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Sudden Destruction, Jab, Lock Downs, Biden, China, Earth Changes, Solar Troubles and More…

The nations of the world are growing restless, and our leaders seem to know that WW3 is on its way and some unseen hand is upon the world. Putin said WW3 is coming and could not be stopped, and so did Obama. Obama’s birthday on August 4th, and is 60 years old, it is said. No one knows because a valid birth certificate was never given out. Both the UK and USA Navy are provoking China and Russia. America is both under flooding and drought, major forest fires as the judgment of God comes down upon us, and the food belts of the world appear to be under attack as food shortages are being reported. Solar anomalies continue and UV radiation levels are going off the charts in some areas. UFO activity and paranormal sightings are increasing as we near the “hour of temptation” that Jesus warned was coming and much more. We have a new “prophetic Insider” for August just released as it appears August and September may be hard to get major truth out there…




We have said in previous blogs that 2021 looks like the year the Church will be removed because of the FIG TREE parable and Psalm 90’s 80 years. Israel was reborn as a nation (“can a nation be born in one day? Who has heard of such a thing?”) on May 14th, 1948. Thus, we add 80 to 1948 and we arrive at the year 2028, and then subtract 7 years for Daniel’s 70th week and we come to the year 2021. It all seems to fit exactly, and we had focused, as others, upon the 9th of Av and Tu B’Av as highly suspect for the time of the rapture.

To review:

We will now focus on the FEAST OF TRUMPETS, a feast that Jesus Himself referred to in a coded way when He said that “No man knows the day or the hour, but my Father only…” in paraphrase. Was He alluding to the FEAST OF TRUMPETS, the only APPOINTED FEAST in which NO ONE KNOWS exactly when the new moon is sighted?

Israel, now apostate, sets the date of Trumpets by calendar not by the actual sighting of the new moon, as required by the Lord. Hence, if by chance of a dust storm, I think back in 2015 area, it delayed The Feast of Trumpets by TWO FULL DAYS, totally ignored by Israel however, who still went with the civil calendar date!

To review:

We have two 44 days (4-11 code). First the BIRTHING SIGN & WEDDING SIGN eclipse and 44 days later inclusive we arrive at Tu B’Av. However, from Tu B’Av to FEAST OF TRUMPETS 46 days INCLUSIVE and 44 days IN BETWEEN THESE DATES. Both 44 and 46 are important, and both contain the 4-11 code.

We had the Jonah, Jonah sign, then the two writing on the wall signs, and now we will have TWO 4-11 or 44 SIGNS all pointing to FEAST OF TRUMPETS as the removal of the Bride and the beginning of Israel’s time of trouble. Has the Feast of Trumpets been the time of the Bride’s removal all along? MANY WOULD HOPE SO AS THE WORLD SPINS OUT OF CONTROL. We learn as a we go but it is all fitting together now.

Is this all coincidental? That 46 days equals 1104 hours a 4-11? Also notice that amount of time is 12.60% of 2021 or 1260 – pointing directly to Israel’s 74th year (11) and entering her Shmita Year and entering the first half of the Tribulation, “the hour of temptation”, which is exactly 1260 days long!!

It appears that all of this has been pointing to Trumpets, THE LAST TRUMP, and removal of the Church.  What is a shmita year? Here is an excerpt from “My Jewish Learning”:

“Cycles of time are central to Jewish life. Just as it punctuates the week, so too the holidays punctuate the year.

Less known, but no less central in the Jewish cycle of time, is Shmita, the “year of release,” which is more widely known as the sabbatical year. The next Shmita falls in the Jewish year 5782, which begins on Sept. 7, 2021.

Just as the calls for Jews to work six days and rest on the seventh, it calls for them to work the land six years and let it rest in the seventh. After 49 years, seven cycles of seven, the 50th is Yovel – the Jubilee year. However, the Jubilee year has not been marked for centuries.

In the Shmita year, “debts are to be forgiven, agricultural lands to lie fallow, private land holdings to become open to the commons, and staples such as food storage and perennial harvests to be freely redistributed and accessible to all.”

It is interesting that the YEAR OF RELEASE, could well apply to the Church, who shall be released from her bondage on Earth and RELEASED via the Rapture of the Church and will enter her rest.  What is also interesting is the number 74 in Strong’s:

74. agónia
Strong’s Concordance agónia: a contest, great fear
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-o-nee’-ah)
Definition: a contest, great fear
Usage: (properly the feeling of the athlete before a contest), great fear, terror, of death; anxiety, agony. HELPS Word-studies Cognate: 74 agōnía (a feminine noun; see also 73 /agṓn, the masculine noun) – the brand of struggle that emphasizes felt pressure, i.e. experienced in an intensely personal way (used only in Lk 22:44).

Is not Daniel’s 70th Week a time of GREAT FEAR and AGONY or GREAT PRESSURE that will be experienced by all those LEFT BEHIND? This sounds like the NARROW WAY, which is/was a SPIRITUAL/SOUL WALK of great pressure, of agony of Spirit and Soul! When the Church is REMOVED, those left behind now must face BEHEADING to enter into God’s Kingdom.

Notice LUKE 22:44. Twenty-Two (22) is an 11-11! It is also interesting that 22 in the Bible means LIGHT. The number 44 is TWICE 22 and a 4-11. We know that in Strong’s that 411 means something no words can be used to describe it – like the Revelation of Jesus Christ to the believer and the Rapture of the Church!! Salvation is an indescribable EVENT. The looking into DIVINE LOVE has NO WORDS. It cannot be described by any language; it must be experienced.

Israel and the world are about to enter a time of trouble not ever experienced in history. The mockers are everywhere. Evil men and women are rising rapidly to bring in their New World Order. They are using “health” as their vehicle to come to full power and total control.

What is the Feast of Trumpets and why do many, many scholars point to it as being the time of the RAPTURE? If this is true, then Tu B’Av is POINTING TO IT as the time of the “marriage of the Lamb.” Feast of Trumpets is known by many names, each one very important to understand why many consider this to be the removal of the church.

Remember that Pentecost started the CHURCH AGE, and some said it could also end the Church age. But if we look at Pentecost as the CENTER FEAST, we could say it represents the ENTIRE CHURCH AGE. It would look like this:

The Feast of Trumpets was known as the Feast of Ingathering” because it is connected to the HARVEST times – we have EARLY HARVEST, then we have LATE HARVEST. The reaping of the world is also called a HARVEST. It is a time of JUDGEMENT (standing before the Lord), or SELF-EXAMINATION (are you really in the faith), and THE RAPTURE:

“Bible scholars believe that the Feast of Trumpets signifies the coming of Christ for his church. The “harpazo” or rapture of the church is pictured in this feast and some believe it may actually take place at this time…” – Excerpted from CDA Press – Author BOB SHILLINGSTAD

The concept that we cannot know is modified by Jesus Christ in Revelation 3:3 and His commands to watch, for if we did not, this rapture event would take us by total surprise. As to how close we can know, it is determined by “signs” and “events” that warn us when the time is getting close. The command for all of us to be fully awake and watchful is essentially scoffed at today and even criticized as being dangerous and destroys “faith” when the event does not occur. If that is the attitude, it is time for a major attitude adjustment – this is supposed to an exciting time as we watch the day of our escape come close.

It is the same concept behind the commands to enter into the strait gate and journey down the narrow way. The things that upset people are simply DENIED and DELETED from their minds. The Scripture tells us that Christianity, as it is taught today is totally apostate, and contains deadly error within it as to salvation. However, it does not matter how many warnings are given, all of it simply ignored because it does not fit within the preconceived bias of their minds.


7 September / 1 Tishri – Feast of Trumpets

16 September / 10 Tishri – Day of Atonement (observed previous evening at sunset)

21 September / 15 Tishri – Feast of Tabernacles

22 September / 16 Tishri -Feast of Tabernacles

23 September / 17 Tishri -Feast of Tabernacles

24 September / 18 Tishri – Feast of Tabernacles

25 September / 19 Tishri – Feast of Tabernacles

26 September / 20 Tishri – Feast of Tabernacles

27 September / 21 Tishri – Feast of Tabernacles

28 September / 22 Tishri – Last Great Day

Feast of Trumpets has many names all of which are important, for this tells us what the Feast means and what it symbolizes:

Rosh Hashanah (Head of the Year, Birthday of the World)

First the names of Trumpets that mean JUDGMENT:

(Repentance) The entire 70th week of Daniel is to bring Israel and as many people in the world to REPENTANCE, because the Lord does not want ANY TO PERISH, but that all come to Biblical repentance.

The Day of Judgment – Israel and the world will now face the JUDGMENT of the Tribulation Period and the 21 judgments of Revelation.

The time of Jacob’s trouble, the period of intense persecution of Israel by Antichrist and the world that now hates Israel with a passion.

This is important because it implies that Daniel’s 70th week will begin at Trumpets, and that confirms another name given for Trumpets as “the resurrection of the dead” and then those who are living and comprise the Church are raptured right after the dead are raised.

Now those that seem to indicate the Rapture of the Church:


The opening of the gates (Portals) and the Revelation Chapter Four and the “door” opens for the RAPTURE and the TRUMPET that says, “come up hither!” Revelation 44 (4-11) says:

“4 And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.”

And Revelation 4:11 is about Jesus opening the 7 seal judgments:

“11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

The resurrection of the dead (rapture, natza1) This is self-explanatory and refers directly to “those who are Christ’s” being resurrected from the dead and the taking of those who are alive and “in Christ” being removed in the “twinkling of an eye.”

The wedding ceremony – This is the MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB in Heaven!! The church must be raptured or there could be no wedding ceremonies at the Father;s House as promised by Jesus. Remember the wedding ritual is a 7 day (7 Earth Years) event!!

The last trump (shofar) – This is the long and loud LAST TRUMP that closes this Feast Day and thus would represent the resurrection Trumpet and the removal of the Bride to go to their wedding in the Father’s House.

Those names that seem to apply to the SECOND ADVENT to touchdown upon the Mt. of Olives:

The Coronation of the Messiah – First in heaven and then on Earth at His Return and touchdown to take possession of Earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

So, we wait, we stay wide-awake, and we pray always that we be counted worthy and READY to stand before the Son of Man, the Messiah, King of all Kings.




Dateline 7-24-2021 Tu B’ Av and sudden destruction – the FIG TREE parable and a personal sign. A very tall scrub oak with a divided trunk had a huge limb break-off in front of the office where Patti and I do our research, fell with NO WARNING whatever – in a place Patti had been standing just a few minutes before. This was a personal warning that SUDDEN DESTRUCTION is about to come upon Babylon-America, and THEY WILL NOT ESCAPE. Here is why.

The FIG TREE parable also contains mention of ALL THE TREES, a reference to all the nations that sprung up all around Israel and the world in and around 1948.  In 1945 there were 75 nations, in 1950 there were 102 nations, and now in 2021 there are 245 nations and 245 adds up to 11!! In Strong’s 245 means “belonging to another”, and of course Satan has control over all 245 nations in the world today, and Christ does NOT have those in His possession yet, but He soon will.

The PARTICULAR OAK TREE is a divided tree, with two very large trunks and stands over 40 feet tall.  This represents BABYLON, a DIVIDED NATION that is about to fall when SUDDEN DESTRUCTION comes, and Jesus warned us that a divided nation cannot stand and will FALL. The fall of America appears to be a period of about 3.5 years or so during the “hour of temptation.” You might remember the two bald eagles that fell with a thud at the Duluth Airport – something scientists said is extremely rare, but it was a warning sign that these eagles got into an a real battle and fell onto a runway at the airport, still fighting each other – representing the HOUSE and SENATE of the United States and RULER AGAINST RULER of Jeremiah’s prophecy. It has all come to pass exactly as written. UNBELIEF AND APOSTASY FILLS THE LAND and THE CHURCH.

We have two warnings concerning USA/Babylon one about a house divided and another of the KILLING OF THE CHRISTIANS because Christians are LAMBS.

Back to the FALLEN OAK:

That this event occurred on 7-24 (Tu B’Av), is not an accident, for it was exactly 44 days from the RING OF FIRE BIRTHING AND WEDDING RING ECLIPSE. This was a personal reminder not to go into unbelief, but rather that the two signs of Jonah and the two signs of “writing on the wall” were in fact valid and a reminder and warning that God is TRUE TO HIS WORD and we ought not doubt the FIG TREE PARABLE and THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION that is coming upon the world. Luke 21:29-32:

29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;

30 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.

31 So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

Now this is either true or it is false. It is interesting that the Oak Tree has a symbolic meaning:

“What does the oak tree stand for? Strength.

The Oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world, and with good reason. It’s a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. … Oak is often associated with honor, nobility, and wisdom as well thanks to its size and longevity.”

In this case, the Lord was clearly showing us that all of these attributes are falling in America with a THUD. America is in full rebellion, and it has already PARTIALLY FALLEN.

This huge part of the tree gave no warning whatsoever, and there was no wind at the time, it just suddenly, OUT OF THE BLUE, fell with a huge loud roaring noise, which I believe was a reminder of the TRUMPET BLAST  from heaven that the whole world will hear (but NOT know or understand right away what it meant), as the resurrection of the dead IN CHRIST, and the LIVING IN CHRIST will hear the Trumpet Sound as they escape this world and are violently removed.

This tree event was so startling and sudden and accompanied by such a huge roar as the huge branch was being torn away and then the crash seemed to punctuate our research into the FIG TREE parable and ALL THE TREES on Tu B’Av cannot be by accident! We were discussing the FIG TREE PARABLE at the exact time this occurred. Coincidence? No, it was total confirmation that what we found out IS TRUE and we are correctly interpreting the 80 years, 2028 and 2021.

The other part of this is that only a part of this huge Oak tree was violently torn away seems to tell us that only a PORTION of America’s people will be REMOVED because America, as Obama correctly stated, IS NOT a Christian nation any longer, it is totally apostate and in full rebellion against the Lord, and so the TRUE CHURCH would only be a PART of this GREAT ESCAPE. Does it apply to Christians not ready? It would be a blessing to be LEFT BEHIND because IF NOT, many a Christian’s fate would be closed for eternity.

Now to confirm this event as to what it meant — I had been asking the Lord to show me what it meant, I woke up this morning at 4:47 or 4-11 TWICE, as 44 is a 4-11 and 4:47 is also 4:11. WHY ALL OF THESE 4-11 NUMBERS? So first, I looked up Strong’s 447:

In essence to be TOTALLY SET FREE, which means the rapture! Do you remember Strong’s number 411? It is:



A DIVIDED TREE CANNOT and will not stand, it will eventually fall and a divided nation or its people MUST AND WILL FALL TO THE GROUND. Babylon Mighty Babylon “is FALLEN, is FALLEN”, and in ONE HOUR’S TIME SHE CAME TO NAUGHT. The signs are everywhere, EVERYWHERE, and only a few are paying any attention at all, the rest are IN THE WORLD, doing the things OF THIS WORLD, and are EARTH DWELLERS. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP for your judgment is nigh at hand…

TWO SIGNS OF JONAH, TWO SIGNS OF WRITING ON THE WALL, and TWO SIGNS OF VIOLENT REMOVAL on personal level!! (TREE FALL & 4:47). Here is something interesting to think about, research what happens on the THIRD DAY!

Luke 9:21-23

21 And he straitly charged them, and commanded them to tell no man that thing;
22 Saying, The Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day.
23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.





The Bible warns the world that EVERYTHING will change in the “twinkling of an eye” as Jesus comes to take His Church out of this world. It also warns that this event is as a SNARE and comes out of the blue with no apparent signs except for those watching.

The days of Noah and the days of Lot are given as examples on how this takes the world by total surprise except for Noah and Lot, who were told that SUDDEN DESTRUCTION was coming and they were to ESCAPE THIS SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.

Jesus said that if we were worthy, we would ESCAPE the SNARE of the fowler, that snare being sprung upon an unsuspecting world during the rise of Antichrist in the “hour of temptation”, the first 3.5 years of Daniel’s 70th week.

So, the question is WHEN? As has been stated before, 2021 must be the year if we are to take Psalm 90’s TIME CODE at face value and the FIG TREE parable rebirth of Israel in 1948 and the four-year delay built into the Fig Tree parable. That means SOMETIME in 2021 the SNARE WILL BE SPRUNG, and the BRIDE WILL EITHER BE RAPTURED OR HIDDEN AWAY in some manner.

I favor raptured because we are to go to the WEDDING OF THE LAMB, a seven-year event while Daniel’s 70th week plays out below. The ancient wedding traditions all point to this 7-year (7 day) event in the heavens as His people undergo the BEMA seat judgment and all of the festivities and joyous events at the Father’s House, something Jesus PROMISED to his Bride.

As you know I have been wrestling with this 4-11 code for a long time now, and think it is a CODE NUMBER, not a date, and it has been appearing with great rapidity of late. From the RING OF FIRE BIRTHING AND WEDDING ECLIPSE to Tu B’Av is exactly 44 days inclusive and 42 days exclusive, both ripe with rapture meaning. Remember that 411 in Strong’s means something has no words to describe it, and the rapture would be one of those events, as genuine rebirth as well. Forty-two means THE LORD’S ADVENT, and we know it is in TWO PHASES.

Tonight, we have A FULL MOON that reaches it peak at 9:37(8) OR A 9-11 CT, for all practical use, and the ring of fire eclipse crossed over the North Pole at 11:04-7 as well.

We also know that from 7-24 to 9-8 is 46 days inclusive and 44 days in between, another 4-11 code, so if nothing happens within the next few days, our next best guess will be FEAST OF TRUMPETS, which means we may well see major developments in Israel and America between those two dates. Be not discouraged in we pass by 7-23 through 7-27 for 2021 IS THE YEAR.

 Here is what Jesus had to say to us, as a COMMAND:

Mark 13:36-37

36 Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

We here many scoff and mock at those attempting to point out things others may not know and say they should not do that, for it scares people and when nothing happens that become angry and say what Peter says they will say, “Where is the promise of His coming”, but Christ commanded us to WATCH and if it bothers people, then they are in disobedience and rebellion against the MULTITUDES OF THE LORD TO “WATCH”. If your attitude is not excited about the promise of coming, then your heart is not right before Christ.



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So here we are on 9-23 and Tu B’Av and a full THUNDER BUCK MOON tonight, reminding us of Revelation and the 7 Thunders that John was told to SEAL UP and not write down what they were about, but we may have some clues as Jesus said His Return was as LIGHTNING, that is in a split second all around the world. Ken Peter’s vision indicated that the RAPTURE EVENT was “out of the blue” and went on to describe the world’s graves opening up after a loud and long CAR HORN BLAST, indicating perhaps FEAST OF TRUMPETS removal, the only feast where no one knows the day or the hour because it is based upon the sighting of the NEW MOON and has a loud concluding blast!!  There is no question whatsoever that we are very, very close to Daniel’s 70th week and SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, be it a RAPTURE or cosmic wave of fire event. THE SIGNS ARE NOW EVERYWHERE, WAKE-UP, PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!


Best’s Intel Review For 7-21-2021 – This, That & Other Things

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Earth Changes, Solar Anomalies, Tu B’Av, Jonah & Noah’s Ark, UN, 44 & Obama

We are now 4 days from Tu B’Av which always falls on a FULL MOON. This minor feast is a very important sign to the Christians as was 9th of Av, when a Bride & Groom went up to the Temple Mount in anticipation of their wedding, pointing to the marriage supper of the Lamb and His Bride. Messiah was also known as Shiloh, the very place where the virgins, dressed in white probes, danced and were stolen away, a perfect symbol for the Rapture of the Church. Then we have reports of UN vehicles being spotted more and more, and reports of them massing in Canada for an invasion of America. Then we have the official documents concerning the rounding up of folks in the “rural areas” of America to place them in FEMA camps and more draconian measures ahead as America sleeps on. The flooding events are increasing, pointing to Noah’s flood, a warning of the coming destruction and more…



Judges 21: 19 Then they said, Behold, there is a feast of the Lord in Shiloh yearly in a place which is on the north side of Bethel, on the east side of the highway that goeth up from Bethel to Shechem, and on the south of Lebonah.

20 Therefore they commanded the children of Benjamin, saying, Go and lie in wait in the vineyards;

21 And see, and, behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in dances, then come ye out of the vineyards, and catch you every man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Benjamin.

22 And it shall be, when their fathers or their brethren come unto us to complain, that we will say unto them, Be favourable unto them for our sakes: because we reserved not to each man his wife in the war: for ye did not give unto them at this time, that ye should be guilty.

23 And the children of Benjamin did so, and took them wives, according to their number, of them that danced, whom they caught: and they went and returned unto their inheritance, and repaired the cities, and dwelt in them.

Notice that this “FEAST” which we now know as Tu B’Av took place in SHILOH and that is where the BRIDES were stolen, caught up, and snatched away. Now look at this:

Genesis 49:9-11 (9-11 code)

10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Now Shiloh is another name for Jesus Christ, and thus there is a major tie between Jesus Christ and the Tu B’Av Feast and that is associated with THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH and the stealing away of the BRIDE!

The “gathering of the people” is in two phases – the RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE, and then the TAKING OF THE TRIBULATION SAINTS, and finally the small remnant that survive the pole shift, which concludes those that belong to Christ, Jew and Gentile, with the full gathering of the people.

As stated, from the RING OF FIRE ECLIPSE (BIRTHING SIGN OF THE MANCHILD) and WEDDING RING (MARRIAGE SIGN), IS 44 DAYS OR 4-11. It is also 1400 days from the Star Sign. This is not coincidental; all of this is of the Lord and a WAKE-UP CALL to a slumbering church.

The return of Shiloh has a number of key events tied directly to it. The name Shiloh is another name of Messiah – Jesus Christ.


שִׁילֹהshı̂ylôh – shee-lo’

From H7951; tranquil; Shiloh, an epithet of the Messiah: – Shiloh.

Again, Tu B’Av is a very mysterious and almost hidden feast day, and perhaps, because it is hidden from Israel’s rabbis, appears to be another reason to suspect that Tu B’Av is a LOVE/WEDDING feast to watch.

Another reason that this may be the day of the BRIDE’S ESCAPE is in the Jonah SIGN that was verified 7 days later. How so? Because the Jonah whale event was on June 11th, (a 9-11) warning sign, and 40 days takes us to 7-20-2021 – today actually as I write this, the date folks were pointing to as RAPTURE TIME.

The 40 days WARNING is OVER and now JUDGMENT should fall soon because no one has repented, and most mocked that sign as foolishness. But was it?

If we take this same SIGN on 6-11 and add 44 days (4-11) inclusive, it falls exactly on Tu B’Av and the FULL MOON. The very possible date of the removal of the BRIDE OF CHRIST and the OMEGA POINT for the Church Age. The 411 code is everywhere now. In other words, God is giving us a 4-day DELAY (as we got a 4-year delay in the FIG TREE parable) to Tu B’Av!! Coincidental? Perhaps, perhaps not.

The return of Shiloh (Messiah) is, as stated directly tied to Tu B’Av, tied directly to the stealing of the Bride, tied directly to a FULL MOON ESCAPE, and the rapture of the Church. The number 7-24 (724) means:

724. harpagé Jump to: LexiconHelpsNasecThayer’sStrong’s Lexicon harpagé: pillage, plundering Original Word: ἁρπαγή, ῆς, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: harpagé
Phonetic Spelling: (har-pag-ay’)
Short Definition: the act of plundering, plunder, spoil
Definition: the act of plundering; plunder, spoil, robbery. HELPS word-Studies Cognate: 724 harpagḗ – to plunder (pillage), fueled by “violent greed” (L & N, 1, 25.24). See 726 (harpazō).

Sounds like the REMOVAL OF THE BRIDE and the beginning of SUDDEN DESTRUCTION TO ME. Now exactly 3 days later on 7-26 (inclusive) we find that 726 verified 724 as to plundering and pillaging as a THIEF IN THE NIGHT and a VIOLENT REMOVAL OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST!!

What about 7-26? From July 24th to July 26 is THREE DAYS INCLUSIVE. You have already heard the phrase ON THE THIRD DAY and its direct connection to the resurrection of the dead. That is the only reason I put 7-26 as a possible date for the rapture.

To sum up SHILOH, TU B’AV, STEALING THE BRIDE, AND THE RETURN TO GATHER THE PEOPLE TOGETHER ALL LINES UP TO A RETURN IN 2021 and the dates of 7-24 to 7-26 seem high rapture watch dates!! of COURSE, 2021 does continue all the way to December 31st! So we WATCH




It seems a totally lost cause to attempt to wake people up to what is happening all around them and they are oblivious to all of it. Perhaps Barry Roffman’s Torah Code of the “stupidity virus” has infected almost all of America and the world with the exception of the remnant. Jesus said not to pray for THE WORLD, for the world and its people are actually the enemy of the Lord, totally unsaved, and totally immersed in the things of this world. Yet we all have family members who are going to be LEFT BEHIND to face a horrific fate because of their denials and unbelief.  

In my last blog, I wrote about UNBELIEF and how the Wise Men of old had but ONE SIGN to convince them to take a far journey to Israel, and we now have had multiple signs that point to Daniel’s 70th Week beginning. It seems odd and not coincidentally that we had TWO JONAH SIGNS and now we have had TWO “WRITING ON THE WALL” SIGNS as well, a sort of “verily, verily, I say unto you” warnings TWICE. Both of these signs are concerned with REPENT OR PERISH. BOTH OF THE SIGNS ARE ABOUT “SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.”

Now the question is, as it always has been, when SIGNS come and go, if these ARE THE SIGNS to tell us the end is here? I look at this as a woman in travail, giving BIRTH, because the SIGNS are now coming fast and furious, and when you couple that to the RING OF FIRE BIRTHING ECLIPSE, THE 44 DAYS to Tu B’Av, how could these signs mean anything else?

Now of course, most folks would not even notice any of this, and those that do would dismiss these as meaning anything, for we live in a very skeptical world, very materialistic world where most spiritual connections to things of spirit are simply cut off and do not exist, making people spiritually blind and thus cannot discern SPIRITUAL THINGS whatever. A sad state of affairs, but true, nonetheless.

We are told in a number of places that the world at large, along with the Church in general , is in a comatose totally apostate state, sound asleep and snoring away while the SIGNS multiply rapidly all around them, as if the Lord is giving this ONE MORE TRY to wake His Church up, but it appears to be of no avail whatsoever.

It seems we are coming down the home stretch of things and that those watching are few indeed, another fulfillment of prophecy. Why would the Lord be warning with TWO SIGNS DOUBLED if they do not mean anything at all?

Then of course we have the argument that Antichrist has to be revealed by standing in the Holy Place where he ought not. They refer to Paul’s comment concerning this. First of all, it depends how you read that, and most older versions read that the Church MUST BE REMOVED, for it is the ONE THING HOLDING Antichrist at bay. Also, if one followed Obama closely, he already fulfilled all of this, and secondly, the JAB, it is said, if filled with magnetic iron nanobots that gravitate to the bodies HOLY PLACE thus desecrating the TEMPLE, and by patent transferring ownership over to Antichrist who heads this whole CV-19 and the nanobot drug injection. All of this may have already been fulfilled in front of our eyes and we did not discern what was actually happening. Thirdly, this Antichrist walking into a literal temple in Jerusalem is for ISRAEL, not for the Church. It also contradicts the well laid out theme that the rapture of the Bride is without warning at all, out of the blue, in a moment. The next item to deny that concept is the 7-day wedding affair in the Father’s House.  

So, one might conclude that we are here. First we had the man swallowed by the WHALE, an event that is so rare that one scientist said was ONE in a trillion chance of happening, and another one that said it was so rare it was almost unbelievable, yet it was witnessed by others and then followed 7 days later by a boy being pulled out of the rubble of RUINS who is named JONAH. Then we have two writings on the wall events, one in Jerusalem and then a release of Iron Maidens “Writing on the Wall” album!! Coincidental, most would say. Perhaps, perhaps not.

The writing on the wall was all about the FALL OF BABYLON. On August 11th, 2017, exactly 33 days from the star sign, AND EXACTLY 40 DAYS from FEAST OF ANTONEMENT, 2017 HERE WE ARE 4 YEARS LATER, with a 40-day warning from June 11th (9-11 IN CODE)! This then was a SHADOW of the 40-day warning of Jonah yet to come after the 4 year delay of the FIG TREE parable.

As you know, those watching have focused upon July 17th to July 21/22 as the day of the rapture of the Church. I believe we need to also look at July 23/24th through the 26th, as Tu B’Av has WEDDING written all over it.

It should be noted that Tu B’Av always occurs on a FULL MOON (meaning the last of the gentiles has come in?) and this year falls on Saturday, a DAY OF REST. Why does all of this line up as it should if it means nothing?

So, what happens if NOTHING HAPPENS on those warning dates and we go through another “nothing burger” as it were? All the signs point to 2021 as the YEAR, because of Israel’s BIRTH in 1948 and her 80- year lifespan, subtracting 7 years for the Tribulation Period. Jesus promised that His people would be exempt from the “Hour of Temptation” that was to come upon the Earth. The very next warning date is the FEAST OF TRUMPETS or somewhere in between Feast of Trumpets is a very important date to consider because Israel, it is said, enters their Jubilee YEAR a time of RETURN.

As mentioned, from the RING OF FIRE eclipse to Tu B’Av was 44 days inclusive and 42 days in between. We have the 411-number code and 42 means THE LORD’S ADVENT. The Lord’s Advent comes in two phases THE RAPTURE and the RETURN. It was also 44 days in between Tu B’Av and Trumpets, another 411 code.  I think this points to the TWO RETURNS, one for the Church (Tu B’Av) and one for Israel (Trumpets). Time will tell, it always does.

As I have previously stated, Pentecost and Tu B’Av seem mysteriously related, by “marriage, if you will), both are about LOVE, and if we added Tu B’Av to the 7 Feast days of the Lord, the two center Servant Candles would be Pentecost and Tu B’Av and then the LAST THREE FEASTS would then begin. That would bring the number of FEASTS to eight, and eight is REBIRTH, NEW BEGINNING. Speculation, of course, as much of this is, JUST SAYIN!

Next between TU B’AV to FEAST OF TRUMPETS is 44 DAYS IN BETWEEN and 46 days inclusive. The number 46 is interesting because in Strong’s it means UNDRESSED or NAKED! You may remember the Jesus said the vast number of Christians who THOUGHT they were heaven-bound were NOT and were found NAKED!

Revelation 3:17

17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

All this means they are not BORN AGAIN but bought into the fake Christian leaders and bought into their FAKE SALVATION DOCTRINE, for they were liars and deceivers. Millions of Christians have fallen victim to these charlatans – and the leaven of these fake preachers, teachers and evangelists has now spread over the entire Christian Church OF ANY AND ALL DENOMINATIONS, all of which deny Jesus Christ and what He said constitutes True and Authentic rebirth, with only a few souls spared.

So while a few point out this area of July as being a very high or extremely high rapture watch, we must remember that 2021 is THE YEAR but the exact time within this year is still open, the 18th – 24th would be the outside for the 40 day warning for REPENTANCE and therefore point to DESTRUCTION that comes out of the blue. Once again, I cannot fathom why we would have DOUBLE WARNINGS FOR JONAH and THE WRITING ON THE WALL if they mean nothing at all.

However, on the 17th/18th, (7 days inclusive to Tu B’Av) we find something interesting occurred on the Temple Mount 7 days inclusive to Tu B’Av and it’s in the numbers:

Remember that in 2018 it was the 70th year of Israel since her birth in 1948. The number 1400 is a very important number mentioned on my blogs for some time now. But look at the number of people 1679 that went to the Temple Mount. First just look at how the Bible used these numbers:





Now from Strong’s:

Now notice that a BRIDE AND GROOM went up to the Temple Mount in anticipation of their WEDDING, perhaps on Tu B’Av? Does this not seem a bit odd that a couple would go up to the Temple Mount on the 9th of Av, a day of mourning? And 7 days inclusive to the 23/24th FULL MOON WEDDING DAY? Is this coincidental? Also notice that the number 8 IS MISSING in the number, 67- 9, Why is the number 8 missing. Why not just 1,678 people? Why? Because eight is the number of REBIRTH, and Israel does not recognize REBIRTH because they have rejected Christ and His wedding to His Bride!!  Then in Strong’s it is all about HOPE and TRUST in the promises of Jesus Christ who would not, and could not lie to His Bride. The entire Gentile Church HOPES FOR THE PROMISE OF HIS RETURN!!

WAS THIS THE 7 DAY WARNING TO THOSE WATCHING? It contains all the elements needed to be a warning that Tu B’Av is THE DAY when the voice of the Bride and the Bridegroom shall no longer be heard in thee, Oh Babylon (Revelation 18:23). Notice those numbers as well!!

Now most people think that all of this “is a long way off” and that all of this is just stupidity and total foolishness. Perhaps, but perhaps not. But once again, I believe what Jesus said DIRECTLY, and don’t pay much attention to concepts and ideas that contradict his plain and blunt statements, something I learned a long time ago when I met Him face to face. Oh, how GENTLE but HOW BLUNT was His voice as He was speaking to me!

There are no words to describe HIS LOVE for the world and the people within it, but also how HORRIBLE HIS JUDGMENT for disobedience,  and how He promised that HIS BRIDE would be removed from this “Hour of Temptation” that was to TRY ALL THEM THAT DWELL UPON THE WHOLE EARTH and that 2021 MUST BE THE YEAR because Psalm 90 says so:

Luke 21:34-36

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

So, we wait, we watch, and we pray that we indeed are READY and WORTHY to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE all of this. These remarks and statements are either true or they are false.

Is this all just coincidental? Daniel Chapter 5 gives us the warning to the KING OF BABYLON:

24 Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written.

25 And this is the writing that was written, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

26 This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

27 Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

28 Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians

When you couple this to the TWO SIGNS OF JONAH, how is it we cannot see THE WRITING ON THE WALL FOR MIGHTY BABYLON/AMERICA and her SUDDEN DESTRUCTION?


The Scripture tells us that the sudden destruction is a surprise to the world. It is also tied directly to the rapture of the Church in Thessalonians.

1 Thessalonians 5:2-4

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

I want to concentrate upon the word SUDDEN, for it implies the same thing as a SNARE.


αἰφνίδιος – aiphnidios – aheef-nid’-ee-os

From a compound of G1 (as a negative particle) and G5316 (compare G1810), (meaning non apparent); unexpected, that is, (adverbially) suddenly: – sudden, unawares.

The root:


ἐξαίφνης – exaiphnēs – ex-ah’eef-nace

From G1537 and the base of G160; of a sudden (unexpectedly): – suddenly. Compare G1819.

Notice that this comes upon the world totally unexpected, meaning it is totally NON-APPARENT, and that means there ARE NO SIGNS WHATSOEVER that anything is about to happen. That means it is just like any other day, and things continue in the world as they always have, and VERY FEW, a TINY FEW that have been watching KNOW that this SUDDEN DESTRUCTION is about to come upon the world. Do we really understand what this means?

If we then couple this to THE SNARE, do we not have a total match? A SNARE, when it is sprung is an instantaneous (in the twinkling of an eye) TRAP that catches the entire world BY TOTAL SURPRISE. There is no warning that one has walked into a snare because a well laid snare is HIDDEN, it is invisible and non-apparent. THIS IS A TIMELINE SNARE, a MOMENT, A SPLIT-SECOND EVENT.  Do you get the DRIFT of what Jesus is telling us?

In Thessalonians, we are told that this rapture event is in a “twinkling of an eye” which is about a billionth of a second. It has been related to a sudden plasma event, a world-wide “lightning” event in which the dead IN CHRIST and the living IN CHRIST are “vanished.” Lightning strikes instantly and with no notice. Perhaps that is one reason why Jesus referred to His coming to take the Church was a “lightning”, a global plasma event.

All of this is related to a woman giving birth and the BIRTH PANGS. It is interesting that a woman does not know when the FIRST PANGS start. She knows she is close but knows not the ACTUAL START. That is like the RAPTURE and those watching.  

If Jesus told us to watch, the closer we would get, the more SIGNS would be given. This is why I believe the TWO SIGNS we just received are so important to us. Both of them signify JUDGMENT is there is NO REPENTANCE. WAKE UP!

Proverbs 10:5

He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.

Tu B’Av is an early summer event, a time when a WISE SON (JESUS CHRIST) gathers His EARLY HARVEST. This gathering of THE CHURCH will come as a total and complete surprise, as most do not believe in what is known as a pre-tribulational rapture, but there is no Scripture that prohibits it AND A WHOLE LOT THAT SUPPORTS IT.





The last days was characterized as a time of lies, deceptions, delusions and rank unbelief, with the Bible tossed aside as rubbish and dangerous to have around. The Christians were likewise thought to be a dangerous group of people as well.

You may remember the FBI’s Project Megiddo that long ago warned that Christians who actually believed in the Bible and Bible prophecy were going to be classified as “enemies of the state”, then we had Fusion Centers releasing all types of anti-Christians reports, along with a growing trend of hatred towards conservatives, those who believed in the Bill of rights, motherhood and apple pie. Now of course, America itself is under siege and must be destroyed. The communist insurgency will soon spring into high gear using BLM and Antifa and all other left-wing zealots who enjoy killing, looting and burning.   To our North, Canada‘s Christians are under attack, and that will soon spread here.

It is all another SIGN that the end is close at hand and is joined by many other signs in the cosmos and in Israel, the Lord’s time clock.

Revelation 3:3

Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.


  1 Thessalonians 5

King James Version

But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.

For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.

Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.

But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for an helmet, the hope of salvation.

For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,


One of the meanings for the word SNARE is to PITCH A TENT. It has been pointed out that the CV “TESTING” AND THE JAB all around the world have been primarily done in TENTS.  Another meaning of “snare” is “stratagem”? The rich men of the Earth lay down a strategy to deceive the entire world’s masses by their control over the major media operations with this CV-19 scare. They caused fear and panic and near hysteria to get people to take the DRUG JAB, filled with magnetic iron nanobots. This began the slow culling operation of the Georgia Guidestones and eugenics writings to depopulate the Earth, and then ensnare those that survive all of this into their beehive AI collective known as the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Secondly the SNARE (phase Two) appears to be the rapture itself, the only method that would WAKE UP the entire world that the Bible is the TRUE WORD OF GOD, and Jesus Christ was exactly who He said He was.

Those watching very closely seem to be able to prove out that July 17th-July 21st  is highly suspect for the removal of the BRIDE OF CHRIST. Most people reject this concept, but if we take Jesus at His Word, like PSALM TWO has proven to be true, then why is the statement that Jesus made concerning Israel and the FIG TREE PARABLE not true? Why is not Psalm 90’s  80 YEARS FOR A GENERATION NOT TRUE? It is clearly stated. WE KNOW DANIELS 70TH WEEK IS ALSO TRUE. SUBTRACT 7 YEARS FROM 2028 and we come to 2021.

So therefore, one would conclude, if we BELIEVE WHAT WE ARE TOLD BY JESUS IS TRUE, THAT SOMETIME IN 2021 DANIEL’S WEEK WILL BEGIN. That means the CHURCH should be removed, as Daniel’s 70th week is for ISRAEL, not the Church. There are a multitude of reasons why the Church should not be here. 


The 3 wise men had but one sign, and they packed up and left Persia to visit the Messiah. For only one sign. One sign. we have had multiple signs, many signs, and still only a very few actually believe the time is now; close at hand.

This is apostasy on a grand scale. This is misreading prophecy on a grand scale. It is the same with salvation doctrine – no one really believes what Jesus Christ had to say about it. it has all been redacted, just as bible prophecy said, and a new gospel, a fake gospel was substituted and what Jesus said is mocked at.

Same today. The very words of Christ, the signs in the heavens, the signs on earth, the signs in Israel, in technology are all fulfilled. yet “Its is all way, way off…” This is why the church is blindsided by the rapture, for it comes out of the blue, with no warning. The warnings of “when they say peace and safety” has already occurred. The Gospel has been preached to the whole world.  

Let’s take Psalm two, and the Kings and the Rulers who all join together against the Lord and His Anointed. We began to hear from the Christian camp that this one is exempt, you know, Donald Trump was going to save the world. He was not included in Psalm Two.  Well, who decides then who is and who is not exempt? Personal opinion, your personal beliefs? Your political beliefs? Your bias? Where does that stop? Either the scripture is true, or the scripture is false, and we were not given the right to pick and choose.

Israel was born in 1948 and has 80 years according to Psalm 90, and that leads to 2028, and if we subtract 7 years we are at 2021. Therefore, if we actually believe scripture, the time of Jacob’s trouble must start sometime in 2021.

As said the few really watching are pointing to July 17/18th to July 20/21. I believe they are ignoring July 23/24th Tu B’Av the great wedding day, the day that the bride is stolen away, a day of joy. It is a little known Feast Day and paid no attention to by the Jewish Sages. The reason they don’t is because they have rejected Jesus Christ, and therefore the Church, and all the references to the Bride being snatched away to go into the SEVEN YEAR WEDDING FEAST AT THE FATHER’S HOUSE to Christ!! It makes no sense to them for they reject Christ and the Church. However, that does not negate the importance of Tu B’Av!!

Just for the fun of it all, I decided to check out all the dates as NUMBERS in Strong’s to see if we could glean even more information concerning all of this. This July 17 would be 717 and so on.

717 – Armageddon – THE FINAL BATTLE of Daniel’s 70th Week

718 – to espouse, to betroth, to marry

719 – a joining, to join together, a gathering also a part of the body (of Christ)

720 – to deny, to say no – wheat and tares separated?

721 – sheep, lambs – the SHEEPFOLD

722 – to plow, a servant plowing (PUT YOUR HAND TO THE PLOW AND DO NOT LOOK BACK)

723 – To plow

724 – FULL MOON – Tu B’Av – to plunder, to pillage, spoil, robbery

725 – the act of seizing to be held fast

726 – rapture – to snatch away, to steal, to violently REMOVE.



Great Resets, Iron & Clay, Cockatrice Eggs, COVFeFe, Trump, Obama, WHO, Fauci, CDC, Earth Changes and More.

Night Shadows Radio – Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-16-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT – A Big Surprise Is Coming

Great Resets, Iron & Clay, Cockatrice Eggs, COVFeFe, Trump, Obama, WHO, Fauci, CDC, Earth Changes

We are now on the eve of the 9th of Av, and 8 days away from Tu B’Av a day of great joy and weddings. Everything is quiet, like any other day. In fact, it is to quiet, sort of like Trump’s comment of the quiet before the storm. China scream it will nuke Japan, Putin says leave us alone, and we are on a HIGH RAPTURE watch from NOW through 7-26-2021. More and more evidence is pointing these days as a time of trouble, as a STORM approaching. The wise men who visited Jesus had ONE SIGN and they believed. We have hundreds of signs and virtually NO ONE BELIEVES, the sign of RANK APOSTASY and UNBELIEF. The rapture of the Bride comes at a time NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE, but Jesus told us we COULD KNOW VERY CLOSELY WHEN HE WOULD RETURN IF WE WOULD WATCH THE SIGNS. Many Christians, even many in the so-called remnant are in UNBELIEF, and really believe that this rapture/Daniel’s 70th week is a long time off now and are asleep just as Jesus said they would be. And then we earth changes all over the world, and solar anomalies and more…