My Lord, The Children Have Found the Matches

Russia’s Putin, it is said, has put his nuclear forces on alert and they are moving into position for a final confrontation with ISIS/ISIL/CIA. One cannot shoot down an airliner filled with Russian citizens and not expect major ramifications and a pay back from Putin. Many would say this is all part of the SCRIPT, part of the Armageddon Script, where war breaks out in the China Seas, Middle East, The Balkans, etc. No matter what the script is, not all players will play their part as they should, there are some rogue elements to the END TIMES, and Putin may well be one of them.

What appears certain at this time is that the Syrian situation is slowly moving its way to a major confrontation, i.e., WWIII. Indeed and in fact the children of humanity have found the matches of self-destruction, and they will be used in a BIG WAY, and that is not far off. Like lemmings, they are racing for the abyss of hell and damnation.

Now in the IX XI mystery, we discovered that it all points to 11-11, and a possible 7 day warning on 11-4-2015. Will anything happen? Maybe. Maybe not, we have all been there before and we sail right on by with no major event. However, like 9-23, this may well be SPIRITUAL and INVISIBLE to the world at large, but known and cataloged by those who have studied prophecy and know what to look for.

On the other hand, this may be a huge event of world shaking proportions, something out of the blue, something like a SUDDEN DESTRUCTION that comes upon the world of “they and them”. It does, in a way, seem surreal, too soon for anything like that, and yet… Everything today appears to be normal, business as usual – but that is exactly what the Scripture says it will be like – business as usual, a day like any other day, until the SNARE is suddenly sprung upon the totally unsuspecting world.

The Middle Eastern situation is fraught with danger. Any misstep whatsoever and the dogs of war will be unleashed. The Illuminati or whoever they fancy themselves to be may have a date set, but that does not mean that the Lord of all will allow it to be.

The shooting down of a Russian airliner was not the smartest move of ISIS/ ISIL/CIA. They will be pitted against the high technology of the Russian military and its elite special forces. Putin has no choice here and cannot be soft after all the rhetoric of yesterday and before, and the Russian people are not going to stand for him not making some drastic retaliation – say nuclear.

With Obama now putting troops on the ground in Syria, and in total violation of international law, we prove once again just how LAWLESS Babylon-America really is, while Putin takes the high road and has every right to be in Syria because of treaties and a personal INVITE by Assad himself. America-Babylon and NATO on the other hand, have no such treaty and no such invite, making them in total violation of all international law.

So that means that by putting troops on the ground, even if they are our Special Forces, it is, in fact, an ACT OF WAR against Russia because we are supplying arms to the enemy of Russia. Thus all of our activities are in reality a direct confrontation with the Soviets. Not wise, but most likely all planned out.

My guess is that this attack against the airliner was “approved” most likely by our own CIA and the RICH MEN or it would never happen. So we are watching the West goad the Russians into a major war, thinking of course that we can easily win it.

Remember also, that the occult wants and needs to destroy the United States aka Babylon the Great, in order to bring in their New World Order. Hence it is that WWIII looms very near now, and may be what this 11-11 is all about – some form of escalation that will then spin totally out of control. The best laid plans of men can run afoul of the Creator, and when they do, guess who wins and who loses!!

So the Middle East is ankle deep in raw gasoline and everyone is walking about smoking cigars, not the wisest thing to be doing – but the nations are all now being maneuvered into their final positions for the last great battles of humanity and we are all caught in the middle.

I hope you have prepared as best as you can to ride out the initial phases of this, because millions are not ready at all for what is soon to come. As Bob Dylan said “there is a slow train coming around the bend”. The train called America is about to be derailed. BIG TIME.

So watch for 11-4-2015 and 11-11-2015 for it may tell many tales to us as to what is soon to arrive. Perhaps an ARRIVAL, perhaps the arrival of the TWO WITNESSES, and along with them, the FALLEN ONES who will partake of their final end time deception. Who knows, but does apostate Christian care? Most likely not.
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13 thoughts on “My Lord, The Children Have Found the Matches

  1. Stewart I have a quick question. I thought America was supposed to be occupied with a civil war, internal strife, blood in the streets before Russia and others take us out. I thought that was why Russia chose that time to attack because we were caught up in internal conflict and distracted?


    • That is true to a degree – reuler against ruler and possibly full revolution – but the attack comes as a tvotal surprise when it comes – so I doubt any type of Russian attack, but rather a false flag of some type – Stewart


  2. What will wake up the church at the midnight cry? I believe it’s only one thing, the 2 witnesses crying out the bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him.


  3. What is midnight? The transition time period from one day to the next: the moment when the date changes. Midnight marks the beginning and ending of each day in civil time throughout the world. It is the dividing point between one day and another. And at midnight there was a cry made, behold the bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him. We are moving into the transition period called midnight.

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  4. Great article Stewart. I think we are living in the days where anything can happen at anytime. I do not put my faith in any election,but I think some things have changed. Obama might have stayed but people are on to him and he is becoming very unstable mentally. We might see Hillary be the first women president and some things have been delayed until that time. For example, they have tried to start a civil war in Ferguson for two years in a row and failed. I think Hillary is the woman that rides the beast and will be drunk with the blood of the saints and martyrs. So as bad as Obama was, she will be much worse. She was the one talking about joy camps, and we all know what they really are. Rick Wiles posted a prophecy by Reverend William Branham that he had in 1933. If this is not Hillary, then I don’t know who it is.


  5. Hello Stewart – Insightful & succinctly clear of that which is at hand.

    One distinction to consider though: The word “Occult” is derived from the Latin adjective occultus: meaning “hidden from sight”, which comes from the Latin verb occultare: “to hide, to conceal, to keep secret”. Both are derived from the Latin noun oculus. So being occulted only means that something is hidden which often times is knowledge.

    It is what people choose to do with that hidden knowledge that makes it either dark or not.

    These sabbatean satanists have chosen to use this occult (aka hidden) knowledge for their own selfish, destructive goals which therefore makes this dark occultism.

    Thank You & may Jesus bless & protect You & Cindy for all the work that ya’ll do on our behalf.



  6. Well, I have tried to warn some of my family members with no success. I just keep hoping and praying that the Lord will wake them up before it is too late. People are not prepared and there is a lot of mocking going on. Thanks again Stewart for keeping us up-to-date. All these years of warning and caring about us. I pray for all of us each night. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done, that includes Cindy and Patti too. Know that you have been good and faithful servants. A job well done. Please stay with us awhile longer, as long as you can.

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  7. Stewart, thank you….blessings upon you and yours for your faithfulness…and praise The Lord Jesus Christ; Glory-be unto our Heavenly Father, AMEIN.

    We are now “in it” and yet most are sleeping the repose of delusion and deception. Of Father, have mercy upon those that are pressing-in to Jesus Christ in obedience that they reach Agape bt Jesus Christ.

    What more can be said…we are living in Babylon, Oh Father, help us in Jesus Christ’s Name.

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