8 thoughts on “Blog Talk Link For Demon Speak

  1. I’m currently reading the New Testament and on the path of denying myself. Your Angel Fall excerpt is 100% true and all too real.


  2. Hi, folks –

    It might just be a slow-loading page.

    I went to the following URL, and, though it did take a little time to load up, it worked just fine for me:


    Thank you so much, Stewart, Cindy, and Patti. I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication. I will be buying “Angel Fall” today, and I am really looking forward to receiving it!

    God bless you three, dear brother and sisters. You have no idea how precious you all are to me.



    • Thanks Peter. That was a error on the link, as it was set up. We do a copy paste from blogtalkradio address, which I think everyone is just clicking on ?? Anyway, the error comes from blogtalk server and we have logged the issue with them. Let us know if you aren’t getting to the show with that one. thanks to all for letting us know.

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