Trump Wars, Kim Wars, Investigation Wars, Weather Wars, and Economic Wars!!

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Spirits Stirring Up Wars To Destroy Humanity, But There Is Nothing Wrong With Us


So as we plunge deeper and deeper into the DARK SIDE, the spirit of Darkness that no one wants to admit is there, rears its ugly head to bring down America first, and then the rest of the world soon after. While the Americans spend millions on Halloween for their children’s Satanic education day and deny Christ, the world slips deeper into the war mode, with the Dogs of War about to be unleashed. Mad Dog Mattis says war closer than ever and Trump leaves the United States as we near November 2-6 and the unleashing of Antifa. Then we have the KILL SHOT exercise by the Department of Defense on 11-4 as well, which is a 4-11.  How convenient, the Church Lady world say, how convenient. Then of course more paranormal activity, more UFO sightings, and the STRONG DELUSION arises and more…



Mystery Verse:

Matthew 7:22-24

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.



Best & Taylor Update – Obama’s 9-11, War Rumors, Earthquakes, Coups and Mor

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Obama  Rising, Destroyer Coming, and It’s All On Time For A Wild Ride…


As the world plunges ever deeper into the TIMES OF THE SINNERS, it appears that events on Earth are getting more and more “out of control”. Deep State is still holding on to the Kennedy Secrets, have had 50 years to hide documents and the real truth, more sightings of the destroyer at the same time it shows up on the Bible Codes, Trump pushing Deep State into a corner, and a strange ad appears for “crisis actors” for November1-2, so another false flag attempt? Snow in Wisconsin, earthquake warnings, Mothman sighted again in Chicago, and sightings of UFO’s, deep space intruder and more…








Best & Taylor Update – 10-25-2017 – Chaos To Begin “Soon”.

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When They Say Peace & Security, Sudden Destruction Cometh


As we approach October 30/31, we might want to be on the look-out for a major false flag event to divert out attention away from DEEP STATE pedogate, as the elite will not allow these investigations of total corruption to continue much longer, or the New World Order plans may fall apart – we are in a most dangerous time period for America and the world. As revelation after revelation comes out, the more DEEP STATE will have to come up with DIVERSIONS to stop further investigations. With the world economy starting to implode, the usual tactics of the elite is WAR, and with all of the military movements in America and in the Korean area, it looks like WAR may be the first of the dominoes to fall. Antifa chaos to begin 11-4, which is a 4-11, and that is a 44. Something big is in the winds – and more…




Best & Taylor Update – 10-23-2017 – SAC Going To High Alert


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Trump Call Up 1000 Pilots, SAC goes on 24/7 Alert, Japan Says War Close At Hand

The Dogs of War are barking louder every day, SAC goes on 24/7 Alert, Pilots are being called up, Japan signals war at any moment – remember Trump said he would not tell us what, when or how on any military moves, but these are clues we are going to war, amid talk of continued diplomacy. A new prophecy that appears to forecast what the Bible says claims that OBAMA will come back to power, but only  Kim and Trump  get involved in conflict and Obama blames Trump and the masses of America put him back into office. Meanwhile Mr. Rainier in Washington is making rumbles. Severe typhoon headed for Japan, and weather changes are going global and more…

Best & Taylor Update – Planet-X, 888, Egypt, Eclipse Warning & Babylon’s End

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New Sightings Of Planet-X, The Triple Crown & Vegas, and so much more…


A blood red moon over England and sighting of Planet-X during the hurricane have renewed fears that Planet-X may be closer than we think.


Of course, Planet-X is now called Planet 9, and all of this will be revealed not long from now as you cannot keep a secret forever. Many scientists have died right after they made mention of this incoming space body and the ancients all stated THE DESTROYER is real and that it will return. Then we have THE VEGAS SHOOTINGS and the so-called “lone shooter” was named Paddock.  This name ties directly to TRIPLE CROWN WINNER PHARAOH in 2015 and appears to be a serious warning from the Lord and the second arrival of OBAMA, who will give a major address on October 31st, a major occult sacrifice day. It has been reported that many children and women have vanished recently, usually used for rape, torture and killing at occult rituals across America. The mysterious number of 888 keeps popping up, and it ties all together with Vegas and November 11, 2017 and more…





Best & Taylor FLASH Update – Nothing Sacred Any More

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Trump Coup Goes Into High Gear – Kelly Speech Is Babylon Worth Fighting For?


As this nation struggles against the forces of the Lord’s judgment, General Kelly asks the question if America-Babylon is actually worth fighting for anymore. He then lists those items gone – respect for women, religion, and more – as though the Lord was warning America that her lights have gone out, and that JUDGMENT is now going to begin in earnest. It seemed that Kelly was warning America to TURN AROUND NOW, or we are a lost nation.

Indeed, the WATCHMEN of the Lord have been warning this same warning for years, that unless there was REPENTANCE, it was over. The Trump Coup continues as Bush attacks everything Trump was fighting for, that is NATIONALISM vs. GLOBALISM. The communists are now coming out in full force to bring America down and the American people appear to be totally oblivious to what is going on right under their faces, totally blind, totally lost, with no respect for anything anymore and more…



Best & Taylor FLASH Update For 10-18-2017 – Solar Warnings & Earthquake Watch

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Solar Flares, Earthquake Watch & Exercises, Trump Coup Gains Speed and more…


Our Sun just threw a tantrum and cast out two major FLARE events, one Earth directed. While not a major threat it could spark some major earthquake activity which only adds to the woes of this planet, beset with strange weather, increasing volcanic activity and earthquakes appear to be growing as well. Is Earth headed into a time of trouble never seen before as the Bible indicates? Wars and rumors of wars, Kim says will fire off more missiles, Iran’s Spiritual head claims America is a “bully” and so on and on it goes. Meanwhile Putin is in the middle of huge war games. Earthquake exercise beginning on 10-19 or another 9-11 in California, same time as CME/ENERGY WAVES is to hit us. Then there is ANOTHER SIGN in the heavens that may not mean anything, but is very interesting as to the times we are in and more…


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Best & Taylor Flash Update For 10-17-2017 – War Anytime


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What Is Going On Here Is Not Exactly Clear


The last days are sort of a mystery as we attempt to find out the PLANS OF THE DEEP STATE and the timing of the Lord’s clock as it pertains to the Tribulation Period and what that means for the Christians – meanwhile, more and more people are claiming they are seeing (and photographing), what appears to be strange orbs in the sky. People are also reporting the sun & moon are rising and setting in areas not normal for the time of the year, yet scientists mock them. Then we have strange fires in California that can only be generated by particle or laser beam weapons. One video shows a strange beam of light coming down from the skies and then a massive explosion and firestorm begins. We also have the Trump mystery and why are not “the swamp people” behind  bars already, as the evidence of criminal behavior is all over the place? Then we have WARS and RUMORS OF WARS, Kimmy the Wiz Kid and his treats go on and on but nothing happens. If you are not already prepared to ride out two to three months without having to go to the store, you will be in dire trouble!!



Best & Taylor Update – He Maketh Fire To Come Down From Heaven…

Night Shadows Tonight – 10-13-2017

California Fires Not Normal – UN Agenda 21, Rewilding America and More…


The Bible warns that at the time of the end, high technology would be used to fool the masses of the world into giving up their freedoms in exchange for their “security”. William Cohen, then Secretary of Defense, warned that “certain people” had the technology to cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, creating storms, steering hurricanes, and now we know to create FIRESTORMS via laser or particle beam weapons can be used with pinpoint accuracy to destroy a specific area that is slated under Agenda 21/30 to be redesigned or rewilded. The witnesses claimed they saw “blue flashes” or “blue lightning” and then suddenly the fires would explode in front of them. Firefighters are also saying they have seen nothing like it. What is going on? Hurricanes, wildfires, floods world wide, and the Bible says that there are those who rise up against Him and who DESTROY THE EARTH, and much more…





On August 21, 2017 we had a total solar eclipse over the United States, the first one in a long time. In a total solar eclipse, the SUN is totally blocked out by the moon so that no light appears except for a small ring of light shining from the sun’s corona.

It is interesting that the word eclipse means to reduce the light, and a total eclipse is considered to be REMOVAL of all light. The SUN is the giver of all life on Earth. The SON OF GOD is the giver of ALL SPIRITUAL LIGHT, which is termed DIVINE AGAPE in the Greek.


Why is it, then, that all human eyes have a total “pupil eclipse” with the only light coming out is from “behind the eye” just as in a solar eclipse? Every human eye, if you look at the pupil area is almost identical to a total solar eclipse? Are we being shown that indeed, humanity is a FALLEN CREATURE? That the LOVE OF GOD has been ECLIPSED, and we walk in SPIRITUAL DARKNESS? That we really are creatures of the NIGHT, and that THE FALL OF MANKIND is accurately portrayed by our eyes? The rays coming out from behind our “pupil eclipse” is greatly diminished portraying our greatly diminished human love types. One can enter into the STRAIT GATE and walk the NARROW WAY to obtain the the SON’S LIGHT!!


The only light coming around the eclipse of the pupil is THE LIGHT OF THE SON THAT HAS BEEN ECLIPSED BY THE FALL. Hence we in fact do need a Redeemer!! Our earthly eyes allow the earth light or we could say natural light, into the brain so we can see on earth. Nevertheless, Jesus said HIS LIGHT had been eclipsed, but it still stands behind human love and is the radiance coming out behind pupil. Look at John 3:19-20, for it is a plea of the Lord to come to HIM IN TRUTH, and have TRUE REPENTANCE and to STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN AND ESCAPE WHAT IS COMING.

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

The Divine love of God has been eclipsed, exactly as portrayed in human eyes. It is interesting that in most animal eyes, this ring of light shafts is not there except for a very few. Does that tell us something?




Perhaps the saying that the eye is the window of the soul shows us both an earthly revelation but the total eclipse within shows us the SPIRITUAL nature of fallen man. Interesting to say the least.

I suppose one can only marvel at how the Lord is telling the human race that something is amiss if they have “eyes to see” their own eyes.

What say you? Comments welcome!!!