Ever notice how people are very hesitant to call things as they are, or we could say, call a spade a spade and let it go at that? Now in interpersonal relationships that may be a very good thing, that is, there would be a lot of dead husbands and wives laying about, children too perhaps, if we did not bite the tongue, and remain silent.

One also has to be careful about rolling the eyes in front of a spouse or close friend when one hears something that “tain’t necessarily so” type of remark. Then again, if looks could kill, how many times have you died during your lifetime? Then there is the “grimace” of disapproval, or the “pout” look, or THE COLD, HARD STARE, and all the other forms of non-verbal communications between the male and female of the species as one asserts that this or that “position” is the real truth, and undoubtedly, your position on any given issue is either lacking in intelligent research, or you are just too stupid to understand. And so it goes…

It is a war, you know. A real, albeit, unspoken war to the death that was laid out well in Genesis, the war between the males and females of what we refer to as “humanity” or as the Bible implies, THE LIVING DEAD”, another thing no  one wants to say, but it is what it is, right? Well, perhaps, but maybe not..

Then there is another thing that no one wants to say “YOU ARE FALLEN”. Yikes, heaven forbid, the sky is falling, arrest this person, totally insane, “What do you mean, I am a FALLEN creature? Call the United Nations, I am offended so deeply even my denial tea no longer works well!! Maybe I should light up some Minnesota Green so I can handle it!! My word, my brain hurts, I have a severe headache, “not tonight dear, and if you keep it up, not ever…” and so it goes, but it is what it is right?

But does it have to be that way? And further, should this “concept” be brought over to political issues, to treason, to war or contemplated war, or to, oh, no, you can’t say it “The Holy Bible”. NO, NO!!!

In other words, just about everyone should have figured out that Obama is a communist, Marxist, Fabian socialist, favors Islam, is a Moslem, etc., but NO ONE dares to say so. Obama is willfully destroying our nation, but NO ONE dares to say so. Obama is turning our entire nation into a police state, but NO ONE dares to say so. There was a book written “None dare call it treason”, which sums this up rather well. So why is that? Why are people, who know better, unwilling or unable to TELL IT LIKE IT IS?

And because, they say, GOOD PEOPLE STAND BY AND SAY AND DO NOTHING – well, evil wins, hands down. They simply could not be bothered to call it like it was or well, one might think, to dumbed down to EVEN KNOW what to call it! Heaven forbid!! Call Obama what he really is? It’s your opinion, and in a police state, you have no right to your opinion, only the state does. You know, the Ministry of Truth. “The Truth is what WE say it is, and ONLY what WE say it is”, type of thing. “OK, if you say so it must be so.”

One more thing, here, don’t ever roll your eyes in front of an “Officer of the Law” type of dude or dudess. For sure, with absolute certainty, you will end up with three hots and a cot for a LONG, LONG, LONG TIME. Rolling of the eyes is forbidden, not allowed, no not now, nor ever. I have often wondered, though, when a person has eyes that are not easily controlled how does that work out?

So where am I going with all of this? I have no idea whatsoever. It was a blank piece of paper that I felt I had to fill. Well, the long and short of the thing is this: If you cannot call things for what they are, even in your mind, if you cannot get past all of your biases, filters, walls and mindsets, well, forget being saved – it won’t happen. No, as Jesus told us, “COME TO ME AS A LITTLE CHILD”, and if I recall somewhere, some how, there was a caveat to it – “IF YOU WILL NOT”, or something like that. Hmmm, roll the eyes now. Remember, in a police state, looks can kill, and often do…Bter to be 5 years old than 55 at least in your mind!!!

Comments are welcome please!!!





Thank you all for your comments – it was great to hear from you and give encouragement that folks are getting something out of all of this – was wondering if there would be any interest in a series of webinars, sort of like seminars on the web, full interaction – where we could all get together and we could run a series of topics and then open it up for discussion – need to charge a slight amount as webinars are hosted by third-party types and have to cover expenses – say around $10.00 fee for a one to two-hour seminar/webinar – for those who could not meet the scheduled event, a DVD is made of each one and could then be sent to those who wanted one –

The way it works is that the webinar is scheduled, you opt in by getting your “ticket” for the event, and then you get on your computer and attend to the meeting at the time specified – those that cannot make it can order the DVD of the event – if they already had a ticket but could not attend, we would send them the DVD of the one/s they missed. Patti is still working out the details about how all of this works, as she is our IT guide and mentor. We will let you know as soon as we have more information and some sort of schedule on subject matter. What is great here is the interaction, which means you can both ask questions and make comments live on the program. Patti will be acting as our moderator/engineer insofar as I know now, which is great because of her intense interest in prophecy, theology, love for the Lord, and all things paranormal that the Lord wants us to know about!!!

We would like to hear from you once again if you are interested in such a thing or not, and what subjects you would like me to cover – thanking you all in advance!!

By now you know about the ever-widening breach between Obama and Bibi of Israel, and the last word we had been his releasing secret information concerning Israel’s nuclear program, something NEVER done before, and a major breach of trust – Obama is truly Israel’s worst nightmare as he will throw Israel under the bus and that is going to bring the Lord into it, and America will be punished severely for that!!

Also be advised that Hillary Clinton has released a TRIAL balloon on forced incarceration at a FEMA CAMP near you, KNOWN AS CAMPJOY – the information is in our latest Intelligence Digest, here is the link – copy and paste:



No joke folks, we included the video in the 3D issue, she is serious right down to the color codes RED, BLUE, etc.


Patti, Cindy and I really want to hear from you about the webinar concept – it appears to me to be the best way we could all get together and have “church” as most of us are isolated because of the GREAT APOSTASY. What say you all?

Thanks again for all of your comments, we really needed that support!!!






This one is from the heart and wondering why virtually no one responds whatsoever to even questions that are of no cost to them, except a minute or two reply, is it you have no time left, that you are too busy? Or that you do not care enough? I am trying to figure what is wrong here, because no matter what we have attempted to do, there is no response, very few make even the smallest of donations to help out, and is it simply because we tell the unvarnished truth, and evidently no one wants to hear it anymore? Now I am not speaking here of our dedicated subscribers to BGR or Borderlands, The Prophetic Insider or FutureScape, or those who order everything we release. I am speaking of the hundreds that visit either the blog or our websites, and never respond.

If the remnant have lost their ability to respond then there is no real remnant out there – for they too have grown cold and indifferent. However the Lord said a servant of His was worthy of his hire, so when we ask a “penny for your thoughts” it is because something has gone terribly amiss out there – or we have, one or the other, and we wanted to know the what or the why of it.

Having said that, there are always the FEW that do help us out to keep us going, and those FEW (Can count them on my fingers – less than 15), are life savers and they have no idea how much their love and support means to us here at the LIGHTGATE TEAM.

My question for the REST OF YOU is simple – why do you refuse to respond in any way, shape or manner? How can we know what is desired or not desired if no one says anything? If you are not interested please just say so!!! Not “a penny for your thoughts” but rather “A minute of your time”.


I asked my son John, who lives in San Diego what he thought the trouble was, why no one seems interested even in the slightest and his answer was very telling, I thought – because we are one of the very FEW actually telling the truth not only about true salvation in the Lord, but also of what is going on out there, and have correctly identified the PLAYERS of the end times, that our videos and audios and reports are so accurate, and the prophecies are being fulfilled right under their noses, that they are AFRAID, FEARFUL, UNWILLING TO GET INVOLVED IN ANY MANNER. Here is what the Lord says about the FEARFUL:

Revelation 21:8

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.


I cannot compromise this ministry of biblical research and letting the chips fall where they may because people do not like it. I cannot tell you lies that make you feel good – this ministry is no friend to this FALLEN WORLD. To the contrary, I have been isolated even by the other “prophetic ministries” out there because I am not here to please you or anyone else – I am here to wake up as many people as possible the actual REAL TRUTH, and not the lies floating around out there – because the end is now very close at hand – even closer than most people could ever dream of. If you are afraid now, you will be terror stricken shortly.

It seems very odd to me that the orders for our materials are now coming from Europe and overseas – almost like the Lord has closed the door upon the American people for their total refusal to accept even the most basic truths of Scripture, and they are now trapped in their own indifference, their own apostasy and now judgment cometh their way. I pray I am wrong here, but something has gone terribly wrong with the American remnant Christian attitude and for their supporting the real truth. I have never asked ANYONE to take what I say as TRUTH, but rather OPEN THEIR BIBLE, THEIR HEART, get on the KNEES or BELLY and ask the Lord to show them the horrific truth of true salvation and who America really is!!

Either you make your abode with the LORD and HIS TRUE SERVANTS or you DON’T. Either you will find the PEACE OF GOD IN YOUR HEART by doing as Jesus Christ commanded or you WON’T. Jesus did not command you to ask, seek, knock, strive for no reason. He did not order you to enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way for no reason. He did not warn you that if you heard His words and refused to comply with them, you were a fool, for nothing. He did not ask you “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do what I say.” for nothing. He did not tell you to PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND DIE FOR NOTHING.

Modern Christian salvation theology or “born again” by “faith” and “belief” (easy salvation), is a half-truth, and that makes it a complete absolute LIE and you were all warned MANY TIMES by Jesus, John, Paul, Peter, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and even the OLD TESTAMENT. You have NO EXCUSE. NONE, ZERO, NOTTO. I am not speaking of “works” or “Lordship salvation” whatsoever, and those that accuse me of it are either liars or very ignorant Scripturally.

I have not lied to you about the horrible truths contained in the Bible, either on salvation or prophecy. I have always told you what the Lord showed me and what could easily be proved from Scripture. It is denied, mocked and ridiculed just as Jesus Himself said it would be. How is it that people like Billy Graham, the world’s most famous evangelist, rake in millions a month, are popular with the world, when Jesus said if you told the truth you would be hated, mocked, ridiculed and evil spoken of? Same for Joel Olstein, Benny Hinn, Mac Hammond, and many others. They have their own private jets, live in luxury, and have their reward. THIS IS THE FINAL HORRIFIC APOSTASY SPOKEN OF BY THE LORD. Follow them, you will perish in your sins. This is no joke. WAKE UP!!!

As to why I was called to point all of this out and simply ask you to simply READ AND ACCEPT what the Lord says, I have no idea. I have complied as best as I knew how. The night is soon coming when no man can work or labor in the vineyards. Help is needed for this final push before the blackness of night falls totally upon America.

The time is now – fish or cut bait!! You choice –

This is my last rant on this subject – I want your comments, good or bad. Please say SOMETHING.

Not complaining, just wondering!!






Cindy is going through some major tests today, one of which could be very dangerous to her health, but the professionals feel it necessary to find out what is wrong – for her health is not improving, but worsening AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY. We have indications of spiritual attacks, really bad ones. Someone is attacking her.

I am asking for prayer sup[port especially between the hours of 11-1 PM TODAY 3/12/20, as that is when that dangerous test will be done.

Cindy has been a real trooper over these many years as many of you know. Please pray for her in her time of need.






We are really excited about releasing Danny Doogle and The Lords of Mars first serial and you can find it at http://www.thelightgate.us. Just click on the link and it will take you direct to the 3D book.

We hope people will come and visit and we really want your comments and suggestions concerning this series as it was written to counter the occult forces out there attempting to win over the hearts and minds of the young through the old – and they are winning this war because there is little “fiction” out there to counter their occult magic fiction.

Danny and his pals, on the other hand, don’t need magic; they use modern technology that they discover on their journey and turn it to their advantage as they unlock the many secrets of the co-called “black” projects of the elite and their hidden weapons. From cloaking to antigravity these kids have adventures that are reality based but just as exciting as any of Harry Potters escapades, or Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Wizard of Oz and such like.

1-2-2015 9-29-05 AM

We need your input and opinions on this – this is a real war for the minds and hearts of the latter-day generations – and we want you to join in and become involved to make Danny Doogle a best seller – and hope you will download and pass on Danny’s first serial release!!!

We are all involved in this war even if we don’t want to be – the Lord is increasing the pressure on everyone to “decide” and not just sit on the fence – jump in, the “waters fine”!!!

Here is a short snippet from the prologue that sets the entire stage for Danny and his friends get involved with:



1-2-2015 9-28-30 AM

Dr.Gavin!! Dr. Gavin!!” The shout echoed off the hills and rebounded back down the valley.

Dr. Gavin was at the top of what he was certain was an ancient Incan pyramid that lay buried under the jungle and the dirt that had accumulated over a thousand years or more. Already the surface rocks that had been uncovered indicated a massive structure was just underneath.

He had his crew cut a pathway through the thick green jungle underbrush to the top, and he was now looking down into the valley towards the dig area – and the bright lights surrounding it were peaking through the trees. A little fog was developing as the cool of night began to descend into the valley from the surrounding hills. It gave the dig area a surrealistic aura.

He shifted his gaze to the heavens above – the darkening sky of night was falling and the stars were beginning to show themselves, blinking on one at a time against a blue-black velvet sky. They were so bright that they looked like hundreds of sparkling diamonds.

“Here!!” Gavin shouted – “I’m up here!! What do you have?!!”

“6.7 feet – chin bone to top of skull – 6.7 feet!!!” came the loud reply, “come quickly!”

“I’ll be right down!” Gavin shouted back. “I’ll be right there.”

Gavin turned to his assistant, Mark Hansford, assistant director of archeology at Rockford University.   “My God, Man!! 6.7 feet – do you know what that means?”

Mark nodded, and wiped the sweat off his brow. “That means this guy has to be about 38-45 feet tall – the largest giant ever unearthed!”

Gavin nodded, knowing that the largest found was 36 feet, and the government came and took it away and confiscated all pictures, video, film and warned the excavating crew to remain totally silent, and that the dig never happened. They were not there and never were.

Gavin and Mark descended down the trail as fast as they could go, flashlights bouncing off the shrubs and thick Jungle growth. Ahead they could see the bright lights of the dig area coming into view once again as they rounded the last corner of the trail. Ahead was a scene right out of a science fiction novel – only it wasn’t science fiction – it was real.

Many of the ancient traditions of the elders were that literal giants had built many of the ancient structures all across Mexico and South America. Huge stones, many weighing hundreds of tons, dressed and put together with accuracy that was not even available today were employed to build these megalithic pyramids. Gavin suspected these ancient traditions were true, and if so, there should be burial sites for these giants – and they had found one.

As Gavin arrived at the edge of the excavation, he stopped cold in his tracks. He looked down at what was now the face of a gigantic skull – laying in repose, half buried, and silently staring up at the stars that were now dotting the night sky. Somehow Gavin knew that this being had come from those stars a long time ago, in the mists of the ancient past.

The crew had dug down just halfway – but the face part of the skull appeared to be well persevered and totally intact. Some of the crew was carefully brushing away the last vestiges of dirt from around the eyes, nose and mouth area.

As Gavin gazed down at it, he wondered what this gigantic being’s life would have been like, thousands of years ago, many thousands now. Did these creatures actually train and ride dinosaurs as some ancient stone carvings he had seen claimed they did? The artifacts he was shown were stunning in their implications. The skulls eerie silence spoke volumes as it stared into the night sky.

This find now proved it was true, the ancient writings were correct, there were gigantic creatures that roamed the Earth thousands of years ago, and that meant that the Genesis story in the Bible was actually true, and that the Book of Enoch was also correct. It was not that he doubted them, but now it could be confirmed. The ancient texts had been vindicated. Gavin smiled to himself. “This will cause a stir in academia, if we can actually get it out of here”, he thought to himself…


Comments are not only welcomed, but solicited – this is far too important not to pursue, folks, we need your help and opinions – go to http://www.thelightgate.us – and while there, take a look at all of the news that is available there – there is no other website quite like it!!!




“Verily, Verily, Before Abraham Was, I Am” – The Mystery of Prophecy and Russian Probes

It is my belief that people do not understand WHY Bible prophecy is so important, and even what it is, really. Most think of “prophecy” as something not to be trusted because no one can actually predict or see the actual future. They consider prophecy as merely “speculation” or “prediction”, but NOT as “an established fact that has already happened, but we are just not there “yet”.

This mindset is based upon a concept of time that traps one into the ever “present”, where the past “was” and the future “is not”. To word it another way, we can alter the future by what we do today, but we can never know what the future actually holds.

Ancient texts tell us a totally different story concerning the nature of time. The PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE ALL COEXIST AND ALL STILL REMAIN. In other words, the past is still there, we just have no way, other than pictures of movies, to visit it but if we could actually go back to that PAST, it would still be there and we would be able to view it just like we view the present. Likewise the future is also there! Notice what Jesus said “Verily, Verily, before Abraham WAS, I AM.” Notice the WAS, or PAST TENSE, and “I AM” MEANING OUTSIDE OF TIME AND SPACE ALTOGETHER. AN ALWAYS “I AM” eternal now.
One of the best movies ever made, according to scientists, was the “BACK TO THE FUTURE” series. Marty and his friend “Doc”, who invented the time machine, gave us a really good glimpse into how the ancients actually tell us time works. IT IS ALWAYS THERE, ALL OF IT, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. Doc’s invention merely allowed him to go where he wanted in time and space. As I said, they all coexist. The past is still there, and the future is an “already happened” event AND IS ALSO “THERE”.

If we could travel INTO THE FUTURE, we could see exactly what was to happen, when, where and how it all went down, so to speak. In other words, view the past, present and future as a TIME TUNNEL that is always there. Because we are constructed in such a way to operate only in the here and now, with our senses, we simply are traveling through the flow of time always in THE PRESENT NOW, and that is all we can see as we pass through it. We have “knowledge” or “memories” of the past, but that is all we can carry with us.

Now let’s take a different view, the view of the ancients and their CIRCULAR OR CYCLES OF THE AGES. They view time as a series of ever present “time wheels”. Each cycle is a different wheel. They also view it from a totally different DIMENSION, and that is the most important concept to understand and grasp the full meaning of it.

TIME AND SPACE ARE IN THIS “DIMENSION”, and we are trapped in it. There are, according to scientists, many other dimensions beyond our own.

What if there is another dimension where TIME AS WE KNOW IT DOES NOT EXIST? A dimension we would call ETERNITY, a place not of never ending “time” but rather a place of NO TIME AT ALL, A PLACE OF AN ALL ENCOMPASSING “NOW”. A place that the ancient Book of Enoch says is a place of NON-COUNTING.

There are no minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years. The fact that we cannot conceptualize such a place does not mean it is not exist. The ancients are loud and clear – there is not only such a place, it resides OUTSIDE TIME AND SPACE, but the OBSERVER from that dimension can see ALL TIME AND SPACE and look at any area it they wish.

Think of it as a wagon wheel, where the “time tunnel” is the rim of the wheel. The other dimension sits in the center of the time wheel, and can observe the entire spectrum of time, from the beginning to the end. To the observer in ETERNITY they can observe the beginning all the way to the END. Thus, if one were there, they could truthfully say “I know the beginning and the end!”

3-2-2015 9-38-51 PM




How so? Because it is all THERE, A CONSTANT. and because all of it is always there, it can all be observed. If it can be observed, then it is possible that those who dwell in the dimension of eternity could somehow, in a manner unknown to us, give it to those of us trapped in the time-space continuum.

In other words, let’s say the “observers” in the “eternity dimension” decide they want to “GIVE” a look into the future to someone living in 500 B.C. and they want to tell that individual what IS GOING TO HAPPEN 2500 YEARS FROM 500 B.C. In order to accomplish that, they would have to establish a “connection” to that person via a dimensional “portal” or “gateway” to pass this information along. Let us say his name is Isaiah.

This information would have to be passed along in such a manner that Isaiah, trapped in time and space, could view it like he viewed his present time – sort of like a “movie” of the “future” event. Now let’s take that concept, which is all too real, and ask that “receiver” of the information, in this case Isaiah, to WRITE IT DOWN AS A RECORD, TO BE PASSED ALONG TO FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Now to us, for example, reading from that document, would of course be skeptical of it – and distrusting. How could such a thing be? We call such writings “prophecy”, and those prophecies came from DREAMS AND VISIONS, and we do not yet know what the “gateway” is or how it operates that allows the one in eternity to connect to the individual selected to receive the dream or vision of a future event that is “there” but we have not arrived there yet.

The other thing of importance is this: how do we know if the prophecy actually came from the correct eternal side or is just someone’s dream that is just a figment of their imagination, or worse, a planted vision from another source? I will get to that in a moment.


Another concept that is important to understand the elements that make up TRUE PROPHECY is that the FUTURE IS ALREADY THE “PAST” to those in the dimension of eternity. It has all happened, from ALPHA to OMEGA. The END was known even before the BEGINNING. In other words, what we are speaking here is TIME TRANSCENDENCE, OF BEING OUTSIDE OF IT, to be able to observe all of it from beginning to end.

To the observer in eternity, they would see the “creation” of time and space, that which science calls the “Big Bang”. Did you know the Bible says the same thing? That OUT OF NOTHING CAME EVERYTHING? That the creation of TIME AND SPACE had a BEGINNING, and also has an ENDING?

Isaiah 40:22


It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.


In order to STRETCH OUT the heavens, you must start at the ALPHA POINT of the stretch, or zero point, out of nothing. FROM THIS zero point, YOU EXPAND YOUR TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM to accomplish your plan or agenda. Once again science agrees – the universe is EXPANDING, OR BEING STRETCHED OUT. We know this due to what is called “Red Shift” in the light from stars speeding away from us.

The Bible says that God actually CREATED time and space as a tent to place the known material universe in, that is the galaxies, stars, planets, everything there is. A material universe requires both TIME and SPACE. Let’s take the hydrogen atom. To exist at all it must have space. To have MOTION you must have TIME. The two forces are combined, one cannot exist without the other. Motion of any type requires time passage or nothing could move.

In other words, this universe we live in, called the time-space continuum, has a finite lifespan, a real ALPHA POINT and a real OMEGA POINT. What lies between these two points is THE PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. Then at Omega point, it all folded up and a whole new concept is brought in, the time of non-counting, of an eternal now, something our finite minds cannot grasp or comprehend.

This concept of the “folding up” is not the same as what the ancients called CYCLES” or as Jesus Christ referred to them as “ages”. There are a number of CYCLES or AGES within the ALPHA and OMEGA POINTS. Almost every ancient cultures speak of a multitude of AGES or CYCLES.

The point being that if what we observe as THE PRESENT was at one time the FUTURE TO US, and we simply “caught up” to it as we travel through the time tunnel. If you have been at a big airport, and you have traveled along the long belts that carry you from point A to point B, you have another example of how the time tunnel actually works.

Let us say that you hop on the conveyor belt at point A or “ALPHA POINT”. On the wall is a picture of Adam and Eve. You travel along as you see a picture of a huge world-wide flood. You travel further and you see a picture of the famous Tower of Babel. You travel further and you see the famous Gardens of Babylon, then Rome, then London, then America, New York City and see pictures of the construction of the United Nations.

Now if you got off the belt conveyor and went to a far wall, you could see the entire thing, from ALPHA POINT TO OMEGA POINT. It is all there, in plain sight to you, because your OBSERVATION POINT is totally different than to the person getting on at ALPHA POINT. Let’s carry that concept a bit further, and you wanted to tell the person getting on at ALPHA POINT, that up ahead they would see a beautiful glass tower called the United Nations Building just before they reached the end or OMEGA POINT. You KNOW it is true, but THEY DON’T, because they have not seen it yet. They are skeptics and refuse to believe it.

Do you see? TRUE PROPHECY IS HISTORY WRITTEN IN ADVANCE. The future cannot ever be altered because the FUTURE KNOWS WHAT EVERY NATION, EVERY LEADER, EVERY PERSON IS GOING TO DO. How? Because the FUTURE SAW IT ALL HAPPEN. Thus Bible prophecy, IF TRUE, is a written record of WHAT IS TO COME FOR US, but that which has occurred already to God. So then the Lord contacts Isaiah, for example, and through the portal of knowledge transfer, downloads to Isaiah a vision of actual events that are to happen in “the latter years”. Isaiah, being a trooper, dutifully write it all down as he saw it happen, and now we read the prophecy today and are actually watching some it go down before our very eyes.

Let’s say that Betty had planned to go to New York City to visit a close friend. The date is set, the reservations made, and the plans are set. Unknown to Betty, she will never get to New York. Two days prior to her departure, she has a car crash. She is taken to the hospital and is recovering and thus her well laid plans lay in ruins. THE FUTURE KNEW ALL ABOUT IT. THE FUTURE KNEW THAT BETTY WOULD NOT GO TO NEW YORK IN SPITE OF ALL HER PLANS!

Now let us say that Betty had a guardian angel who obviously was asleep at the switch, for he/she never warned Betty not to go to town on Route 36, for if she did, she would have a bad accident. But let’s say the angel WAS WIDE AWAKE, and told Betty in as real vivid dream NOT TO GO TO TOWN ON THAT DAY AT ALL, BUT STAY HOME, and GO THE NEXT DAY. Betty wakes up from the dream and it bothers her so she decides TO STAY HOME. No accident, and Betty GOES TO NEW YORK to visit her friend. THE FUTURE KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN, The FUTURE KNOWS, it is WRITTEN IN TITANIUM and CANNOT BE ALTERED, because it already knows every decision, and every action to be made, and all of those decisions, all of those thoughts, all of those actions FORGE THE FUTURE, and thus it is that to the observer in ETERNITY ONLY SEES WHAT ACTUALLY TAKES PLACE as a result of all of those aforementioned items. Do you see? THIS IS WHY PROPHECY THAT IS TRUE HAS SEEN IT EXACTLY AS IT HAPPENED.

The Bible states in no uncertain terms that time is sort of a prison house, and that indeed there was an alpha point and there will be an omega point:

Isaiah 46:10


Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure,’


Revelation 22:13 [Full Chapter]


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”

Revelation 21:6


And He said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.



Revelation 1:11


saying, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last,” and, “What you see, write in a book and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia: to Ephesus, to Smyrna, to Pergamos, to Thyatira, to Sardis, to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea.”


This ancient book is telling us that we have no concept of how or why Bible prophecy can be 100% accurate – but it also explains to us something we need to consider and ponder upon before we call Bible Prophecy “prediction” or “speculation” or some others words to that effect. This is why Bible prophecy is so important and why we must study it and learn about coming events.

Total foreknowledge is total power. The advantages of knowing what is really going to happen in the future is immense, beyond words. This fact is borne out by the CIA attempts at REMOTE VIEWING, or the so-called “bots” attempt to read language and decipher the future through the use of certain words. Gerald Celente and his TRENDS magazine is really another attempt to divine the future BY OBSERVING THE PAST AND PRESENT and projecting that movement into the future. It is guesswork at its best.

The problem with trends, that is, observing events in the past and projecting them as TRENDS that will lead somewhere is that OUTSIDE, UNSEEN or UNEXPECTED EVENTS can smash any trend to pieces. Trends can only be used to forecast WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN if all things CONTINUE AS THEY ARE AND HAVE IN THE PAST.

TRUE PROPHECY, on the other hand, already knows ALL EVENTS, expected or totally unexpected and takes all of it into account. The Bible says, for example, that at some time in the future, a totally UNEXPECTED EVENT will occur and it is called SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. It catches the entire world off guard. This why Bible Prophecy is so important to understand, for it, and it alone, knows what every individual, town, city, state, and every nation will do and knows when they will do it. It also KNOWS what every “outside” or “unexpected” event will occur and what the results will be because of it. Hence we find in Bible prophecy, for example, that Earth will undergo a major IMPACT EVENT, from either a comet or asteroid. It even tells us the results of it. Such knowledge is not only exciting, but very important from a personal point of view.


That is a very valid question that everyone should ask and find the answer to it. How do we know if the Bible is a valid book? How do we know if the prophecies within it are accurate? The answer comes from two different directions – prophecies fulfilled to the EXACT LETTER, and then secondly from a totally different direction – mathematics.

It is easy to point to many, many prophecies totally fulfilled exactly to the letter, time after time. But one could say it was all coincidental, and that proves nothing to the skeptic. After all, the skeptic could claim that Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel might have been puffing on some Euphrates River Green, having mushroom hallucinations or mainlining heroin. The skeptic says that no one can see the future, and therefore ALL prophecies are nothing but gibberish and one turns out to be true it was simply a “coincidence”.

Nevertheless, the HIT RATE of Bible prophecy IS 100%. That makes it hard to explain if all of this was drug induced hallucinations, right?

Enter mathematics. The Universe is constructed via mathematics. Very advanced mathematics one could add. Hence when you see all of these scientists with their equations trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, they use mathematics at the root of it all. Music is mathematics. So then some guys began to wonder if the Bible was a mathematical book. With the advent of the computer, it was easy to determine that the Bible contains a mathematical continuity from Genesis to Revelation, and does so no matter what language it came from.

There was a book written called “Theomatics”, or the mathematics of theology, but only Christian theology, and only the Bible contains it. By the book and read it for yourself if you do not believe it. Scientists who have studied this mathematical continuity contained in a book written over a thousand years, with different authors who never knew each other, and in different locations are stunned by it. It simply is not possible, the odds being quadrillions and quadrillions to one. That means it is IMPOSSIBLE. The mathematical proof that a SUPER MEGA MATHEMATICAL GENIUS wrote it all is total and complete. Only the CREATOR of time and space could perform such a feat. The Bible was given to us from another dimension, through an unknown portal or dimensional gateway that can obviously see the entire time-space tunnel and knows the end from the beginning.

We are now discovering more mathematical codes in Scripture with the advent of the Bible Codes and skip sequences. Their actual use in the prophetic sense remains controversial, but there is undeniable skip code that appears time after time, and it appears to be best used as a question to be asked AFTER the event or events have taken place. Details of the event or person/s involved are uncannily accurate, which also means that the one who gave us the Bible in the first place also resides outside of time and space and has in fact seen the beginning and the end.

However we know there is no proofs that will be accepted by the die-hard skeptic. They have to wait until death to find out the trans-dimensional nature of this truly unnatural book we call Scripture.

So there you have it. I realize that no matter how much TRUTH you put before a skeptic it will be dismissed almost immediately because they are in rank denial and simply cannot handle the truth. But this is why Bible prophecy should always be consulted when dealing with world events. If one understands who the players really are, then what is going on in the world is easily understood – because it was given to us thousands of years ago so we would all understand what is happening and why it is happening!!!!

And now you know the rest of the story:

In case people have not noticed, the Russia Bear is not only probing the defense parameters of Europe, Canada and the United States, they are rapidly rebuilding their forces in all areas, including new nuclear missiles with new telemetry systems. The importance of what Russia is doing comes to the fore in light of ancient prophecies concerning her, which includes this rapid build-up in military forces prior to her strike upon Israel and the United States.

Jeremiah, one of the primary prophets of the Old Testament, had a lot to say about an “enemy” of the United States that lay over the North Pole, and how her “arrows” would shine brightly (missile flame), and that EVERY SINGLE MISSILE WOULD HIT ITS TARGET EXACTLY, that is, as an arrow from the bow of an expert can hit any target given dead center. Here is what Jeremiah has to say and why what is happening in Russia today is so important:

For behold, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon An assembly of great nations from the north country, And they shall array themselves against her; From there she shall be captured. Their arrows shall be like those of an expert warrior;[b] None shall return in vain. 10 And Chaldea shall become plunder; All who plunder her shall be satisfied,” says the Lord.