Best & Taylor News Hour Special For 3-13-2020 With Daniel Holdings

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-13-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Best & Taylor News Hour Special For 3-13-2020 With Daniel Holdings

Prophecy, Arrival, UFO, WW3, Emergency, FEMA, Martial Law, Virus, Nanobots & More


Tonight we have a special show with author Daniel Holdings who has launched his new book “Midnight Strikes – Judgment Unleashed” which is perfect timing because President Trump is declaring a national emergency which can quickly turn into defacto martial law under Homeland Security and FEMA with hundreds of FEMA camps activated, Walmart Stores used as “collection & extermination centers”, the round-up of the red and blue lists and the destruction of our nation by the elite rich men of the earth. They have long been obsessed with culling humanity down to half a billion world-wide¬† (Georgia Guidestones) and it seems that the Coronavirus global pandemic is the excuse used to start the take-over by the New World Order. We will be discussing all of this and more as we go through Dan’s new book – this is a show you don’t want to miss!!!