Got A Problem? Call the office at 777-888-555 or 777-911 Cell Phone


Mankind has a problem, but does not appear to realize it. He could dial up God the Father and check to see if Jesus is around, but often He is out of the office because of all the chaos happening on Earth at the moment – nevertheless, if one were to place an emergency call – Jesus has His cell-phone with him at all times to answer such calls of distress. But why would anyone call if they do not even realize first of all that they are in distress, and secondly do not believe there is anyone on the other end of the line?

Are we so use to this distress that we dismiss all of it? People all over the world are having problems with their sleep. It seems that people cannot understand why they cannot sleep. So they blame it on pressures at work, in marriage problems, cell tower radiation exposure, the list is endless. But is also appears that the lack of being able to sleep is also endless. Why? Time to call God the Father, you can find HIs number in the Good Book. You just have to know where to look.

“Hello?… Hello? is anyone there?” Surely the world must realize that SOMETHING is amiss, at least it would appear that way, right? I mean here we have Persia being formed once again in the Middle East, and then Israel is being surrounded by people who hate her, then we have Russia involved now in Iraq because Obama did not move to help, we have Syria bubbling over, we have economic problems the world over, we have earth changes going on, we have strange sounds and sights beginning to appear in the heavens, and almost everyone you talk too seems to realize something is wrong, but has no idea what it is.

It is spiritual, beyond the mind, and it lays embedded deep within human DNA with the memory banks of DNA science has just discovered. So all human DNA has a memory of at least two major catastrophes that all but wiped out the human race. In that sense, maybe our DNA also has an inkling that another one is about to occur – worse than anything that ever went before. This then also explains why Jesus Christ made the comment concerning our DNA, but it was a covert remark, not detected for what it really meant. “Every hair upon your head is numbered”. Is this DNA memory what the New Age is calling “Global Consciousness”?

Interesting that DNA recently proved that remark of Jesus Christ was totally true, something Jesus would have known as the creator of DNA in the first place!! This DNA memory is not conscious. It is beyond the mind, but there, laying hidden deep within, but causes mankind to become restless and uneasy – knowing something is coming, but unable to say what or even why. “The nations were angry” but angry about what? Why now? The seas of mankind are becoming increasingly wild, with the waves roaring. Time for all of us to “Analyze This” Time to call Jesus on His cell phone. “Something is up, can you tell me what it is?”

It seems that people everywhere are “angry”. There is a spirit of anger surfacing, coming out in many different ways. But why? Is it just the “pressure” of everyday living? The pressures of work? Or is it much deeper than that? If you ask people why they are unsettled, nervous or uneasy, they cannot answer you. In one breath they are in deep denial that anything is wrong now or coming, yet in the next breath they certainly DO KNOW that something is coming, something very big, foreboding.

The human race is beginning to act like rats on a sinking ship – it is instinct, some deep knowledge something is wrong, that a big change is in the air. Of course we have Obama and his “change”, but this change goes way beyond Obama, antichrist, financial collapse or anything of this world. This “change” that everyone is now beginning to sense is far bigger than the world. It is a cosmic change. We are approaching a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH. And no one can stop it. Time to call 777-888-555, which by the way I just did, really I just did, and the operator came on the line and said “this number has been disconnected”. Well of course the Native Americans have known that the number has been disconnected for some time – I think they blame it on materialism or something like that.

Mankind is a spirit creature trapped in the human body. This spirit man is connected in some way to the DNA memories and this makes the spirit man restless, and that in turn makes the mental state of a person restless as well. Judgment is coming. First to die, then the judgment. Everyone knows that judgment is coming, even if they don’t know it. It is the spirit man that knows it. Time to call 555-911 and settle the issue between you and your Creator while you still have time, for you have prescious little time left actually. I know that, but I cannot tell you how or why I know it.  He may be very busy, but He will answer ANYONE who calls.

So you see, even our connection to God the Father has been disconnected. Mankind is adrift in a sea of raging waves, and is, in truth, shipwreaked. I wonder if the phone to 888-911 has been disconnected also.  Maybe so for the the many, after all, it is a personal line and only used for dire emergencies, you know, like salvation after a long and lonely walk. “I cannot take it anymore!!” is the scream and you know what? Jesus will answer you, just not on your time schedule. Odd how that works, really. Sometimes the line is busy – but if it is, it is because you have to much static in your brain. Time to clear it all out, time to focus, time to drill down to the real issues between you and your God.

So when you turn on your TV set and see all the chaos going on all over the world? Well, just dial up 777-888-555 and when the operator comes on the line and says that 777 has been disconnected, you reply, “well maybe for you honey, but not for me…”




To Be Saved or Not To Be Saved, That Is the Question…


The bottom line of the Bible, a legal document and indictment against the inhabitants of the Earth, is one of release from prison or no release. Saved or unsaved. Eternity in heaven or hell. It transcends all other issue that confront mankind, and yet for all of that, it is ignored.

The question then becomes, why is this most important legal document ignored? Is it ignorance of the facts? Is it a hidden hatred for the creator? Is it because mankind actually is under the influence and sway of a spiritual entity that does not want HIS SUBJECTS to understand their predicament? The facts would tend to confirm all of the above!

Most people view the Bible has some sort of “religious” book. In reality it is not. Jesus Christ did not bring a NEW RELIGION to planet Earth. He actually came to terminate “religions” of the world, pointing out that religions are nothing more than an attempt to AVOID the real truth of man’s reality, and further an attempt to avoid unpleasant accusations. It was mankind who turned Jesus Christ into a religion called Chistianity. John tells us it would become a  monster, dressed like a lamb, with the heart of a dragon.

How can we say this when the world considers Jesus Christ a religious leader? Well, that is an easy one – for the world thinks a lot of things that are not true at all – like at one time everyone said the world was flat, but did that make it true? Or that Hitler might be a good guy? Or Stalin a wonderful leader? Or Mao and his cultural revolution were wonderful attempts at “change”? Or that the Earth is the center of the Universe? Science tell us that this or that is the real truth, only to come back a year later and revise it. A state of constant flux, constant change. What is true today is not true tomorrow.

The question is why does mankind constantly want to change? Change from what? Is something always wrong, is something always missing that requires us to want to “change”? Obama is a good example of “change”. Change to what? What difference does it make, let’s just “change”, for maybe if we change this or change that, it will make things better. Utopia is just around the corner, all we have to do is change everything, get rid of all of those who refuse to change, and presto, bingo, Utopia is here. Never mind the millions od dead bodies we had to get rid of, after all, we have now “arrived”.

But what if Jesus Christ came here to tell us that mankind was unable to change to anything worthwhile? That all of this constant uproar to “change’ was just hollow promises that lead nowhere? That there was something inherently wrong with mankind? That man was a fallen creature, destined for constant sorrow and finally passes away to even greater sorrow? That all of the theologies and philosophies and “isms” and wars were in fact utterly worthless and lead to “Nowheresville”. Maybe we need to change our planets name from Earth to “Nowheresville”. Do you think?

What a blow to mankind’s arrogant ego to be told such things!! Wow! Who does this dirty little carpenter, who has no formal education at all, who has never associated with the worlds big thinkers, think He is, going around telling people that they are lost, blind, wrenched, miserable, naked and in dire need of a real FIX? Maybe that is why we needed to convert His message into a “religion” so we could kick that can around a bit, toss it aside, or embrace it as our needs vary and our cultures vary as well. It could be said that what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander, so that lets millions of souls off the hook, right? Why not Islam? It is as good as anything else, right? Christian? Who needs that anyhow? Only those with weak minds and even weaker spirits!!

So it seems that mankind, troubled as he is with all of his wars, rumors of war, his penchants for lies, murder, rapes and  thefts is OK.  All of that is ignored, swept under the rug, it is not seen. The mind lies, and tells the soul, “all is well, all is wonderful”, when of course the reality is quite different. It appears that the human race insists upon looking at the real world with a pair of rose colored glasses, a filter in the mind, as it were, to make life a little more pleasant, to give us a reason to go on when we do not feel like going on. However, sooner or later the true reality of who and what we are as fallen creatures arrives, stares us  in the face. Sort of like Proverbs says “when your fear cometh…” What fear?

What is there to fear we say to ourselves. The world is OK, I am OK, and we are all OK, but we know it is not true, we just attempt to convince ourselves it is, so we can get through another day. The TV, you know, that motion picture machine in everyone’s living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, office, Ipad or Ipod gives us a chance to escape, so we do not have to face the ultimate reality, the one the Lord so conveniently hid away from us so we could at least function a little. But then, as Jesus said, one day we must face the reality of it all – and for most people, it is far too late to do anything about it.

Why? Because we made a “religion” out of a very simple message, changed it all into ritual and rhetoric, all of which makes us feel good and we all can go home and KNOW we are OK with the Lord and the Universe. Sleep well, gentle minds. Never take off your rose colored glasses for if you do, reality will hit you right between the eyes.

So what did Jesus bring with Him if not a religion? It is so simple and then even Paul mentions the SIMPLICITY OF THE CROSS. But it is hidden in front of us. It is right under our noses every day, every hour, every minute. WE DO NOT LOVE AS WE OUGHT. We cannot love as we ought, no matter how hard we try. So to avoid this issue, we turn to ritual and law keeping. “If I just think right thoughts, go to Church, help out here and there, do good deeds and all of that, well, God will approve of me and I will be OK. ” Simply untrue. It is not even the issue whatsoever.

The issue between man and his Creator is not a sin issue, not a religious issue whatsoever, it is merely a LOVE TYPE ISSUE. What has TRUE LOVE TO DO WITH RELIGION? The hard answer is NOTHING. Religions whitewash, cover you outside, make you look important so you can strut around and show everyone how good and great you are, how “holy” you are, how “religious” you are! Jesus calls all of this whitewashing – worthless and DEADLY attempts to avoid the real truth. The human heart, the Bible tells us, is evil, so utterly depraved there is no cure whatsoever. You cannot fix that which is utterly depraved and broken. We don’t want to hear that one. It stings, cuts to the quick, tears at the heart. “NO, NO, NO”, we scream into the night. “It cannot be so, I refuse to hear it!” So we never pick up the cross to find out if it is true or not. But what if it is? What then?

Christ, on the other hand, CLEANSES you from the inside out with his radical love type given to you at authentic rebirth. But before He does that, he forces you to face a very harsh and hard reality – you are worthless, a vile, evil sinner, a soul destined for hell and eternal ruin. He does it via the STRAIT GATE and the NARROW WAY. It is most vile and unpleasant journey, despised by the world, a way seldom traveled, and traveled all alone, one by one, as the Lord calls each soul to true Biblical repentance.

So we come full circle, to be saved or unsaved. To enter in or not enter in. To walk the journey of the NARROW WAY, or not walk it at all. To meet your creator face to face while you are still alive or reject it as so much hogwash and fanciful thinking. In the end of it all, you will meet your Creator, face to face. If you have previously met Him via the NARROW WAY and the REVELATION OF CHRIST, He will meet you with OPEN ARMS IN A LOVING EMBRACE. Otherwise, it will not go good for you. As an old man once said, “life is hard, then you die and go to a worse place…” It is a very true statement of fact.





The Bible prophets warned us that a day was coming when that which was good, ethical and just would be branded as EVIL works by the vast majority of people in the world – that is, a REVERSAL, a reversal brought about by liberal brainwashing techniques, and also the vast majority of people would not understand or know why they were not only a party to it, but advocated for evil – all the while pointing their fingers at those who were good and just as “agitators”, advocates of “violence”, and “evil works”. To associate with such people was dangerous, as they should be isolated and then done away with.

Jesus worded it this way:

All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.


Inasmuch as Jesus Christ brought love and healing to the human heart, how could such a turnabout ever happen? Why would people not realize what they were doing, and that were siding with antichrist, many of them Christians?

The liberals, the communists, the Marxists and Fabien socialists are now coming right out into the open with their finger pointing, and calling conservatives, bible believers and those that believe in freedom and liberty as trouble makers, enemies of the government, antigovernment and dangerous. So have some questions for these folks:


  1. Those that stood up against Hitler, and who understood what the Nazi fascist movement was all about were of course rounded up and exterminated as “extremists”, “antigovernment”, enemies of the state” and so on and on. In short, they were demonized by Hitler and his henchmen as “evil workers, violent people”. This position was supported by the vast majority of people in Germany who believed everything the government was telling them. Were those who warned their fellow countrymen EVIL AND WRONG? Yes or no?


  1. So we know what Hitler did now, do we not? He murdered millions of people. He experimented on people in medical experiments in the most hideous ways. He exterminated those he considered inferior. So was Hitler the good guy or the bad buy? Were those that supported him the good guys or the bad guys?


These are historical facts. So the liberal mindset applauded Hitler and condemned those who dared to stand up against them. So then who were the real murderers? Who were the ones who really were violent and full of evil and did monstrous deeds to others? I will tell you who the evil ones really are – they are the liberals, the masses of the people who supported Hitler and who condemned those who stood against him. Why?


Because these masses of the people are fearful of anyone not bowing down to kiss the boots of tyranny. They do not want the “boat rocked”. They love the status quo and accuse anyone who dares to even speak out as “advocating violence” and they are “spoilers” and “evil” and to associate with them brings a bad name to family and friends. They themselves are the real advocators of dreadful violence because they SUPPORT IT. They themselves are the ones who truly advocate violence because they dare not rise up and stop it dead in its tracks.

But that was then, this is now! How dare anyone point out the OMINOUS PARALLELS  between HITLER and OBAMA. How dare they even so much as utter such a comparison. Yet it is there for all to see, right down to fine details. People need to not only read Rand’s Ominous Parallels, they need to study it for history repeats itself.

Governments are called “beasts’ in the Bible. There is a reason this is so, because more people have died at the hands of their own governments than any other cause. It is a fact. Those that were killed were first of all ridiculed, mocked, laughed at and then persecuted and finally rounded up and exterminated. Only because they were considered a threat to those in power. It does not make any difference it seems as to how evil the government is – it must be supported by all no matter what. How dare anyone point out evil and injustice? How dare anyone point out documents of that government showing evil intent on the part of their government? Why is this so?

One of the reasons is called in the Bible the “mystery of iniquity”, a mysterious power that hides the real truth and intent of evil which masquerades as “good” and “just”. It appears on the surface that evil really is good. That wrong really is right. That up is really down, and down is really up. This “mystery of iniquity” captures the mind, brainwashes the mind, and turns the mind upside down and the person does not even know it. It is a form of MIND CONTROL. Those that are under it have no clue they are. In fact, they will deny it with great anger. Thus good becomes evil in their minds, and those that really are good become evil and need to be punished for their evil.


Who do you think the Lord is going to blame for what is now occurring in the United States of Babylon? Obama and his liberal communist friends? Not at all, the Lord will place the blame exactly where it belongs – on the American people who refused to do anything to stop it. If you think Hitler was bad and evil NOW, and you think Stalin was bad NOW, and you think Mao was bad NOW, then you better examine yourself and look in the mirror when you condemn those that are warning you that what is happening in America right now is the beginning of the worst persecutions this planet has ever seen – for the righteous are branded as evil, violent prone right wing extremists and worse.

History repeats itself and brain dead people follow after the worst of leaders and cannot evidently think for themselves, or who refuse to face their own hypocrisy. The facts are clear. Hitler had support, Stalin has support, Mao had support and millions of millions of people were murdered because people did nothing to stop it. Now it is America’s turn.


When Jesus said that people would rise up and kill his followers simply because they believed Him and His Word, He was not fooling. Anyone who stood up for LOVE, HEALING, JUSTICE AND ETHICAL CONDUCT was soon to be branded EVIL. The Bible said the day was coming when up was down, right was wrong, black was white. It is now coming out in the open – the liberal apostate mindset is raising rapidly, an insane spiritual hatred for anyone standing up against the evil they see and are warning against.


So what will the masses say to their creator at the end of it all? NOTHING, for they will be condemned and will not have an answer. Their mocking, their condemnation of the righteous for warning others will fall upon deaf ears. They sealed their own fate because they refused to believe what the Bible told them. They were those that the Bible termed the “FEARFUL”, because the bottom line really was they were afraid and fearful, but hid that fear under the cloak of “obedience “ to the state no matter how evil the state became.

The Bible is a Book of Zero Options. It is, properly understood, a total indictment of the human race. Jesus said He did not come to condemn the world, but to save it, because the world was condemned already. Do you understand what he means when He says you are personally CONDEMNED TO ETERNAL RUIN? That you really are a FALLEN CREATURE EVIL TO YOUR VERY CORE? You may protest all you want, God does not care. God does not care what your opinion is. God does not care what you believe. God does not even attempt to prove He exists. He does not even attempt to prove Satan is real. He merely states all of this as a matter of actual fact, written in a legal document we call the Holy Bible. He has commanded. He expect obedience.


The Holy Bible is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. It is a lawful notice of intent. The intent is to give you notice that unless you do exactly as Jesus Christ told you to do (I came to save the world), you are condemned to eternal ruin because you a fallen creature. He came and told us WHAT we had to do. It has more weight than any Supreme Court decision has for Americans. The Chief Justice of this court IS YOUR CREATOR. He wrote the Bible in such a way that NO ONE HAS ANY EXCUSE. He wrote it with a mathematical precision and accuracy that cannot be disputed. He gave us prophecy that is fulfilled to the exact letter, to the exact words of the rulers of the world. You have no excuse. You will die in your sins if you do not enter in the STRAIT GATE, and walk the NARROW WAY. Not my words, HIS.

Take it or leave it, your choice.