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Your life is going to change within the next 14 days in ways you cannot imagine if the research that many have been doing turns out to be all to true. Many irrefutable time lines are now all converging, all pointing to the exact date the Illuminati has known about for many centuries.

Could there be a reason why Obama and the Pope shook hands at exactly 9:23? Or that the Prime Minister of Israel began his very historic speech before Congress at exactly 11:11 on March Third (33). We have decoded the Illuminati signs and how they work. You are in more danger than you could EVER realize. NO JOKE, THIS IS REAL.
Here is a link and everyone needs to read this and then give it out to loved ones, and everyone you know – the odds are quadrillions to one that all of this converging information is a “coincidence”. WAKE UP. THOU THAT SLEEPEST.


Eyes, Ears and Brains That Don’t Appear To Work

So they say nothing happened on 9-23-2015 and it was all just hype and total foolishness, and not one bad disaster ever happened, shucks, mom…I’m so disappointed!! Eyes to see but cannot see, ears to hear but cannot hear. Brains to think but cannot think. Dots to connect but cannot connect the dots – so it is what it is.
Actually, one of the most profound events in the history of humanity went down on 9-23-2015, but I doubt most people recognized that anything happened at all, for it was just the Pope, Obama and the United Nations, so what?
Well the deaf and the blind will always be deaf and blind and like stupidity most likely cannot be cured, outside of a miraculous eye opening event that occurs. It is what it is, and the mockers will mock, the scoffers will scoff and the blind, deaf and dumb will remain so because that is how they want it.
But then again, the Lord is gracious with His signs and warnings even if only a few observe them and understand what all of this is about. Such events as Susan Boyle, Terri Schivao, and other little signs that are in actuality, very big signs.
We are now in Daniel’s 70th week, which is a certain fact, it appears, unless some of the finest minds in Israel are totally wrong, which I doubt, and the curtain is closing upon the AGE OF GRACE and the CHURCH AGE is almost over. Thus we are watching a transition from Chapter Three of Revelation over to Chapter Four. We only await the call “Come up hither…” The question is not if, but when.
Now with Putin playing the chess game of world end time events along with Obama, both brilliant in their own ways, well, the outcome is certain and the interpretation of the dream is sure. Babylon the Mighty is about to suffer nuclear urban renewal with millions dead, dying and wounded. The lucky ones see the brilliant flash of light and are no more. The survivors will wish they had not.
So we wait, we watch…
Now along with all of that, we find the Good Book tells us that the vast majority of Christians were not. There seems to be collective group of Christians who followed after the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists along with the fake prophecy teachers that don’t even know who the players are…

And so instead of going to the great wedding banquet of the Lamb, they end up in eternal ruin and there is no chance for them for they mocked the commands of Jesus to enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way, to turn their back upon this world and they would not. One foot in Christ, the other in the world, never understanding at all what was required of them. So how about you? Were are your feet? Better have them planted totally in Christ, and leave this God forsaken evil planet behind, ’cause it is going to burn up, and you don’t want to burn up with it, do you?
There is no such thing as a half-way Christians, any more than there is a half-way birth. Either you are ON THE WAY out of the womb, or you are not in the womb at all. There is no such thing as a partial delivery in the economy of the Lord. Not to say that a birth cannot come rapidly, nay, almost instantly, but the fact remains, either they have ENTERED INTO THE WOMB and are traveling down the BIRTH CANAL or they HAVE NOT. We know from the Bible the vast majority HAVE NOT, NEVER WILL, AND ARE LOST FOR ALL TIME.
For about the last 30 years or so I have preached nothing but a strait gate and a narrow way or there is no rebirth, only a counterfeit “faith only, believe only” rebirth that has no strait gate, no narrow way, no judgment, not revelation, no cross, no death, no nothing, a total counterfeit. As I have attempted to point out all of these years, Satan is the great winner because all he had to do was remove the personal encounter, the revelation of Christ, turn it into some form of esoteric and Gnostic nonsense and tell Christians how it is all in the Bible, for anyone to see, but I fear and KNOW that because of rank disobedience to the primary commands of our Lord that they are blinded and will go into eternal loss.

“Did we not?” they scream at Jesus. “Did we not cast our demons, preach in the streets, perform many miracles, and do many wonderful and good works?” And Jesus says to them “I NEVER knew you…” And so it goes.
It is, of course, totally impossible for Jesus to say He never knew them if they were REBORN IN TRUTH, FOR THE VERY MEANING OF REBIRTH IS TO HAVE MET AND JOINED IN UNION WITH HIM. That falls upon totally deaf ears, but it is what it is.
The Book of Enoch makes a very interesting comment that the Lord feels pity of multitudes of followers because they did not understand they had to repent, and of course, have no clue as to what Biblical repentance. Here is what it is not:
1. It is not the dropping of some bad habits you might have
2. It is not” being nice to your neighbor, although it is a good idea to be nice anyhow.
3. It is not that you quit fornicating, swearing, robbing, raping or pillaging although you ought not be doing those things.
4. It has nothing to do with your behavior whatsoever.
In point of fact, all of the above is what the WORLD thinks repentance is. Well, it is what the Bible calls WORLDLY SORROW, WORLDLY REPENTANCE. It actually has nothing to do with GODLY SORROW OR GODLY REPENTANCE.
In point of actual fact, GODLY REPENTANCE can only be accomplished by the strait gate and narrow way. There is no other way. NONE, ZERO, NADDA. That fact is totally missing from today’s concept of what a Christian is in truth.
The real Christian KNOWS he/she is a worthless piece if trash, unfit for anything whatsoever, never will be, and only exists because of the GRACE of the Lord, and as Jesus did say the FLESH PROFITS NOTHING, THESE THINGS ARE OF THE SPIRIT.
Modern Christianity is a sham, a lie, a huge deception. Anyone who wants to can figure that one out right away. Those that don’t want to never will. As Paul said, the CROSS (and not the Cross of Christ – but rather their own cross) is an OFFENSE TO THOSE THAT ARE LOST. Jesus told us to PICK UP OUR OWN CROSS. HE COMMANDED WE SEARCH HIM OUT, FIND HIM, KNOCK, SEEK, STRIVE AND LABOR FOR ETERNAL LIFE. None of this is “works”. None of this is some form of ritual or legalism. It has nothing to do with any of that.
Those that claim I am teaching “works” or “legalisms” or “Lordship salvation” have no clue whatsoever of what I am speaking about here because they are blinded to the truth of Jesus and that blindness is a DELUSION GIVEN TO THEM FOR DISOBEDIENCE EVEN TO THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL COMMANDS OF THE LORD. “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say?” Those that mock what I have tried to warn about will only see it all when they die, and that is far too late to do any rescue works.
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ANGEL FALL, a 16 hour audio series on the fallen ones, and how to deal with demons and the havoc they wreak upon families and humanity, how to destroy their evil works in your health, your mental well being. THEY ARE REAL, AND THEY ARE DANGEROUS, but you were given full authority over them, you just have to learn how to do it and how not to be intimidated by them! This is series that has recorded actual demons speaking out of people, and how evil they are and how much delight they take in destroying families, people, even children!! They are also heavily involved in false salvation and work their work through the minds of men and woman.

This series is not to be confused with a new theology out there claiming humanity is in fact fallen angels, and that is what is meant by the fall of mankind. Seems odd that fallen angels attack their own, or that Jesus does not seem to know any of them when He created them, but then the Earth is flat so what do I know!