If You’re Looking For Answers In This World, You Won’t Find Any

The world is full of rabbit holes for everyone to travel down into to find the “answers” to their problems. This “ism” of that “religion” or this philosophy, and of course, we find something that “appears” to be true, and so we convince ourselves that it is true, then we embrace it as “truth” only to find out later it was just another lie, upon all the other lies we chased after to find the “answer” to life and why we are here and what is all of this about, anyhow?
Sunlight on a lake, ripples of light upon the waves. Geese flying in, loons calling, and wildlife seeking out their food. They don’t appear to have many concerns. They always seem to find what they need, like it was “provided” by someone or “something”. True faith. No questions asked?

I wonder if they ask any of the questions we have? Like whether or not they should be a Fabien Socialist, Marxist, New Agers, Baptist fundamentalist or whatever else they can conjure up to feel better inside? Are there Geese Socialists? Most likely we would say, they seem to flock together, so they must be socialists. I wonder if there are any Baptists fundamentalists churches in Gooseland? Some of them seem to honk a lot, must be, then.

So like the flowers. Dressed up pretty well. No lipstick here, no face powders, no blush, just is what it is. I wonder if they have a secret beauty parlor somewhere. Must be, look how pretty they are. But alas, here today gone tomorrow. Sort of like life here too, right?

But at the end, was it not all vanity? Like Pilate asking Christ, “what is truth?” “Who are you?” and “What are you”?

But if you want real answers, how do you expect to find them in an UNREAL WORLD? Jesus asked you all the same question, really. How do you expect to find the answers here in this world when this world has no real answers, no real truths but just a bunch of smoke and mirrors that look like truth, feel like truth, but in the end is a lie?

The “isms” of the world have no answers, they only want to control you. The religions of the world all pretend to have answers, but once against they exist to control you and extort as much money from you as you will allow – of course to spread the gospel, spread the truth…” What truth? There is none, only half-truths, and in the cosmos, there is no half-truth, because a half truth is a lie. For that matter so if a 3/4 truth or a 7/8th truth. Beware.

Then we have philosophies of ‘life”. All bunk, all junk. Worthless and in fact, from the cosmos point of view, ALL LIES, ALL DECEPTIONS. It reminds me of a small book I wrote some time ago called “THE GAME”. Life is a game. We are the kings, the queens, the rooks. We are the checkers on the board.

Now imagine that when you are born, you are born into A GAME. Imagine, if you will, it is a REAL AND DEADLY GAME. The game is allowed to go on for a set period of time, then it closes down. GAME OVER. Before the game is over, one might hear rumors of an END GAME. Ever you heard of that? Could it be a warning of some type?

Now imagine that the one who DESIGNED AND BUILT THE GAME has a totally “OUTSIDE THE BOX” objective. He looks for people who realize that all of life is a game, and begin to ask questions about it. Imagine further that what the DESIGNER of all of this is looking for. Could it be that He is looking to see who PLAYS THE GAME and WHO IS LOOKING AND SEARCHING OUT THE DESIGNER OF THE GAME, and who wants to find out why the game came into being in the first place?

And so the Creator of the game possibly watches over it, and looks to find those that have finally figured out that the entire game is a deception, a lie, and that NO TRUTH CAN BE FOUND THERE, in spite of all the books, the libraries and the “wisdoms of this world”.

Could it be that it is they who the Creator rejoices over? That they hey have figured at that TO PLAY THE GAME IS SHEER VANITY, a worthless pursuit, a lie of all lies, and at the end, ALL IS VANITY, YOU LOSE?
Could it be that the Creator of it all gave many a clue that NO REAL ANSWERS COULD BE FOUND HERE? That no matter where one would look, no matter how many books they read, there were no REAL ANSWERS, just opinions of those who played the game, died and went into another dimension, not be seen again? Is it possible? Consider it.

What everyone needs here, in this life is REAL ANSWERS, REAL TRUTH, ROCK SOLID, A STONE FOUNDATION, A FOUNDATION BUILT UPON THE ROCK, WHERE YOU KNOW IT IS TRUTH, not because of anything you think, or have considered, have weighed in the balance and said “this is good enough for me” and embraced it, but rather, a TRUTH YOU KNOW IS TRUTH, far beyond feelings, thoughts, intuition, in fact, so far beyond all of it that there are no words to describe it, because it is an “off world” revelation?

Now poor Pilate, here he was between a rock and a hard place, for he knew standing before him was something so radically different he had no clue what to do but only ask “What are you?” He was looking for a way out, but Jesus would not give him one.

One should read the Book of Job, in which one of the gems of wisdom was about “where is knowledge found? Where is wisdom found?” And then answers those questions with a terse “NOT HERE”. NOT HERE? Where is NOT HERE? “In this world”. The world of “isms” and philosophies, religions and whatnot – you know, the VANITY OF IT ALL, NO REAL TRUTH HERE, MOVE ON, and VACANCY HERE!!

Do folks really understand what is being said here? There is a wisdom of the world. But we are told that there is another wisdom, another understanding, another knowledge, off world, as it were. It is the REAL WISDOM. It is the REAL UNDERSTANDING, it is the REAL KNOWLEDGE. If one aspires to really understand the vanity of THIS WORLD and the vanity of all of isms, religions and philosophies, then one must go OFF WORLD to find it, to turn their back upon THIS WORLD, and search out the OTHER WORLD, THE REAL WORLD, the world of REAL TRUTH, REAL UNDERSTANDING and REAL WISDOM. The dimension of SPIRIT that runs and controls everything in THIS WORLD.

But alas, alas, alas, so few people ever begin to see even a glimmer of the LIGHT of REAL TRUTH. Fewer still will eventually seek it out with all of their heart, strength and abilities. These are they that world calls “insane”, “obsessed” and “very dangerous”. What if THIS WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN HERE, actually is a LIE? What if THIS WORLD is really a DECEPTION? What if REAL TRUTH really does not exist here? What then?


What about 11-11? No one knows. Been there before, but then one of these days, it will be right – and then GAME OVER. 11-11 COULD BE game over, and a whole new set of rules comes into play, like it or not.

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