Best & Taylor News Hour For 12-20-2019 – Bad Tidings & Babylon’s End


Tonight On Night Shadows – 12-20-2019 7:00 PM CT

Impeachment Madness, Gun Grabs continue, 2nd Amendment, UN invasion & more


Psalm Two states in no uncertain terms that world leaders and the rich men gather themselves together with the end result of removing the very concept of God from the American people. They wish to destroy the “bands” that bind them, to remove the ethical and moral restraints so they can murder at whim to set up their communist/socialist New World Order. It seems also a bit odd that now three states and spreading fast to others are these 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties as the communist infiltrators into state and county governments are now moving rapidly to prohibit guns and remove them altogether, part of the United Nations invasion plans to destroy America aka Babylon The Great. We know from prophecy in Daniel that the United Nations will soon rule over the world, and does already in the background, as Agenda 21/30/50 are being slowly introduced and we have almost all of the 45 points of a communist takeover of America now complete and more…



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  1. Thanks to you’all…God continue to bless!

    P.S. I second Richard’s comment. $9.95/month for information and teachings that are profitable unto LIFE are the best pennies one could spend in this world.


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