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  1. oct 14 1952 united nations in the city of babylon opens, 70 years later oct 14 2022 = 70 stewart interesting. love you brother cory in portland oregon. tell larry hello.


  2. Hi, Stewart

    I emailed this information to you earlier today — but then I thought I’d also post it here to ensure that you do receive it. My email from this morning follows below ..

    I posted this comment earlier over at your angelfall YT channel, but apparently the YT bots kept removing it. Anyway, I wanted to share some information with you — thinking that you may want to share it with your YT subscribers and those who frequent your blog.

    I have an account on a website called scribd.com (about $9/month — and can be cancelled at any time) where I found posted there a 155-page document in PDF format authored by you, and entitled Is America Babylon?. I didn’t know if even you yourself knew that it is posted there.

    The way I found it is that as I listened to your 9/10/2021 Night Shadows broadcast this morning, when you mentioned that you had written a book in 1988, I decided to do a search for it. When I was unable to find a source for the book itself (it was shown as unavailable on Amazon), I thought I’d try to find the book cover via google images.

    Well, I didn’t find that either — but what I did find is what I suspect is essentially the same information in the form of a link to a PDF document at scribd. I’ve provided the link to that document below. This kind of thing happens to me quite a bit — so I do not think it was mere ‘happenstance’ that I came upon the document.

    Anyway, there you have it. Many thanks for all that you and Larry do with your very timely and richly informative broadcasts.

    The LORD God bless you both, brother ..


    Lin M.


    • Hi Nik — Sorry for the trouble. That is the correct email. We searched for you in our inbox and junk and see nothing from your email. I guess this is one way to reach us. Again, sorry!


  3. patty I have tried to send you an email.I cant so this is why I am here. Ok I heard trump say he was the only one who could lead them into pardise.Konya west I heard him say wait till you find out who he is, trump. i want to asks you something does mega the hat do you think mega-hat is saying some thing that I heard stewart say on one of his videos I think it was the babloyn is america mega complex? This is all I can think of right now.Teresa you can send me a email tell me what you think.


  4. Hi Stewart. Thank you once again for your blogtalk and all you do. I ask The Lord to use his Spirit to open up the foul dredge within myself as Paul spoke of. As a Dirty rag, A menstrual rag a teacher once told me. Time is short before the coming fall. I got saved in a very eye opening way back in 1969. I was with my sister whom married a man and they pastored a assembly of God church. It was at a n3 day meeting and Andre Crouch was singing. Well After asking him in, I cried for three hours in joy. Six weeks I just looked at the ground shaking my head and saying Jesus. It was awesome. But for an apparent reason as I fell years later and it took that memory to bring me around once again. After returning I spent time in praise at home alot and kept asking The Lord who he is. The one. well around 1995 i think I was taking a bath and looking at the wall enjoying the water. Then I seen something blinking on the door. It was an eye that looked like a horses eye. It blinked twice more then a prism of hues of violets came forth. reminded me of pink floyds album but all violet colors , from lightest to darkest . it hit the wall in front of me and a hole opened up, a 2 foot hole. there I see three men standing as in a photo shoot, as looking at someone and positioning themselves for it. I could only see from their knees to the bridge of their noses. I lowered myself in the water to try to see their whole faces but coul not. through all this I had perfect peace. perfest. The man in the middle stole the show. he was full of charisma and had a nice smile. I hardly remember the two other guys. He had a darker skin also. When I see someone similar I cover their eyes to see if it is like that one. So far obama is a close runner for that placement. I feel that he is the one also. But nothing confirmed. The spirit seems to say so I believe. got to get this kid to bed, late . later bye. Jerry


  5. Stewart,

    While looking at a map of the eclipse trajectory, I discovered that the eclipse ends at the same place that the Civil War started, Fort Sumter, South Carolina.

    Is this a sign, or a coincidence?

    I’ve attached a post I made to my facebook page.

    Alan Gilmore
    Perry Hall, MD 21128

    Eclipse: CWII?

    Our nation has suffered a divergence of increasing proportions for decades, and now it approaches critical mass with the far left attacking the far right in a cut throat political war that has pushed our congress to within six votes of impeaching the sitting president who was duly elected by the people less than a year ago.

    Cast into the far right is everyone that the left doesn’t like, including Christians and Neo-nazis. Personally, as a Christian who reads his Bible and walks with the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t like being tossed in the same category as a racist neo-nazi that couldn’t care less about the needs of others and their eternal destiny. But that is where it stands now, and it appears that it will only get worse.

    Numerous others have commented likewise, and compared the current tide to the division of this country by the coming eclipse on August 21. Its shadow will sweep a broad arc, west to east across the country, separating the north from the south, much the same as the Civil War did. Now the stakes are equally high, brother fighting brother, neighbors against neighbor, and both political parties joining forces to wage war against a duly elected president.

    I hate the thought of all this happening in my lifetime, much less during the lifetimes of my children and grandchildren. But, the cruel effect of a civil war will probably be the only way the Lord can bring this nation to its knees and humble our hearts to the point that we take our eyes off ourselves and seek Him, His glory, and His atonement. It is a painful process, but as sinful humans we can be a haughty, stiff-necked people.

    Finally, I want to point out an interesting, unpublished fact about the eclipse. Numerous people have talked about how it divides the nation, but no one has pointed out that the path of the full eclipse ends at South Carolina, in the harbor of Charleston, at Fort Sumter. That’s right, the eclipse ends at the exact same place the the first Civil War started. Is this a sign, or just a coincidence? Either way, with the direction of our current political arena, we’d best get our hearts right with the Lord and prepare for the worst, because the worst is yet to come, and at the rate things are going it may be soon, very soon.


  6. Sorry if this is wrong place, but just wanted to note 7/17/2017 was the peak date for S. American arctic/polar temperature dive………allegedly southern Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay may suffer 100% loss of fruit crops……the avg. temp should have been 17 degrees Celsius but was negative 8 Celsius at peak temp. drop…….I remember your comments concerning 7/17 and other events in past and present and possibly future…

    Love your program and Larry is the tops too………


  7. Dear Stewart……My father passed this year….he was a mason….he still gets a freemason magazine…..the last one did info on how lodges started around the world after 1717…….what stood out was a mason lodge that started in Antartica in 1935 at the south pole…they dont say anything about it….but weird since things are happening in that area.


  8. Me again. I was just tinkin, thinkin. In Rev. 12 the planets, moon, sun and stars are referred to but one place is not like the rest and it is The Great Red dragon. Hmm. It must be something of great firmament reason. One other thing is I have been finding correlation between The Cross and Nibiru. Three hours of darkness at his Death. Now at the time of Nibiru”s passing of ” satan’s ” attempt to take and kill the male child ” Which is now at this time is The Church. Funny The Lord said unless you come as a child. There was three hours of darkness then but when it passes by soon it will be three days. Well exacxtly within a season will that be? If Jesus was taken to heaven after his resurrection forty days afterwards, When will the bride go. Will the dead in Christ be resurrected first then we forty days later go while here, or even here with them in a earthly/heavenly body for those 40 days like the time the dead where alive after The great earthquake that accompanied Jesus”s resurrection, along with him. I know some of this is convoluted writing but some has some definitive relevance. One other thing is that if there is three days of darkness the correlation of our rapture may very well be before those three days of darkness like it was in relation to The Lord dying then afterwards three hours of darkness. At this time I think we actually are just gonna Bolt! later Stewart


  9. The latest from Quayle has Greg Evenson on for about an hour. Even son says he got Itel that proclaimed what Quayle spoke of a week prior, that four dozen eighteen footers escaped from Antarctica. Just less then two weeks before that info godlike pro was abuzz about an insider that worked in the military said that Generals were meeting with top brass and they were not jovial at all. Very concerned and stern. Orders came down and some of the most sophisticated and powerful weaponry was boarded for that region along with special forces. Evenson stated that many died when coming into close proximity of the fallen progeny. Reminds me of a similar time in Iraq when we heard that a group of military came into contact with something old and were told to stay out. They didnt. They died , but intriguingly they looked old. As if they came out of a thousand year old coffin. Even son goes on to say that you must be prepared and prayed up to involve yourself, or else. He also speaks of the two and a half mile oceanic submarine that has been spotted in that area.


  10. Hi stewart, I have some information I would like to send you, I sent a copy to Larry the day before he had his stroke and had asked him to forward to you. But I doubt he did that in time. Can I have your email address please so I can send it direct to you.
    Many thanks Dean in London


  11. Hi Stewart I am one of the directors for a website called http://www.globalwatchweekly.com we have over 55,000 members worldwide. I am sure a good percentage of our customers would buy your products but I have sent you emails without any response so not sure why no response as the revenues could help to fund your ministry and keep your publications afloat such as the christian intelligence scanner or maybe there are other ways we could collaborate…Thanks James


  12. HI Stewart, I have listened to some of your shows on American freedom network. Because I have been directed by my intuition, I follow it and have found out a lot of information. Many are blinded by the things of today, to busy with the toy’s and distractions to see what is happening right before them. Have you contacted Alex Jones with Infowars.com, He has a large audience that you could reach out to.
    Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into getting the truth out! If you have time or someone that could put together the segments from the movies and tv shows that show all that you are talking about. Make a YouTube video and spread the news!
    Gods speed and protection to you and your family!


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  13. Hi Stew, Patti, Cindy
    Have you discontinued the lightgate web sties? The dot com one was last updatedin April, and the dot US one in late May. I was wondering also, when was the latest inteligence update sent out (I usually get the pdf version)


    • No, it is up but changed a lot, because no one would support it – so it is much smaller but still has a lot of items on it, you might want to visit the video news page lots of good stuff there – it is a log in site now, but free. = Stewart


  14. I loved the audios you did w Larry Taylor also – any chance of doing some more? By the way my uploads to my Website were blocked for 50 years! They (service provider) told me I could resume uploads in 2067!


  15. I have been reading about the hollow earth and the happenings with Admiral Byrd. I thought you being a pilot, could confirm or deny this other world.


  16. I have tried to subscribe to your website on two different days. It says that an email will be sent to me in order to activate the subscription, but I haven’t received an email on either attempts.

    Please help.


  17. Hi, Mr Best,
    Like very much your writhings. God Bless you. Very useful to get a deep understanding of
    the holy scriptures.
    Would it be possible for you to send me by e-mail at lvallieres44@bell.net your book ”Black/Lignt”.
    I am unable to get the free version on your web site.



  18. Adolf Hitler, birth 20 April, death 30 April. THESE ARE DAYS TO WATCH OUT FOR AS WELL AS MAY 1, the devils big day….BLESSINGS, JOHN


  19. I have so many friends who are seasoned scholars whom do not even know each other all claiming 2014 to 2021 is a period of 1260 and 1290. Only 2060 otherwise fits. They use the original Hebrew calendar not the one the Jews use.


  20. Stewart, I used to love the audios you did with Larry Taylor? But you have not done one together for quite a while? Do you plan on resuming them? They were great!?
    C.L. Farris


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