The 9-11, 9-23, 11-11 – Riddle Within A Riddle

Just a note of interest that Netanyahu and Obama met on 11-9 or a reverse 9-11 – and possibly a huge deception and betrayal of Israel is now in the works. One of the items up for discussion is the DIVISION OF JERUSALEM and Israel and of course the creation of a Palestinian state.
Then of course we have the riddle within a riddle within a riddle called the 9-11, 9-23 and the 11-11 mystery.

While 11-11 did have an event, most people would never have realized it, it was just another day, business as usual. That is if you were not in the way of a huge storm complex that covered half of the nation, sort of like telling the Americans that A HUGE STORM WAS COMING.
And then of course we had the false flag event on 9-13 in Paris, and the resulting clamp down on freedom in the name of “national security”, and then we had our leaders telling us on Fox News and others that such a clamp down here was most likely what would happen if such an event occurred here (already planned by the elite, of course),  that is, the martial law (by any other name), take-down of America, also in the name of national security. And the stupid Americans sits there twiddling their thumbs, oblivious to the deceptions now coming. Indeed, we would have healed Babylon but she would not be.


However whatever the events, it all seems to center around that tiny sliver of land called Israel and that most holy city called Jerusalem.
More than one warning has gone out in the form of dreams and visions that if we participate or force the DIVISION of the land in Israel to form a Palestinian State that the United States will also be divided into two main parts, and it appears now that will occur along what is known as the MID-CONTINENT RIFT and along the New Madrid Fault zone. This would indeed all but destroy the United States.

What is generally NOT KNOWN is the fact that the Mid-Continent Rift Zone is the largest rift in the world that failed to become an inland sea, or if it was long ago, it closed back up. Lake Superior, the largest and deepest of the Great Lakes is part of this Rift Zone.
Of interest is that NOVA presented last night a documentary about this RIFT ZONE and suggested in could reactivate and split the nation into two main land areas. Funny how such a presentation comes along just as Israel is being pressured to divide her land, don’t you think?


And when you tie this together with the New Madrid fault zone, it does seem that America could easily be split in the middle of the nation. Most visions of this show an inland sea that could be as much as 100 miles wide


Now couple this with the New Madrid:


There is about a 150 mile distance between where the Mid-Continent rift ends and the New Madrid begins.
It appears therefore that as things are now rapidly accelerating that one needs to take into account the 20th and 4th day of the ninth month which is December 6, 2015 when the Lord says He will ONCE AGAIN shake the heavens and the Earth.
So then, if we take the 11-11 mystery riddle and if we multiply them, that is 11×11=121 or a 12-1-2015 date or we could also get a 1-21-2016 date, so who knows, the riddle continues, we keep watching and where all of this stops, no one knows until it happens and then it will be too late.

Like the flood of Noah – those raindrops were huge, the Ark was shut, and what was, was.
However, as I have said many times before, there IS AN END. There is a day, hour, minute and second when it all comes to a STOP. THE GAME IS OVER.

We are rapidly approaching that time, be it in the next few weeks or the next few years. On the clock of heaven, it is but an instant of time, and then the portal opens. And the voice says to those who are ready, “COME UP HERE.” GAME OVER. It was like any other day.

16 thoughts on “The 9-11, 9-23, 11-11 – Riddle Within A Riddle

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  2. OK, I get it, divide God’s land (not authorized) and God will divide YOURS!

    Makes total sense to me.


  3. Why are you Americans worried so much about Obama&Netanyahu meeting on 911? Israel has had No 911. Israel does Not import ISIS or Syrian Refugees. ISIS does not kill any Israeli citizens. ISIS only kills Iraqi Christians and Syrian Christians. Why are you so concerned about Israeli people and not the imminent danger which our own nation is confronted with? Are you Israeli citizens or Americans? Israel has suffered little if any since 911. Where is your concern for your own people and our economy and the well being the United States? Most Americans have their allegiance misplaced, especially the Christians. Since 911 all Israel has done is kill many thousands of Palestinians in Gaza with bombs, tanks and air strikes, while starving to death and turning away ships with aid to these poor people. Where is your stinkin sympathy for these Palestinians, at least for the women and children Christian? Americans for the most part practice a perverted form of Christianity, completely unknown to the Lord Jesus. This is why the Lord is about bring his judgment upon this wicked nation (United States of America) for its sins and because the Church in America shows No fear of Almighty God.


    • lets just focus on the poor poor palestinians that really don’t exist but are made up and not see what the others are doing to the Isrealies, daily bombings and shells into the country, attacks on civilians and military that was unprovoked, boy are you really really blind! The palestinians can go live in Lebanon, Iran and the other places where they came from.


  4. To back up the 1st of December 2015, take a look at the 2 arrows on the Economist Magazine 2015.

    They show 11.5 11.3
    Take that in reverse, 31/15/11 (DD/YY/MM) or 31st day of November 2015.

    Now November only has 30 days so the 31st day goes into December


  5. “…of course we had the false flag event on 9-13 in Paris”

    Am I supposed to add, subtract, multiply or divide this date in some way – to solve the riddle, I mean….



        Here is how it goes:

        9-11 is 9+1+1 = 11. Therefore 9×11 = 99. 99+11 = 110. Multiple 110 by 923. Then add those numbers together 9+2+3 = 14. Multiply 14×9=131. Now multiple 131×110. Take the square root of that result and multiple it by the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Now take that result and multiply it by the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Take the square root of that and divide it by 110 again. Now then take that and multiply it by the circumference of the Earth at 12:00 noon of 11-11 and add all of those numbers together and place that in a sealed glass jar and place it on Funk & Wagnall’s front porch so Carnac The Magnificent can divine the answer on the Johnny Carson Show.

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  6. Thank you, Stewart, Cindy, and Patti. I love you all and I appreciate everything you do to help us. I pray for each of you every day, and for all those who desire the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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  7. Stewart, thank you for the posting. We are watching and praying. You are correct, game over. The timing is the timing. Our work is to believe into Jesus Christ, watch and pray that we are worthy to escape these things. The scoffers will scoff, so what’s new? Your work is for those that see and coming to see the Few, the Little Flock. The covering is lifted, the abject evil is there to be seen, so that none have an excuse for refusing the strait gate and narrow way. And so time is running out. You and Cindy, be encouraged! Shalom and Agape.

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  8. Imperative! That we must watch and pray. Thank you Stewart for your continued resources and assistance in this time of darkness from the real truth..


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