Red Alert – The First 11 Days In November

Red Alert – The First 11 Days In November

One must remember that the Lord tells us that in the last days everything will appear to be reversed, that is turned upside down and inside out – a total perversion of real truth. Good becomes Evil, and Evil becomes Good – something the communists/deep state satanic operatives have now accomplished. We must also note the Hebrew language is read right to left, and some folks actually date backwards.

Does this also apply to a reversal of 4-11, 9-11 & 11-11 into 11-4, 11-9, and 11-11? Is the Lord telling us that NOVEMBER is a month to really be watching? A brother in the Lord sent me this email and I felt it is important to bring it to all of you watching the world go into total insanity:

“11/11 is the Middle of the feast of Tabernacles when Jesus, might have gone up secretly as stated in John 7:14 (777!) and so it might very well Be the Time.”

Now to unravel this he also sent this:

“What about 11/11?

A lot of Christians have been seeing 11/11.

We know true Trumpets occurred on September 25, determined by the turn mentioned in Exodus 34:22.

A number of Christians believe the rapture may occur during Tabernacles instead of Trumpets. True Trumpets has come and gone.

We find God’s instructions for celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Leviticus 23. The feast was to be celebrated each year on “the fifteenth day of this seventh month” and was to run for seven days (Leviticus 23:34). Like all feasts, it begins with a “holy convocation” or Sabbath day when the Israelites were to stop working to set aside the day for worshiping God. On each day of the feast they were to offer an “offering made by fire to the Lord” and then after seven days of feasting, again the eighth day was to be “a holy convocation” when they were to cease from work and offer another sacrifice to God (Leviticus 23). Lasting eight days, the Feast of Tabernacles begins and ends with a Sabbath day of rest.

It so happens that 11/11 falls within the True feast of Tabernacles. Should be interesting.

Christians for the most part ignore the command of Jesus to enter the strait gate and walk the narrow way to find Zoe, or eternal life. They deny His reproof and won’t come to the life to have their deeds reproved. Please make sure you actually know Jesus.”

So we also have 11-11 being the true anniversary date of the FLOOD OF NOAH, and on the YouTube channel called the “The 11-11 Sign” he claims this is true, veted it and says it is true. Remember the Jesus told us that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be” – does this extend to the exact anniversary date of the flood in 2022, or the beginning of the end for humanity?

It was also stated that 11-11-2023 is the anniversary END DATE OF THE FLOOD, and the time that happened was 114 years ago, a 4-11! Is it all by accident or are we seeing SIGNS of warnings that TROUBLE for the world is near?

Let’s take a look at 4-11 first, as it is the date of the two comets forming a cross over Satan’s Head, the star Algol. It implies the end of the AGE OF GRACE, the end of the Church Age, the end of the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY or VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH. All of that comes to an end, but will be on a 4-11 or 11-4? No one knows.

Then we have the “Economist” magazine cover that has a very strange 4-11 MISSING:

We see OBAMA FRONT AND CENTER. We see a cruise missile next to TWO ARROWS, one marked 11:3 and the other 11:5 with 11:4 MISSING. The girl appears to be looking up at Obama. Is he Alice’s Mad Hatter or the Cheshire Cat? So why is the 11:4 arrow MISSING? What does this signify? Does it point to THE RETURN OF CHRIST FOR HIS CHURCH, THAT IS, “PEOPLE MISSING?” Could it refer to FEMA round-ups of those targeted by the communists now running America/Babylon? Will these poor folks just turn up “missing”?

We find in the books about people who have vanished or gone missing with the Title “Missing 4-11?”  Of course there is the 411-phone number as well. Is all of this coincidental or have we been warned concerning a sudden VANISHING?

“What does 411 and more mean? Definition of 411

information or knowledge, usually about an event or activity It was used to find information of phone number of someone.

If the rapture actually happened on 11-4 it would totally blindside the world, as they are scripturally illiterate, and the world would be looking for an answer as to why all of these people vanished. Antichrist will have a ready answer – those that vanished were holding humanity back from their next evolutionary leap, they were deplorables, unfit for the NEW WORLD, so nature simply “vanished them” as they were unfit.

We had a multitude of SIGNS in 2015 which was a 7-year (7 day) warning, as in Daniel’s 70th Week. This cover was in 2015 and appears to be ANOTHER WARNING. Notice the nuclear cloud just behind the world leaders on the right side

We are under probation, and humanities modern world civilization does come to an end over Daniels Lost Week, be it 3.5 years or a full 7 years, and that debate is still going on, with many saying Jesus fulfilled the first 3.5 years Himself. Leaving 3.5 years left. We will all find out soon enough.  

So if in fact 11:11 is not only the DATE OF THE FLOOD BEGINNING, and also IS “IN THE MIDST” of the TRUE Feast of Tabernacles (God with us), we might want to give due diligence to these “warnings” with all of the nuclear war drums beating loudly. Remember that Jesus is found “in the midst” – such as in the midst of the candlesticks (churches) in Revelation 1 and is the Servant Candle in the “midst” in of the 7 lamps and so on.

A reversal of the 4-11, 9-11, and 11-11 dates would be hidden unless one was watching closely to world events and cosmic signs. Remember the 11-8 is a BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE and it is on November 8th, 2022 and will be soon from the West Coast and parts of Wisconsin, but it is the timing that is a curiosity for those who watch numbers.

Notice the times of this eclipse – the total time is 5 hours and 54 minutes, which is 354 minutes. The number 3 means Resurrection or Divine Completeness. The number 5 means GRACE. The number 4 means WORLD. Put together it appears to be saying that the Church Age of GRACE is closing; the Bride of Christ will be soon resurrected all over the world! In Strong’s the number 354 means:

STRONGS NT 354: ἀνάληψις

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance taking up, ascension.

Now the time of TOTAL ECLIPSE is 85 minutes and 8 ALSO MEANS RESURRECTION as it means NEW BIRTH, NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW CREATION. Is it all coincidental? Perhaps, but perhaps not when coupled to all of the signs we have been given! In Strong’s number 85 means DISTRESS, FEAR:

I feel fear, lack courage, am distressed, troubled

The other thing to notice is that from this eclipse it is THREE DAYS TO 11-11. “In yet THREE DAYS” IS CONNECTED TO RESURRECTION. Is 11-8-2022 a THREE-DAY WARNING?

That being said, notice also that 11-4 (4-11) is A SEVEN DAY WARNING to 11-11! Are we being told of a “verily, verily, I say unto you?” type of warning or a COUNTDOWN? Remember the football game of the Titans and the Giants on 9-11-2022? The woman saw the number 321 and it appeared to be a countdown. I looked up the number 321 in Strong’s:

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

bring forth, depart, set forth, take up.

From ana and ago; to lead up; by extension to bring out; specially, to sail away — bring (again, forth, up again), depart, launch (forth), lead (up), loose, offer, sail, set forth, take up.

All of this makes one think of the RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, for they are TAKEN UP, they SAIL AWAY, they DEPART.

Was this game a warning of the coming WAR of TWO GIANTS, a reference to the ARRIVAL or possibly WW3, where the TITANS vs. THE GIANTS in the great battle between CHRIST vs. SATAN? There appears to be more than meets the eyes here. MUCH MORE.

Now if we were to take the 9-11 GAMES as sort of a countdown to WW3, we need to be fully alert as to what the immediate future may hold. The NEW WORLD ORDER of ANTICHRIST is close at hand, and in order to bring it about, we must have WW3 (on the cover!)

The number 114 in Strong’s means:

Strong’s Concordance

atheteó: to do away with what has been laid down, set aside

Definition: to do away with what has been laid down, set aside
Usage: I annul, make of no effect, set aside, ignore, slight; I break faith with.

114 athetéō (literally, a-thetos, “un-place”) – properly, do away with; reject what is already laid down; to set aside (disregard as spurious); nullify, make void; to break faith (Abbott-Smith); remove out of an appointed (proper) place, i.e. reject as invalid; refuse to respect (even “despise”); to cancel, disannul, abrogate (passive, “be set aside” because perceived to lack value); to disregard, pass over (refuse to acknowledge).

This could have several meanings both of them bad news. The first is the separation of THE WHEAT AND THE TARES at the rapture. This is most likely the “GET AWAY FROM ME” moment in Matthew 7, or the spewing out in Revelation of the lukewarm and cold Christians. The second meaning is the Lord’s rejection of the Psalm Two antichrist SYSTEM and the people who followed after the Beast as they are left behind to face God’s WRATH.

Now the opposite of that is 411 which means:

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon

STRONGS NT 411: ἀνεκδιήγητος

ἀνεκδιήγητος, ἀνεκδιηγητον (alpha privative and ἐκδιηγέομαι, which see), unspeakable, indescribable: 2 Corinthians 9:15 (The rapture of the Church would be an indescribable event, as in meeting the Lord and being shown what Divine Love is.

Would we pick up any clues as to the missing 114 arrow on the Economist by looking up 113 and 115, as the elite do in fact use Strong’s to convey messages at times.

113: STRONGS NT 113: ἄθεσμος

ἄθεσμος, (θεσμός), lawless (A. V. wicked); of one who breaks through the restraints of law and gratifies his lusts: 2 Peter 2:7; 2 Peter 3:17. (the Sept., Diodorus, Philo, Josephus, Plutarch.)

The Antichrist beast system is based upon lies, deceptions and delusions. It is totally LAWLESS. Are we being told something? Is Obama the LAWLESS ONE as many Christians believe?

The opposite of 113 is 311:

STRONGS NT 311: ἀναβολή

ἀναβολή, (ῆς, ἡ (ἀναβάλλω, which see), often in Greek writings, a putting off, delay: ποιεῖσθαι ἀναβολήν to interpose (literally, make) delay, Acts 25:17

115: Cognate: 115 athétēsis – properly, annulment (cancellation), i.e. what is rendered “no longer in effect” (literally, “no longer having a place”).

114 & 115 mean essentially the same thing, to do away with. The Restitution of all things is during Daniel’s 70th week and the probation of humanity is over. But there is more here – for if the Church Age is OVER, then it is done away with, cancelled, no longer having a place and is no longer in effect. Scary stuff to be sure. JUDGMENT COMETH THIS WAY.

The opposite of 115 is  511: Usage: higher, to a more honorable place

When a person enters in and walks the narrow way down to the “lowest room – shadow of death” and there waits for the master to come, He comes and says, “come up higher.”

It is also interesting that from 9-11-2022 to 11-9 is 60 days inclusive and 58 days exclusive. The number 58 means:

NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin from ageiró (to bring together)
Definition an assembly, place of assembly

The rapture is a bringing together of the Saints and the assembly of the Church.

The number 60 means:

Strong’s Hebrew: 60. אֵ֫בֶל (ebel) — mourning – Bible Hub › hebrew › 60

NAS: has been turned into mourning. KJV: our dance is turned into mourning.

Sounds like the judgment of the tares, and the BEMA Seat judgment of the wheat.

In the Greek it means –

judicial days or assemblies (A. V. marginal reading court-day

It also means AGITATOR, seemingly referring to ANTICHRIST, one who agitates in the MARKET PLACE, financial troubles.

And so on and on it goes, and the world continues its downward spiral and the masses of humanity have REJECTED the global offer of salvation through Jesus and have opted for multiple religions, philosophies and whatever else Satan could conjure up to prevent one from going to heaven. As it was, so shall it be, in Kindergarten 101.

Of course, all of this may be just coincidental and means nothing whatsoever. But then again, it is possible that someone is speaking to us – what say you?


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A major escalation of war has occurred in Ukraine as Russia attacks UK operations with a warning that more is to come. Obviously, nothing is being said in USA/Babylon media about this rapid rise of now direct conflict with NATO member UK, which appears to mean that Article Five may be invoked, bringing in all NATO MEMBERS. We know this war is a script, all designed to bring in the long-cherished Antichrist world order. The world really is on the brink of a nuclear war, but it may be limited and drawn out over the next few years, or, in the alternative, we may be on the cusp of Daniel’s 70th Week war and then cries of “peace and security” that have been heard now over 2020-2022. Time will tell, but the latest indicates a major escalation of war is just around the corner…


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October has gone by very fast, November is a month to watch as we have some commonly seen numbers by many, such as 11-4 which is a 4-11, and then we have 11-9 or 9-11, and then 11:11 and so on, all numbers that must have a hidden meaning. Then we have NATO pushing Putin ever closer to a major war with the West as NATO pushes Russia into a corner attempting to protect itself from having nuclear missiles right on their borders. Then we have the CDC and WHO forever pushing their JABS upon the world population, and a warning found in proverbs concerning all those who push it and those who take it. Earth changes abound and warnings of a California quake coincide with “sightings” of “orbs” now appearing and more…


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The West needs their WW3 in order to bring in their long-awaited New Age World Order as shown by Albert Pike. What everyone is watching is the Psalm Two War coming to its apex as the kings and rulers of this world move to take total control of the world. All of this is a SCRIPTED WAR, THE WAR BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN, as to who is going to rule over the Earth. What we will most likely see is the rise of a NEW GOLDEN AGE complete with an arrival of the “gods” to usher in humanities final evolutionary leap to “godhood” status. Will it all work as planned, or will the ONE TRUE GOD decide He has had enough and shuts it all down? Earth Changes abound the world over and more…


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October is speeding by and the rumbles of a major nuclear war are building, as NATO and the Western Powers keep pushing Putin into a corner. Now they are saying that Putin was going to use a nuke in Ukraine! Obviously, it is UN/USA/NATO that would set off a nuke and blame it on Russia. The Bible tells us that Babylon/USA/CIA are the evil ones trying to set up a Western run New World Order, while Putin., XI and others want the EAST to run the New World Order, the clash of the Titans and the Giants comes into mind. These are the LAST DAYS, of that there is no doubt whatsoever. The Psalm Two war is reaching the apex as EVIL rises up to control the world under ANTICHRIST. Larry, John and Stewart will be discussing world news and the paranormal on tonight’s show…


Nuclear False Flag Coming?

Nuclear False Flag Coming?

Here is part of a “prophecy” someone sent to me and IF TRUE, may well be the ignition point for USA/Babylon falling to the occult forces that now govern America. There is no way to “vet” a vision, we have to wait and see if it occurs or not. NO TIME-TABLE WAS GIVEN, but it appears to me that IF TRUE, this vision will occur BEFORE the election, but JUST BEFORE IT, as an excuse to postpone any changes in those communists that have taken over the USA/Babylon. The excuse will be A NATIONAL SECURITY EMERGENCY.

“In the flash vision, I was at ground level of a large, busy city full of activity.  I did not know the location.  Suddenly, I saw a bright flash and explosion, and then the vision ended.  Today, the Lord gave me this vision again with greater detail.  This time, I was taken high up into the air above the land.  I still was not aware of the location.  As I was looking down on the land below me, I had the view

of a large river with a very large city beside the river.  This city seemed to be an important central hub, very busy with much activity taking place.

  As I watched, suddenly a very bright flash appeared, and then a ball of fire erupted from the city center.  While I was still up above, a sign appeared in the sky in front of me and flew right past me.  As it went by, I was able to read a name on the sign – it said Dnipro

If one goes to Google Earth and types in DNIPRO we are taken to Ukraine:

He said that there was a large city with a RIVER by it but appears to have to clue as to what Dnipro meant. Dnipro is the 4th largest city in Ukraine, and in fact does sit beside a LARGE RIVER.

Then he says he saw a LARGE FLASH OF LIGHT, obviously either a hyperbaric or nuclear bomb going off. That ended the vision. The description is accurate as to being Dnipro and a very large river beside it.

With the changes in military command in Russia, and the installation of a general called “General Armageddon” the stage is set for another Russia situation, and any such destruction of a major city in Ukraine will be blamed on the Russians even if NATO/USA planted such a device to ignite further escalation of hostilities as it is now clear that NATO/USA want a nuclear WW3 to bring in their NEW WORLD ORDER and the WEF’s GREAT RESET.

Update: Perhaps this has all been planned out by NATO/West from recent article:

Ukraine has a FF nuclear bomb primed in Mykolaiv
which it will detonate and then blame It on Russia
so that the US has ‘justification’ for launching missile
on Russia… And Then It’s So Long And Farewell

The next part of the vision is in the USA/Babylon where what appears to be a nuclear explosion in the “heartland”:

“I was then taken away from this scene and was immediately over the center of America.  Again, I did not know the location.  From up above, I could see that all of the land was very flat and appeared to be somewhere in the area of the Plains.  I did not see any cities, but was able to see several small, rural towns below.  Then suddenly, I saw a very bright flash, bigger than the one I had just seen.  It was a huge fireball, and the small towns instantly disappeared.”

This appears to be in a rural area in the heartland PLAINS AREA, large expanses of relatively flat areas, like Kansas or other expanse of flat agricultural land with small towns dotting the landscape.

What is the most flattest state?


By any measure, Florida takes the prize for the flattest state in the nation because the highest point in the state is only 345 feet above sea level. Then Illinois, North Dakota, Louisiana, Minnesota and Delaware follow. Kansas merely ranks seventh in flatness.

Why pick Kansas because there are a number of very flat states? One reason is the description of small rural towns, it is in the heartland of America, therefore would have the greatest emotional impact upon the nation. It would prove that no one is safe in America and really would cause panic. Under fear and panic, the vast majority of people will give up their rights and consent to the total tyranny of martial law to be “safe”, just as millions of Americans consented to be “jabbed” to be “safe” and even criticized those who would not as being uncaring, unloving and a danger to society. This lying bombastic screaming came from the highest levels of government, as they wanted EVERYONE to be “vaxxed” and changed into a hybrid or simply killed over time.

However, the primary reason is because Kansas has a bio-level 4 lab and also that one of our most secretive Plum Island bio-lab was moved from Long Island to Kansas, a move by Homeland Security.

Plum Island’s move to Kansas: ‘This research facility is an accident waiting to happen’

by Staff

June 3, 2015 (SEVEN YEAR WARNING?)

Groundbreaking for the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF), a $1.25 billion project by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), took place last Wednesday in Manhattan, Kansas. The new facility will focus biosafety level 3 agriculture (BSL-3Ag) research on dangerous livestock diseases such as African swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and will focus its BSL-4 research on such deadly pathogens as the Hendra and Nipah viruses, which are zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted from animals to humans and for which no treatment is available.

R-CALF USA Vice President Mike Schultz who raises cattle in Brewster, Kansas, said the United States is making a terrible mistake by bringing the live FMD virus into Kansas.

“Congress and the President are ignoring the science that tells us this research facility is an accident waiting to happen,” he said.

If one wanted to create a bio-weapons release, a nuclear explosion or even a large hyperbaric bomb some distance away would possibly cause an earthquake large enough to damage these facilities and release pathogens. We then blame it on Putin and the Russians. Remember the global Deep State has no ethical or moral boundaries whatsoever and wants AT ALL COST to bring America down and submerge her under the UN, which is now almost complete.

You may remember that sometime ago reports came out of Kansas of their congress being taken to a military base and when they came back they were frightened and shaken by what they had been told, and to this day we don’t know exactly what that was, but soon after the hoax CV-19 panic started, leading to an mRNA DNA changing DRUG, an assault upon all humanity to CULL/KILL OFF as many people as possible just as the Georgia Guidestones stated, That is still going on and accelerating now. The rich men figured out that the vast majority of Americans are gullible, stupid and easily manipulated, and therefore easy to kill with not much resistance. It has proved true.

Inasmuch as Russia has been charging the West with creating bio-weapons and even exposed the multitudes of Level-4 labs in Ukraine and charged us with creating CV-19 along with China labs, it seems logical then for the communists running the USA/Babylonian occult government of Lucifer to set up a large nuke in a place like Kansas (Just a guess) and then set it off in the sequence of the vision – Ukraine first, then USA/Babylon. It makes total sense as to sequence, for it would then be a Russia retaliation for blaming them for the Dnipro bombing. Remember that General Armageddon is noted for not caring about “collateral damage” meaning civilian deaths.

I do not know if this vision is true, but it may well be, and if so, it will NOT BE Russia that sets these off – if will be the WEST and GLOBAL DEEP STATE operatives designed to bring the USA into martial law, revolution, rebellion and the round-up of all those who believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Motherhood, Grandma and Apple Pie. It will bring the opening of FEMA camps ALL OVER AMERICA as stated in Jeremiah. I have heard (not veted) that FEMA camps are now being activated all over America. Interesting in view of the election coming up (if we even have one).

America must go down and be submerged under the UN/WHO/WEF mafia cartels, AKA the “Rich men of the Earth”, AKA as “THE LORDS OF THE EARTH” as found in Revelation. We pray that nothing like this could happen, but THE LORD OF HOSTS knows the deep things of the world leaders, as found in Psalm Two so this may well be a warning to His people.

All of this is speculation, but the “vision” appears to have some merit. So we wait, we watch, and this will either be proven true or false. We hope and pray it is a FALSE VISION.


Best’s Intel Update 10-19-2022 – A Few Things & Some of Something Else

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October is flying by at breakneck speed, wars and rumors of nuclear war abound from world leaders and so it goes as humanity speeds to their ruin. The Bible story is considered as myth and the lies of Satan are considered TRUTH and REALITY. There is little anyone can do to change any of this, as mankind rises up against the Lord in the apex of the Psalm Two war. Meanwhile the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists continue to gain riches preaching a false gospel of salvation. The Lord’s people evidently love to have it so and have itching ears and love LIES. Earth Changes abound, solar anomalies continue, and one needs to tighten down their seatbelts because we have a rough road ahead. Only the Lord can protect His Own as THE APEX OF EVIL RISES Its UGLY SATANIC HEAD…


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Time is moving faster as Israel concludes their High Holy Days and the world moves ever closer to the long forecast WW3, but no one really knows how close that is, as God is in total control of all the timing. Remember that antichrist arrives at THE APPOINTED TIME, and that means that all of the events that lead to his arrival are also timed by the Lord. The New World order with UN/WEF and others are SIGNS of how close we are to the end of our probation upon Earth. Little time appears left for the Church Age and the close of the Strait Gate and Narrow Way. Once that is over, then “off with your head” time comes into full view. Few there are paying any attention to this as apostasy grows and grows and more…


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The Ukraine War, we now find out, was planned some time ago and is to lead to a nuclear WW3 as our insane leaders attempt to destroy the world and all of us in it. Oh well, things continue as they always have, it is not going to change until Jesus returns to rule. The longer He takes, the more evil things will become. Then we have China Joe talking up nuclear war, Putin’s threats that may actually take place if this continues and so on Then we have very odd signs from the sky now showing up, are they warnings from the Lord? WHO and UN, the WEF still plotting how they can re-shape the world in their image with the GREAT RESET. On and on it goes as American’s struggle to just hang on as the economy goes south. We all need to pray for a mild winter, but it does not appear that as of now…


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Has WW3 begun? Russia has launched a major attack in Ukraine that reportedly killed hundreds if not thousands of NATO TROOPS and much more is going on in that part of the world. Meanwhile Iran gave Israel an ultimatum which Israel will totally ignore and more and more escalation of TROUBLE in this God forsaken cursed world we live in. Another important “prophecy” that says major trouble coming to the USA/Babylon. It appears that perhaps the Lord has now decided to bring in the final stages of man’s probation upon Earth and more in this short flash update…