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For years, in fact since I released UFO’S GATEWAY TO HELL, a 7:20 minute documentary on the UFO/ALIEN question, a documentary that proves exactly what is going on, there has been speculation that the “Powers That Be” had their hands on technology that the common people would think were acts of God, they would appear so miraculous. It was Carol Rosen who was told by Werner Von Braun that a so-called “alien invasion” was going to be the “last card” played for the Military/Industrial/Elite cabals to keep them in absolute power and to hold sway over the world. It is known as the New World Order or as the Good Book says THE FINAL BEAST POWER. It is run by military power, a total police state, a state in which all your financial affairs are monitored and cataloged along with your emails, snail mail, telephone conversations, power usage by smart meters, driving records, military records, court records, EVERYTHING about you must be known and then fed into a computer system to evaluate your “fitness” to live in the new utopia.

Well it seems a soldier videotaped what appears to be a very odd looking aircraft come in over a Taliban target and utterly destroy it. There is no question what it is, it is a TR3B anti-gravity craft that our secret PTB have in their back pockets to subjugate the world into total submission. Remember when I have told you that you have no idea how ADVANCED our technology really is I was not fooling – what you see in SiFi movies is REAL for the most part – anti gravity UFO’s have been around for a long time, it is just that people refused to believe it – or that it was OURS, and not “alien”.


Von Braun told Carol Rosen that this “alien” card was a fake, a lie, not true. Well, we know that fallen angels have been interacting with mankind since Adam and Eve, and we also know they gave mankind “alternative” technology as well. Why would they stop now? The last 100 years is full of “UFO” and Alien stuff – Roswell, and all of that, along with backward engineering. Point being, as Jesus told us, “who can make war with the Beast?”
No one, because all of this super high technology was developed off the books in totally black operations. It is now ready to be sprung upon the world. So get ready for “acts of God” in your front yard, and believe me it will seem to be miracles being done, just as the Good Book says about the strong delusion – lying SIGNS and WONDERS. The TR3B is just ONE of many items in the back pocket of the elite to bring them all into the NEW WORLD ORDER. They have a host of others – and they have help from the fallen angles for years all getting ready to drop upon a totally unsuspecting humanity.
It is also interesting that when one speaks of the “fallen ones” the mind conjures up demons, fallen angels, the occult forces, etc., but never seems to include themselves in that category – go figure that one!! out!!


In this first picture, this is a classic look at the TR3B and you will notice the bulge at the bottom, which is some form of portal device, and witnesses have photographed this going very bright and then the TR3B vanishes, like it went through a portal and left our time-space dimension, or is traveling so fast that it appears to have vanished.







OK, now here what the soldier caught on video – same shape, bulge at the bottom, and it slowly moves in over the target, some form of ray guns are lowered and you can see the flashes of the guns and then the entire Taliban complex is destroyed. The point of all of this is that it appears now that the rulers have decided it is time to slowly uncloak all of this and let the “little people” know of the destructive power of these things – and who has them, so we may see more and more of these “incidences” coming out – these do not get in the major news by accident – so there is an agenda here somewhere.




So here is what the soldier took, notice the bright lights on the bottom as it fires at this base – some sort of death ray cannon –




OK so what about MAGMA RISING? Well just check out your sunsets lately – and some neat articles that have been appearing of late – concerning the fact that there is no more volcanic dust in the atmosphere now than ever recorded before – and more and more warnings concerning old dormant volcanoes coming to life, but more and more emphasis on SUPER VOLCANO eruptions – and what it would do if something like YELLOWSTONE were to go off big time. Well, it would be good bye America, just as it would be for an EMP attack – they claim 9 out of 10 Americans would perish if the USA was hit either by a SOLAR EMP (MAJOR CME) or if one of our multitudes of enemies were to attack us with one.



Here is one headline sort of mocking Yellowstone, coming to the conclusion that there is no evidence of any real activity there – but one should remember that the Bible speaks of MAGMA RISING and entire nations being thrown into a literal LAKE OF FIRE – think MAGMA RISING, folks. The Book of Eboch and the Book of the Kolbrin all say the same thing, and it is now self-evident that the Earth is awakening. You can mock this all you want – but anyone who has followed earth activity for any length of time and it is true that Native American prophecies concerning this activity are now coming to pass –

Yellowstone Caldera Conspiracy: Volcano To Erupt and Feds Know It

The point of all of this is that these items are just another proof of the LAST DAYS that we are in. Another proof is the apostasy of the Christians. Yet another proof is the rise of the United Nations and AGENDA 21! Then of course we Have Putin re-consolidating his hold over the GOG-MAGOG confederation, then of course the financial meltdowns soon to come, the lawlessness of the White house, Congress and Supreme Court – all pointing the grand climax of the strong delusion – the ARRIVAL. Are you ready?

Solar activity and volcanic/earthquake activity are directly related, as the energy from the Sun is pumped into our core – the Earth is expanding – getting ready for the new heavens and the new Earth promised by the Lord. Not to say that hell is not enlarging itself daily ass I am sure it is – you can’t hardly give away good, truthful material for free anymore even to the so-called remnant!!But let’s not forget the DESTROYER, the GREAT RED DRAGON as it comes through with its wedding attendants:



Speaking that the new Prophetic Insider is now ready for PDF and well, we gave out OPT IN crowd FIRST READ, but only 11 people wanted it – FOR FREE. With this kind of apathetic response proves that the Bible prophecies are rapidly coming true – those that say the REAL TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD will not be found in America anymore – that people will search from coast to coast, east and west, north and south looking for the real truth, but THEY WILL NOT FIND IT. In other words, the REAL TRUTH OF WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON AND WHY IT IS GOING ON is removed by the Lord, and even the so-called remnant will be left with NOTHING because they would not support the VOICES OF TRUTH IN THE WILDERNESS, to real Shepherds of God’s little flock. Go figure when you cannot even give something away – but it is what it is and the end results are going to be soon seen by everyone. Then watch the attitude adjustment take place – but it will be too late.



However, the Bible says the true servants of the Lord would be hated, mocked and ridiculed even by the Christians, until they are driven into oblivion which is exactly what is taking place right now. It also said the true servant of the Living God was worthy of his hire, but that is also no longer true it seems.


In any event, if there is anyone out there who can roust themselves away from their TV sports and wants to find out the real truth found in this MAY ISSUE OF THE PROPHETIC INSIDER, well you can have it FREE by emailing me at You can always go over to and hit the donate button and throw a few dimes in the pot – every little helps and I appreciate those that have help me through all of these years come thick or thin; they have been there – and without them well, another true shepherd bites the dust!! You can also get a HARD COPY for $17.95 – also by going over to my website and hitting the  donate button and donating $17.95 – just tell me what it is for and it will be on its way to your door.You can also write me for your hard copy and enclose a check or money order. If you want to purchase with a Credit Card call 1-800-257-2672 and it will be taken care of that way.




To end with then,  if you opted in to our private news service and Intel updates, and have not received our news releases, CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL because it could well be in there. If not, resubmit you email to me and I’ll make sure you are on the list – the way these email systems work even opt in can result in a junk mail status – just a thought. By the way, if you want to OPT IN and HAVE NOT, please do by emailing me at You can OPT OUT AT ANY TIME if you think I am doing a lousy job at informing you of things you need to know. Just saying








  1. Stewart, I tied a second time and that time I got through to the enigma web site.

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  2. Stewart possibly it not due to apathy or apostasy that so few have requested your May 2014 Prophetic Insider, but to Google not being able to locate the cite. When I try it, it comes up not found.

    Thanks for you work!



  3. Hi Stewart

    Brilliant article, thanks. Just a quick question, have you perhaps seen the movie “Oblivion” played by Tom Cruise? There is two scenes that were really interesting. One where he fixes a drone in the ruins of the last super bowl stadium of 2017!!! Meaning that the invasion came after that! The second one is at the end where he goes to the “TET” and listen to the RC mission flight recorder when they went to inspect the TET that arrived. The date given for the mission was 3 May 2017!! One other thing, the TET points downward, to earth?? Hmmmm…

    Just a thought.


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    “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” – 1 Cor. 1:18



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