Opt In problems for the global intel updates

Hi there everyone:


Sorry for lack of updates on the blog – still moving some stuff – however – we are having problems with our OPT IN Global Intel Update mailing list – many people are saying they are not getting any updates – and have in fact been added to the opt in list, some more than once as well – one suggestion is to go to your junk mail and see if it shows up there – so we are flying blind here and are running another TEST RUN -let us know if you got it, if you have time. If it cannot be solved we will switch to another emailing system.


If you did not hear it, the Pope said that embedded RFID chips in your body  are great!!!  Here we go – and then Prince Charles said we need to change capitalism so to what? Three guesses and the first two don’t count!! They are all coming out in the open for their final push for the New World Order.




20 thoughts on “Opt In problems for the global intel updates

  1. Gotine…thank you much:) Also wanted to add that I saw people saying that the Pope saying that about the RFID was a spoof and not the real deal. Unless it has happened again and it is real now? Not sure. Yah bless brother!


  2. received in “junk mail”. Have been finding in there for some time now. All good at least I know were to look. Blessings and thanks.


  3. Stewart,

    I received the email but did find it in junk mail.  Most end up there and I right click “not spam”.


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  4. Thank you very much. Love seeing lightgateblogger in my e-mails. Blessings Stewart. Mary


  5. Got this one, have you sent several ? If you did, I didn’t get them. . . thanks.



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