danny Doogle? He is you and I really, and our desire to explore the regions of the unknown, portrayed as a young teen ager, you know, like we all were once – full of vigor, always wondering what was really going on, willing to explore the unknown regions of our existence. So Danny and his pals are really ourselves exploring the real mysteries behind UFO enigma, the so-called “alien question”, the multitude of top-secret government operations, the Alternative Three question, and exploring the realities of moon and Mars bases, the realities of ancient giants, and all types of adventures for the young and old – this series is NOT just for teens or younger, it really contains tons of information gleaned from over 30+ years investigating a world that is actually hidden from view but it just as real as the world you and I know.

I wanted to write a series of adventures that would allow all parents and grandparents to find a way to tell their young ones that the world out there is not exactly as it appears, that there really is a CREATOR, that there really is a history of humankind radically and totally different from what they are being told, and told as fiction, but it is really not fiction at all, it is SEMI-FICTION, a made up word to describe this most unusual series.

Another thing that makes the Danny Doogle series unique is the digital 3D flip book concept that also embeds audio and video concepts, something not seen elsewhere in an adventure series that I know of. It will also be available in a PDF version and hopefully hard cover.

There really is a world out there of anti-gravity craft, huge cargo craft, underground secret cities with connected tunnels, ultra high-speed underground trains, etc. There really are secret bases on the moon and Mars. There really were giants that roamed the Earth is ancient times, and Danny and his friends will experience all of this face to face, one on one as they travel from one adventure to the next. All of this to TEACH, to give WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING in a unique non-preaching way.

For example, one of the main characters is Doc, a  professor who is staunch Christian man who is a rogue scientist forever fighting the “establishment” and their versions of history and how “things are”. Doc has a huge library and his research into ancient documents and the Bible prove to him otherwise. Doc’s friend, a Dr. Gavin is a rogue archeologist scientist who digs up giant skeletons the world over, only to have various governments come and steal them away. His vanishing on a dig sets the entire stage for Doc, Danny and all of the other characters involved.

Doc is central to the rescue of Danny and his friends who were accidentally abducted aboard a huge UFO. Danny and his friends explore crop circles, cattle abductions, ancient writings and mysteries and uncover a huge plan to invade and take over planet Earth and enslave the human race, something the Bible says is actually true.

I am asking for help after you have read the first release and if you enjoyed it to spread the word that Danny Doogle is a real solid serial series for the younger generation to help combat the spread of the occult books that are now flooding the market. Danny is designed to make people wonder, think and learn about a real world out there that only a few really know exists. We can make this a best seller by word of mouth!!!

Come back soon and we will have the link so you can enjoy the prologue and chapters one and two of “‘Danny Doogle and The Lords of Mars”!!!!