B est’s Intel Update For 2-24-2023 – Some Of This, That and Other Things…

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 2-24-2023 @ 7:00 PM CT

More evidence is coming in that WW3 is already in progress and the Ukraine war is the trigger event as NATO continues to expand its boundaries and supplies of weapons to Ukraine. China and Russia are joining together with Iran as Israel calls for war with Iran. Then we have earth changes all over the world as the signs of the end continue to pile up. The 4th Reich is rising rapidly under the noses of apostate Christian leaders and more…


Night Shadows Radio Tonight 2-22-2023

This, That & Something Else

Russia has all but declared war against NATO & USA, Biden & West pushing for WW3 to bring in the New World Order and the final alignments of the nations to usher in Antichrist – we are so close to the end of things now. Meanwhile Earth is under attack from satanic forces and judgment upon Babylon-America by the Lord for its apostasy. Earth changes abound the world over and the sun grows more restless.



Alien Acclimation. Ohio and Texas Derailments, NATO, UN, WEF, Torah Codes, 4th Reich, Cosmic Kill Shot and more tonight on NIGHT SHADOWS at 7 Central

Pilots say UFO over Great Lakes was NOT a balloon, unknown, Pentagon silent on what these objects are, say not recovered. China mum, and still no words from Biden in spite of demands from Congress. Earth changes around the world continue growing, and the Sun still at its anomalous antics as we enter the final phases of end-time prophecy. Ukraine war roaring on as prelude, to nuclear war threats. Ohio train problems are growing and more…


Maybe Something, Who Knows?  Will There be 99 RED Balloons?  Solar Flares and War Rumors on NIGHT SHADOWS

SORRY, We did not get this posted earlier, but here is tonight’s show. So here we are again, not sure what is going on here, now hope this will post. Solar flares continue, Sightings stop for now. Russia warning, is war close at hand and more in this special NSR short report. This is a head’s up as we are very close to major events. Hope we can actually do a show without being silenced. Tune in for more info…


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John Vandeventer joins Larry and Stewart. UFO, Arrival, Paranormal, Russia, China & More on NIGHT SHADOWS tomorrow night at 7 Central

John, Larry and Stewart will explore the paranormal world and the latest news from around the world as WW3 appears closer everyday if it has not begun already. John’s latest books on the paranormal just released will be a topic of interest, and the latest info on the CV-19 WHO/UN/WEF world treaty developments. Then we have more on military operations in the health fields. Russia issues more threats to NATO/US over military support to Ukraine, China threats to the West and more drums of war. Then we have earth changes and much more…


World Implodes Upon Itself.  NIGHT SHADOWS tonight at 7 Central. WEF & UN Plot Total Takeover.

January flew by and now one day from February 2 – time is speeding up as the world implodes upon itself. Solar anomalies, weather erratic as usual, WEF & UN plot total takeover with mandatory powers over health thus control over every aspect of life over the world as New World Order takes over. Trouble in Israel, Iran, Syria, China as we enter the last of the last days and more…


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This four hour investigation of the mystery of Atlantis answers many questions of the ancient times. It falls in with the idea of Rehab (Lucifer’s Planet,) and proves that the legends of Atlantis are based upon solid fact, but those facts are being misinterpreted – largely because the Bible and other ancient books such as the Book of Enoch have been discarded, along with the notion of Fallen Angels. The legends of Atlantis are in fact based upon the Nephilim, the sons of the sons of God, who came to earth eons ago, as recorded in the Book of Genesis. There is little question that the legends of Atlantis are the legends of the Golden Age of the “gods”. The “gods” of Genesis Six, fallen Angels, mated with earth women and produced a race of giants called the “Mighty Men”, or “The Men of Renown”. These giants ruled over the earth until the flood of Noah, which wiped the vast majority of them out. The elite worship the concepts of Atlantis, and they are using America in an attempt to bring about another Atlantis Kingdom. We explore the writings of the Secret Societies and probe the Atlantis-Masonic Connection. The modern Babylon of the Bible is connected directly to Atlantis.