Atomic Matches, Nuclear Urban Renewal and Babylon’s Demise

So we came through 11-4-2015 and it seems that there was no 11-11 warning, and so we await to see if anything occurs on 11-11! As I said on my latest posts, do not be surprised if nothing happens, and do not be surprised if a major event occurs.

We know that Putin is being pushed into a major conflict by USA/NATO/ISIS/ISIL, but it could all be part of the SCRIPT per Psalm Two and the Kings of the Earth all getting together to forge their New World Utopia of damnation and ruin. Smart though they may be, they are planning their own suicide with great care, confident in the outcome. The noose is around their neck, the knot tied and the chair upon which they stand is in the final stage of collapse. I think I hear the Lord sawing the legs off of something like that… Of course, from their perspective, they are on the edge of victory, and the world is theirs!!

So Putin has stated in no uncertain terms that he is ready to use nukes upon anyone who gets in his way, and he not going to play games, and of course NATO/CIA/ISIS/ISIL  would likewise have to respond in like manner and so away we go with nuclear urban renewal type of aftermath program. Did you hear the story that the Russian airliner had a bomb within it? Not likely, my bet is the first account was the correct one, a missile done by ISIS/ISIL/CIA and claimed that was a big brag item.

So we wait and we watch to see who strikes the match first – and Major Ed Dames, you know, Dr. Doom, says it will be North Korea and their brat leader who does the foul deed. So who will actually strike the nuclear match first – Putin, NATO, Brat Kid or…? Could be a cosmic event what with the Destroyer inbound with its bridal party of planets, comets, asteroids, space junk, and who knows what else, seems like there is a very big uptick in meteors being seen all over the world and that impact event in Iran.

So I conclude that the red horses of war, being chased by the dogs of war, are out of their stables and soon we will hear their hoof beats in the distance, for there is yet another sign of the demise of mighty Babylon America – the refugee crises and the importation of all those who wish to destroy us. I believe this is the final push of the Lord per Isaiah and Jeremiah to bring in the last of the fifth column war machine to take us down. Maybe all of this is the hoof beats, who knows?

This is right on time, right on schedule for the final fall of the last great empire of any world fame that turned upon the Lord that blessed her and who has now all the curses and only awaits her terrible judgment. All we need now is the TRIGGER EVENT, and it begins, and it will not end until America is past history. Mighty Babylon, thine end has come…

Our boarders have been wide open and no one shuts them because God wants them open to fulfill the prophecies against her. I was reading an article this morning and it was mocking the Idaho militia for warning Americans about the true intent of this invasion.

I thought an unchristian thought concerning the idiot who wrote that article – that he be the first to undergo his demise because he was misleading the American people by poking fun at a serious warning – but then it seems there is an idiot born every second these days – who are so apostate, so biblically illiterate and so in denial the only possible way to wake them up, IF EVER, is to have that fifth column beating down their door!! They have to die by the very hand that sustained their every breath because judgment comes eventually upon all who reject the Word and surely they have done so.

And so here we are, right in the middle, the growls getting louder. The war drums beating faster, and then…SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, and “they and them” shall not escape!!

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7 thoughts on “Atomic Matches, Nuclear Urban Renewal and Babylon’s Demise

  1. Stew, don’t stop. People need to know the Truth you are putting forth. A “favor” tho,
    whould you define the “Body” of CHRIST ? We know who the Bride is and we know who the Martyrs are, but who, entirely, consitutes HIS “Body”? Thanks ! YBIC, T H.


  2. Hey Stewart. I know you like to watch movies for hidden info. I watched Terminator Genisys last night. In the movie was a lot of talk about time travel and time lines. The machine they used to time travel looked a lot like the machine in Contact with Jodie Foster on a much smaller scale. Also a 2017 date is talked about. Don’t want to say too much in case you want to watch, but there is a lot of info in the movie. I thought I would let you know.


  3. Too shaken to say much. I’m usually never at a loss for words, so this is unusual for me… Terrified to the core, but looking up and trusting my Lord.

    “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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    • I do understand Alyson; just remember Jesus said “fear not little flock” and the old testament reminds us to “Be still, and know that I am God:” We don’t always have to speak. What’s coming won’t be pretty, but our Lord and Savior has it all under control. I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis as well.

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  4. Hi Stewart….Praise the Lord Jesus Christ; Glory be unto our Heavenly Father.

    Thanks…remain vigilant, received Luke 21 this morning about watching and praying to escape all these things.

    You and Cindy are much appreciated..Abide.

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    • Hi Stewart. I think the same way about our leaders.They all need to be hanged for treason. I know I might catch some heat from some readers, saying you need to pray for our leaders. That is true to a degree, but they made their choice a long time ago. They wont give up their power or money. If anyone really wants to get technical, most are probably Nephilim and cant be saved anyway. Hillary made an odd comment saying she was a robot made in a garage. So if they cant be saved because their not totally human or an alien/fallen being who cares if they die?

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