Best’s Intel Review Hour For 1-14-2022 – Arrivals, Deceptions, Wars & Omega

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 1-14-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

UFO, Arrival, Deceptions & Lies, End of Days, War, Omega Points, Earth Changes and More…

As the days of probation for humanity come to an end, lies and nothing but lies emerge from world leadership as they follow their scrips to bring in their long sought after NEW WORLD ORDER, a total China “social credit system” that tracks, records awards and punishes everyone on Earth, a slave state hard to envision, run mostly by AI, the final antichrist system. Then we have rumors of a huge fleet of “motherships” that have been spotted moving into our solar system, meaning that THE ARRIVAL is getting very close indeed. This is, of course, the STRONG DELUSION that the Lord speaks of in the Bible, and warns mankind of this pending arrival and the huge deception that it brings with it. Mankind, by and large, has rejected the Bible’s warning about THE FALL, THE SALVATION and FINAL RESCUE of those who accept the message, but most must and will accept THE LIE and go into eternal ruin and more…


Best’s Flash Intel Update For 1-9-2022 – Is WW3 About To Begin?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 1-9-2022 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Russian Military Moves, Rumors, NATO, Europe, Israel & WW3?

We have once again been knocked off YouTube because the truth cannot be allowed out there in LA LA LAND. Rumors of war and huge military moves appear to be underway – Russia getting its huge military transport ready to deploy thousands of troops and much more. Strange events in America as well being reported in Washington D.C and it appears a major “event” is about to be triggered by the elite in their insane quest for the Satan New World Order and more in this flash update…


Best’s Intel Update For 1-7-2022 – This, That and the Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio @ 7:00 PM CDT

Russian War Drums, Putin & Biden, Israel, Ukraine & Earth Changes

This will be a short update. Larry will carry most of the news as I am still not doing very well but much better than before. Still very weak but making slow progress and I want to thank all those who have supported us with prayers as all of this is up to the Lord. Being almost 82 now, my get up and go got and went somewhere, so slow but without all of you and your prayers of support and for health I might not be here – had days where I did not think I would make it but still here thanks to you and the Grace of Jesus, my King & Ruler. War appears close and will only break out when the Lord says OK, Idiots, have at it and so it goes…sorry for any mistakes…