It appears that the vast majority of American pundits of all stripes do not understand the END GOAL of the elite. Headlines also tell the story of a sleeping American public and media. The END GOAL of the elite is to not only exterminate millions of Americans, but a great majority of the “rulers” who are helping them to power. The Protocols tell the story of the glee of the Illuminati as they line up the Senators and Representatives, the judges and their family and kill them all.

It should be no great surprise, because if you will betray your own country, your own flesh and blood, then obviously you cannot be trusted. The Illuminati are not stupid people; they are just insane with power. They will dispatch all those that aided them with no compassion or mercy. In fact the protocols say they will laugh at them as they kill them. AND IT APPEARS THEY MAY HAVE SOME HELP!

The carefully laid plans of the elite, crafted and refined over many years are now reaching their end goal. They have considered every detail. They are positive it will work. They can change their approach as conditions warrant. They are flexible but always have the end goal in sight. The only problem they have in the God Factor.

It is that factor that will lay waste all of their utopian millennium plans – however, I believe that they will think they are doing “god” a favor – because of the ARRIVAL. The arrival is the apex of the strong delusion – and our benevolent leaders will be licking the boots of the Satan and his fallen angels, thinking this really is their creator and sustain er.

Thus, all who oppose their “Christ” and their “God” who has arrived from the heavens, namely from Orion, the Pleiades and the Dog Star area of the heavens will be liquidated by the occult and dumb down world civilization along with the “aliens”. Why? To cleanse the world of all the defective seeds and the “cancer” within the human race that is slowing down the evolution of mankind! That’s what this arrival is for, to show mankind that he is evolving upwards, and must join the Galactic Universal Civilization. You know, STAR TREK like. In the Bible it is called the strong delusion, and it is coupled directly with the arrival. Those who cannot accept “god” and “his angels” will have to be recycled, you know, take a long “dirt nap”.

Are you ready for your recycling? By the way, Doofuss Dingle as some words of advice to escape all of this. You might want to pay attention because it really is your only way out and there is non other.