Religions appear to be mankind’s effort to bring God down to our level, a sort of effort so we can grasp and understand the Creator of it all. But what if all of these efforts are VANITY, that is, basically useless in this thing we call Salvation. The real true religion, found in the Good Book, called the Holy Bible, and the Redeemer, Jesus Christ, appear to have been left out in the cold, because even the Christians refuse to believe or do what Jesus Christ commanded them to do. They only believe, but refuse to search Him out, even though Jesus Himself said to seek, ask, knock and strive to enter into the Strait Gate. I notice not many comments on our posting of Erin’s testimony.  People better believe it, this is what I have been telling people and warning people about for years and years. It is true – and modern Christianity is a fake. It will take millions upon millions of people into eternal ruin, all because they refused the plain and simply statements of the Lord.

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  1. Yes, the strait gate and the narrow way doctrine is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! You have to do it for yourself because it’s not possible to truly understand it otherwise, and that’s because it is experiential, just as the revelation of Jesus Christ is. You can listen to someone tell you about their experience, but it just isn’t the same as going through it. As the Bible says, it is the mystery of God. Dying a spiritual death and being separated from the world is experiential, just as being cut off from God is and sitting in the lowest room. God will reveal so much truth to you if you are sincere that you will have nowhere else to turn. Just be sure to count the cost, because the journey is not an easy one, but your eternal destination is worth it! Thanks for helping me understand the process Stew. You’ve been a wonderful mentor and teacher.


  2. I can only say I know entering the strait gate and narrow way are absolutely true! I have been seeking,searching, knocking, for years myself. I know you this is the TRUTH and I Thank The Lord for Erin’s Salvation! You see Erin is my daughter and I can’t begin to tell you the joy that filled my heart when she came to me and told me that The Lord spoke to her! Thank you Stewart for teaching The Truth! Carol


  3. Stuart

    I believe her testimony and can hear in her voice a great humility and love for the Lord. Childlike faith and trust……I too am searching for the Lord as she describes in her interview with you. Thank you for posting this and for trying to help us all in our walk on the straight and narrow path. God bless you and your ministry.

    Debra Massey


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