 Have you ever put something down in your home and knew where you put it only to find it somewhere else if at all?

Have you ever had something just vanish only to reappear at a later date exactly where you placed it?
 Have you ever seen something moving out of the corner of your eye, but when you look in that direction, there is nothing there?

 Have you ever seen what you thought was a person go by a window but when you went outside to look, nothing was there?
 Have you ever heard what sounded like furniture moving upstairs but no one was there?

 Have you ever head footsteps climbing or descending stairs but nothing was there?

 Have you ever had lights turning on or off, a TV set turn itself off and then back on, but no one was doing it?

 Have you ever left your home with certain lights or TV’s on, only to find when you return those lights are off while others are now on, and the TV channel has changed?
 Have you ever felt you were PUSHED by something that actually had weight and either you fell down or almost fell down?

 Have you ever had a pet dog(s) suddenly awake and snarl and watch something moving that you cannot see?

 Have you ever had a cat act like they are batting at something that is not there or looking up and following something you cannot see?

 Have you ever had an object fall off a table or counter when there was no reason for it to fall?
 Have you ever heard voices in a room or outdoors, but when you went to see who it was no one was there?
 Have you ever heard a car drive into your driveway, hear the door slam, but when you went to see who it was, nothing was there?

 Have you ever had a sudden pain in your arms, legs, neck or head with no explanation?

 Have you ever come down with a severe headache for no explainable reason?

 Have you ever had sudden unexplainable thoughts that come into your mind that seem like your own but are totally out of place?

 Have you ever heard a voice in your head that was not of you, but wondered who or what it was?

 Have you ever done or heard someone say “I don’t know what possessed me to do or say that?”

What you are dealing with many times is the paranormal activity of demon beings called poltergeist activity, and they are caused by real entities. Learn how to cleanse your home or mind of all this type of activity, learn how to check sudden changes in your mood or body to find out if the source is demonic or not – because many times it is!!

Destroy You!




As mankind approaches the final phase of this age, the borderlands between our world and the world of the paranormal begin to intermix, a thinning of the veil, so to say, exposing the strange world of the paranormal and the entities that exist there.


Portals appearing in the sky with entities coming out of them are being reported worldwide, and very expensive investigations as to what is going on are now being conducted.


The UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, angels, ghosts, Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jinn or “demons” are usually related to the world of the FALLEN ONES.


Very soon, even you do not believe it now, you will be dealing with these entities ONE ON ONE as the last days are to be filled with these sorts of activities. PREPARE NOW so you KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THESE CREATURES from another dimension.
This is a 16 hour course that will teach you all about the world of the FALLEN ONES and more importantly, HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM ONE ON ONE. This course includes REAL DEMONS SPEAKING THROUGH THEIR VICTIMS and shows you the utter hatred their have for them, for humanity and Jesus Christ.


This course will prove to you the utter REALITY of these invisible entities that are about to raise havoc within the human race. They are real cause behind almost all the woes of humanity and can even cause fake disease, such as cancer.

This course took a long time to put together and involves a lot of research into this strange paranormal world that is just as real as the world around us.
If you do not believe that demons are real, then you are in denial, for not only are they real, they work their work among humanity to harm, to harass, to drive one insane, to destroy any way possible. They enter people through many means, and some of the comments made by these demons will raise the hair on the back of your neck as you find out how deceptive they are.

For example, one demon speaking through a woman victim, tell how she gave this woman a FALSE CONVERSION at church when she was 11 years old. The demon calls her stupid, and hates her with a venomous hatred.

The reason most people think all of this is so much rubbish is because they have never put Jesus Christ to the TEST, for if they would do as He commanded, they would run into the FALLEN ONES post haste.

The vast majority of Christians are totally unaware of how demons work their oppression, or how they take up residence within a person to destroy their health, their mental well being, and what their true intent is.

Within the 16 hours of ANGEL FALL, you will hear literal demons speaking through their victims, recorded LIVE as the sessions for removal of them take place. You will hear them voice their utter hatred for humanity, their victims and Jesus Christ Himself, who put them all to open shame on the cross at Calvary.

While it is hard to understand how an ethereal invisible vapor like entity can have such vast intelligence, or how they can enter into a person almost unaware, THEY CAN, they are REAL and they are here to take everyone they can to eternal ruin via any method of deception they can think up.

Every Christian has a host of demons assigned to them, to watch them, to harass and to intimidate and throw up as many road-blocks as possible to prevent authentic salvation from taking place, or to simply harass them so to thawt


“ANGEL FALL” will prove to you HOW REAL this is, and how dangerous these entities are. ANGEL FALL will teach you how to deal with these beings, and how to address them, battle them and bind them from taking further action against you and your loved ones. Remember, JESUS CHRIST gave His people total authority over them. All one has to do is to learn how to exercise that authority and engage in SPIRITUAL BATTLE AND WIN IT.

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Total insanity abounds as the human race plunges ever deeper into its final probationary period.  Americans sit upon their ignorance and are proud of it.  American leaders commit high treason and everyone cheers.


The New World Order, officially birthed on 9-23-2015 with a handshake, is now beginning to show itself for what it really is. Few are taking notice. They soon will. That good for nothing Sorcha Faal, aka whomever, claims that this American GREAT TURKEY DAY will bring with it a bloodbath of untold proportions and that information came from Russian FSB intelligence, it is said.


The Bible tells us that America-Babylon (the great turkey farm), is already filled with sleeper agents, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Their knives are sharpened, the ovens are preheating. This infiltration, a total fifth column operation, has been going on for a number of years now according to eye-witness reports along the borderlands of Babylon. Sing for Babylon, sing a song for Babylon. Alas, Alas, her end has come…


However, Obama, in a speech said that he would welcome millions of refugees “agents of war” as long as he was President. Let’s see, his cabinet is packed with Islam lovers, and 30% of Americans would welcome an Islamic President. There is a saying that goes STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. That says it all, I guess, well at least most of it anyhow…


Well, Obama told us that America was no longer a Christian nation, and sadly he was right. We are now a Halloween nation, honoring the god of this world, the prince and power of the spirit world, the one that says he loves you while cleaning out his ovens to roast you in. Satan has his own TURKEY DAY every day, you know, or at least I hope you know. Guess where all the turkeys come from?


So the invasion has been underway for a long time. The traitors are easily identified. The impeachment process torpedoed. Lawlessness is the order of the day. Can we all say “American is fallen, is fallen and has become the home of every evil and hateful bird…” Then we could all chant, “for in ONE HOUR IS HER JUDGMENT COME…”


Hey, did you notice that Jeremiah’s RULER AGAINST RULER, or AUTHORITY AGAINST AUTHORITY thing is rapidly coming to the fore now, what with importing sworn enemy types into our lands seems to have run afoul after Paris. But even so, most of the fifth column operations have already taken place, but a few in Congress want to make some hay with the anger of the public over Obama’s love for terrorists and importing them.  Remember Obama said that if push came to shove, he would side with the Moslem world, simply because he is one!


Isaiah tells us that Babylon’s mighty cities will burn from within before they burn from nuclear fire without. It’s called nuclear urban renewal for stupid Americans, or  for short, NURFSA. We are turkey nurfs of America, ready and seemingly all too willing to sell out. One thing is certain, however, the leaders and ruler of Babylon, including the police forces, the military other assorted alphabet types will likewise burn with her. Oh, they intend to go into their little hideaway and leave you behind. Alas, the Bible also told us all about their underground cities, the tunnels, the trafficking to the moon and Mars. Nothing that has been hidden shall not be revealed and none will escape the final judgment.


The Bible, that book our leaders all hate with an perfect hatred, while they often quote from it, says all of these folks are going to die no matter where they are hidden away. No such thing as hiding from the Lord. Everyone dies, so it is what happens after their death that is bothersome – for hell is real, very real, and that is where these poor folks, who traded a few hours of power and glory here will find themselves the roasted turkeys down there.


Folks don’t believe me when I tell them I saw part of this “other side”, that is “down there”. It is not pleasant. No one wants to go there. In point of fact if the Lord showed the world the little iddy-biddy peak I got at what awaits them, ALL WOULD BE SAVED. All would be on their bellies screaming for mercy. Alas, the Good Book says NO MERCY COMES. No mercy whatsoever. Our leaders really ought to read Proverbs and the warnings contained therein. Also they might want to take a gander at Psalm Two and especially the last few lines of it. Something like perishing along the way I think I read somewhere…


So Paris was obviously a false flag, and some of the “events”, it is said, did not even take place – you know, roll the drums, boys, scare people so they give up all their freedoms so the state can “protect them”, that is protect them from everyone except the state murder machines. I read that somewhere as well I think long ago, how the STATE is top liquidator OF SOULS, above war, disease, accidents, everything. Bow down, LOVE THE STATE, FOR THE STATE IS GOD.


Obviously a lot of people did die in Paris, and many more to come, for the ELITE will now stop at nothing to bring in their cherished NEW WORLD DISORDER and the eternal ruin it brings them. Actually not a smart move for people who consider themselves brilliant and above everyone else.


But what is new? Nothing. There is nothing new under the Sun, the Good Book says. What was will be again. Treason is old hat. The results of committing treason are also well-known. But this time it is “different”. “No one sees us” they say. It is always different this time, say the perpetrators. Alas, not so, it has all been seen, the results finalized long ago in heaven’s court. The arrest warrents of heaven are sitting in the computers ready to go. These people who engage in this “culling” of Americans will themselves be “culled”. It is what it is, and what goes around comes around. Thngs never change, they only appear to change.


So it is an amazing thing that a vast majority of these “refugees” are young men of military age – so it seems this is the final run-up of infiltration and then the signal will be given and American cities will enter their final END GAME and then the fun begins. What kind of fun, you ask? Use your imagination, and think, “I wonder what God means when He says “A nation that forgets God is turned into hell…”


Well, all things considered, we already knew this was coming, we just did not know exactly when, but it appears all too close now and IF we actually have a non-eventful TURKEY DAY, consider yourself lucky and praise the Lord for His patience towards us. As Larry Taylor often said, if it was me, the DELETE BUTTON would have been pushed some time ago or something like that. DITTO. I wonder if the Lord ever considered retroactive abortion of humanity itself? Sort of like the flood of Noah? Maybe so… FIRE this time around. As Solon was told, many causes bring about A RESET. The next RESET is now here, are you ready?


Now CONSIDER THIS, that on the 20th and 4th day of the 9th month, which falls December 6/7, 2015 where the Lord says for us to consider it – after all, it is the end of the 120th year, the first day of Hanukkah and also Pearl Harbor day. Pearl Harbor – I think there was a surprise SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, I recall. Do you suppose it might be repeated, you know, different folks, different strokes, but same results. And then of course if we take 11×11 we come to 121 or a 12-1 or 1-21 date and so it goes, is there anyone out there with a mega-super brain that can solve the riddle within the riddle, within the riddle and within that riddle? I know, lets call the Riddler from the Batman series. Or maybe the SHADOW, for the shadows knows everything there is to know – however, he may be talking right now…and so it goes…


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The 9-11, 9-23, 11-11 – Riddle Within A Riddle

Just a note of interest that Netanyahu and Obama met on 11-9 or a reverse 9-11 – and possibly a huge deception and betrayal of Israel is now in the works. One of the items up for discussion is the DIVISION OF JERUSALEM and Israel and of course the creation of a Palestinian state.
Then of course we have the riddle within a riddle within a riddle called the 9-11, 9-23 and the 11-11 mystery.

While 11-11 did have an event, most people would never have realized it, it was just another day, business as usual. That is if you were not in the way of a huge storm complex that covered half of the nation, sort of like telling the Americans that A HUGE STORM WAS COMING.
And then of course we had the false flag event on 9-13 in Paris, and the resulting clamp down on freedom in the name of “national security”, and then we had our leaders telling us on Fox News and others that such a clamp down here was most likely what would happen if such an event occurred here (already planned by the elite, of course),  that is, the martial law (by any other name), take-down of America, also in the name of national security. And the stupid Americans sits there twiddling their thumbs, oblivious to the deceptions now coming. Indeed, we would have healed Babylon but she would not be.


However whatever the events, it all seems to center around that tiny sliver of land called Israel and that most holy city called Jerusalem.
More than one warning has gone out in the form of dreams and visions that if we participate or force the DIVISION of the land in Israel to form a Palestinian State that the United States will also be divided into two main parts, and it appears now that will occur along what is known as the MID-CONTINENT RIFT and along the New Madrid Fault zone. This would indeed all but destroy the United States.

What is generally NOT KNOWN is the fact that the Mid-Continent Rift Zone is the largest rift in the world that failed to become an inland sea, or if it was long ago, it closed back up. Lake Superior, the largest and deepest of the Great Lakes is part of this Rift Zone.
Of interest is that NOVA presented last night a documentary about this RIFT ZONE and suggested in could reactivate and split the nation into two main land areas. Funny how such a presentation comes along just as Israel is being pressured to divide her land, don’t you think?


And when you tie this together with the New Madrid fault zone, it does seem that America could easily be split in the middle of the nation. Most visions of this show an inland sea that could be as much as 100 miles wide


Now couple this with the New Madrid:


There is about a 150 mile distance between where the Mid-Continent rift ends and the New Madrid begins.
It appears therefore that as things are now rapidly accelerating that one needs to take into account the 20th and 4th day of the ninth month which is December 6, 2015 when the Lord says He will ONCE AGAIN shake the heavens and the Earth.
So then, if we take the 11-11 mystery riddle and if we multiply them, that is 11×11=121 or a 12-1-2015 date or we could also get a 1-21-2016 date, so who knows, the riddle continues, we keep watching and where all of this stops, no one knows until it happens and then it will be too late.

Like the flood of Noah – those raindrops were huge, the Ark was shut, and what was, was.
However, as I have said many times before, there IS AN END. There is a day, hour, minute and second when it all comes to a STOP. THE GAME IS OVER.

We are rapidly approaching that time, be it in the next few weeks or the next few years. On the clock of heaven, it is but an instant of time, and then the portal opens. And the voice says to those who are ready, “COME UP HERE.” GAME OVER. It was like any other day.

If You’re Looking For Answers In This World, You Won’t Find Any

The world is full of rabbit holes for everyone to travel down into to find the “answers” to their problems. This “ism” of that “religion” or this philosophy, and of course, we find something that “appears” to be true, and so we convince ourselves that it is true, then we embrace it as “truth” only to find out later it was just another lie, upon all the other lies we chased after to find the “answer” to life and why we are here and what is all of this about, anyhow?
Sunlight on a lake, ripples of light upon the waves. Geese flying in, loons calling, and wildlife seeking out their food. They don’t appear to have many concerns. They always seem to find what they need, like it was “provided” by someone or “something”. True faith. No questions asked?

I wonder if they ask any of the questions we have? Like whether or not they should be a Fabien Socialist, Marxist, New Agers, Baptist fundamentalist or whatever else they can conjure up to feel better inside? Are there Geese Socialists? Most likely we would say, they seem to flock together, so they must be socialists. I wonder if there are any Baptists fundamentalists churches in Gooseland? Some of them seem to honk a lot, must be, then.

So like the flowers. Dressed up pretty well. No lipstick here, no face powders, no blush, just is what it is. I wonder if they have a secret beauty parlor somewhere. Must be, look how pretty they are. But alas, here today gone tomorrow. Sort of like life here too, right?

But at the end, was it not all vanity? Like Pilate asking Christ, “what is truth?” “Who are you?” and “What are you”?

But if you want real answers, how do you expect to find them in an UNREAL WORLD? Jesus asked you all the same question, really. How do you expect to find the answers here in this world when this world has no real answers, no real truths but just a bunch of smoke and mirrors that look like truth, feel like truth, but in the end is a lie?

The “isms” of the world have no answers, they only want to control you. The religions of the world all pretend to have answers, but once against they exist to control you and extort as much money from you as you will allow – of course to spread the gospel, spread the truth…” What truth? There is none, only half-truths, and in the cosmos, there is no half-truth, because a half truth is a lie. For that matter so if a 3/4 truth or a 7/8th truth. Beware.

Then we have philosophies of ‘life”. All bunk, all junk. Worthless and in fact, from the cosmos point of view, ALL LIES, ALL DECEPTIONS. It reminds me of a small book I wrote some time ago called “THE GAME”. Life is a game. We are the kings, the queens, the rooks. We are the checkers on the board.

Now imagine that when you are born, you are born into A GAME. Imagine, if you will, it is a REAL AND DEADLY GAME. The game is allowed to go on for a set period of time, then it closes down. GAME OVER. Before the game is over, one might hear rumors of an END GAME. Ever you heard of that? Could it be a warning of some type?

Now imagine that the one who DESIGNED AND BUILT THE GAME has a totally “OUTSIDE THE BOX” objective. He looks for people who realize that all of life is a game, and begin to ask questions about it. Imagine further that what the DESIGNER of all of this is looking for. Could it be that He is looking to see who PLAYS THE GAME and WHO IS LOOKING AND SEARCHING OUT THE DESIGNER OF THE GAME, and who wants to find out why the game came into being in the first place?

And so the Creator of the game possibly watches over it, and looks to find those that have finally figured out that the entire game is a deception, a lie, and that NO TRUTH CAN BE FOUND THERE, in spite of all the books, the libraries and the “wisdoms of this world”.

Could it be that it is they who the Creator rejoices over? That they hey have figured at that TO PLAY THE GAME IS SHEER VANITY, a worthless pursuit, a lie of all lies, and at the end, ALL IS VANITY, YOU LOSE?
Could it be that the Creator of it all gave many a clue that NO REAL ANSWERS COULD BE FOUND HERE? That no matter where one would look, no matter how many books they read, there were no REAL ANSWERS, just opinions of those who played the game, died and went into another dimension, not be seen again? Is it possible? Consider it.

What everyone needs here, in this life is REAL ANSWERS, REAL TRUTH, ROCK SOLID, A STONE FOUNDATION, A FOUNDATION BUILT UPON THE ROCK, WHERE YOU KNOW IT IS TRUTH, not because of anything you think, or have considered, have weighed in the balance and said “this is good enough for me” and embraced it, but rather, a TRUTH YOU KNOW IS TRUTH, far beyond feelings, thoughts, intuition, in fact, so far beyond all of it that there are no words to describe it, because it is an “off world” revelation?

Now poor Pilate, here he was between a rock and a hard place, for he knew standing before him was something so radically different he had no clue what to do but only ask “What are you?” He was looking for a way out, but Jesus would not give him one.

One should read the Book of Job, in which one of the gems of wisdom was about “where is knowledge found? Where is wisdom found?” And then answers those questions with a terse “NOT HERE”. NOT HERE? Where is NOT HERE? “In this world”. The world of “isms” and philosophies, religions and whatnot – you know, the VANITY OF IT ALL, NO REAL TRUTH HERE, MOVE ON, and VACANCY HERE!!

Do folks really understand what is being said here? There is a wisdom of the world. But we are told that there is another wisdom, another understanding, another knowledge, off world, as it were. It is the REAL WISDOM. It is the REAL UNDERSTANDING, it is the REAL KNOWLEDGE. If one aspires to really understand the vanity of THIS WORLD and the vanity of all of isms, religions and philosophies, then one must go OFF WORLD to find it, to turn their back upon THIS WORLD, and search out the OTHER WORLD, THE REAL WORLD, the world of REAL TRUTH, REAL UNDERSTANDING and REAL WISDOM. The dimension of SPIRIT that runs and controls everything in THIS WORLD.

But alas, alas, alas, so few people ever begin to see even a glimmer of the LIGHT of REAL TRUTH. Fewer still will eventually seek it out with all of their heart, strength and abilities. These are they that world calls “insane”, “obsessed” and “very dangerous”. What if THIS WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN HERE, actually is a LIE? What if THIS WORLD is really a DECEPTION? What if REAL TRUTH really does not exist here? What then?


What about 11-11? No one knows. Been there before, but then one of these days, it will be right – and then GAME OVER. 11-11 COULD BE game over, and a whole new set of rules comes into play, like it or not.

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Atomic Matches, Nuclear Urban Renewal and Babylon’s Demise

So we came through 11-4-2015 and it seems that there was no 11-11 warning, and so we await to see if anything occurs on 11-11! As I said on my latest posts, do not be surprised if nothing happens, and do not be surprised if a major event occurs.

We know that Putin is being pushed into a major conflict by USA/NATO/ISIS/ISIL, but it could all be part of the SCRIPT per Psalm Two and the Kings of the Earth all getting together to forge their New World Utopia of damnation and ruin. Smart though they may be, they are planning their own suicide with great care, confident in the outcome. The noose is around their neck, the knot tied and the chair upon which they stand is in the final stage of collapse. I think I hear the Lord sawing the legs off of something like that… Of course, from their perspective, they are on the edge of victory, and the world is theirs!!

So Putin has stated in no uncertain terms that he is ready to use nukes upon anyone who gets in his way, and he not going to play games, and of course NATO/CIA/ISIS/ISIL  would likewise have to respond in like manner and so away we go with nuclear urban renewal type of aftermath program. Did you hear the story that the Russian airliner had a bomb within it? Not likely, my bet is the first account was the correct one, a missile done by ISIS/ISIL/CIA and claimed that was a big brag item.

So we wait and we watch to see who strikes the match first – and Major Ed Dames, you know, Dr. Doom, says it will be North Korea and their brat leader who does the foul deed. So who will actually strike the nuclear match first – Putin, NATO, Brat Kid or…? Could be a cosmic event what with the Destroyer inbound with its bridal party of planets, comets, asteroids, space junk, and who knows what else, seems like there is a very big uptick in meteors being seen all over the world and that impact event in Iran.

So I conclude that the red horses of war, being chased by the dogs of war, are out of their stables and soon we will hear their hoof beats in the distance, for there is yet another sign of the demise of mighty Babylon America – the refugee crises and the importation of all those who wish to destroy us. I believe this is the final push of the Lord per Isaiah and Jeremiah to bring in the last of the fifth column war machine to take us down. Maybe all of this is the hoof beats, who knows?

This is right on time, right on schedule for the final fall of the last great empire of any world fame that turned upon the Lord that blessed her and who has now all the curses and only awaits her terrible judgment. All we need now is the TRIGGER EVENT, and it begins, and it will not end until America is past history. Mighty Babylon, thine end has come…

Our boarders have been wide open and no one shuts them because God wants them open to fulfill the prophecies against her. I was reading an article this morning and it was mocking the Idaho militia for warning Americans about the true intent of this invasion.

I thought an unchristian thought concerning the idiot who wrote that article – that he be the first to undergo his demise because he was misleading the American people by poking fun at a serious warning – but then it seems there is an idiot born every second these days – who are so apostate, so biblically illiterate and so in denial the only possible way to wake them up, IF EVER, is to have that fifth column beating down their door!! They have to die by the very hand that sustained their every breath because judgment comes eventually upon all who reject the Word and surely they have done so.

And so here we are, right in the middle, the growls getting louder. The war drums beating faster, and then…SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, and “they and them” shall not escape!!

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My Lord, The Children Have Found the Matches

Russia’s Putin, it is said, has put his nuclear forces on alert and they are moving into position for a final confrontation with ISIS/ISIL/CIA. One cannot shoot down an airliner filled with Russian citizens and not expect major ramifications and a pay back from Putin. Many would say this is all part of the SCRIPT, part of the Armageddon Script, where war breaks out in the China Seas, Middle East, The Balkans, etc. No matter what the script is, not all players will play their part as they should, there are some rogue elements to the END TIMES, and Putin may well be one of them.

What appears certain at this time is that the Syrian situation is slowly moving its way to a major confrontation, i.e., WWIII. Indeed and in fact the children of humanity have found the matches of self-destruction, and they will be used in a BIG WAY, and that is not far off. Like lemmings, they are racing for the abyss of hell and damnation.

Now in the IX XI mystery, we discovered that it all points to 11-11, and a possible 7 day warning on 11-4-2015. Will anything happen? Maybe. Maybe not, we have all been there before and we sail right on by with no major event. However, like 9-23, this may well be SPIRITUAL and INVISIBLE to the world at large, but known and cataloged by those who have studied prophecy and know what to look for.

On the other hand, this may be a huge event of world shaking proportions, something out of the blue, something like a SUDDEN DESTRUCTION that comes upon the world of “they and them”. It does, in a way, seem surreal, too soon for anything like that, and yet… Everything today appears to be normal, business as usual – but that is exactly what the Scripture says it will be like – business as usual, a day like any other day, until the SNARE is suddenly sprung upon the totally unsuspecting world.

The Middle Eastern situation is fraught with danger. Any misstep whatsoever and the dogs of war will be unleashed. The Illuminati or whoever they fancy themselves to be may have a date set, but that does not mean that the Lord of all will allow it to be.

The shooting down of a Russian airliner was not the smartest move of ISIS/ ISIL/CIA. They will be pitted against the high technology of the Russian military and its elite special forces. Putin has no choice here and cannot be soft after all the rhetoric of yesterday and before, and the Russian people are not going to stand for him not making some drastic retaliation – say nuclear.

With Obama now putting troops on the ground in Syria, and in total violation of international law, we prove once again just how LAWLESS Babylon-America really is, while Putin takes the high road and has every right to be in Syria because of treaties and a personal INVITE by Assad himself. America-Babylon and NATO on the other hand, have no such treaty and no such invite, making them in total violation of all international law.

So that means that by putting troops on the ground, even if they are our Special Forces, it is, in fact, an ACT OF WAR against Russia because we are supplying arms to the enemy of Russia. Thus all of our activities are in reality a direct confrontation with the Soviets. Not wise, but most likely all planned out.

My guess is that this attack against the airliner was “approved” most likely by our own CIA and the RICH MEN or it would never happen. So we are watching the West goad the Russians into a major war, thinking of course that we can easily win it.

Remember also, that the occult wants and needs to destroy the United States aka Babylon the Great, in order to bring in their New World Order. Hence it is that WWIII looms very near now, and may be what this 11-11 is all about – some form of escalation that will then spin totally out of control. The best laid plans of men can run afoul of the Creator, and when they do, guess who wins and who loses!!

So the Middle East is ankle deep in raw gasoline and everyone is walking about smoking cigars, not the wisest thing to be doing – but the nations are all now being maneuvered into their final positions for the last great battles of humanity and we are all caught in the middle.

I hope you have prepared as best as you can to ride out the initial phases of this, because millions are not ready at all for what is soon to come. As Bob Dylan said “there is a slow train coming around the bend”. The train called America is about to be derailed. BIG TIME.

So watch for 11-4-2015 and 11-11-2015 for it may tell many tales to us as to what is soon to arrive. Perhaps an ARRIVAL, perhaps the arrival of the TWO WITNESSES, and along with them, the FALLEN ONES who will partake of their final end time deception. Who knows, but does apostate Christian care? Most likely not.
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