It Was Just Like Any Other Day


It was business as usual – no one really believed that it was possible that the harvest of Souls could have come so quickly upon Earth. They did not understand the meaning of a snare. They did not know that a snare carefully laid could not be detected. They did not understand that when a snare is sprung upon its victims, there is no escape. They did not realize that a snare comes sooner rather than later. They did not realize that the CREATOR of the snare also knew that people would all begin to say “Where is the promise of His coming?” He used to a great advantage. In this case the snare was global. It came so suddenly and so much earlier than even those watching could have ever thought. Everyone was in deep slumber, even the remnant. Even those watching intently were unsure of themselves. The trumpet sounded uncertain. Maybe, maybe not, they all said. “Could be, but then again, does not seem right, more has to happen, can’t be sure yet…” The snoring grew louder.

Oh, it was not that the signs had not been there, they were. It was just that warnings had been given before and then nothing happened. In fact a number of times that had happened, so even the remnant were saying “where is the promise of His coming”? And they all began to think that the Lord was really going to delay His return for a long, long time. They pointed out the “delay” in the Bible. “See, it says there will be a delay. So the time could not be now, even the Dead Sea Scrolls said there would a long, long delay, so what are you warning us about? They did not realize that all of this was known by the Lord of Hosts and that He was using it to be part of the snare. Sign after sign went by, but no really believed they added up to anything. “The time is not yet, it could not be, see it says right here that there was to be a long delay…”

“Sure”, they said “Been there and done that – seen it all before, just another scare, no real meaning here…” So they all ignored it.  They mocked it. They all scoffed and said to themselves, “can’t be now, stretching way to far to say close at hand…” So it was always later, tomorrow, never no , but maybe it could sooner than they expected. Just maybe. An oxymoron to be sure, but then…

And then there was all the argument and debate over Daniel’s 70th week and the watchers all argued and had big fights and called each other dirty names and liars.  “There has to be a signing of a peace accord” one would say. “NO signing of anything”, another would claim. “There is no signing of anything, it is an enforcement of an already in place agreement”, said another. Then another would say “Are you people all nuts? Daniel’s 70th week was fulfilled long ago, there is no such thing…” And yet another one said “We have only one half of Daniel’s 70th week remaining, so there are no signs, besides, things continue as they have, there is no such thing as sudden destruction”. They all were dead certain they had it all figured out, each one head up and locked. You could not convince them no matter what because they knew they were right and everyone else was wrong. “Just when you think you got it figured out, you don’t”, rang in my ears.

Of course then you had those who said that all of Revelation was fulfilled way back in 70 A.D. and there was no prophecy for today. And so on and on it went and they argued, they fought, and no one showed the love of Christ because they did not have it, but they claimed they did but never entered in to obtain it in truth. They were actually thieves and robbers, posing as the real thing, but were not genuine. The Bible called them bastard sons and daughters, but no one wanted to hear that, so it fell on deaf ears.  They forgot that the Lord of Hosts KNEW who were His because He had met all of them in the lowest room and there gave them their White Robe and White Stone of acquittal. He also gave them discernment of the times, because He had told them that if they watched and understood the signs that that day could not overtake them unawares. It was sort of like the days of Noah, you know, everyone laughed at Noah and thought he was the world’s most stupid idiot that ever could be, building a huge boat way inland, and besides, it had never rained before so what was all of this nonsense . “What a fool”, they taunted Noah. “You have been snorting to much cocaine” they mocked. “You need to go to the funny farm”, said others. “He’s on Minnesota Green” said others, strong weed, makes him crazy, what an idiot…”

But then the Earth became inclined. It tilted a little. All of the stars changed position. No one took much notice but Noah did, and he hurried along to visit his grandfather. “What is the meaning of this?””Gonna rain big time” came the reply. “Better get your boat finished…” So Noah went back to work. Sign one. Then there was the death of a buddy and relative of Noah. Noah remembered that he had been told that when that happened, that was the year the flood would come. SIGN TWO. Then of course Noah was told to put the animals in the Ark, for in yet SEVEN DAYS. That was SIGN THREE. And then of course came the day when the Lord shut Noah into the Ark.  FOUR SIGNS. The last two were really big ones. the first two, well, today they would have sailed right by, obviously the first one already has – you know that the Earth inclined a bit.

The folks up there in Iceland said how the Sun rose differently, early they said. Then the elders of the Inuit said the stars had shifted. Then we got reports from all over saying the sun and moon were not rising or setting exactly as they should. By two or more witnesses is a thing established. But oh well, could not be true anyhow, seems normal now. Most of the time anyhow. “Not us, them” said Red Elk, “it’s them”. Go figure. The scientists all said “not so, the Inuit must be drunk or something…”  Anyhow, Earth changes abound yet no one seems to know what all of it means. Earthquakes, volcanoes, mud slides, rifts, sink holes, jet stream changes, ocean currents changing, magnetic north changing, sun changing, but of well, it really is business as usual. Signs? No, could not be they all said, no such thing listed. Of course you realize it could incline even more you know. Sort of like a GLOBAL WARNING. Out of the blue? Wow, would that change things…time for some DENIAL TEA. Drink it down, it is better than Cool Aid any day.

And so it was. Let’s see, Terri Schavio. “Nope”, they all said, “what a stretch, no way, no way, anyone who said that was a sign needs their head examined”. Especially the prophetic “experts” watching. Then along came Susan Boyle – “NOPE” they all yelled louder, “no way, what an idiot to suggest such a thing.” Meanwhile of course, no one realized who America was in prophecy. If you said she was Babylon, all the experts jumped all over you, called you every name in the book. Even made up some new ones. It did not matter that everything God said was to come upon America-Babylon was happening right in front of them, SO ONE OF THEIR LEADERS in the prophecy field went on Glen Beck at Fox news back then and he said that anyone who thought America was Babylon or even in prophecy needed to have their heads examined. Same was true all over. “NO WAY, NO WAY” they all said. These were the so-called leaders of the prophetic arena. They knew, because they were the experts. Everyone else, well of course, they had no learning. They had no degrees, they had nothing. “A bunch of idiots” the experts warned. “Pay no attention to them…”

So then someone discovered the STAR SIGN in Revelation 12:1 and found it occurred on the Feast of Trumpets, 2017. “WOW”: they said. “Just a coincidence” said others. “Means nothing, besides, how do we know it is the correct sign? Maybe it will be  supernatural sign, so we cannot tell anything from that.” Then of course the SECOND SIGN in Revelation 12, you know, the DESTROYER, the RED DRAGON IN THE HEAVENS? Planet X? “Just a hoax”, every one said, “is not any such thing anywhere”. Well of course the pictures of it that were leaked were also all hoaxes, because as you already know, there ain’t no such thing”. And then of course those leaking the news of this nonexistent object complete with photographs said around 2017 or so it will make its first pass. Go figure, how can a non-existent object make any such  passes? “Just garbage” the church said, “just garbage”. But it would be right on time, well, maybe on time, but then again, maybe not.

Then of course back in 1200 there was this Rabbi who said 2017 was the year. Others did too, but you know, what they did they know? “Nothing will occur in 2017, it is just another year, like all other years”, said the EXPERTS. “pay no attention to any of it”. It did not seem to matter that governments all over the world were preparing for SOMETHING, and it appeared whatever it was, was a BIG SOMETHING. Like moving to high ground, away from coastal regions, building underground systems, cities and tunnels. Stocking up on food, water, seeds, etc. “Means NOTHING”, SAID THE PROPHETIC EXPERTS, the time is not yet, it is far down the road.” But of course they all wanted to cash in BIG TIME to make lots of money on TV and Radio. “Could be”, they said, “but not really…”

Then came the news that people would all have to be marked by 2017, you know, OBAMACARE. That came over the MSM and of course, that meant nothing either, because as everyone knows, the prophetic experts all said that anyone can take a mark in their right hand or forehead because it was just a progression of credit card or debit card technology. “Good for you”, they said, “No problem here, it is NOT the Mark of the Beast, it could not be, for that is a long time away yet…”

And so it was. Then we had Comet Hyakutake  that flew right over the head of Satan on April 11th, 1996.”Meaningless”, the experts all said. “Means nothing, just a coincidence”. Then we had Comet Hale-Bopp flew over Satan’s head on April 11th, 1997 completing a perfect cross. “meaningless”, they said,  just another coincidence”. “Don’t you know there are no signs for the Church, and that Christ can come anytime? Are you stupid, do you not know about the doctrine of imminence?” NO SIGNS FOR ANYONE. IT IS ALL FOR ISRAEL. Susan Boyle? Totally a coincidence that she sang on April 11th, 2009. “Means nothing”. Totally a coincidence she had a countdown tag on her, 4,3,2,1. Had no zero year, lets see, 4,3,2,1,0. Zero YEAR.  Zero year, if the tag was a yearly  to 2014. Then one of the leading financial experts pointed to 2014 and said something BIG and MAGICAL might happen in April of 2014. “Means nothing, boy what a stretch…” Then of course we had the two eagles that collided and crashed in Duluth, MN. House and Senate on a collision course. Crashed. “MEANS NOTHING” THE EXPERTS CHIMED IN. “Reaching for straws, anything to try and warn people the end is close.” But it does seem that Isaiah’s comments about our form of government breaking down is coming true. Or that we would transform ourselves into a brutal police state. Or that the King of Babylon was LUCIFER, THE FALSE DAY STAR. But oh well, “all just coincidences, means nothing, been smoking too much pot lately”, they said.

Then of course Obama was hailed as the Messiah and by a lot of powerful people. “This is the Messiah”, they said. Posters picturing him as Messiah were all over. Some even showed him with a white horse. “He is the one”. They all cheered. Another SIGN. Of coursed he himself gave a multitude of signs to tell everyone who he really was.  But no one paid any attention that his election and reelection were right on time, for 2017. Of course Obama hates Israel and shows total contempt for Christians. Love Islam and lauds over them. But of course, that means nothing either. NOTHING MEANS ANYTHING, GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Then it was discovered that if you backwards in time 1260 days from Feast of Trumpets in 2017 you came to April 11th, 2014. But that was just a coincidence as well. All of these coincidences. But that is all they are, or were, you know. Means nothing. Go back to sleep. Eat your hotdogs, watch your games, drink your beer and shut up. Who cares anyhow? Anyone? Of course not, it is business as usual. The snare, lest we forget. Invisible, unknown by all – suddenly, and with no warning, maybe sooner, maybe later?  As the world turns, seems like life now is just a soap opera, surreal, not really real in a way – but that is most likely a coincidence as well.

Confusion. Of course no one really understands that the word BABYLON means, among other things, CONFUSION. And so it was. It was not that the signs were not all over the place, they simply went by totally unrecognized for what they were. Then one day, it was business as usual, just like any other day,  and something strange began to happen. Everything changed in an instant of time. And that too was a “coincidence”. Go figure if you can…”