1. i personally want to say thank you stewart for dingle and ALL that you do and have ever done . i agree that if a man takes the time to care and reach to any one and for free at that. it is a simple choice to listen or not. it does not deserve the argumentive post. i am greatful for what i have learned. and to be honest. alot of what yu have and have not been allowed to say and cover up and hope those who listen know the hidden meaning, i for one am not that much on an intelligectual level. some have even said it takes a ballpin hammer hit over my head to make me understand. so dingle not only is enjoyable, but it reaches even the simple minded yet interested individuals and yes with a bit of humor. and yes, i belive humor is very much a part of things. if you will listen to most well excepted ministers, they reach thier congregation with a touch of humor and are well liked for it. one of the reasons that make so eager to listen to lightgate is larry taylors humourous comments. i loved the one about the smart rocks the best. so keep up what the lord tells you to do, and he will tell those he wants to keep listening.


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