Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-13-2019 – Friday The 13th & Other Pointers

Tonight on Night Shadows 12-13-2019 7:00 PM CT

Impeach or Kill, Deep State Coup, Earth Changes, Radiation, Frequency


12-12-12-12-12 was an obvious pointer for those watching the heavens to prepare themselves for the coming trouble, and it is obvious the impeachment vote of the committee was delayed for Friday the 13th, something of course deep state knows how to do – along with all of this, rumbles of a revolution in VA are now surfacing, all of which means this is all a stage play, theater for the unknowing masses. The impeach Trump began before he was in office meaning of course this has nothing to do with anything but a HATE TRUMP operation, part of Rules For Radicals TRIGGER MAN who would divide the nation and then topple it – all part of the communist play book. America must go down before the New World Order can rise – ad the communists have now weaponized impeachment to destroy anyone who might be a threat to the New World Order – and if none of this works, “KIll Bill” will be brought into play as the only option left. Meanwhile earth changes, radiation spikes and solar anomalies continue along with trouble the world over, especially the Middle East and more…









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