Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-27-2019 – Matrix Mayhem Increases



Trump, Deep State, Coup, Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, China, Earth Changes, UFO’s, Arrival

If 2019 was not active enough for you, wait for 2020, remember that hindsight is always 2020 and we will learn a lot more in 2020 as to the timeline and events unfold. The communist coup in Washington and elsewhere are gaining speed as the Deep State insurrection continues unabated. While the masses of the people await the round-up of those committing sedition or treason, their wait may be very long indeed, as Deep State will pardon, in one way or another, their own operatives. 2019 was a huge year for UFO sightings around the world and we think the arrival will be the disclosure itself. Remember the Bible tells us that an arrival is now soon to come; the apex of the strong delusion, the arrival of the fallen ones! Then we have major earthquake event precursors already and more…







1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-27-2019 – Matrix Mayhem Increases

  1. Thanks for the show! First I had heard of that VA billboard. The dominoes keep tottering. America is Babylon the great. Sobering.

    God bless you all!!


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