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If you did not hear it, the Pope said that embedded RFID chips in your body  are great!!!  Here we go – and then Prince Charles said we need to change capitalism so to what? Three guesses and the first two don’t count!! They are all coming out in the open for their final push for the New World Order.





It was the Hopi who said that the government would begin to assassinate their own citizens, and then , because of the total lawlessness of it, the people decided it was time to assassinate government people and the Hopi said it would get out of control and then go world-wide is the implication.


If a government is totally lawless, then the citizen must, if they wish to preserve their life, liberty and family values must resort to full self-defense – and in as much as the government has also said the Geneva Accords to not apply to them, then of course the citizen must take the same attitude against any government agent they find and will apply whatever torture is necessary to “fulfill their wildest dreams” and vent their rage against the oppressors. Now the government has all sorts of hidden weapons, such as those photographs of the TR3B with its lethal “death rays” or whatever they used to blow up that Taliban stronghold. It is only the tip of the ice burg, as BLACK OPERATIONS, funded off the books by who knows what, have developed weapons that, according to the Good Book, cannot be stopped.


So all of this means LAWLESSNESS abounds, just as the last days said they would.   But Bible prophecy is JUST mythology, right? I mean some old lady smoking pot must have written Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and other books using their names as a pen name, because after all, no one can look into the future, right? I mean, the future does not exist yet, so who could ever see it? Not even Alpha and Omega, not even the Beginning or the  End, not even anyone. And yet, WHAT IF? WHAT IF THE FUTURE DOES EXIST, AND WHAT IF THE CREATOR ACTUALLY DOES KNOW THE BEGINNING FROM THE END? WHAT IF?


Well of course that is a totally absurd WHAT IF, and so I will pay no attention to any of it, bury my head in the sand, and when some soldier of the elite comes along with his 12 gauge shotgun and blows my butt away, THEN IN THOSE LAST FEW SECONDS BEFORE I DIE AND DESCEND INTO HELL, I might wake up, just for a few seconds, and realize I made some very bad mistakes. That’s the PAYBACK for ignoring all those WHAT IFS.


And now this from the USDA – body armor – now why would farmer friendly folks want body armor, sub-machine guns, night scopes, lots of bullets and …. gee, I cannot fathom at all what is going on!!


Dept. of Agriculture Orders Ballistic Body Armor
A May 7th solicitation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks “the commercial acquisition of ballistic vests, compliant with NIJ 0101.06 for Level IIIA Ballistic Resistance of body armor.”
According to the solicitation, “The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General,” seeks “Body Armor [that] is gender specific, lightweight, [having] trauma plate/pad (hard or soft), [and] concealable carrier.” The order includes “tactical vest, undergarment (white), identification patches, accessories (6 pouches), body armor carry bag, and professional measurements.”
“All responsible and/or interested sources may submit their company name, point of contact, and telephone number.” The solicitation says those sources received in a “timely” manner “shall be considered by the agency for contact.”
On May 15th Breitbart News reported on a Dept. of Agriculture solicitation for “the commercial acquisition of submachine guns” with 30-round magazines.


Sleep on, of great American people, SLEEP ON.





Sorry for the delay in getting things done around here – moving to a new “office” and the transition has not been easy and not yet accomplished in total actually. However, the subject of today is the growing recognitions that something has gone wrong in America-Babylon by even the progressive (Marxist/Communist/Socialist) crowd, who appear to recognize that they themselves are soon going under total control as well, and that means, when the Elite finally come to power that many in the liberal media will most likely be shot and done away with.
We are on the verge here of something totally unseen before in America while the masses sit on their thumbs, choke down their entertainment foods, drink their beer and watch their senseless TV, totally oblivious to their true fate. You have to give credit where credit is due, and the elite have done their job well – very well – in fact so well that America will most likely go down without even a whimper, and the American people will line up to their MARK OF THE BEAST THINKING IT IS TH GREATEST THING TO HAVE EVER HAPPENED TO THEM. This is called brain-washing, birthed and conceived in the mind of Satan and his fallen ones.
Now we have the USDA, that Federal Agency that has done so much damage to the American farmer that no books could ever tell, deciding it must arm itself with sub-machine guns and millions of rounds of ammunition – and one SHOULD NOT have to wonder what is going on – the Federal Government has declared WAR upon the American people. The Corporation of the United States of America has decided that the American people are their enemy – and will kill as many of them as they want, with total impunity – but of course they have had to “demonize” the honest hard working people as traitors because they believe in God, Prophecy, the Bill of Rights, constitutional limited government, etc., etc.
Now back in the 1980’s I wrote a book called Babylon is Rising. Do you know that even the Christian book stores would have nothing to with it except for rare exceptions? Everything the Lord has said concerning America is now happening rapidly as we approach out final days here. THE HARD TRUTH is almost always rejected in favor of candy truths and honey drops that melt away and then the stark reality of everything hits them between the eyes. The United States Government is now the internal enemy of the people. The vast majority of our congress is likewise filled with traitors to their own constituents, and you have a corrupt judiciary to back up all of this treason. And as prophecy indicates, no one really does anything about it.
But it should be no surprise as it is in the prophecies of American-Babylon and how she falls. It is only a surprise to the fake preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic scholars who still cannot fathom what is happening or why. It is called APOSTASY. It is called DECEPTION. It is called DIVERSIONARY TACTICS, and many of these so called Christian leaders are exactly what PETER warned about. I am telling you that HELL AWAITS. The occult long ago infiltrated the Church and destroyed the way of true salvation, just as all of the prophets said they would.
OK so having said all that, the USDA has now done something that should alarm the sleeping population of America, but I doubt if it will. Natural News wrote a most interesting news article concerning this, and it well worth your read – because you normal day is about over, I mean, it is REALLY about OVER.
Some time ago I write a blog about how America had bred their own destruction and their own sons and daughters would be the killers of the just. Who do people think make up the vast majority of the IRS, DOE, Military, USDA, Homeland Security, FBI, FEMA and all the other police state agencies are peopled with? American boys and girls, that’s who. The local police all over America are on a rampage of killing. Law enforcement is no longer law enforcement it has another name now.They two are the sons and daughters of Americans who grew up here but have been brainwashed by the evil elite.
The vast majority of them are going to die and die violently if not at the hands of their real enemies, then by the hand of the Lord. The Lord has said very clearly that it is HE that will take vengeance upon the RICH MEN, and all of their minions. It is HE that they will and must deal with. It is called PAYBACK. And as the slang saying goes, payback will be a bitch. The American people deserve fully what is coming or the Lord is not a JUST GOD.
When you get to the point that you cannot even give away real hard truth to the so-called remnant of the Lord’s people, then trouble is close at hand. I watch what is going on at there as these fakes peddle their false Christian salvation gospel and peddle their wares to the “interested” Christians, feeding them all sorts of concepts and “wares” that are not going to save anyone’s soul.
You can present verse after verse of Scripture concerning TRUE SALVATION to these people and they cannot seem to understand even the most simple concepts. APOSTASY IS KING. It is becoming increasing obvious that Peter, who wrote of these folks, and told us how they would rise up in the last days and makes a killing financially peddling ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING except the truth of SALVATION. They are here and they have filled the radio, TV networks, the Web and they are popular. HELL AWAITS.
So now while the Christians wonder what is happening, the government has armed itself to the TEETH, and is encircling the people, soon to force them into their churches and then torch them, just as they do elsewhere. The latest is the USDA, the farmer orientated group of friendly folks with sub-machine guns. Farmer Jones better wake up.
“(NaturalNews) The U.S. Department of Agriculture is joining the militarization trend that’s spreading like wildfire across federal agencies. Both the EPA and IRS currently have armed federal agents, and recent events involving the BLM in Nevada showed that even the Bureau of Land Management possesses a small army of long-range snipers and heavily armed paramilitary operators. From Natural News:
“Now the U.S. Department of Agriculture is joining the militarization bandwagon, publishing a solicitation (# USDAOIGWEA-5-7-14) requesting “submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W” with “Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsible or folding, magazine – 30 rd.”


In other words, the USDA is now purchasing precisely the weapons that Obama famously said belong “in the hands of soldiers” and not “on the streets of America.” Yet Obama’s administration is, in fact, putting these types of weapons on the streets of America as long as they are in the hands of federal agents who increasingly patrol those streets.
“These weapons are used for night-time battle”

Natural News attempted to reach out to Linda Josey, Chief of the Procurement Management Branch of the USDA to ask why the USDA needs submachine guns with 30-round magazines and tritium night sights. She did not answer the phone, however, and her voice mail was full.


So we next reached out to Jeremy Alcede, founder and CEO of Tactical Firearms, a Katy, Texas firearms retailer and large indoor training facility that hosts training sessions for both private civilians and local law enforcement. “That class of weapon is used for night-time battle,” Alcede told Natural News.


“Honestly I think the federal government is using different agencies to stockpile these weapons,” Alcede continued. “I can’t imagine why the USDA would need submachine guns to enforce agricultural regulations. Are they planning for a mad cow disease rampage of some kind? But then again, why does DHS need hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo? They’ve stockpiled enough ammo right now to have one bullet for every American.”


It’s true, believe it or not. Although the discovery of the massive, multi-billion-round ammo purchases by the federal government were initially derided as “paranoid conspiracy theories” by the lie-slinging mainstream media, it turns out these purchases are completely true and irrefutably documented. The federal government really is stockpiling over a billion rounds of ammunition for some yet-unknown purpose.”

You see what apostasy does? You can read article after article about the how the government is arming itself to the teeth, yet NO ONE DARES MENTION THAT BIBLE PROPHECY SAID THIS WORLD HAPPEN. They are ashamed of the Lord, of His Word, of His prophecies. They dare not ever mention the Bible for FEAR of being classified as “one of those”. But no one has any excuse, for it is all spelled out in Scripture. Got a question about anything at all? It is answered in the Bible, you just have to look for it.  When you have Christian powerhouses like Hal Lindsey and World Net Daily telling you that America is not in prophecy, that it is not even mentioned, and they are not alone at all in this, then no wonder no one knows or understands what is happening here.
The article continues:
Militarization of agencies under “anti-gun” administration has observers scratching their heads As U.S. federal agencies accelerate their militarization efforts, clashes between the feds and the public have every potential to become more violent, escalated by the radicalized armament of federal agencies.


Case in point: The recent Bundy ranch standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada, where BLM agents brought hundreds of militarized agents, snipers and government helicopters to a standoff which they claimed was about “saving the desert tortoise.”



No federal agency purchases firearms unless they plan to use them, of course, yet at the same time these agencies are arming up as if for war, the Obama administration is aggressively attempting to disarm private citizens. The result can be nothing other than a radical concentration of power into the hands of federal agencies coupled with the disarmament of the People. This is precisely the kind of power imbalance that makes historians nervous. Every case of government genocide throughout history began this way, of course.


This is all being done under the excuse of “public safety,” but as I reveal in my article The great government hoax of public safety, that’s just a flimsy cover story.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045141_USDA_submachine_guns_paramilitary_agencies.html#ixzz31t5eIDar


The real reason according to the Bible? TO ROUND-UP AND KILL ALL RESISTERS TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER CALLED THE “BEAST” and it has its birthplace in America. It rises up in the LAND OF THE SERPENT, which is AMERICA. It is to DEPOPULATE THE LAND AND THE WORLD. Lucifer is called the KING OF BABYLON.  He is the President of the United States, soon to be KING.  America is BABYLON THE GREAT. New York City is the GREAT CITY BABYLON. The United Nations is the modern TOWER OF BABEL. It is a mirror image, a mimic rising up under the noses of these Christian prophetic people who are either liars to the first degree or are under such a rank deception that NO ONE should have anything to do with them whatsoever. The leaders of America-Babylon are traitors and who have built a concentrations camp system unlike anything ever seen on this planet, and they fully intend to round YOU and your FAMILY UP and KILL YOU, while you sit there and do and say nothing whatever, and then you have the nerve to tell the LORD He is UNJUST?

It is so obvious what is happening here that the people, the masses, have no excuse whatsoever. Any yet, all of these folks are scratching their heads, not knowing what is actually going on, speculating about what all of this could “possibly mean”. Go figure, I though history ought to tell them exactly what it means, but maybe no one can read anymore. So they have to relearn it, the hard way. The article continues:
“Even gun control advocates are getting worried. This shift even has progressives concerned so much that gun control advocates are seriously starting to wonder why there are so many automatic weapons in the hands of the feds. In a story entitled How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter, the progressive-minded Mother Jones magazine says, “American society is starting to resemble a police state.”


Such a quote might have once been scoffed at with accusations of paranoia, but today the evidence is undeniable and widespread. As Mother Jones writes:


There is the proliferation of heavily armed SWAT teams, even in small towns; the use of shock-and-awe tactics to bust small-time bookies; the no-knock raids to recover trace amounts of drugs that often result in the killing of family dogs, if not family members; and in communities where drug treatment programs once were key, the waging of a drug version of counterinsurgency war. (All of this is ably reported on journalist Radley Balko’s blog and in his book, The Rise of the Warrior Cop.) But American over-policing involves far more than the widely reported up-armoring of your local precinct. It’s also the way police power has entered the DNA of social policy, turning just about every sphere of American life into a police matter.


The USDA now looks to join this radicalized militarization push by the federal government, arming its agents with sub-machine guns — class 3 weapons which private citizens cannot legally purchase without enduring extensive background checks and paperwork with the ATF.


The tritium sights clearly indicate the USDA anticipates “night time raids” with these submachine guns, and there’s no question those raids will be conducted on U.S. soil. The only question remaining is: Who does the USDA imagine it will be raiding at gunpoint with these automatic weapons? How tyranny is born The answer, sooner or later, is YOU. That’s how the rise of tyranny works in an emerging police state. First the weapons are for “terrorists.” Then they’re for “criminals.” And before long, anyone who questions the government’s rapid militarization is labeled an “anti-government criminal” and added to the raid list.


I happen to run a certified organic food manufacturing facility subject to USDA regulation. Now I have to legitimately wonder whether I’m supposed to expect a night-time armed raid on my facility by overzealous USDA operatives eager to play with their new sub-machine toys.


They wouldn’t find much, of course, other than pallets of raw materials, a microbiology testing lab and food packaging equipment. But since when did the feds ever need an actual, legitimate reason to conduct armed raids in the first place? I know a man in California named James Stewart who was raided at gunpoint and thrown in jail for the “crime” of distributing fresh milk from local farms. He’s still facing felony counts in Ventura for ludicrous charges related to this “crime.

When the feds want to shut you down, they can always trump up dozens of charges and have you arrested. But now, thanks to this rapid militarization effort, they can also stage armed, SWAT-style raids of our homes, businesses and farms. When the USDA has automatic weapons, night sights and 30-round magazines as part of a department of “agriculture,” something has gone terribly wrong in America.


That’s why I say, “Restore the Constitution!” Government was limited by the Constitution for precisely this reason: If you allow government to concentrate power, it will eventually use that power to subjugate the People. It is no longer a conspiracy theory to make the informed observation that America is more and more beginning to resemble a fascist police state, complete with the world’s most massive prison system and the arming up of federal agencies that have no business with automatic weapons in the first place.


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045141_USDA_submachine_guns_paramilitary_agencies.html#ixzz31t8iLN8I”


Need I say more? The Lord has given the American people exactly what they deserve. He warned them. His true servants warned them. They laughed, they mocked, they ridiculed, they refused to support. They are left desolate. They have nothing now but sand running through their hands. It is now far too late to stop it – “we would have healed Babylon, but she would not be healed”… AMERICA IS GONE, AND GONE FOREVER, AND YOU HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES. Prophecy will be fulfilled. It does not matter if you deny it, cannot face it, think it all is absurd, or whatever your rationale is – it is totally irrelevant to the Lord – He will simply bring it down around your ears. But the prophecy could have been different – for the Lord looked ahead and saw the rank apathy of the American people, and saw what they themselves allowed to happen. It did not have to be.


Now also another notice – the Lord is leading me away from the Christians except for a very small “remnant of the remnant”. It is now time to go to the highways and the byways, to the “unwashed” public to bring in the last of the last to enter heaven’s gate before it is closed forever.  The Lord has implied that the so-called Christians, even a large part of those who are called “the remnant” will not listen, have already made their choice for hell rather than comply with the demands of Christ.  So be it – I can only do as He leads.

One other thing – can anyone out there tell me why WordPress space bar between paragraphs does not work, no matter how many times you attempt to fix it? Amy suggestions from anyone out there?




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For years, in fact since I released UFO’S GATEWAY TO HELL, a 7:20 minute documentary on the UFO/ALIEN question, a documentary that proves exactly what is going on, there has been speculation that the “Powers That Be” had their hands on technology that the common people would think were acts of God, they would appear so miraculous. It was Carol Rosen who was told by Werner Von Braun that a so-called “alien invasion” was going to be the “last card” played for the Military/Industrial/Elite cabals to keep them in absolute power and to hold sway over the world. It is known as the New World Order or as the Good Book says THE FINAL BEAST POWER. It is run by military power, a total police state, a state in which all your financial affairs are monitored and cataloged along with your emails, snail mail, telephone conversations, power usage by smart meters, driving records, military records, court records, EVERYTHING about you must be known and then fed into a computer system to evaluate your “fitness” to live in the new utopia.

Well it seems a soldier videotaped what appears to be a very odd looking aircraft come in over a Taliban target and utterly destroy it. There is no question what it is, it is a TR3B anti-gravity craft that our secret PTB have in their back pockets to subjugate the world into total submission. Remember when I have told you that you have no idea how ADVANCED our technology really is I was not fooling – what you see in SiFi movies is REAL for the most part – anti gravity UFO’s have been around for a long time, it is just that people refused to believe it – or that it was OURS, and not “alien”.


Von Braun told Carol Rosen that this “alien” card was a fake, a lie, not true. Well, we know that fallen angels have been interacting with mankind since Adam and Eve, and we also know they gave mankind “alternative” technology as well. Why would they stop now? The last 100 years is full of “UFO” and Alien stuff – Roswell, and all of that, along with backward engineering. Point being, as Jesus told us, “who can make war with the Beast?”
No one, because all of this super high technology was developed off the books in totally black operations. It is now ready to be sprung upon the world. So get ready for “acts of God” in your front yard, and believe me it will seem to be miracles being done, just as the Good Book says about the strong delusion – lying SIGNS and WONDERS. The TR3B is just ONE of many items in the back pocket of the elite to bring them all into the NEW WORLD ORDER. They have a host of others – and they have help from the fallen angles for years all getting ready to drop upon a totally unsuspecting humanity.
It is also interesting that when one speaks of the “fallen ones” the mind conjures up demons, fallen angels, the occult forces, etc., but never seems to include themselves in that category – go figure that one!! out!!


In this first picture, this is a classic look at the TR3B and you will notice the bulge at the bottom, which is some form of portal device, and witnesses have photographed this going very bright and then the TR3B vanishes, like it went through a portal and left our time-space dimension, or is traveling so fast that it appears to have vanished.







OK, now here what the soldier caught on video – same shape, bulge at the bottom, and it slowly moves in over the target, some form of ray guns are lowered and you can see the flashes of the guns and then the entire Taliban complex is destroyed. The point of all of this is that it appears now that the rulers have decided it is time to slowly uncloak all of this and let the “little people” know of the destructive power of these things – and who has them, so we may see more and more of these “incidences” coming out – these do not get in the major news by accident – so there is an agenda here somewhere.




So here is what the soldier took, notice the bright lights on the bottom as it fires at this base – some sort of death ray cannon –




OK so what about MAGMA RISING? Well just check out your sunsets lately – and some neat articles that have been appearing of late – concerning the fact that there is no more volcanic dust in the atmosphere now than ever recorded before – and more and more warnings concerning old dormant volcanoes coming to life, but more and more emphasis on SUPER VOLCANO eruptions – and what it would do if something like YELLOWSTONE were to go off big time. Well, it would be good bye America, just as it would be for an EMP attack – they claim 9 out of 10 Americans would perish if the USA was hit either by a SOLAR EMP (MAJOR CME) or if one of our multitudes of enemies were to attack us with one.



Here is one headline sort of mocking Yellowstone, coming to the conclusion that there is no evidence of any real activity there – but one should remember that the Bible speaks of MAGMA RISING and entire nations being thrown into a literal LAKE OF FIRE – think MAGMA RISING, folks. The Book of Eboch and the Book of the Kolbrin all say the same thing, and it is now self-evident that the Earth is awakening. You can mock this all you want – but anyone who has followed earth activity for any length of time and it is true that Native American prophecies concerning this activity are now coming to pass –

Yellowstone Caldera Conspiracy: Volcano To Erupt and Feds Know It

The point of all of this is that these items are just another proof of the LAST DAYS that we are in. Another proof is the apostasy of the Christians. Yet another proof is the rise of the United Nations and AGENDA 21! Then of course we Have Putin re-consolidating his hold over the GOG-MAGOG confederation, then of course the financial meltdowns soon to come, the lawlessness of the White house, Congress and Supreme Court – all pointing the grand climax of the strong delusion – the ARRIVAL. Are you ready?

Solar activity and volcanic/earthquake activity are directly related, as the energy from the Sun is pumped into our core – the Earth is expanding – getting ready for the new heavens and the new Earth promised by the Lord. Not to say that hell is not enlarging itself daily ass I am sure it is – you can’t hardly give away good, truthful material for free anymore even to the so-called remnant!!But let’s not forget the DESTROYER, the GREAT RED DRAGON as it comes through with its wedding attendants:



Speaking that the new Prophetic Insider is now ready for PDF and well, we gave out OPT IN crowd FIRST READ, but only 11 people wanted it – FOR FREE. With this kind of apathetic response proves that the Bible prophecies are rapidly coming true – those that say the REAL TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD will not be found in America anymore – that people will search from coast to coast, east and west, north and south looking for the real truth, but THEY WILL NOT FIND IT. In other words, the REAL TRUTH OF WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON AND WHY IT IS GOING ON is removed by the Lord, and even the so-called remnant will be left with NOTHING because they would not support the VOICES OF TRUTH IN THE WILDERNESS, to real Shepherds of God’s little flock. Go figure when you cannot even give something away – but it is what it is and the end results are going to be soon seen by everyone. Then watch the attitude adjustment take place – but it will be too late.



However, the Bible says the true servants of the Lord would be hated, mocked and ridiculed even by the Christians, until they are driven into oblivion which is exactly what is taking place right now. It also said the true servant of the Living God was worthy of his hire, but that is also no longer true it seems.


In any event, if there is anyone out there who can roust themselves away from their TV sports and wants to find out the real truth found in this MAY ISSUE OF THE PROPHETIC INSIDER, well you can have it FREE by emailing me at http://www.enigma@truinsight.com. You can always go over to http://www.thelightgate.com and hit the donate button and throw a few dimes in the pot – every little helps and I appreciate those that have help me through all of these years come thick or thin; they have been there – and without them well, another true shepherd bites the dust!! You can also get a HARD COPY for $17.95 – also by going over to my website and hitting the  donate button and donating $17.95 – just tell me what it is for and it will be on its way to your door.You can also write me for your hard copy and enclose a check or money order. If you want to purchase with a Credit Card call 1-800-257-2672 and it will be taken care of that way.




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Desperadoes Waiting For A Train

So I went down this foggy country road and came across this cemetery. I stopped to gaze upon the gravestones and wondered what life was like for each one. Did they understand the mystery of life? Did they understand their fallen condition? Did they understand what the real mission of Christ was? Did they even consider they needed redemption? Did they know anything about a strait gate or a narrow way? Did they understand what Christ meant when He said pick up your cross? Did they just go through life, a hard life, full of hopes, full of dreams that the night shadows stole away?


Did they understand their predicament before a Holy God? Did they understand any of this most greatest of mysteries? Did the winds of the Spirit reach their innermost heart of hearts? I wondered all of this as the gentle breeze moved the fog through this field of dreams gone now. And when the end came for each one, was there anyone who cried for them? Had they been surrounded by family and friends as they took their last breath? Or had they died alone, crossing over with no one weeping?


But as I looked closer at the stones, I noticed something very strange. One said “IBM” another said “Wells Fargo” and yet another “3M” and yet another “CitiBank”, and another, and another all with names of large corporations, middle size and small – it seemed to stretch further and further away into the fog. I came across one that said “Detroit” and then a whole line of cities on each stone, one by one; it seemed they had gone bankrupt or something.


Then I thought I heard the sound of industry, you know the big cats moving, trucks hauling, shouts of men and women all working hard. The great sounds of industry, but then they began to fade away, slowly at first, and then I heard cries of desperation, of hunger, of the sounds of little children begging their moms and dads for food, of weeping, of sadness, but it seemed that something must have happened, something had gone wrong here.

It was then I noticed another stone and it said “Forgot God” and then another that said “Drought”. Yet another said “Chaos and Revolution”. Then one said “Ruler against Ruler, Implosion”. What a strange vision of the future of America – was this a vision I was seeing? I walked further into the mists of now the future of America, looking for more clues. I found yet another stone that said “Mad Upon Their Idols” and yet another “Refused to Listen” and then another that said “Corruption & Evil”. A picture was now beginning to emerge – the people had turned their backs upon the Creator, they forgot He was there. So I looked further into the mists of the future – I now began to understand, the Creator brought massive judgment upon America – the last stone I found said “Attacked and Destroyed”.
I turned back and as I moved through this field of dreams gone now and I saw a little head stone – Sally Jean – Age 2, 1925-1927. Had her mother wept or was she an orphan? I wondered did the mercy of God and His love for children take her home? Is she now in His arms for eternity? I thought so, I hoped so with all my heart, but wondered anyway. Does any of this make any sense at all? Does life itself make any sense? Not without the Love of Christ…
I then looked down and there was a little plot stone and it said Baby Sally – 10 days Old. How sad, and I wept. Why don’t people see? Why cannot they understand?
I heard a gentle voice in the wind – “They are all fallen, fallen; Babylon has fallen, fallen, and has become the habitation of devils…” It faded away.
So I walked out of this place and in the gentle breeze I heard weeping and then I heard a child laughing. Sally Jean – I knew it was Sally Jean – she was OK. My heart leapt a bit – thank you Lord, I muttered.
As I turned once again to look at the cemetery, I noticed the sign over it and it said “Here lies the body of the United States”. So this was a portrait of something engraved on tombstones, sort of like the western Tombstone. Or a Clint Eastwood type of movie – a most odd vision, I thought.

So I turned and continued down this pathway called HOPE DELAYED, and wondered what I would come across next. I head more children laughing up ahead in the fog. As I came around the bend the mist lifted a bit and I saw all of these little children playing in a beautiful playground. It seemed that a shaft of Sunlight was piercing the mist – but there was something wrong here – for I could see these children but just barely, like they were sort of ghosts or something, I could see them but I could see through them as well. What was this place, I wondered. There were so many of them. One of the little girls came over to where I was and looked at me.
“Who are you?” I asked
“Future children who died in World War III” she said. She looked down and shuffled her feet. Tears came to my eyes – “What do you mean Future Children?” I asked.
“We are the children that our moms and dads killed because they would not stop the leaders of the world from starting World War Three, we are millions, you know…” All of you murdered us, because you would not rise up and stop the rich men, your rulers. You could have stopped them you could have rounded them up you could have stopped all of it but you would not….”

She paused… “They were so few and you were so many, you could have risen up, you could have stopped it… you stole our future on Earth – but it is OK, we are now with the Lord, and it is all OK, just thought your should know…” She ran back to play and then they all faded from view. I could still hear the laughter in the distance but it faded away.

I knew in my heart she was right. She was totally right. Why had we put up with all of this criminal activity and treason from our leaders and the rich men of the world? We were billions, they were hundreds, why did we not simply rise up and stop all of it? We could have rounded them all up and put them into the FEMA Camps they had planned for us. It would have been so easy to stop all of it.


Who could argue with that…it was all of us that let our leaders do what they did, and they could have been stopped, but no one had the courage to rise up and stop them. No one.
So I continued on and saw this small church and so I stopped in to see what was happening at the congregation of the dead, although they all thought they were really alive and well. I slid into the back pew and listened to the preacher man as he spoke of how God wants everyone to be wealthy and that if people would give more, they would get more. On and on he went. I noticed most of the people were very attentive but poorly dressed. I did not hear anything about salvation, or what it was, or what it meant…


Maybe this and the cemetery vision are connected, I thought. It might be. So I listened as the people prayed. One woman said she needed a new refrigerator and another mentioned a new stove, still another, a new car. There was one older man who was in old clothing with holes in them and he prayed just for a job. He said he needed work to feed his wife and kids and could not seem to find any work. No one of those in the church there offered to help him. I wondered if the Lord would answer that heartfelt prayer or maybe not the others – but you never do know with all of this prosperity teaching going on these days. The Lord wants us rich, they say, super rich, but I don’t believe it – what the Lord wants is repentance, not giving you wealth – He will sustain you if you trust Him but not at all like these fakes preach. Oh well…

So anyhow I sat there and listened for a while and then left – wondering what has happened to Christianity now – did not seem at all like the early church. It was then that I woke up in a sweat…