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The world is now witnessing the conclusion of Psalm Two and the STRONG DELUSION of the Lord’s is working its final work upon a spiritually dead humanity. Sign after sign of warnings that the end is close have come and gone but few are paying any attention in our material world oblivious to their spiritual nature, thus ripe for delusions. Obama goes everywhere Trump goes to UNDO what Trump is attempting to do – and nothing is done about it. Meanwhile Yellowstone appears to be waking up just in time for the solar eclipse on 8-21-2017, CROSSING in the middle or “in the midst” of America, and much more…





Total insanity abounds as the human race plunges ever deeper into its final probationary period.  Americans sit upon their ignorance and are proud of it.  American leaders commit high treason and everyone cheers.


The New World Order, officially birthed on 9-23-2015 with a handshake, is now beginning to show itself for what it really is. Few are taking notice. They soon will. That good for nothing Sorcha Faal, aka whomever, claims that this American GREAT TURKEY DAY will bring with it a bloodbath of untold proportions and that information came from Russian FSB intelligence, it is said.


The Bible tells us that America-Babylon (the great turkey farm), is already filled with sleeper agents, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Their knives are sharpened, the ovens are preheating. This infiltration, a total fifth column operation, has been going on for a number of years now according to eye-witness reports along the borderlands of Babylon. Sing for Babylon, sing a song for Babylon. Alas, Alas, her end has come…


However, Obama, in a speech said that he would welcome millions of refugees “agents of war” as long as he was President. Let’s see, his cabinet is packed with Islam lovers, and 30% of Americans would welcome an Islamic President. There is a saying that goes STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. That says it all, I guess, well at least most of it anyhow…


Well, Obama told us that America was no longer a Christian nation, and sadly he was right. We are now a Halloween nation, honoring the god of this world, the prince and power of the spirit world, the one that says he loves you while cleaning out his ovens to roast you in. Satan has his own TURKEY DAY every day, you know, or at least I hope you know. Guess where all the turkeys come from?


So the invasion has been underway for a long time. The traitors are easily identified. The impeachment process torpedoed. Lawlessness is the order of the day. Can we all say “American is fallen, is fallen and has become the home of every evil and hateful bird…” Then we could all chant, “for in ONE HOUR IS HER JUDGMENT COME…”


Hey, did you notice that Jeremiah’s RULER AGAINST RULER, or AUTHORITY AGAINST AUTHORITY thing is rapidly coming to the fore now, what with importing sworn enemy types into our lands seems to have run afoul after Paris. But even so, most of the fifth column operations have already taken place, but a few in Congress want to make some hay with the anger of the public over Obama’s love for terrorists and importing them.  Remember Obama said that if push came to shove, he would side with the Moslem world, simply because he is one!


Isaiah tells us that Babylon’s mighty cities will burn from within before they burn from nuclear fire without. It’s called nuclear urban renewal for stupid Americans, or  for short, NURFSA. We are turkey nurfs of America, ready and seemingly all too willing to sell out. One thing is certain, however, the leaders and ruler of Babylon, including the police forces, the military other assorted alphabet types will likewise burn with her. Oh, they intend to go into their little hideaway and leave you behind. Alas, the Bible also told us all about their underground cities, the tunnels, the trafficking to the moon and Mars. Nothing that has been hidden shall not be revealed and none will escape the final judgment.


The Bible, that book our leaders all hate with an perfect hatred, while they often quote from it, says all of these folks are going to die no matter where they are hidden away. No such thing as hiding from the Lord. Everyone dies, so it is what happens after their death that is bothersome – for hell is real, very real, and that is where these poor folks, who traded a few hours of power and glory here will find themselves the roasted turkeys down there.


Folks don’t believe me when I tell them I saw part of this “other side”, that is “down there”. It is not pleasant. No one wants to go there. In point of fact if the Lord showed the world the little iddy-biddy peak I got at what awaits them, ALL WOULD BE SAVED. All would be on their bellies screaming for mercy. Alas, the Good Book says NO MERCY COMES. No mercy whatsoever. Our leaders really ought to read Proverbs and the warnings contained therein. Also they might want to take a gander at Psalm Two and especially the last few lines of it. Something like perishing along the way I think I read somewhere…


So Paris was obviously a false flag, and some of the “events”, it is said, did not even take place – you know, roll the drums, boys, scare people so they give up all their freedoms so the state can “protect them”, that is protect them from everyone except the state murder machines. I read that somewhere as well I think long ago, how the STATE is top liquidator OF SOULS, above war, disease, accidents, everything. Bow down, LOVE THE STATE, FOR THE STATE IS GOD.


Obviously a lot of people did die in Paris, and many more to come, for the ELITE will now stop at nothing to bring in their cherished NEW WORLD DISORDER and the eternal ruin it brings them. Actually not a smart move for people who consider themselves brilliant and above everyone else.


But what is new? Nothing. There is nothing new under the Sun, the Good Book says. What was will be again. Treason is old hat. The results of committing treason are also well-known. But this time it is “different”. “No one sees us” they say. It is always different this time, say the perpetrators. Alas, not so, it has all been seen, the results finalized long ago in heaven’s court. The arrest warrents of heaven are sitting in the computers ready to go. These people who engage in this “culling” of Americans will themselves be “culled”. It is what it is, and what goes around comes around. Thngs never change, they only appear to change.


So it is an amazing thing that a vast majority of these “refugees” are young men of military age – so it seems this is the final run-up of infiltration and then the signal will be given and American cities will enter their final END GAME and then the fun begins. What kind of fun, you ask? Use your imagination, and think, “I wonder what God means when He says “A nation that forgets God is turned into hell…”


Well, all things considered, we already knew this was coming, we just did not know exactly when, but it appears all too close now and IF we actually have a non-eventful TURKEY DAY, consider yourself lucky and praise the Lord for His patience towards us. As Larry Taylor often said, if it was me, the DELETE BUTTON would have been pushed some time ago or something like that. DITTO. I wonder if the Lord ever considered retroactive abortion of humanity itself? Sort of like the flood of Noah? Maybe so… FIRE this time around. As Solon was told, many causes bring about A RESET. The next RESET is now here, are you ready?


Now CONSIDER THIS, that on the 20th and 4th day of the 9th month, which falls December 6/7, 2015 where the Lord says for us to consider it – after all, it is the end of the 120th year, the first day of Hanukkah and also Pearl Harbor day. Pearl Harbor – I think there was a surprise SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, I recall. Do you suppose it might be repeated, you know, different folks, different strokes, but same results. And then of course if we take 11×11 we come to 121 or a 12-1 or 1-21 date and so it goes, is there anyone out there with a mega-super brain that can solve the riddle within the riddle, within the riddle and within that riddle? I know, lets call the Riddler from the Batman series. Or maybe the SHADOW, for the shadows knows everything there is to know – however, he may be talking right now…and so it goes…


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The Good Book makes a preposterous claim that mankind is a fallen creature, that who could believe it, anyhow? “Not me”, says the world, ” I don’t care”. Well, maybe they should, but then…
It’s one of things you know? Old wives tales and mythology of the worst sort, so why should I bother myself with reading such trivia? After all, if it was true, the human race would have blown itself away eons ago, and we are still here. Besides, all of this is just doomsday stuff, and we have been hearing about that FOREVER and EVER, and see, nothing ever happens. “I don’t care”. Maybe they should, but then again…
“Besides, where is the promise of His coming?” the world says, “Things continue on as they have since the days of Old, and nothing is going to change.”But then again, it is possible that things COULD CHANGE in a big, big hurry, but “I don;t care!”
“But what if?” You might respond to the skeptic. “I don’t care, EVEN IF…”
And so it goes, they roll their eyes and then go back to whatever they were doing and ask you to leave them alone.
Now it does not matter what facts you might show them, what news you bring, they all say, “I don’t care”. This “I don’t care” syndrome is a fallen human type of thing, that cares only when all of this touches them in a personal way, usually in the pocketbook, or job promotion or loss, bad health, etc. Then suddenly they care a whole bunch. “Should of, could of, would of…”
So then you talk about salvation and they all say, “WHAT? Are you some form of idiot? That sort of talk will land you in a FEMA Camp, you know, one of Hilliary’s Joy Camps, where you will be re-educated in the REAL TRUTH, and not this far-fetched concept of a fall, redemption and salvation from the fires to come…”
“I love lies, they make me feel good, and besides THAT, I don’t care!! If I don’t care, why do you? Are you sick or something? Are you running a fever or are you just having a hot flash? LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU ARE OFFENDING ME…”
Down through the years of all of this, “I don’t care”, it seems they actually do care, sort of, because if they did not, then why do people take such offense to the name Jesus Christ? Or the Cross? If people really don’t seem to care much about anything , suddenly do care they are being offended, what’s with that? Just wondering…
Maybe this, “I don’t care” attitude is just a defense because deep within they know something is wrong, but cannot put their finger on it, but don’t want to ever admit it. They are like the hidden drinker, who stashes their booze away so no one finds it, but drink when alone, so no one sees them. But they know, they must know, that SOMEONE SEES THEM. Well, does it matter in the long run? I mean Planet Earth will someday be an ice ball planet, and will any of this make a difference then? Just curious about that, that’s all. Just wondering, sort of…
Well, with all of that in mind, with Jade Helm, clogs in their logo, oh, I forgot, prisoners under Hitler’s death camps wore wooden or leather clogs, maybe that’s why there is a hidden clog in their logo, you know, sort of a CLUE or something, but who cares, anyhow? Anyone?

For those who are really serious and DO CARE, here’s the latest link to the “Best’s Intelligence Digest” – sort of scary news concerning Jade Helm

4-24-2015 2-29-12 PM

With all of this, “I don’t care” going around like a virus of some sort, I thought maybe we needed to launch a sort of satire “I Don’t Care” news service. So here is my first BAD MAGAZINE’s “I DON’T CARE” FOR ALL OF YOU FOLKS OUT THERE THAT DON’T CARE, well maybe do, come to think of it…


“But you should!!”, you protest, “like here is the latest Best’s Intelligence Digest – full of things you need to know!!” The link is right here:

IN FACT YOU REALLY OUGHT TO GO OVER TO and take a look – more information you really need to know!! Visit the all new video news portal – some interesting stuff there, and for the ladies, we have a new woman’s corner portal. Just scroll down till  you find the portal table!!

Well, you can try, but the world does not seem to care very much. Go figure!!!!
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