Best & Taylor Intel Update For 12-4-2019 – This and That…

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-4-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Coup, Communists, Deep State, Ruler Against Ruler, Babylon Down


She represents you – why cannot you understand you are a prisoner?

So here we go again, we must get rid of Trump in any way possible, and if these hearings do not work, or the Senate refuses to approve, then more drastic measures must be taken, as Trump MUST GO, NO MATTER WHAT, and if we have to make up evidence, we will, so the plans of the New World Order march on, sham that it is, and the American people are basically silent, meaning of course most of them do not care now, but will when the 3AM knock on the door comes their way. It is what it is, a most likely only 2-3% of the people are aware that all of this was prophecy written 2500 years ago, coming to pass right under our noses and more…