Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-11-2019 – 12-12, Full Moons & The Midnight Cry

Tonight On Night Shadows – 12-11-2019 – 7:00 PM CT

American Chaos, Judgment, 12-12-12, Full Moons & Spiritual Darkness



We are now approaching what appears to be the final communist/deep state coup attempt and a very specific SIGN IN THE HEAVENS warning Americans that they are about to enter a LONG DARK NIGHT as the full moon waxes to its fullest at exactly 12:12 AM on 12-12-12. The numbers surrounding this KEY SIGN IN THE HEAVENS are astounding in and of themselves – because the number 12 means complete, governmental perfection, a signature of Israel – something is considered complete on 12-12-12 at 12:12 AM – what is it? The full moon is called the LONG NIGHTS MOON – also COLD MOON – exactly 10 days before the beginning of the festival of “lights” and exactly 4 days later we have a solar eclipse RING OF FIRE – all to exact not to have major meaning for the world, for Israel and for the Christian – we are being told something, but what? Is 12-12-12 the Midnight Cry?