Why would DHS be using civilian target posters for training their officers? If this had happened 20 years ago the outrage would have been sufficient to have disbanded DHS and probably tried those responsible for treason – but not now because treason is in and true patriotism is out.   However, these target posters for rifle and handgun training shows us the real plans of FEMA, DHS and the New World Order – and that is, they are not going to come for your guns, they are coming to kill you, plain and simple. These posters are an outrage, but it does also show just how far our so-called American companies will go to make a buck.

Please also notice what these posters say – “NO HESITATION”. That means you shoot to kill with no questions asked – and this is one more proof of how late the hour really is. Now that the cat is out of the bag, people need to know that they have every right to defend themselves, because the Bill of Rights was given by God, not man, and not government.  Therefore only God can take it away. So no matter what laws are passed, and no matter how belligerent the government may get,  their so-called laws and edicts mean nothing, and are not worth the paper they are written on. How stupid and how insane our government has become but  also how dangerous. If the American people do not rise up and impeach these traitors, then serious mayhem will begin and civilian American blood will flow. The real terrorists are now those of the New World Order. They will stop at nothing to obtain their goal, and they do not care how many they have to murder in cold blood to obtain it. These posters say it all as to what FEMA and DHS are all about. It has nothing to do with safeguarding the American people, but it has everything to do with governments own security because they are afraid of you. That is why they want the guns;  there is no other reason. They can kill you far easier if you are unarmed and they know it. BE WARNED, IT IS NOW HERE. Are you listening? Are you willing to go silently to your grave or do you have the guts to fight back when they knock on your door? You have to decide